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Top address in the "Blue Whale"

New markilux showroom in the "Pacific Design Center" in West Hollywood After opening a showroom in New York just over two years ago, markilux has now opened a further flagship store in the US near Los Angeles - in the "Pacific Design Center" in West Hollywood. Since the end of April, the awning manufacturer has been exhibiting many of its products on around 110 square meters in an architecturally spectacular environment

Restaurant terrace redesigned

The awning systems "pergola stretch" and "markilux markant" are now providing generous protection against both the sun and rain at the Hotel Löwen in Austria The Hotel Löwen is situated in the middle of an impressive mountain landscape in the outstretched Montafon valley in Austria. In 2022, the management once again invested in the expansion of the establishment and that included furnishing the restaurant terrace with bespoke weather protection. They chose

Weather protection to match your building

Designer awnings from markilux underline the modern style of a new building in the Freistadt district of Austria A young family of four from Bad Zell in Austria wanted weatherproof shading to protect the three patios around their new home that also matched the architecture. The owners selected awning models from the manufacturer markilux. Additional glare and wind protection as well as lighting systems and infrared heaters have created a number

Efficiently reducing heat gain through glass surfaces

Awnings from markilux make for a better climate in the Villa Tapas restaurant Rooms and spaces that feature a lot of glass are known to heat up considerably due to the heat generated by sunlight. This is something the owner of the Villa Tapas, a restaurant in the Dutch town of Assen, a good 30 kilometres south of Groningen, also found out. To ensure guests could enjoy the light, open atmosphere

As a brand, visibility is a must

markilux is investing in a strong company profile in many countries In recent years, awning manufacturer markilux has created a national and international network of its own exhibition and training centres as well as customer showrooms on the premises of its specialist dealers. Both concepts are closely interrelated, because, at the point of sale, they rely on a consistent brand image and a positive experience of the product world. In this

Outdoor space with feel-good factor

The hospital canteen patio at the "Tauernklinik Zell am See" invites staff to take a relaxing break under the new awning system "pergola classic" from markilux In 2022, the "Tauernklinik Zell am See" in Pinzgau, Austria, had part of the patio adjacent to its staff canteen covered with a weatherproof awning system. They opted for the "pergola classic" from markilux which boasts a waterproof cover. Since then, the patio has served

Very much my style

Designer awnings that suit your house and patio Awnings from markilux are a successful mixture of reliable technology and an eye-catching look. Their modern, timeless appearance has already won the manufacturer many design awards and it harmonises with a wide range of architectural styles. A further benefit: all models can be configured to suit the taste of the consumer. Today, it is possible to customise a large number of products. This allows

Designer awnings for every style and taste

Awnings from markilux offer a wide range in terms of shape, colour and function With its product portfolio, markilux offers top-quality design that is in demand all over the world. There are awnings to suit every architectural style and they have already won multiple design awards. Their powerful expressive presence is how the brand has made a name for itself over the years. Designer awnings from manufacturer markilux are intended to be

How to make your balcony cosy

How to transform even small areas into oases of calm with an awning Summers are getting warmer and solar protection is more in demand than ever. This is true not only of large outdoor seating areas, but also of small balconies and roof terraces. With special awnings and side screens, you are also able to spend your time here in complete privacy and relax to the full. But, you are not always

Sun and privacy protection for small balconies

markilux offers awning systems in a whole range of sizes It's not just large patios that need good protection from the sun, but also small outdoor spaces. Manufacturer markilux has special awnings and lateral solutions in its product range that also provide protection from prying eyes. Outdoor living is an ongoing trend, which is why awnings that protect outdoor spaces from the sun and wind are very much in demand. And that

Awnings with an individual touch

Living out your own personal style on patio and balcony too Of course they still exist: products "off the peg". But end consumers today are far more interested in purchasing a customised product. Whether you are talking about a fashionable sports shoe in your favourite colour, a new car featuring your preferred look or the awning of your choice designed to embellish both house and garden. In this respect, manufacturer markilux

An attractive lighting atmosphere for patios

Awnings from markilux are available with a wide range of LED systems Light ensures that you feel safe and comfortable on your patio, even at night. As well as being built into a wall or the surface of a patio, awnings are also well suited for being equipped with lighting. To this end, markilux offers a wide range of LED systems that encourage you to continue enjoying warm summer nights outside

A symphony of light on the patio

Awnings can create a pleasant atmosphere in the evening too A suitable lighting atmosphere on the patio gives you a feeling of safety and well-being. Dimmed light is wonderfully relaxing and sets the perfect mood for a convivial evening with family or friends. Brighter lighting conditions, on the other hand, are ideal for reading, while coloured light conjures up a special atmosphere. Setting the ideal tone The manufacturer markilux makes all this possible

Designer awning with winning quality

"MX-4" from markilux receives "Red Dot Design Award" The "MX-4" is the latest designer model from markilux. Not long on the market, the attractive cassette awning is already the proud winner of the "Red Dot Design Award" 2023. The award is one of the major international design competitions. The awning specialist has received this award, along with many other prizes, in the "Product Design" category a number of times. Products from markilux

Good design pays off

The "MX-4" from markilux receives "Red Dot Design Award" The "MX-4" is the latest designer model from markilux. Still new on the market, this attractive cassette awning is already the proud winner of the "Red Dot Design Award" 2023. This is a further acknowledgement for the awning specialist that has received the seal of quality, along with multiple other prizes and awards, several times already. Attractive, intelligent, smart: the perfect way to

Transparent, comprehensible and safe

The markilux service package for large-scale shading systems is in great demand With "team : project", markilux has supported its specialist dealers in large-scale shading system projects for a number of years. The awning manufacturer provides business customers with comprehensive advice and accompanies their projects from start to finish. Qualified specialist dealers oversee the installation of the projects on site in cooperation with clients and their architects, with the markilux measuring

Plain but pretty

Pergola awning impresses with its angular cassette Which design is more preferable: round or square? Presumably, there is no clear answer to this question. As both shapes have their devotees. And yet angles and corners seem to be "edging" a little ahead at the moment. At least in those awnings made by manufacturer markilux. Resulting in its angular model "pergola cubic" being very much in demand with customers. It suits nearly every

New family member off to a flying start

The "pergola cubic" from markilux is a real success with its angular design Although the "pergola cubic" from markilux only went on sale in the summer of 2022, it quickly found favour with its new angular cassette. An understated, simple cubic form is in demand, as it stylistically complements today's architecture and construction methods. As an angular version of the "pergola classic", it thus very quickly became established in the manufacturer's

Successful Combinations

Awning design that plays fantastically with colour Ten colour combinations for the top cassette profile and frame will be giving the design of the cassette awning "MX-2" by markilux even more individual charm from now on in the "colour" variant. A finely executed brushstroke adds the finishing touch to a painting. And the design of an awning can be emphasised even more with special effects as is the case with the cassette

An Accentuated Effect

The "MX-2 colour" highlights its design to good effect with the use of colour Its shape is filigree with pleasant curves. Its technology sophisticated. With ten new colour combinations for the top cassette profile and the frame, markilux now wants to emphasise the modern design of its "MX-2" even more in the "colour" version. As with a painting, which is given the finishing touch with a finely executed brushstroke, markilux knows how

Two-tone harmony of light and shape

The "MX-4" by markilux combines futuristic design with modern LED technology With the "MX-4" markilux remains true to its aim of developing product design that expresses itself fluently. Connected by simple, clean lines, the look of the new awning is somewhere between round and angular. Furthermore, with its modern LED technology, it opens up a new perspective on coloured lighting scenarios for the patio. Sophisticated design is a 'must' for every markilux

Weather protection - whatever the situation

Pergola awnings from markilux offer incredible diversity of design Outdoor dining areas are an important source of revenue in the hospitality business - providing the atmosphere they offer guests is inviting. In addition to the location and the interior, the decisive factor here is whether the restaurant has attractive protection against the sun and inclement weather. Pergola systems in particular are ideal for this. In this respect, awning manufacturer markilux offers

Magical Moments

Awnings bring a coloured interplay of light to the façade The "MX-4" is part of the markilux MX series. A series that focuses on a modern, timeless design for awnings. But this new model doesn't just want to sparkle with its look. It also wants to delight with a completely new world of light underneath the cover. A world of light that makes the cover and the wall of the house

From trendy to classic

New awning fabric collection offers vivid variety in a compact format A wide range is the common credo when it comes to fulfilling customers' wishes. But there is also another approach - as demonstrated by awning manufacturer markilux. The company's current cover fabric collection "collection one" is an exciting mix of trendy and classic patterns. And it is in a completely new, slim-line form that is gentle on the material. To date,

"collection one" - the new number one

markilux officially launches its new fabric collection 2023 The renewal of the markilux collection has always caused a few surprises over the years in terms of material and patterns. And this year is no different, because the new awning fabric collection "collection one" is more compact and up to date, with even more of an international focus. It combines classic styles with current trends and, furthermore, is more economical in its

The ability to rethink and act quickly is a necessity today.

The business year 2022 proved once more to be a very challenging one for markilux, a year in which flexible and strategically sensible corrections to the company's course were required. The corona virus has been with us for three years now. Moreover, the war in Ukraine has precipitated the current energy crisis and high inflation which has resulted in a significant cooling of the consumer climate in Germany. And naturally that

Expansion of the brand presence in southern England

markilux has moved into a larger showroom in London Following a refurbishment, markilux reopened its new London showroom at the end of October. The presentation and training venue is showing a diverse range of products on almost twice the space. Also on display - awning systems designed to shade large areas. The company wants to further strengthen its brand presence in the south of England with this unique display. markilux has been

Playfully buying an awning by app

Anyone wanting to buy an awning can now put their product individually together online using, for example, the Augmented Reality App by markilux. This app helps you see exactly what the solar protection system will look like when installed before you make your purchase. The Augmented Reality App from awning manufacturer markilux will guide end consumers to the awning of their dreams in an entertaining and inspiring way. The new version

No more relying on the weather

markilux has equipped an Australian winery with a large awning system The Brokenwood winery is in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, Australia. In October last year, the outside terrace of the estate was fitted with an awning system from manufacturer markilux. The newly designed open space can now be used for events and wine tastings whatever the weather. Over the past 50 years, Brokenwood, just over 165 kilometres north-west of

Marketing with a clever strategy

In recent years, markilux has developed its marketing systematically and with vision Making a brand known and giving it a positive image requires well-planned marketing. That is certainly the markilux strategy. For the awning specialist, this also includes supporting its specialist dealers in a variety of ways in sales and service. This strengthens the brand and at the same time promotes sales for the specialist dealers. "It is a challenge to convince

Popular fabric back in the range

"vuscreen Alu" will once again be part of the new markilux fabric collection After over a year's break, awning specialist markilux has decided to once again include the fabric "vuscreen Alu" in its portfolio of solar protection materials. The high demand from specialist dealers has convinced the company to offer a limited selection of patterns from early autumn. At the end of 2021, the fabric "vuscreen Alu" was withdrawn from the current

Restaurant terrace protected from the weather

markilux furnishes event location in Mannheim with an awning system The restaurant and café "bootshaus" in Mannheim has had its outside terrace covered with a large awning, the "pergola stretch" from markilux. This means the location now also offers an outdoor dining area protected from the vagaries of the weather. The "bootshaus" restaurant is situated next to the Luisenpark, very close to Mannheim's television tower, looking over the river Neckar. The restaurant

New location enhances brand visibility

markilux moves showroom in Australia Awning manufacturer markilux has been present in Australia with its own showroom for around 13 years. And now it has moved to a new address. It is still located in Brookvale, a suburb of Sydney. But at its new location, the brand is now more visible to end customers and the company expects this to lead to more growth. Along with its German flagship stores, markilux also

Old and modern come together

markilux equips vineyard in Styria with its "pergola stretch" Weinschmiede 18 is part of the Strauss vineyard in Gamlitz, around 50 kilometres south of Graz. A good three years ago, the owners converted the historical building into a new guest and wine-tasting location. This year, the outdoor terrace was furnished with a modern shading system from markilux to match its new exterior appearance. The system will make for a more pleasurable

Intelligent solar protection

Convenient control of awnings with smart-home technology Solar protection for balconies, patios and windows is a talking point every summer - especially in view of climate change which is bringing us unusually hot periods ever more frequently. Awnings that can be controlled automatically are particularly suitable when it comes to preventing interiors from heating up. And that is where markilux comes in: for this purpose the supplier offers many different models

Small-format chic awnings

Solar protection for small patios and balconies Lots of designer awnings are made for large outdoor spaces. But there are also some models that are specially designed to suit small ones. In addition to the special merits of awnings, they also have a stylish look. Today, patios and balconies with opulent dimensions encourage you to relax in an extravagant way. The matching designer awnings are also following suit and increasing in size.

A touch of colour can add a hint of spice

Appealing designs for gardens and patios Colours have a calming effect, give you energy and create a pleasant atmosphere. They can be used to design not only interiors, but also gardens, patios and balconies so we feel at home. With their large cover area, awnings in particular can add the colour accent you are looking for, from calm to stimulating. A room painted blue feels cooler than one painted red. Yellow makes

Attractive atmosphere under a large sky

Restaurant in the Netherlands now features a large shading system from markilux In the summer of 2020, the "Harbour Club" restaurant in The Hague decided to make part of its outdoor restaurant usable all year round by building a conservatory. The glass extension was covered with a large-scale awning system from the manufacturer markilux. Managing Director Pieter Smit is very satisfied after the first eighteen months because his guests have since

Made to last a small eternity

Awnings that are still bringing pleasure after years of active use Many products today have too short a life cycle. They attract customers because of their low price and are usually quickly discarded. And that ultimately costs more. More resources, more energy, more money. And that puts a strain on the planet. So if you want to protect the environment, you should make sure you buy long-lasting products. Awning manufacturer markilux,

Products with long life cycles

According to the manufacturer, awnings from markilux are made to last a small eternity markilux has always focused on quality for its awning systems. Every screw, every component consists of a top-quality material because the company wants the systems to work perfectly for years. This distinguishes them from many of today's products, the life cycles of which are getting shorter all the time. The company sees quality as meaning goods should

Solar and wet weather protection that works almost anywhere

The markilux "pergola" product range is extremely versatile The end consumer holds pergola awnings in high esteem as they create an outdoor space that has an airy Mediterranean flair. In recent years, manufacturer markilux has built up a particularly wide-ranging portfolio for this type of product. With this, a broad range of areas can be covered and many wishes with respect to individual requirements for sun and wet weather protection can

Graceful, multifaceted and resistant to the wind

Pergola awnings are smart quick-change artists Pergola awnings supported by posts are extremely popular because they bring with them a number of advantages. They are easy to install, versatile and resistant to the wind. They come in all sizes from small to large. And, depending on their features, they can also act as a universal weather protection system. The awning manufacturer markilux offers a wide range of products for this purpose. The

More attractive seating outside

markilux furnishes holiday centre in the "Wilder Kaiser" mountain range in Austria with awning system In the Austrian village of Kirchdorf in Tyrol, at the foot of The Wild Kaiser massif, the "Oberhabach" hotel and farm is the perfect place for a holiday. To offer guests the greatest comfort on the large outdoor terrace, the family who owns the property decided to have a new awning system installed. "They wanted a new

Design should be fun

markilux products speak a clear, modern design language It used to be that awnings were primarily a technical product that had a specific purpose to fulfil: they had to protect users from the sun. But over time, attraction, value and identification with form and colours also became increasingly important to those in search of an awning. This is why markilux awnings therefore have to correspond to the aesthetics of contemporary architecture

Design that suits the building

Awnings add a touch of modern chic to a building You're halfway to guaranteeing the perfect atmosphere with reliable sun protection in summer. Because it creates coolness where you want it when it's hot. Awnings in particular ensure moderate temperatures on a patio or balcony. Modern-style models are in particular demand, such as the design-award-winning products from manufacturer markilux. Good design doesn't just fall from the sky: there is a lot of

The best way to buy an awning

How to quickly find the right product You don't buy an awning every day. And because it's likely to be part of your house for a good number of years once purchased, it should fit in perfectly. So before you actually buy one, it's a good idea to think hard about what exactly you expect from your new solar protection product. Klaus Wuchner is Director of Sales and Marketing at German awning

Angular is trending!

pergola awning in popular cubic shape Some like it round, others prefer it craggy. And that's why the awning model "pergola classic" from manufacturer markilux is now available with a rectangular cassette. The new "pergola cubic" is particularly stunning on houses built in a modern architectural style. It is based on the new conservatory awning markilux 7800. Pergola systems are very much in demand when it comes to providing shade for large

Pergola classic now angular

The new "pergola cubic" from markilux is perfect for cubic architecture On the one hand, curved, organic shapes are increasingly popular in the world of living and furnishing. On the other hand, cubes and angles have also had their place in the world of design and architecture for years. According to markilux, there is also a great demand for awnings with an angular cover cassette, which emphasise cubic architectural style. In

Free-standing awnings are popular

The "pergola stretch" model from markilux is in tune with the times The "pergola stretch" from markilux has been on the market for a year now and has already exceeded the sales figures expected by the company. According to the manufacturer, the design award-winning awning model is extremely popular with both private and commercial end consumers, such as those in the hospitality industry. Awnings have grown in size in recent years as

The markilux MX-2 full cassette awning wins design award

The markilux MX-2 full cassette awning wins design award Its appearance is minimalistic. Its shape clear and svelte. We're talking about a cassette awning - the MX-2. The new model from manufacturer markilux was rewarded for its understated, elegant look with the "German Design Award" 2022. Before the MX-2 even hit the streets, the awning already had its first award in the bag: the "German Design Award" 2022. This award has been

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