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Nephelococcygia/// Cloud Cuckoo Land /// Solo Exhibition by David Hochbaum

In Aristophanes’ comedy “The Birds,” an imaginary city built in the clouds by birds at the instigation of two Athenians represented both a fantastic caricature of Athens in the poet's day and a sort of Philistine Utopia: full of gross enjoyments, hence, in literary allusion, cloudland- “fools' paradise”. A fools paradise in the clouds- is that where we’re going when we search the clouds for familiar objects? This action, coined precisely

Strychnin Gallery presents: "Those Whoe Dream by Day", A Visual Journey Inspired …

“Those who dream by day”, opening doors on the 15th of March at Strychnin Gallery, celebrates the imagination and oeuvres of the great Edgar Allan Poe. The mysterious man, whose life was short and filled with tragedy, left behind one of the most admired, questioned and influential literary body of works. While alive, his writings were ostracized and put under heavy scrutiny; many denied reading his publications. However, the public did yet


It’s the year 2013, if you’re reading this Earth has shockingly survived the Mayan prediction and prophetic date of December 21st, 2012. Since this is being written in the past, it’s not certain what has happened to humankind. Did Earth collide with planet X? Or was the cataclysm of 2012 a positive physical and/or spiritual transformation for humanity. Be as it may, hopefully this day will mark the beginning of


„Christian is a global ambassador for LOVE, he takes his heart and pours it into everything he does.“ -Shaney Jo Darden / Founder Global CEO / The Keep A Breast Foundation / Los Angeles As the year comes to an end, Strychnin Gallery saved the month of Decemeber for a special exhibition, Metropolitan. Metropolitan is an important rendition of today’s developement. With the passing of each moon, we become

Magistrates. A group show featuring international pop-surrealist artists. Also s …

Magistrates features Ray Caesar, Michael Forbes, Chet Zar, David Hochbaum, Guillermo Rigattieri, Cliff Wallace, Tim Roosen, Dean Flemming, C.C. Askew, Luis Lorenzana, Mikael Alacoque, Jon Jaylo, Marco Rea, Michael Page, Manuel Cortez, Jason Limon, Ali Eckert, Chase Tafoya, Scott Altmann, Jaimes Zacarias, Bruce Mitchell, Steven Daily, Raf Veulemans, François Escalmel, Donato Giancola, Richard Kirk and others. Opens November 13th at 7 pm. Magistrates features over 25 internationally renowned artists such

Garden Of The Dispossessed - New Mixed Media works by David Hochbaum

Also featuring Myths, Omens and Misunderstandings - Ver Mar in The Vault. Reception for the artists October 9th at 7 p.m. After his last solo show at Strychnin Gallery Berlin in November 2008, American artist David Hochbaum returns with new works – this time going back to his roots in the darkroom. Presenting mixed media works based on black and white photographs, Hochbaum’s preoccupation with houses, labyrinthine streets and cityscapes reaches a

Strychnin Gallery Berlin presents: A Space in all the Noise. New Works by Jason …

American painter Jason Shawn Alexander is a self-taught artist: never having attended formal art school, art language and "isms" mean nothing to him. The things that matter in his work are honesty and emotion, and while it is his aim to make people think, it is first and foremost to make them feel. His works have been exhibited all over the USA, most recently also in the National Portrait Gallery

Strychnin Gallery Berlin presents: The Red Thread

A Group Exhibition featuring Three Strong Women: Bethany Marchman, Edith Lebeau and Jennybird Alcantara. Opens August 7th from 7 pm until 11 pm Somewhere between traditional techniques and the influence of contemporary pop culture, three women artists from the USA and Canada create strong women portraits. Whether in oil, acrylics, or as curious hand-made dolls that are reminiscent of characters created by Tim Burton: Strychnin Gallery’s August exhibition presents unique works of

KETOS 2.0 - "Whaleless" at the Civic Museum of Reggio Emilia in Italy

KETOS 2.0 is the title of the the first “Whaleless” exhibition in a public space and will feature site specific installations and digital as well as fine art. It opens at the Museo Civici on July 9th at 9pm. Whaleless is an art project dedicated to those artists wishing to express their indignation, rage, shame, disbelief or concern about the slow disappearance of the fascinating giant marine mammals. Pollution, whaling and

Strychnin Gallery Berlin presents: Midsummer Night's Madness

"If we spirits have offended, think but this and all is mended: that you have but slumbered here, while these visions did appear. And this weak and idle theme, no more yielding but a dream.” A summer group show featuring Brian Horton, Mimi S., Leslie Ditto, Marina Bychkova, Edith Lebeau, Martina Secondo Russo, Elmer Presslee, Angie Mason, Kristen Ferrell, Seymour, Wee Flowers, Oksana Badrak, Lori Field and others. Opens June

Bright Lights – Dark Shadows A two-man show featuring Chris von Steiner vs. MK …

Opens May 8th at 7 pm – runs until June 7th. “Childhood is commonly regarded as the happiest time of human life. Growing up into adulthood however, we tend to forget that childhood is also a world of fears, tears, nightmares, drama and violence. So many seemingly insignificant events, traumatic in nature, shape us into the current version of our selves: Under the bright lights of childhood grow the seeds

Huettner releases album with score to Strychnin Gallery exhibition "Labyrinth" b …

In 2008, Los Angeles based composer and producer Joerg Huettner, who has worked on the soundtracks of such films as "The Ring II" or "Batman Begins" for Hollywood star-composer Hans Zimmer, created exclusive music for the art exhibition “Labyrinth” at Strychnin Gallery Berlin, presenting Canadian artist Richard A. Kirk. The entrancing ambient-electronica instrumental album that is the soundtrack to the "Labyrinth" exhibition has now been released as a 45 minute-long gapless

Strychnin Gallery Berlin presents: Whaleless. An international group show dedica …

"Whaleless" is an art project dedicated to those artists wishing to express their indignation, rage, shame, disbelief or concern about the slow disappearance of the fascinating giant marine mammals. Pollution, whaling and unacceptable fishing practices are only some of the causes that seriously endanger their survival. It seems that they are slowly but inevitably growing extinct, while the consequences of their gradual disappearance are impossible to predict. And yet we

In Our Own Image. A Two-Man Show featuring Raf Veulemans and Marc Janssens. Pape …

Belgian artists Veulemans and Janssens have one thing in common: they share a passion for the eternal conflict between good and evil, life and death. In their works, this conflict is played out very differently though - while Veulemans stresses the beauty of decay and fragility of life in his taxidermist sculptures and installations featuring the bodies of real animals, Janssens’ sculptures are completely man-made and focus on the struggle

Strychnin Gallery London and Resistance Gallery present: A Basement of Dolls – …

Opens February 13th, 2009, at 7 p.m. at Resistance Gallery in London, featuring a live performance by The McCarricks. Interested in psychology, physiognomy and body language, works by British painter Suzzan Blac are not for the faint of heart. Negative feelings, pain, anger and frustration are the motives behind them, often making them uncomfortable to look at through their intense, direct expression of strong emotions. Blac is interested in the darker

Strychnin Gallery Berlin presents: "Wahre Märchen" - New Photographs by Annie B …

In the last few years, photographer Annie Bertram has made a name for herself with her unique style, and the Gothic art scene can hardly do without her: among others, she did artwork for albums by such popular bands as Blutengel, Scream Silence or Terminal Choice, and her work appears regularly in large magazines as exclusive photo spreads and on covers. Her first photography book titled "Die Farben der Träume"

Strychnin Gallery Berlin presents: Waldkammer. New works by Madeline von Foerste …

Incredible intensity and vividness of color are characteristic features of works by the old Dutch Masters such as Jan van Eyck or Hans Memling, who are among American artist Madeline von Foerster’s main sources of inspiration. Paintings of this time period achieved a great sense of touch through carefully applied light effects, which especially shows in the realistic, tactile display of folds of cloths and drapes. The basis of these

Honeytrap. An all female group exhibition at Strychnin Gallery

Starring women artists from over seven different countries. Opening reception at Strychnin Gallery Berlin on July 18th at 7 p.m. A coy, superior female agent seduces a male enemy and obtains his secrets. Cunningly employed charms enchant an unsuspecting victim – “honeytrap” is a term used to describe the process of seduction in order to compromise, obtain secrets, prove someone’s infidelity, or otherwise put someone in an exploitable position. Our

Whaleless. An international group show dedicated to the whales

Opening reception July 11th at 7 p.m. at Strychnin Gallery London. A percentage of sales to be donated to Greenpeace. “Whaleless” is an art project dedicated to those artists wishing to express their indignation, rage, shame, disbelief or concern about the slow disappearance of the fascinating giant marine mammals. Pollution, whaling and unacceptable fishing practices are only some of the causes that seriously endanger their survival. It seems that they are

Strychnin Gallery Berlin presents: The Sleep of Reason - Drawings by Laurie Lipt …

Inspired by Francisco de Goya. Opening reception for the artist on June 20th, 7 pm. Breathtaking detail is one of the most astonishing characteristics of Laurie Lipton’s work. Her large format pencil drawings are created in the same manner the old masters used to paint: hundreds, if not thousands of little lines create areas of tone – a tedious way of drawing, yet one that allows her to achieve an amount

Strychnin Gallery London presents: In the Absence of Colour

A Group Show featuring Black & White works by over 16 international artists. Opening reception May 9th, 7 pm. Do you know if you dream in colour? Remember when all movies were black and white? Remember the days when television was black and white? Chances are that you do not. But you might remember when most computer screens were black and white, and there are still some newspapers out there

Strychnin Gallery Berlin presents: Fractured Fairy Tales – New Works by Lori F …

Opening reception for the artist on May 16th 7 p.m. Dreamy tattooed figures appear to be sleeping behind an opaque veil. Colorful animals and flowers are floating against tactile backgrounds of lace. Lori Field’s encaustic paintings are set between reality and dreams, they show us strange and mysterious worlds in which hybrid creatures such as two-headed cats with human bodies are oddly normal. Follow the white rabbit and enter wonderland –

Brian Horton's Scars Contest - Presentation of the Winner

Strychnin Gallery, MySpace Germany and Brian Horton present the winner of the Scars Contest Germany on February 29th, beginning at 7 pm. “You are female, you enjoy art and you’ve always wanted a painter to portray you in oil?” This is the question that Berlin’s Strychnin Gallery and the international friend platform MySpace posed on MySpace in September. Countless women and young girls applied to be painted in oil by Brian

Do You Nomi? A group exhibition celebrating the art and music of Klaus Nomi

Opening at Strychnin Gallery Berlin on February 22nd, 2008, 7 pm, Res Pira Lab and Strychnin Gallery present an exhibition dedicated to German singer and performer Klaus Nomi. With his visionary performance art and black and white make-up, countertenor Klaus Nomi was a highly influential New Wave figure. Although he was famous in his lifetime – especially in Paris and New York, where he influenced David Bowie – Nomi died before achieving

The Snow King. Chris von Steiner at Strychnin Gallery London

Strychnin Gallery proudly presents: The Snow King. A solo show featuring Chris von Steiner. Opening February 15th, 7 p.m., at Strychnin Gallery London. There\'s a door, somewhere. A door that opens on a white and silent world, where every secret is kept frozen under snow and ice. There\'s a kingdom, somewhere. A kingdom wherein there lives a sad little boy, waiting for some brave stranger to deliver him from his icy

XXX-mas Party at Strychnin London

Featuring work by German photographer Annie Bertram and Christmas Ornaments by Elmer Presslee, Bijou, Angie Mason, Christina Graf, Laurie Lipton, Lucien Shapiro, Ver Mar, Jason Jacenko, Eduardo Benedetto, Till Krautkraemer, Chet Zar, Kristen Ferrell, Tim Roosen, Lisa Mei Ling Fong, Mimi S., Ansgar Noeth, Alexander Sterzel, Travis Lindquist, Danielle de Picciotto, Miraschi, Raf Veulemans, David Hochbaum, Marc Janssens, Virginie Ropars, Daniel Van Nes. Music by Alexander Wolfe. More than twenty of

Strychnin Gallery Berlin presents the art project GOLDMINE SHITHOUSE

Strychnin Gallery Berlin presents the American artists DAVID HOCHBAUM, TRAVIS LINDQUIST & COLIN BURNS and their art project “GOLDMINE SHITHOUSE” Location: Strychnin Gallery, Boxhagener Str. 36, 10245 Berlin T-Shirt Party: November 16th 2007, 7:00 p.m. Vernissage: November 23rd 2007, 7:00 p.m. Project period: November 12th - December 13th 2007 The artist collaborative “The Goldmine Shithouse” (GMSH) was created in 2003 by American artists David Hochbaum, Travis Lindquist and Colin Burns. An art idea

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