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17.04.19 - Markilux

Simple and intuitive

3D awning visualisation app has new features If you want to buy an awning, you have to know exactly which model will suit the particular type of house you have in mind and also satisfy the individual... mehr

15.04.19 - Markilux

With an elegant aura

This full cassette awning from markilux is deliberately purist in shape and colour and is thus at the height of fashion Simple, straightforward design has been setting the tone for furniture and arch... mehr

04.04.19 - Markilux

Tone in tone

Harmonious colours shield against the sun Awnings are now available all of a piece in terms of colour. markilux is offering two of its models either in vibrant colour combinations or in non-colour to... mehr

27.03.19 - Markilux

Because guests like it cosy

Outdoor guest areas designed to be inviting and relaxing using awning systems markilux - the awning professional - offers a specialised product line for shading large outdoor areas. It is of interest... mehr

18.03.19 - Markilux

From the idea to the start of production

markilux products are planned meticulously. And that is certainly also true of the cassette awning MX-3, the result of around two years of development work Generally speaking, ideas for new products ... mehr

12.03.19 - Markilux

Customer request satisfied

Awning manufacturer markilux looks back with satisfaction on the introductory year of its fabric collection 2018+ A year after markilux's new awning fabric collection was introduced into the market, ... mehr

07.02.19 - Markilux

Chic and sturdy

Small Pergola awning provides large areas of shade The markilux "pergola compact" is a graceful awning on two support posts that is suitable for any façade. It is intended for small patios and provi... mehr

31.01.19 - Markilux

Awning design in top form

New cassette awning revs up summer with its casual round shape Nature shows the way: Ever since it has been picking the best ideas from its vast pool of shapes and creates something new. True to this... mehr

05.12.18 - Markilux

Privacy through solar power

The vertical “Shadeplus” blind is to be operated via a new solar module Awnings are not only available as individual items, but also come in a double pack. One of these awnings protects against U... mehr

13.09.18 - Markilux

A plus in awning

Underglass awning from markilux is now also available with "Shadeplus" The "Shadeplus" is a solar protection fabric that can be lowered additionally at the front of the awning as protection against g... mehr

16.05.18 - Markilux

Feel completely free to select a colour of your choice

Awnings are now available with the fabric in the customer’s favourite colour People love colours. Colours have more influence on our lives than we realise, and a favourite colour can quickly cause ... mehr

23.04.18 - Markilux

Right into the comfort zone

A free-standing awning roof provides leisure time enjoyment in almost all weathers Outdoor living has been the height of fashion for some years now. Above all, people want to be able to spend as mu... mehr

29.03.18 - Markilux

Awning fabrics as trendsetters

Solar protection fabrics by markilux dress houses and patios in a touch of luxurious fashion An awning fabric can magic summery flair onto the wall of a house. It might be a daub of colour, or cla... mehr

28.03.18 - Markilux

Testing awnings with virtual technology

New 3D-augmented reality App simplifies awning purchases A house wall cannot simply try on an awning to see whether the design and colour of the fabric looks good …, well until now it couldn’t! R... mehr

19.05.17 - Markilux

Just follow the sun - The awning parasol “planet” takes the shadow along

Seating areas in the garden or on the patio are small islands of tranquillity where you would like to lean back and relax. A solar protection providing generous shade that follows the sun. The awning ... mehr

08.05.17 - Markilux

Compact shading, extended potential

With a discreet design that has a dramatic presence, the markilux 1300 Basic has it all. Are you looking to make a big impact, but only have space for a smaller shading system? The markilux 1300 Basi... mehr

08.05.17 - Markilux

Extravagant design on the façade

Patio awning presents itself in futuristic design If you are not simply looking for an awning but are also a lover of good design, the markilux patio awning MX-1 is bound to draw your attention. lt h... mehr

28.04.17 - Markilux

Clean, comfortable cassette shading

The markilux 3300 pur cassette awning is a sleek, strong and stylish solution. Being produced for over 30 years, the markilux 3000 pur has always remained one of markilux’s most timeless and popula... mehr

28.04.17 - Markilux

Round or Square: The Choice is Yours

Awnings for glass canopies, windows and conservatories now also in a square design In summer, patios, windows and conservatories require effective protection against the sun, glare and heat. With it... mehr

10.04.17 - Markilux

Triple award winning awning model

Cassette awning markilux 970 now also awarded iF Design Award In autumn, last year, awning expert markilux already enjoyed the success of its new cassette awning, the markilux 970. Already in the fi... mehr

10.04.17 - Markilux

Design with added convenience

The markilux 970 patio awning is now available with Shadeplus The markilux 970 is an awning for purists who love clean, angular shapes. Every detail of this awning, which emulates and emphasises the ... mehr

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