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14.03.18 - Banasthali

Dazzling Performances at Banasthali Innovocation Wings - The Fifth Chronicle

Banasthali team Innovacation organized its annual techno-cultural fest, Wings - The Fifth Chronicle from 19- 21 February 2018, jam packed with fun and knowledge. The fest commenced with a lecture on ... mehr

13.03.18 - Banasthali

Grand Inauguration of AIC Banasthali Incubation Program WOMENPreneur

India is home to the third largest number of technology driven startups in the world, with the US and the UK occupying the top two positions. Despite that, only 9 per cent of the founders are women, a... mehr

08.03.18 - Banasthali

Jagriti 2018 – IWD International Women’s Day Celebrations at Banasthali World's Largest Fully Residential Women's University

The United Nations Theme for this year IWD is “The Time is Now: Rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives” and the message from Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres is “Achieving gen... mehr

06.03.18 - Banasthali

Kongsberg Executive Ms Vimalpriya Kesavan talks on K Spice Process Simulation at Banasthali

Headquartered in Norway with offices across the globe, Kongsberg Gruppen (KONGSBERG) is an international technology group that delivers extreme performance through advanced and reliable solutions for ... mehr

01.03.18 - Banasthali

National Science Day Celebrated at Banasthali

Banasthali has a rich tradition of celebrating various days of both national and international importance all round the year. Department of Physics organized the celebrations of Science Day on 24th an... mehr

28.02.18 - Banasthali

Global Business Leader Ms Vinita Bali Talk at Banasthali

While one and all in India today has been calling the Billion plus population as Boon, blessing and Sowbhagya, considering the current state of health, nutrition, water, food, women and children in th... mehr

26.02.18 - Banasthali

NITI Aayog Member Prof Ramesh Chand does Anatomy and Surgery of Indian Agriculture at Banasthali

In India today, focus has indeed shifted from Raising Food Production to Raising Income of Farmers that is Food Security to Income Security. The Economics Department of Banasthali organizes Professor... mehr

20.02.18 - Banasthali

From the ashes of Shattered Dreams, Rises Phoenix of Hope - Banasthali Corona truly Extra High Voltage

Team corona organized its annual technical fest Phoenix 2018 from 11th-13th February, 2018 wherein it conducted various events for the BTech students to participate. The 3-day fest had multitude of pa... mehr

16.02.18 - Banasthali

Proud Banasthalites firmly believe in “Make Your Alma mater Banasthali Your Valentine”

One question Universities commonly ask themselves is how to keep alumni involved and get them to give back. In order for Universities to accomplish these goals, it is important for them to reach out a... mehr

14.02.18 - Banasthali

ICE Club Banasthali Chemical Engineering Triggers ZERONE fever across Banasthali

Zerone is not just a word or slogan or jargon but a Philosophy which tells that it does not matter if one starts at zero but no one can stop you from becoming number one. The Chemical engineering de... mehr

08.02.18 - Banasthali

Conference on Intellectual Property Rights at Banasthali

India is home to the third largest number of technology driven startups in the world, with the US and the UK occupying the top two positions. Despite being common practice in other parts of the world... mehr

26.01.18 - Banasthali

69th Republic Day Celebrated at Banasthali World’s Largest Fully Residential Women’s University

The clear sky, sunshine and pleasant weather at Banasthali was a bonus which added to the enthusiasm of the students who ensured that the 69th Republic Day celebrations was observed with patriotic fer... mehr

24.01.18 - Banasthali

National Girl Child Day at Banasthali

Gender equality is indeed more than a goal in itself as it is a precondition for meeting the challenges of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance. According ... mehr

23.01.18 - Banasthali

Basant Panchami Celebrations with traditional fervor at Banasthali

The festival of Basant Panchami also known as Shri Panchami and Saraswati Panchami. is a seasonal festival to welcome spring and is observed in many regions of India. The celebrations are dedicated to... mehr

08.01.18 - Banasthali

Hon’ble Vice President Sri M Venkaiah Naidu inspires Graduating Students at 34th Banasthali Convocation

Monsoon Clouds do not save water to quench their thirst but to quench the thirst of millions of humans on earth. Similarly, the degree in graduating student hand is not for individual glory but to add... mehr

29.12.17 - Banasthali

Banasthali Chemical Engineering Girls Conquer Professional Experience with Full Semester Internship

An IMF study has shown that India’s GDP would rise by 27% if Women’s participation in the labour force were to equal that of men and if companies are reticent to hire women workers, the nation at ... mehr

28.12.17 - Banasthali

Banasthali‘s Daughters in Classical Music are indeed Alumni with a Difference

One among the top ranking Institution in India today which is also the largest fully residential women’s university in the world, Banasthali alumni can be found in all latitudes, longitudes and alti... mehr

27.12.17 - Banasthali

One week FDP SCoTA-17 under PMMMNMTT MHRD GOI Inaugurated at Banasthali

To quote Indian Philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti regarded globally as one of the greatest thinkers & teachers “Education can be transformed only by educating the educator, and not merely creating a ne... mehr

22.12.17 - Banasthali

Banasthali Institute of Design BID Exhibition HOW gets a WOW

Unlike other design Programs which focus more on analysis, the interdisciplinary program at Banasthali emphasize more on the creative aspect that is Synthesis. Banasthali Institute of Design has bee... mehr

13.12.17 - Banasthali

Banasthali Bags Double Honours - 25th Business School Affaire Dewang Mehta National Education Awards

Throughout the 82-year history, Banasthali has built not only national but also international reputation for achieving excellence in its mission and vision for synthesis of spiritual values and scient... mehr

04.12.17 - Banasthali

Proud Alumnus of Banasthali Dr Anu Brookins CISCO USA Peaks with Passion Quotient for Alma mater

For Hindus it is Kashi Rameswaram, for Muslims it is Mecca, for Christians it is Vatican, for Buddhists it is Bodh Gaya, for Sikhs it is Amritsar and for Proud to be Banasthalites it is their Alma mat... mehr

27.11.17 - Banasthali

National Law Day 26/11 A Day that is always remembered at Banasthali

One of the three original copies of the Indian Constitution is presently in Banasthali whose founder Apaji Shri Hiralal Shastriji was one of the members of the constituent assembly which drafted the c... mehr

24.11.17 - Banasthali

Banasthali Founder Apaji Hirlalal Shastri Birthday Grand Celebrations

Beyond doubt, every educational institution has a name but only very few like Banasthali which is One among the top ranking Institution in India today featuring in QS BRICS Rankings 2018 and also the ... mehr

23.11.17 - Banasthali

Banasthali‘s Daughters in Hollywood to News Channels to Music are indeed Alumni with a Difference

To quote Ashwin Fernandes, regional director, Quacquarelli Symonds QS-India “Banasthali Vidyapith has been imparting education to women since a long time. It is beyond writing and above any ranking... mehr

13.11.17 - Banasthali

3 Stevie Awards 2017 Winning Brillio Founder & CEO Raj Mamodia Talks at Banasthali

What Oscars are for Film and Grammy for Music, Stevie Awards created in 2002 to honor and generate public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and working profes... mehr

30.10.17 - Banasthali

Banasthali National Conference on Basic biology is the Core of Biotechnology NCBBCB 2017 inaugurated

In addition to Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, Biology has become the fourth pillar for all branches of engineering resulting in new fields like biochemical engineering, biomedical engineering, bi... mehr

12.10.17 - Banasthali

Banasthali‘s Daughters in Broadcast Media Arena are indeed Alumni with a Difference

One among the top ranking Institution in India today which is also the largest fully residential women’s university in the world, Banasthali alumni can be found in all latitudes, longitudes and alti... mehr

11.10.17 - Banasthali

Banasthali‘s Daughters in Global HR Sphere are indeed Alumni with a Difference

One among the top ranking Institution in India today which is also the largest fully residential women’s university in the world, Banasthali alumni can be found in all latitudes, longitudes and alti... mehr

09.10.17 - Banasthali

Faculty of Science and Technology Banasthali Janus has no Beginning or End

Romans believe that Janus is the god of beginnings & ends, presiding over every entrance & departure while at Banasthali it is one of the most popular events celebrated by the students of Life Science... mehr

06.10.17 - Banasthali

Banasthali Literati Springs to Fun and Frolic in Fall

It is quite likely that Stanley Horowitz made the quote “Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all" possibly after seeing Literati fest at Ban... mehr

04.10.17 - Banasthali

Banasthali Celebrates Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti - International Day of Non-Violence

A 1946 quote of Mahatma Gandhi says” Bansathali is enshrined in my heart” and undoubtedly Banasthali draws its inspiration from the well known Gandhi quote “What is really needed to make democra... mehr

02.10.17 - Banasthali

Banasthali School of Earth Sciences Celebrates COSMOS 2017

The evolutionary details of this school starts from Geography department established in 2008 followed by Remote Sensing in 2011 and then after Geology and commissioning of the new building in 2013 fol... mehr

02.10.17 - Banasthali

At Banasthali Marie Curie Fellowship Awarded Dr Veera Sadhu Talks on Nanotechnology

Possibilities of Doctors inside Human Body, Sensors everywhere, Self Healing Structures, Making Big Data real and Tackling Climate Change are just only some of the impossibilities Nanotechnology holds... mehr

28.09.17 - Banasthali

NSS Day Celebrated at Banasthali World’s Largest Fully Residential Women’s University

In 1969 which happens to be the centenary year of father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi, the National Service Scheme NSS was established on 24 September throughout India with primary focus on the develo... mehr

27.09.17 - Banasthali

MNIT Jaipur Prof SP Chaurasia Talk on Separation Technologies for Water Purification at Banasthali

Globally, there are over 663 million people living without a safe water supply close to home, spending countless hours queuing or trekking to distant sources, and coping with the health impacts of usi... mehr

22.09.17 - Banasthali

World’s Largest Fully Residential Women’s University Banasthali Celebrates Founder’s Day

Every educational institution in India today has a name but only very few like Banasthali established eighty two years ago have a legacy and heritage. The evolution of Banasthali is nothing short of a... mehr

21.09.17 - Banasthali

International Ozone Day Celebrated at Banasthali

The ozone layer, a fragile shield of gas, protects the Earth from the harmful portion of the rays of the sun, thus helping preserve life on the planet. The Montreal Protocol which was originally signe... mehr

18.09.17 - Banasthali

Banasthali Celebrates 50th Engineers’ Day

September 15 is celebrated every year in the country since 1967 as “Engineers’ Day” to commemorate the birthday of the legendary engineer Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya popularly known as Sir MV ... mehr

18.09.17 - Banasthali

Prof Joy Mukhopadhyay Talks on Colour Science & Technology at Banasthali

One field which combines Chemistry, Physics, Physiology and Psychology is undoubtedly Colour Science and Technology. Global market size of dyes and pigments is of the order of USD 27.8 Billion with In... mehr

14.09.17 - Banasthali

Industry Doyen Sri Mridu Hari Dalmia announces 51 Scholarships - Rs 5 Crores grant for Banasthali

A Person's world is only as big as his Heart and there is no doubt that it is not he who has much is rich but he who gives much. Philanthropist Mr. Mridu Hari Dalmia who holds a Chemical Engineering d... mehr

13.09.17 - Banasthali

Banasthali Chemical Engineering Students make Teachers Day Celebrations truly unforgettable

In the Indian culture, a teacher is revered as a guru and parent who guides, motivates and inspires the students to gain knowledge and mould them to be good citizens. The birthday of a great teacher, ... mehr

11.09.17 - Banasthali

Dr Saakshy Agarwal Research Scientist KNHPI Jaipur talks on Eco-friendly Handmade Paper Technology at Banasthali

The first true copy of the Constitution of India was on handmade paper with a shelf life of 100 to 500 years made from materials recycled from textile fibres, agricultural waste, assorted local grasse... mehr

08.09.17 - Banasthali

Global Brand IT Major TCS Vice President Hasit Kaji Shares thoughts on Innovation at Banasthali

Learning and innovation which distinguishes between a leader and a follower go hand in hand. Since change is inevitable, it emerges that changes call for innovation which lead to progress. No one has... mehr

31.08.17 - Banasthali

Plastic Man Prof Vasudevan Shares his Waste Management Mission with Passion at Banasthali

This is a generation which knows more about He Man Superman Batman Iron Man etc but little about a Plastic Man who made durable roads with waste plastics and gave it free of cost to the government of ... mehr

28.08.17 - Banasthali

Inauguration of Faculty Development Program on Internet of Things IoT for Smart Living at Banasthali

When devices / objects can represent themselves digitally, they can be controlled from anywhere. The connectivity then helps to capture more data from more places, ensuring more ways of increasing eff... mehr

28.08.17 - Banasthali

Valedictory Function for IBRO APRC Collaborative Banasthali School of Neuroscience

International Brain Research Organization IBRO (France) Asia Pacific Regional Committee APRC joined hands with Banasthali for a week long session with focus on Neurodegeneration and Neuroinflammation:... mehr

24.08.17 - Banasthali

Bhartiya Model of Digital Literacy BMDL is Banasthali Prof Harsh Purohit Mission with Passion

Digital literacy goes beyond computer literacy which is about how to use the PCs, laptops, Tabs, Smart Phones etc as it includes cyber security, cyber ethics etc. Being digitally literate is the need ... mehr

22.08.17 - Banasthali

Banasthali School of Neuroscience in collaboration with International Brain Research Organization IBRO APRC Inauguration

IBRO is the global federation of neuroscience organizations that aims to promote and support neuroscience training, teaching, collaborative research and advocacy around the world. Neurological and ps... mehr

21.08.17 - Banasthali

Banasthali Daughters in Fine Arts are indeed Alumni with a Difference

One among the top ranking Institution in India today which is also the largest fully residential women’s university in the world, Banasthali alumni can be found in all latitudes, longitudes and alti... mehr

10.08.17 - Banasthali

Banasthali B School WISDOM Special Lecture Series: Prof Azhar Kazmi KFUPM on Market Volatility

The B School of Banasthali aptly named WISDOM which stands for Women’s Institute for Studies in Development Oriented Management has a Vision to prepare women for enlightened leadership roles in all ... mehr

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