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Generation change at Dataforce: Marc A. Odinius now sole owner and Managing Dire …

The long-standing Managing Director Marc Odinius has acquired all shares of the Dataforce Verlagsgesellschaft für Business Informationen mbH and is now Managing Director and sole owner of the Company. Mission of Dataforce As to the mission of the automotive data- and market-research company, with 87 Employees, counting 27 different nationalities who reside in Frankfurt, Rome and Beijing, Odinius stated: Dataforce is always in search of unique information which will make the automotive

UK True Fleet continues to contract, finishing Q2 without a positive month

Now with the first half of the year having gone by in a blur of negative growth we can only hope that the second half will bring some more positive momentum especially around the plate change month in September. UK True Fleet produced a - 7.2% in June which leaves the channel down 6.2% year-to-date (YTD). The Private Market was also in the red with a 4.8% which

Swiss car market turns into the red on sharp contraction in June

In June 2019 new passenger car registrations in Switzerland were down sharply on the same month last year. Nearly 28,000 registered passenger cars represent an overall market decline of 11.2%. Registrations of light commercial vehicles fell even more sharply (11.9%). Weak June causes passenger car market to fall below previous year's level Both the Private Market ( 13.9%) and the commercial market ( 8.4%) can look back on a weak

German LCV Fleet Market with a strong performance in the first five months

Definition and development of the registration figures Since 2001, Dataforce has worked on providing the best clarity for the LCV market in Germany. The LCV market has two elements: registrations of commercial vehicles up to a weight of 7 tons as well as passenger car registrations of typical LCV models such as VW Caddy, Citroën Berlingo or Fiat Ducato. There were two further additions at the beginning of this year: on

Switzerland: Tactical registrations bolstered total passenger car market

Passenger Cars: Tactical registrations kept up the overall market demand While the Private Market fell by 1.9%, commercial passenger car registrations grew notably by 18.2% over April 2018, resulting in a plus of 6.1% for the Total Market. A detailed look at the various commercial registration channels helps to classify this development correctly: Almost 5,300 registered company cars in April 2019 represent a further minus of 12.2% for the True Fleet

Australia’s Market segments by fuel type: diverse results, new directions and …

For Part 3 of our Australian report series we wanted to add a further dimension to the fuel type trends: Market Segments. Again, we saw some interesting evolution and a pretty diverse set of results across the different channels from 2014 to 2018. Market Segments/Sales Channel What about the market segments/sales channels? Well, we have some fluctuation for this before we even delve into the fuel type splits. As we mentioned

Switzerland’s True Fleet continues its contraction in March, though not all br …

With 72.088 passenger car registrations in the first quarter of 2019 the Swiss market was down 0.8% year-on-year. After the declining first two months of the year, new registrations increased again in March. With 28,728 registrations, almost 1.4%more passenger cars were registered this month than in the corresponding month last year. Once again: Tactical registrations pushed the swiss market While the Private Market recorded almost exactly the same number of new

Brand loyalty– Tesla and Dacia at the same level, SEAT Ateca as a conqueror

At first glance, these two manufacturers could not be more different. And yet the Romanian manufacturer and the electric car pioneer from Palo Alto, California, have one thing in common: extremely loyal customers. "Private Loyalty" statistics are updated monthly and Dataforce took a closer look at the loyalty of drivers in the German Private Market, examining brand and model loyalty in detail. This allows us to answer two very different

March 2019: German True Fleets up for the third time in a row

New passenger car registrations in March 2019 were only 0.5% down compared to the same month of last year. However, the results of the individual market segments were very different. While registrations of private customers fell significantly (- 8.3%) and the volume of Special Channels (as sum of Manufacturers, Dealerships and Short-Term Rentals) rose by 3.8 percent, True Fleets were in good shape and grew by a very solid +

UK True Fleet takes a dip and sees its lowest March figures since 2014

The UK True Fleet has delivered another negative month for 2019 in what is usually the strongest month of the year (due to the new plate release). The Total Market finished with 458,054 registrations, down by 3.4% and it was the RAC/Short-Term Rental channel which arrested what could have been a much high slide thanks to its +13.6%. Both the Private and Dealer/Manufacturer channel posted negative growths of 2.8% and

True Fleets with another month of decline but new record shares for Petrol and E …

With slightly under 129,000 registrations the Spanish passenger car market scored a loss of 3.6% over March 2018. Self-registrations on car manufacturers and dealerships were the only channel with growth over March last year (+ 14.7%). With - 4.4% the result for the Private Market was a bit better than for Short-Term Rentals (- 8.5%). True Fleets missed its volume from last year’s March by around nine hundred registrations and

Switzerland’s True Fleet with its 10th straight month of decline

As in January, new passenger car registrations in Switzerland for February 2019 were lower than in the same month last year. Across all market segments, slightly more than 22,000 passenger cars were registered and as a result the overall market fell by 1.1%. Commercial registrations rose by 1.3% in February 2019, thus cushioning the overall market downturn to some extent. Nonetheless, it is worth taking a detailed look at the various

A tale of two contrasts in January for Italian Private and Commercial registrati …

Italy’s True Fleet contraction continues with the 5th month of negative growth recorded. From the EU-5 countries only Spain (December’s +4.7%) and Germany (January’s 7.6%) have been able to break out of the True Fleet registration slide since the WLTP introduction in September 2018. However, the Private Market continues to bring a ray of sunshine, in positive numbers, to Italian new car registrations. Up by 6.2% in January it is

Switzerland’s 2018 ends in the red, with January 2019 also following suit

Annual balance 2018 Swiss passenger car registrations were unable to maintain the previous year's level and fell by 4.6%, with a total of slightly below 300,000 new passenger cars being registered in 2018 as a whole. A glance at the various market channels shows the following distribution: 21.4% was attributable to True Fleets (commercial registrations without dealer/manufacturer registrations and car rental companies). Within the commercial Special Channels, Dealerships/Manufacturer accounted for 17.6%

True Fleets with their fifth consecutive month of decline but January 2019 is in …

With slightly over 155,000 registrations the French passenger car market started the new year with a minor loss of 1.1%. While the Private Market missed its volume from last year’s January by less than 300 registrations (-0.3%) the fleet market was down by 2.5%. However, this result is far from being disastrous, as it was less of a volume loss than seen in the last four months. Also, worth noting

Australia – A Dataforce insight

Australia, the land of the Ute (Pickup), Cyber Cars (Dealer volume demos), Novated leasing and annual registrations of around 1.1 million new cars has now become one of the latest markets to enter our portfolio. We are putting together a series of articles to hopefully give some fresh Dataforce insights into the Australian market place, with a firm eye on the True Fleet channel. With a constantly expanding population and

French True Fleets with a challenging Q4 but with a growth for the full year 201 …

In December the French passenger car market only achieved around 165,000 registrations which equated to a double-digit loss of 14.5%. With “only” -9.6% the drop for True Fleets was less dramatic than for the Private channel (-15.6%) or for the registrations of Dealerships and Manufacturers (-26.4%). Only the volume on Short Term Rental companies was higher than seen in December 2017 with +12.4%. Overall the last three months have been pretty

Spain is the only EU5 True Fleet Market with a growth in December

December 2018 showed a drop of 3.3% for the Spanish automotive market but the performance of the different channels was mixed. While private registrations were down by 10.0% over December 2017, True Fleets scored a very positive + 6.1%; in contrast to France, Germany, Italy and the UK where the fleet channel of each country was in the red. This result helped to secure a double-digit growth of + 10.1%

German True Fleet Market is Europe’s #1 for 2018

Since September 2018, delivery problems and delays in homologation due to the introduction of WLTP have hit the German automotive market. The consequences still remain visible in December with 237,000 new car registrations resulting in a drop of 6.7% for the German passenger car market. The biggest loss could be seen in private registrations with a decline of 12.8% over December 2018 while Special Channels’ volume fell by 2.9%. This

UK True Fleet continues to battle to remain Europe’s #1 for volume

The UK has continued to recover from the massive drop caused by WLTP in September. While still in negative territory it has reduced the gap to December 2017 to only 1.1% (a little over 600 units) and for 2018 vs 2017 to -6.6%. The race to remain Europe’s #1 fleet market in terms of volume is still alive but it is certainly going to be a close race with Germany

Is the Hybrid share in the automotive market overestimated?

With fuel types choices moving more and more into the focus of the (fleet) market, Dataforce has implemented a comprehensive overhaul of our registration data, now showing Hybrid vehicles without the Mild-Hybrid (MHEV) concept. Considering MHEVs as Petrol and Diesel engines rather than as Alternative fuel type allows to track the market penetration of full and Plug-In Hybrid more precisely, avoids indicating an unrealistically high Hybrid share and makes fuel

Spanish True Fleets languish in the red zone for the 3rd month in a row

The red zone rollercoaster continues in the Spanish market as we see the True Fleets Market drop again to a 15.3% in comparison to November 2017. Both the Private Market and Special Channels also suffered a similar fate with the former down by 9.9% and the latter somewhat steadier with a 16.3%. This left the Total Market to finish on a little less than 96,000 registrations

Germany: True Fleets recovering slightly and Diesel still has a heartbeat

Less than 273,000 new passenger car registrations or a drop of 9.9%; November was certainly a tough month for Germany. The hardest hit, channel wise, were the Private buyers with 16.1%, but you must keep in mind that November 2017 was extraordinarily strong. Registrations of Dealerships, Manufacturers and Short -Term Rentals were down by 4.3%. However, if you look at the year-to-date figures for the first eleven months

Passenger Car Market Iceland: True Fleet is the only channel with a growth in 20 …

To complete our analysis of October new car registrations, we wanted to take a closer look at one of the markets outside the well-known Central European region. Our choice fell to a country in the far north: it’s Iceland and although it is a small market it’s certainly an interesting one. In 2016 and 2017 the volume of new passenger cars was really on the rise with remarkable growth rates

Italian True Fleets suffering in October while Peugeot is on the rise

After a massive drop in September the situation for the Italian passenger car market improved and with slightly over 161,000 registrations it “only” lagged 6.3% behind last year’s volume for October. So, while the Private Market returned to growth again (+ 4.7%), True Fleets were still down by 15.7%. After an impressive year-to-date growth rate of + 9.0% for company cars until the end of August all that’s now left

French True Fleets: Peugeot, Toyota and Škoda all scoring a new record market s …

In September the French passenger car market was less affected by the impact of WLTP than the other big European countries. What about October? Well, France had to face a drop of “only” 1.5% and was once again in a better shape than Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. While the Private Market increased its volume by 3.4% True Fleets remained in the red and were down by 3.0%. Dealerships/Manufacturer

Spanish True Fleets: Alternative fuel types on the rise while Diesel share is we …

Following a serious drop of -17.1% in September the passenger car market in Spain was down by “only” -6.8% in October and scored 92,000 new registrations. With -3.2% the registrations on Private households were in slightly better shape than company cars, as the True Fleet volume was down by -6.5% compared to October 2017. Looking on the year-to-date figures it’s the other way around: the increase of True Fleets is

UK True Fleet with another drop in October but SUVs still rocketing

Following a massive drop of 20.5% (“thanks” to WLTP) the passenger car market in UK was down by “only” 2.9% in October and scored 153,600 new registrations. With - 6.1% the True Fleet channel was hit harder than private customers which were only 1.0% behind the volume of October 2017. With only 9 units (!) less than in last year’s October, Special Channels were extraordinary stable. But only on the

Norwegian True Fleet Market very close to the record level from January - Septem …

For the analysis of September new car registrations, we wanted to take a closer look at one of the markets outside the well-known EU-5 region. Our choice fell on one of the Scandinavian countries: Norway. 2017 was the best year so far for the Norwegian car market and 2018 is not very far behind this record level with a drop of only 4.2% year-to-date. And while the Private registrations fell

UK True Fleet takes some heavy blows from the first round of WLTP

UK True Fleet Market hit harshly from WLTP in September number plate change. Though 17 out of 20 OEMs were in the red and lost up to 67.6%, we still found some impressive expansions on model level. From Hurrah! to Bah! As WLTP hits hard for all channels of the Total Market in the UK. It certainly seems as no channel (or European market) has escaped an impact from the introduction

WLTP frictions dragged down the Total Market in Italy also affecting True Fleets

Following a plus of 25.5% in August, the Italian True Fleet Market was down by 33.8% over September. Despite this quite negative outcome, the cumulated growth for True Fleet is still in the black after the first nine months of the year (+ 4.0%). The other market segments followed fleet’s downward movement in September with - 14.1% for the Private Market and - 37.2% for Special Channels. This meant the

From the best True Fleet month (August) ever to September and lowest Total Marke …

The German car market took a severe hit in September, as did most of Europe, thanks to the missing registrations of vehicles with no WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure) homologation. Total Market new registrations tumbled by 30.5%. In order to find a weaker September result in absolute figres (200,134 for September 2018), we had to make a trip into our dusty archives and eventually discovered statistics for the

Spain’s True Fleet growth streak ends rather abruptly

The Spanish True Fleet Market’s 55-months growth streak ended with a 17.1% in September with some unexpected consequences for the brand ranking. We also found one vehicle segment holding up against the WLTP storm. In light of the full implementation of WLTP as of September 1st, 2018 along with the homologation difficulties of several OEMs and anticipated registrations over the recent months, the only question was to what extent

WLTP seemingly negates the annual August holiday blip for the French True Fleet …

It seems that WLTP may well change the tradition of August being the French market’s weakest month. Given the surge in new car registrations for France (and the rest of the EU) the 28.9% growth for True Fleet will almost certainly have brought forward enough registrations to have one of the remaining months take the mantle of lowest registration month for 2018. Private registrations were up by a similar percentage to

True Fleets are flying in August but are not the only channel gaining altitude

Usually the month of August is comparatively weak, but not this time, as we saw more than 300,000 new passenger car registrations in the Total Market for the first time ever for the month of August. Due to the introduction of WLTP on September 1st, August 2018 was the last chance to register new cars which had only been tested on the old NEDC standard. Given these circumstances there were

True Fleets in the Netherlands are fully charged, tanked up (with petrol engines …

So while we keep mentioning Spain as being on a good run, the Netherlands in 2018 and specifically August is seemingly on fire. True Fleet is up by an astonishing 58.2% over August 2017 the highest fleet share since December 2016. Though the push is likely to be short lived as taxation (arriving in January 2019) surrounding WLTP is the likely driver meaning a downturn is possibly already in the

The UK True Fleet steps up its game with an exceptionally green August

Hurrah! In August the UK passenger car market achieved its highest growth for 2018 so far, thanks to an amazing +23.1% compared to August 2017. And (almost) all market channels contributed to this positive result. Registrations on private households and on True Fleets increased by +23.3% and +23.7% respectively; Dealerships and Manufacturers even registered 68.6% more passenger cars than in August last year. Only the Rental companies decreased their activities

The French True Fleet Market with its highest growth rate in 2018 so far

The French True Fleet Market scored a + 16.9% in French July regs. with the Total Market recording its highest July in 10 years. Brand-wise Renault, VW, Toyota and Nissan were riding the wave of success while SUV Medium was en-vogue in fleets. Traditionally the month of July is particularly strong for registrations on private households in France. Since 2012 the share of the Private Market always had its peak

The Italian True Fleet Market with a big appetite for alternative powertrains

Following the moderate growth of 0.6% in June the Italian True Fleet Market was in very good shape in July which turned out to be the best July since 2008 with more than 29,000 passenger car registrations and a double-digit growth rate of 11.3%. The volume on both Dealerships/ Manufacturer (+6.6%) and Short-Term Rentals (+3.4%) increased over July last year while the growth for the Private market was slightly lower

20 is the magic number for the Spanish True Fleet Market

With +20.8% in July the True Fleet Market in Spain scored a growth rate of more than 20% for the third time in 2018. And it was even the third time in a row that this segment outperformed the Private Market (+10.2% in July). Consequently, the share of True Fleets for January to July 2018 is higher than ever before in Spain with 20.1% (20 seems to be the magic

A strong July brings the German True Fleet Market back to YTD growth

In July 2018, the German passenger car market grew by an impressive +12.3% which is the highest growth rate in 2018 up to now. Let’s have a closer look where this drive is coming from. The Private Market was certainly in very good shape with a +16.1% over July 2017. This is at least partly based on the prolongation of attractive offers by the OEMs for private customers replacing their

The UK True Fleet back in the black with a surplus of 1.4% in July

While in June the UK True Fleet Market finished in the red by only 29 registrations July showed a growth of +1.4%. This positive result helped to reduce the year-to-date loss to “only” 5.6%. No reason yet for overwhelming enthusiasm (especially if you consider the buoyant development in the other big European Markets) but certainly an encouraging trend taking into account that the YTD decrease was still -12.7% in March.

Private customers are the main drivers of European Big 7 sales momentum H1 2018

In a turbulent environment with trade wars arising and import duties sky-rocketing, what are the European car buyers in the main EU-7 markets doing? Are they still opting for new cars? Yes, they are. For PC and LCV registrations the EU-7 Total Market increased by 2.3% in June while the cumulated increase for the first half of the year was 1.7%. Italy (- 1.3%) and UK (- 5.7%) were below

The Italian True Fleet Market back to growth again

Following the dip in May the Italian True Fleet Market returned to growth again in June even if the increase was rather marginal with + 0.6%. While Private customers registered almost exactly the same amount of new passenger cars as in June 2017 (- 98 units) the volume on both Dealerships/ Manufacturer (- 21.7%) and Short Term Rentals (- 27.6%) decreased significantly. Consequently the Total Market stayed below 187,000 registrations

True Fleet growth in France overcomes May’s pit stop and accelerates once agai …

True Fleet in France is once again in the black in terms of growth as it puts last month’s loss into the rear view mirror. June saw a + 3.0% for the fleet market, putting it back on track with the YTD (year-to-date) sitting at a healthy + 6.0%. Private and Special Channels also saw themselves on the positive side of the fence with a + 5.7% for the former

The German True Fleet Market dips slightly into the red

The 2018 German True Fleets roller coaster ride has seemingly started already with the ups and downs over the recent months, leaving YTD June somewhat stagnate and missing the prior year’s respective volume by just 0.03%. The True Fleet Market was in the red for June as well falling short of corresponding 2017’s numbers by 1.9% despite the overall upward trajectory of the Total Market (+ 4.2%). This upswing was

The seemingly endless march of Spanish True Fleet continues to proceed

The Spanish True Fleet Market continues to expand at a double-digit rate, June delivered the second +16% in a row though it was a little higher this month with a +16.5%. Much the same as the Italian market last year the question is perhaps when will the market level out or find equilibrium? Well according to our Forecast analysts this may be around the corner. Elsewhere in the market, we

The UK True Fleet Market misses out on a positive month by the slimmest of margi …

Ok, the UK did not hit the third positive month in a row but it was sooooooo close! True Fleets finished just 0.03% in the red with just 29 registrations keeping them from that 3rd month in the black. Good news is that the UK seems to be levelling out, the Private Market was also close with a -0.6% and Special Channels with a -12.5% completed the negative trifecta with

Updated Version: Private Leasing – beginning of a big wave? (IT – enhanced d …

(Update: Amendment to Private Leasing Definition for Italy) Leasing has been predominantly known as the way business uses cars, without putting it on their balance sheet. Private customers have been, in most markets, in the habit of owning a car rather than finance it. Even when they used financing, it was normally to pay for the car. Now this has been slowly changing over the last couple of years. Customers seem

Private Leasing – beginning of a big wave? (UK, IT, NL)

Leasing has been predominantly known as the way business uses cars, without putting it on their balance sheet. Private customers have been, in most markets, in the habit of owning a car rather than finance it. Even when they used financing, it was normally to pay for the car. Now this has been slowly changing over the last couple of years. Customers seem to have become more open to leasing

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