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An un-expected misfire in French True Fleet registrations for May

Frankfurt am Main -- So it appears that the True Fleet growth engine has missed a beat in May as it dropped by 2.6%, recording its first loss in 13 months. The Total Market did finish positive (+0.2%) but by the slimmest of margins and this was thanks to the Private Market increase of 1.8%. Special Channels alongside True Fleets also posted a loss, though their -0.5% could be seen

The Italian True Fleet Market takes a dip for the first time in 2018

Frankfurt am Main -- Finishing at slightly more than 214,000 passenger car registrations, May was a marginally negative month for the Italian car market. Total Market was down by 1.9% compared to May 2017 with the Private Market being the only segment to achieve positive growth figures (+2.0%). The True Fleet Market had to take its first drop for the year (-4.0%) – nonetheless it has to be noted, that

May 2018: a challenging month for the German True Fleet Market

Following a significant increase in April, the German True Fleet Market suffered a 12.0 percent decline in May 2018 compared to the same month last year. The main reason was probably the lack of two working days compared to May 2017. However a double-digit drop is certainly a reason to take a closer look. The lack of working days does not fully explain the negative result; you should also take

The True Fleet growth in Spain grows mainly in double digits

Super, Fantástico, Excelente are certainly all viable options to describe the continuing trend in the Spanish True Fleet Market. As yet another month of double-digit growth was recorded for May we looked back to discover that since January 2014 there has been only 8 months of non-double-digit growth, with that January actually being the last time a negative growth month was recorded in Spanish fleet. The Private market had a

True Fleets in May slightly positive with Alternative’s Hybrid powertrains on …

If you remember in our UK press release for April we raised the question if the first positive result in 13 months would be an exceptional incidence or a starting point for the return to stable growth. Four weeks later we can report another month of growth! Well, +0.2% or +156 registrations respectively might not be an incredibly impressive result but anyway. The Private Market showed a strong result with

The Italian True Fleet Market kept its robustness in April

Currently, Italy’s True Fleet Market is in a good shape. Following the remarkable first quarter, True Fleets once again achieved a robust double-digit growth with April’s 16.4%, also marking the fourth consecutive month of market growth. The other segments were in the black as well, with the Private Market growing by 2.2% and this was despite the strong surge of private customers to zero kilometre offers over the recent months

The affirmative ascension of True Fleet in France continues in April

Frankfurt am Main -- French True Fleets hit a full year growth milestone in April and currently show no overt signs of stopping at the moment. Total Market for France in April stood at a healthy 187,000 registrations, a + 9.0% in terms of growth. The private channel with a 15.5% growth was the biggest contributor, both in terms of growth and volume, but True Fleets certainly pitched in with

April saw the highest growth rate for True Fleets since May 2017

Frankfurt am Main -- The month of April showed a strong result for the German passenger car market. With 314,000 registrations the Total Market was up by 8.0% compared to April 2017. The breakdown by the different market channels shows a pretty healthy development: The volume of self-registrations on dealerships and car manufacturers dipped, while the Rent-a-Car volume dropped significantly (- 1.8% and - 7.9% respectively), however, both Private Market

The UK’s True Fleet breaks the negative trend but can it maintain beyond April …

Frankfurt am Main -- Is there a glimmer of hope for the UK Fleet market for 2018? Perhaps, as True Fleet recorded its first set of positive numbers in 13 months (lucky for some). Overall the Total Market was up by 10.4% finishing just shy of 168,000 registrations, with the biggest portion of this coming from the Private Market which jumped 26.2%. True Fleets followed with a + 6.3% while

Outstanding performance for SUVs in a strong Spanish True Fleet Market

Beyond any doubt the Spanish Passenger Car Market is in very good shape and so it is hardly surprising that the fourth month in 2018 generated the fourth month of growth. The Total Market achieved almost 119,000 registrations for April, this being a + 12.4% in terms of growth, Private and True Fleets both achieved similar volume growths of 20.1% and 19.1% respectively while Special Channels were very consistent to

French True Fleet finishes its best first quarter ever with a small upsurge in M …

Frankfurt am Main -- Following on from the growth in recent months, French Total Market’s passenger car registrations increased by 2.2% over March, finishing at around 231,000 units with all market segments participating. The Private Market achieved a + 3.5% while Special Channels eked out + 0.4%. For the True Fleet Market, March was its 11th consecutive month of increasing registrations (+ 2.2%) though it could not keep the pace

Long-Term-Rental pushing up Italian True Fleet Market against a Total Market tum …

Frankfurt am Main -- The Italian car market’s growth streak has perhaps been left a little paralysed from the recent elections. Following a minor dip in February, March Total Market registrations were down by 5.1% leaving registrations just shy of 229,000 units. This drop in registrations is once again from the Private Market which in its 4th month of negative growth contracted by 12.7%. However, the True Fleet Market is

Germany’s True Fleet hits a challenging month, while SUV & Hybrid are on the r …

Frankfurt am Main -- The early start of the Easter holidays in Germany and two missing working days compared to last year’s March combined to produce a negative effect on the German car market. Overall the market was down by 3.4% for new registrations; however a detailed analysis by market channels shows very diverging results. While the Private channel performed really well with a surplus of +7.6% True Fleets had

True Fleet in the UK continues to look for its equilibrium

Frankfurt am Main -- The difficult circumstances continue for the UK True Fleet market, with its now 12th month of decline. The hope that the new plate release would perhaps help to alleviate this trend was short lived, Brexit and the upcoming changes to the VED weighed heavily and the cycle of negative growth remains un-broken. Total Market registrations for March finished just north of 474,000 down by 15.7% with

True Fleet Market in Italy keeps up the “Velocità” in February

Frankfurt -- While our Italian press release is the last out of the blocks in February it is by no means at the back in terms of its True Fleet results, in fact the market narrowly missed out on 2nd place within the EU-5 countries for volume on its way to recording a +15.4% growth. Italy’s Total Market finished with a little over 194,000 registrations; down on last February’s results

Spain’s Bullish True Fleet Market just keeps on charging!

After an exceptional start to the year, Spain’s True Fleet pushes higher in February with an even better growth percentage and our forecast analysts are expecting a few more still to come in 2018. Total Market had its best volume result since June 2017 with registrations almost hitting 116,000 units and recording a +13.2% growth. This was eclipsed by a very strong True Fleet result of +21.8%. The Private market

French True Fleet Market with a promising start to the year

January and February’s car sales in France were quite successful in terms of growth to say the least. Similar to the current trend in Germany the performance of the different market channels in France shows a healthy development. The YTD (year-to-date) amount of self-registrations on car dealerships and manufacturers grew slightly with a + 2.5%, which was less than the Total Market growth of + 3.4%, meanwhile the volume

The UKs True Fleet Market continues to battle the negative slide

True Fleet in the UK has again been in a skirmish with declining registration numbers and while this was still a negative month it is worth noting this was lowest volume loss in a month-on-month comparison since February 2017. The Total Market finished with a little under 81,000 registrations or - 2.8%. Both True Fleet and the Private Market were in in the red with - 7.5% and

A positive month for Germany’s True Fleet Market, an even better one for SUV

The promising start for the German passenger car market continues. Following an impressive +11.6% in January, this February scored some further encouragement with a +7.4% when compared to February 2017. The performance of the different market channels indicates a healthy development: While the volume of rental cars and self-registrations on dealerships and car manufacturers dropped by -1.4% the positive growth from both Private (+21.3%) and True Fleets (+4.8%) channels grew

Vamos! Spanish True Fleet Market with a brilliant start of the year

No doubt: the Spanish passenger car market had a very promising start in 2018. With almost 106,000 new registrations it was the highest January volume since 2007. The registrations in the Private Market increased by + 15.5% over January 2017 but the rise was even bigger for True Fleets: a plus of 20.9% was the highest monthly percentage growth since November 2016. Despite the good result for both Private and

On your marks, get set, stalled – UKs True Fleet engine with some problems

The UK’s True Fleet market continues to stall with another month of decline added to the last nine with the Private Market also following in the same direction. Since 2012, January has always been a growth month for the market but this year January proved unable to break the downward spiral leaving True Fleet with a double-digit -11.0% and the Private Market with an only slightly better -9.5%. Unsurprisingly

Auf die Plätze, Fertig, Los! German True Fleet Market with a promising start to …

Without a doubt the German passenger car market has started 2018 rather promisingly. With more than 269,000 new registrations it was the highest January volume ever. And although rental cars and self-registrations on dealerships and car manufacturers were a little higher when compared with January 2017, the market growth’s main drivers were the Private (+ 24.5%) and True Fleet (+ 9.4%) channels. For the fleet market this was the biggest

Pronti, partenza, via! The Italian True Fleet market springs into action

Pronti, partenza, via! The Italian Fleet market sprung into January with the same verve as seen in 2017, though not every market channel got off the mark quite as well. The Total Market finished a shade under 190,000 registrations or + 3.8% above last January, True Fleet produced double-digits with a + 10.1% but the Private Market dipped with a - 4.7%. No doubt Special Channels were influenced by the

True Fleet stepped up another gear in 2017 with only one exception

The True Fleet Market for the EU-5 had another exceptional year with all but one of the individual markets beating out last year’s record numbers. Each of the expanding markets continued to prosper despite market affecting events which could have altered these outcomes. Spain with its government denounced but state-approved Catalonian independence referendum. France had Presidential elections with controversial candidates polling high pre-election. Italy’s political turmoil continued un-abated and the end of the

True Fleet Market Italy hits its second bump in the “growth road” for 2017

In December the True Fleet Market in Italy suffered a negative outcome for the first time since July, reporting a loss of -17.4%. At first glance this may seem a little disappointing after some really strong months, however taking into account the stellar volume performance of last year’s December, this outcome becomes a lot less surprising. Nevertheless new passenger car registrations on True Fleets this month are still clearly outperforming

French True Fleet Market continued its upswing once again

The True Fleet Market kept up its constant development registering a growth of +2.6% alongside recording its second best fleet result ever for December. This represents the 8th month in a row of surpassing the previous year’s corresponding values and thus achieved a new overall record. Looking into the other segments, Special Channels (+5.0%) compensated for a slump in the Private Market (-4.5%), resulting in the Total Market finishing with

UK True Fleet finishes its year with another month in the red

December predictably followed the previous eight months with a further decline in the British auto market but this was not certainly all doom and gloom. While True Fleets were down by 9.9% the Private Market and Special Channels took the heaviest hits with - 15.9% and - 18.6% respectively making up for a Total Market decline of 14.4% finishing on 152,000 registrations for December. Brand Performance Focussing on the positive and

A disappointing December completed what was a good year for Germany’s True Fle …

The German True Fleet Market was on a relatively stable upward trend for 2017 and managed to surpass the prior year’s record value. However, fleet suffered a loss in the last month of the year with registrations of passenger cars down by 4.6%, nonetheless this was still one of the best results ever achieved in December. Special Channels took a dip as well (- 4.4%) while the Private Market (+

Spanish True Fleet records a full year of growth for 2017

The Spanish True Fleet Market seems to be unstoppable on its upward trajectory. With a healthy growth of 6.3% in December, the market surpassed each of last year’s corresponding months with expansion adding up to a buoyant 12.5% rise for 2017. Year-to-date (YTD) December also was the highest number of registrations since we started recording True Fleet only figures in Spain back in 2008. Other segments were also in good

Lots of winners despite November continuing the tumble in True Fleets

Frankfurt, December 22nd 2017. The British True Fleet Market entered November following seven consecutive months of declining registrations. The comparison against a particularly strong November 2016 with one less working day available wasn’t a promising starting point and thus it comes as no surprise to see the channel continuing its downwards path, falling short of the previous year by 15.6%. This in turn accentuated the decline of the Total Market

Spanish True Fleet only 1 month away from a full year of growth

Frankfurt, December 21st 2017: The success story of the Spanish True Fleet Market continues! So far 11 out of 11 months in 2017 showed growing figures with November’s registrations up by 11.2% for True Fleets while Special channels were close to matching the fleet’s growth performance with a slightly better + 11.3%. Private customers were even more in a shopping mood achieving the highest percentage growth in 2017 so far

October & November take Italy’s Total Market back into a podium position

October and November’s car sales in Italy were quite successful in terms of growth to say the least. Not only does Italy account for more than 60% of the Total Market growth in the EU-5, the country also overtook France and regained a podium position after Germany and the UK as one of Western Europe’s biggest markets. With a + 6.3% in October and + 8.6% in November, the True

German True Fleet Market with a strong second half of the year to date

Undoubtedly the German True Fleet Market is in pretty good shape, growing for the fifth month in a row. Thanks to a 7.0% rise in November the year-to-date (YTD) rate has climbed to + 2.7% and with close to 778,000 new passenger car registrations the fleet market scored its highest volume for January-November. For the Private Market the situation is looking even brighter with a + 15.9% in November bringing

True Fleet Market France raises its game for the 7th time in a row

After a truly remarkable October with the highest growth rate in 17 months the French True Fleet Market was able to grow once again in November. With a + 14.0% the rate was lower than a month ago but nevertheless the third highest in 2017. In addition, the performance of company cars was in much better shape than the Private Market’s not only in November (+ 14.0% vs. + 7.8%)

True Fleet Market France rises by more than 20 per cent

In October the French True Fleet Market really outshone the rest of the EU-5 in terms of growth. With more than 43,000 new car registrations the fleet market reached its biggest volume for October since the beginning of our analysis back in 2003. It was the sixth month in a row with a positive growth when compared to last year’s respective months and the fabulous rate of + 20.8% has

No end in sight for the downward trend of UK’s True Fleet

The British True Fleet Market remained in a slump during October, representing the seventh consecutive month, which fell short of respective prior year’s level. The fleet segment was down by 7.2%, which led to a cumulative downslide of 4.5% after ten months. The Private Market softened by 10.1% while even the Special Channels could not compensate for the performance of the private and the fleet segments and declined by 27.0%.

True Fleet Market Spain scores the best October result since 2007

The Spanish True Fleet Market really is performing extraordinarily well. With October up 18.1% this has now marked the fourth month of True Fleet growth in 2017 to breach that 18% mark, pushing the year-to-date volume growth to an impressive + 13.4%. Both the Private Market and Special Channels were in good shape with + 11.3% and + 20.3 % respectively. This summed up to a Total Market of almost

German True Fleet builds on last month’s narrow gain

The German car market has seemingly shaken off last month’s slightly gloomy outcome to push into a more positive position. Finishing with a + 3.9% for the Total Market or a little under 273,000 registrations, consumers seem to have returned to the marketplace. Private registrations were up 9.8% over October 2016 and grew its YTD (year-to-date) growth percentage to 3.2%. True Fleets produced a solid 2.9% growth for the month

True Fleet partly affected by a general softening of the German Market

After the positive growth figures over the recent months, the True Fleet Market eked out positive for September (+0.1%). This was in line with a general slowdown of all market segments. While the Private Market softened (-0.3%), Special Channels took a notable 7.9% dip and due to the relevance of tactical registrations in Germany led to a decline of the Total Market by -3.3%. Once again, it was diesel continuing

True Fleet in Italy softens the pace but remains positive for September

So while it is sometimes said the good luck comes in threes it is possibly especially correct for one segment of the Italian market. True Fleet pace has slowed over previous month’s result but still managed a +3.2% for September and the Private Market also took its foot off the growth gas with a +3.4%. This obviously left Special Channels achieving a +36.0% to be the one with the highest

French True Fleet rebound continues for fifth month after shaky start to 2017

France continues to rebound from the shaky first 4 months of 2017 and has now achieved more positive than negative growth months. The + 7.1% for True Fleet in September has now helped to push the YTD (year-to-date) to a very healthy 5.4%. Total Market finished up with a little over 170,000 registrations which is a + 1.1% over last September’s figures. Private Market growth stood at 1.0% while Special

Despite September’s new plates UK True Fleet remains in a slump

Keeping in mind that March and September are by far the most important months in the British Market (representing around 34%-36% of the yearly totals) the results for this month were expected with a very high anticipation. Unfortunately the figures show the continuing downturn of the True Fleet market in the UK. Back in May the fleet market was still flat in comparison to a very strong January-May period 2016.

The True Fleet growth machine keeps on rolling in Spain

In comparison to last month’s double-digit figures Spain’s True Fleet Market remained positive but with a more sedate + 7.1%. The Total Market just breached 87,500 registrations with the Private Market growing by 3.6% and Special Channels also expanding with a + 7.5% for September. All these channels added up to a 5.1% growth for the month or a YTD (year-to-date) surge of 7.5% for the Total Market. Brand performance Looking

UK True Fleet hits its fifth month of negative growth

The True Fleet market was once again in a sombre mood achieving the unwanted milestone of 5th consecutive month of contracting figures, down by 10.0% for August or 2.9% YTD (year-to-date). The Total Market while achieving 76,000 registrations was also down by 6.4%. Special Channels accumulated the unwanted growth of 20.9% as OEMs and Dealerships increased their (tactical) registrations by 38.8% to the highest volume on record for August. With

Single-digit growth but healthy share of the EU-5 pie for Germany’s True Fleet

True Fleets in Germany were up by 6.4% in August and though that gain perhaps appears somewhat constrained when compared alongside France, Spain and Italy where fleet markets all recorded comfortable double-digit growth rates, there was still an interesting footnote. While many Southern Europeans had their summer vacation and the British were waiting for the new number plate release, Germany’s fleet registrations made up for 42% of the Big-5 in

Spanish True Fleet Market expansion adds another month to its formidable streak

The Spanish fleet market can seemingly do no wrong and has now added another month of positive results, marking the 43rd month of consecutive growth for True Fleet. The streak continued with the healthy growth rate of 15.5% with stellar performances from 4 brands inside the Top 10 including the home grown manufacturer SEAT. The Total Market finished just 6 registrations shy of 76,000 which equated to a growth of 13.9%

Italian True Fleet bounces back from last month’s minor bump in the road

Italy’s True Fleet Market returns to plus figures in August, as concerning upsurge in Special Channels continues for 18th month. Exceptional Qashai and Micra growth boosts Nissan by 6 places while Small cars become growth champion. The Italian True Fleet market has again shifted gears putting itself back on a positive growth standing for the month of August. The Total Market finished a touch under 90,000 registrations producing an impressive +

True Fleet hits double-digit growth once again in France

True Fleet for France has once again hit double-digit growth with its best rate in 2017 so far. In fact the whole French market was buoyant in August with the Total market finishing just a little shy of 107,500 registrations. The Private market had its best August since 2009 up by 4.8% over last year’s numbers, Special Channels was also up by 12.7% with 79.3% of their volume coming through

Italian True Fleet with a marginal drop in July

Following a very positive first half year 2017 with a growth of + 9.3% the July True Fleet figures were slightly below the ones from 2016 (- 0.4%). This is still a strong performance when taking into account that last year’s volume was the best July since 2008. The Total Market achieved about 153,000 registrations generating a very healthy + 8.8% but that was mainly fuelled by Special Channels delivering

France continues to enjoy positive figures for True Fleet in July

The French True Fleet Market continues its resurgence with a strong growth month for July. Total Market figures were a little over 147,000 for the month or up 10.9%, with all the individual channels playing their role. Private Market missed out on double-figure growth by only 0.1% to end on 9.9%, True Fleet had its third consecutive month of increase achieving a + 12.7%, while Special Channels finished on +

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