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Popular fabric back in the range

"vuscreen Alu" will once again be part of the new markilux fabric collection After over a year's break, awning specialist markilux has decided to once again include the fabric "vuscreen Alu" in its portfolio of solar protection materials. The high demand from specialist dealers has convinced the company to offer a limited selection of patterns from early autumn. At the end of 2021, the fabric "vuscreen Alu" was withdrawn from the current

Restaurant terrace protected from the weather

markilux furnishes event location in Mannheim with an awning system The restaurant and café "bootshaus" in Mannheim has had its outside terrace covered with a large awning, the "pergola stretch" from markilux. This means the location now also offers an outdoor dining area protected from the vagaries of the weather. The "bootshaus" restaurant is situated next to the Luisenpark, very close to Mannheim's television tower, looking over the river Neckar. The restaurant

New location enhances brand visibility

markilux moves showroom in Australia Awning manufacturer markilux has been present in Australia with its own showroom for around 13 years. And now it has moved to a new address. It is still located in Brookvale, a suburb of Sydney. But at its new location, the brand is now more visible to end customers and the company expects this to lead to more growth. Along with its German flagship stores, markilux also

Old and modern come together

markilux equips vineyard in Styria with its "pergola stretch" Weinschmiede 18 is part of the Strauss vineyard in Gamlitz, around 50 kilometres south of Graz. A good three years ago, the owners converted the historical building into a new guest and wine-tasting location. This year, the outdoor terrace was furnished with a modern shading system from markilux to match its new exterior appearance. The system will make for a more pleasurable

Intelligent solar protection

Convenient control of awnings with smart-home technology Solar protection for balconies, patios and windows is a talking point every summer - especially in view of climate change which is bringing us unusually hot periods ever more frequently. Awnings that can be controlled automatically are particularly suitable when it comes to preventing interiors from heating up. And that is where markilux comes in: for this purpose the supplier offers many different models

Small-format chic awnings

Solar protection for small patios and balconies Lots of designer awnings are made for large outdoor spaces. But there are also some models that are specially designed to suit small ones. In addition to the special merits of awnings, they also have a stylish look. Today, patios and balconies with opulent dimensions encourage you to relax in an extravagant way. The matching designer awnings are also following suit and increasing in size.

A touch of colour can add a hint of spice

Appealing designs for gardens and patios Colours have a calming effect, give you energy and create a pleasant atmosphere. They can be used to design not only interiors, but also gardens, patios and balconies so we feel at home. With their large cover area, awnings in particular can add the colour accent you are looking for, from calm to stimulating. A room painted blue feels cooler than one painted red. Yellow makes

Attractive atmosphere under a large sky

Restaurant in the Netherlands now features a large shading system from markilux In the summer of 2020, the "Harbour Club" restaurant in The Hague decided to make part of its outdoor restaurant usable all year round by building a conservatory. The glass extension was covered with a large-scale awning system from the manufacturer markilux. Managing Director Pieter Smit is very satisfied after the first eighteen months because his guests have since

Made to last a small eternity

Awnings that are still bringing pleasure after years of active use Many products today have too short a life cycle. They attract customers because of their low price and are usually quickly discarded. And that ultimately costs more. More resources, more energy, more money. And that puts a strain on the planet. So if you want to protect the environment, you should make sure you buy long-lasting products. Awning manufacturer markilux,

Products with long life cycles

According to the manufacturer, awnings from markilux are made to last a small eternity markilux has always focused on quality for its awning systems. Every screw, every component consists of a top-quality material because the company wants the systems to work perfectly for years. This distinguishes them from many of today's products, the life cycles of which are getting shorter all the time. The company sees quality as meaning goods should

Solar and wet weather protection that works almost anywhere

The markilux "pergola" product range is extremely versatile The end consumer holds pergola awnings in high esteem as they create an outdoor space that has an airy Mediterranean flair. In recent years, manufacturer markilux has built up a particularly wide-ranging portfolio for this type of product. With this, a broad range of areas can be covered and many wishes with respect to individual requirements for sun and wet weather protection can

Graceful, multifaceted and resistant to the wind

Pergola awnings are smart quick-change artists Pergola awnings supported by posts are extremely popular because they bring with them a number of advantages. They are easy to install, versatile and resistant to the wind. They come in all sizes from small to large. And, depending on their features, they can also act as a universal weather protection system. The awning manufacturer markilux offers a wide range of products for this purpose. The

More attractive seating outside

markilux furnishes holiday centre in the "Wilder Kaiser" mountain range in Austria with awning system In the Austrian village of Kirchdorf in Tyrol, at the foot of The Wild Kaiser massif, the "Oberhabach" hotel and farm is the perfect place for a holiday. To offer guests the greatest comfort on the large outdoor terrace, the family who owns the property decided to have a new awning system installed. "They wanted a new

Design should be fun

markilux products speak a clear, modern design language It used to be that awnings were primarily a technical product that had a specific purpose to fulfil: they had to protect users from the sun. But over time, attraction, value and identification with form and colours also became increasingly important to those in search of an awning. This is why markilux awnings therefore have to correspond to the aesthetics of contemporary architecture

Design that suits the building

Awnings add a touch of modern chic to a building You're halfway to guaranteeing the perfect atmosphere with reliable sun protection in summer. Because it creates coolness where you want it when it's hot. Awnings in particular ensure moderate temperatures on a patio or balcony. Modern-style models are in particular demand, such as the design-award-winning products from manufacturer markilux. Good design doesn't just fall from the sky: there is a lot of

The best way to buy an awning

How to quickly find the right product You don't buy an awning every day. And because it's likely to be part of your house for a good number of years once purchased, it should fit in perfectly. So before you actually buy one, it's a good idea to think hard about what exactly you expect from your new solar protection product. Klaus Wuchner is Director of Sales and Marketing at German awning

Angular is trending!

pergola awning in popular cubic shape Some like it round, others prefer it craggy. And that's why the awning model "pergola classic" from manufacturer markilux is now available with a rectangular cassette. The new "pergola cubic" is particularly stunning on houses built in a modern architectural style. It is based on the new conservatory awning markilux 7800. Pergola systems are very much in demand when it comes to providing shade for large

Pergola classic now angular

The new "pergola cubic" from markilux is perfect for cubic architecture On the one hand, curved, organic shapes are increasingly popular in the world of living and furnishing. On the other hand, cubes and angles have also had their place in the world of design and architecture for years. According to markilux, there is also a great demand for awnings with an angular cover cassette, which emphasise cubic architectural style. In

Free-standing awnings are popular

The "pergola stretch" model from markilux is in tune with the times The "pergola stretch" from markilux has been on the market for a year now and has already exceeded the sales figures expected by the company. According to the manufacturer, the design award-winning awning model is extremely popular with both private and commercial end consumers, such as those in the hospitality industry. Awnings have grown in size in recent years as

The markilux MX-2 full cassette awning wins design award

The markilux MX-2 full cassette awning wins design award Its appearance is minimalistic. Its shape clear and svelte. We're talking about a cassette awning - the MX-2. The new model from manufacturer markilux was rewarded for its understated, elegant look with the "German Design Award" 2022. Before the MX-2 even hit the streets, the awning already had its first award in the bag: the "German Design Award" 2022. This award has been

An appealing shape

The markilux MX-2 full cassette awning wins design award Its appearance is minimalistic. Its shape clear and svelte. We're talking about a cassette awning - the MX-2. The new model from manufacturer markilux was rewarded for its understated, elegant look with the "German Design Award" 2022. Before the MX-2 even hit the streets, the awning already had its first award in the bag: the "German Design Award" 2022. This award has been

Wanted: harmonious overall look

markilux awning systems offer filigree sun and weather protection for public spaces Alongside its selection of awnings for domestic applications, markilux has been offering a special product range including a planning service for the project business for a number of years already. With this range of products, the awning specialist is now also helping hospitality businesses and shops to equip public spaces and shopping centres with attractive sun protection systems. Qualified

"High Five" anniversary colours

markilux celebrates 50 years of awning design Awning manufacturer markilux sees colour as an essential factor in exclusive design. Colour gives a product personality, whether as a striking detail or as an atmosphere-creating interplay of colours. For its 50th anniversary, the awning specialist has come up with a number of trendy special colours. Awnings have long since become a lifestyle product. Nowadays, some of them are just as chic as sophisticated designer

"High Five" colours ring in the anniversary year

Awnings from markilux available in five special colours in 2022 Awning expert markilux has come up with a special campaign for this year. To celebrate the company's 50th anniversary, the manufacturer is making its awnings available in five new frame colours at no extra charge. Since 1972, markilux has been making top-quality awnings that bear the label "Made in Germany". This year the company is celebrating its 50th anniversary. To celebrate the

A business year mastered with team spirit

High product demand called for absolute dedication from the staff at markilux in 2021 Awning manufacturer markilux is looking back on a successful year in 2021 because the manufacturer's products were once again in high demand. The company recorded an increase in turnover of around 17 million euros compared to the previous year in spite of the challenging situation in the market for raw materials and delays in the supply chain.

Awning design of the next generation

The MX awning family from markilux gets another addition with the MX-2 Design is the language of forms. It tells its very own story about what a product embodies. At markilux, it has been synonymous with modern living culture for years. With the current model, the MX- 2, the awning manufacturer has further refined this unmistakable objective. Good design is a sales argument, because it expresses the quality of a product and

Attach a masterpiece to your house

The cassette awning markilux MX-2 scores favourably with its clear design An elaborate design is a status symbol. It can be modern, classic, playful or individually creative. What is called for today is above all a design that conveys value and quality. An example of this is the new cassette awning MX-2 from manufacturer markilux. With its vivacious, flowing form, it lends lightness and an aesthetic look to your home. The first

So that production runs smoothly

markilux is continuously perfecting its work processes For many years, markilux has been finetuning the processes it employs in the company. And this means its ‘Continual Improvement Process’ (CIP). It is an important tool as it ensures greater efficiency and that the continually growing order volume can be handled. Look carefully at what works well and then see what can be done better. Awning manufacturer markilux has sensitised its employees to this,

Experiencing awnings in AR mode

The Augmented Reality App from markilux is now even more user-friendly markilux has brought its app up to date. On the one hand, this provides even better sales support for the awning specialist’s partners. On the other, it makes it very easy for an end consumer to select an awning for their own home in advance, as this tool allows awning models not only to be configured as desired, but also

Having fun buying an awning

The enjoyment of choosing solar protection with the AR App Anyone wanting to buy an awning can now put their product together online with the Augmented Reality App from markilux. This app helps you see just what the solar protection will look like when installed before you purchase it. The Augmented Reality App from awning manufacturer markilux will guide end consumer to the awning of their dreams in an entertaining and inspiring

Automation continues to make advances

markilux is developing a squaring table to simplify certain work processes The markilux technical cover making department has, to a large extent, already been automated. And this development is being extended to even more workplaces. Soon, a new squaring table in the factory will undergo a testing phase. It is supposed to make cutting the awning covers to size more efficient and further simplify this work process. Machine-controlled processes in industry are

So that production runs smoothly

markilux is continuously perfecting its work processes For many years, markilux has been finetuning the processes it employs in the company. And this means its ‘Continual Improvement Process’ (CIP). It is an important tool as it ensures greater efficiency and that the continually growing order volume can be handled. Look carefully at what works well and then see what can be done better. Awning manufacturer markilux has sensitised its employees to this,

The easy way to buy an awning

The easy way to buy an awning markilux has contrived to make its website even more customer friendly Staying in the flow, developing things further - for awning specialist markilux, these are things that form a solid part of its business strategy. This meant that after three years, it was time to launch an updated and modernised version of its website. The goal: the end consumer should be able to find their

Success at home and abroad

The markilux brand has established itself in its international core markets markilux has not only expanded its market in German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), but has also continuously developed its international business in recent years. Today the company cooperates with around 300 specialist dealers in a large number of countries. The core markets of France, Great Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands and Italy are, however, particularly important for sales. The awning

With a view of the ‘Berlin Wall’

markilux has embellished ‘Hotel Schulz’ with a solar protection system So, markilux has planned and realised solar shading for yet another hotel project. ‘Hotel Schulz’, situated in the centre of Berlin. has been provided with a generously proportioned pergola awning system. Since then, the outdoor terrace has been fulfilling the function of extended breakfast room. If needed, the the system can be completely closed in using vertical roller blinds. ‘Hotel Schulz’ is

Success across the whole range

The folding-arm cassette awning MX-3 by markilux has met the taste of the end consumer The MX-3 has been on the market since 2019 . The company had invested many years of development into the product. So expectations were correspondingly high as to how the awning would score with the end consumer. This seems to have borne fruit as after the first two years the MX-3 is in the process of

All-round versatility

Free-standing awnings turn your favourite spot in the garden into a holiday resort Today, gardens and terraces serve as multifunctional outdoor areas. They are places to relax, exercise and pursue one's hobbies. This is also where the family meets to spend time together. And, over the last few months, quite a few people have even set up their workplace here when the weather was good. A particularly versatile solar protection system

Time out under a ‘Pergola Heaven’

Awning family lends garden and patio a homely touch Those who wish to be able to use their patio or garden all year round should give some thought to acquiring a good sun and wet weather protection system. The markilux range of pergolas puts no less than three options at your disposal already. And a wide range of accessories guarantees you can enjoy many cosy hours under your awning roof. For many,

Study Indicates a Growing Presence

The new Corporate Design has made markilux even more well known At the beginning of last year, markilux introduced its own fresh new logo. It is meant to be a reflection of a modern, successful company. A target group analysis by the Sinus Institute was commissioned at the end of 2020 and showed a marked increase in brand presence since 2016. A year ago, markilux's Corporate Design was given a facelift. Last

For a successful season

markilux equips golf clubs with large-scale awning systems Today, outdoor sports are very popular. Golf is also gaining more and more followers and is now considered a popular sport where you can work up a good sweat in the summer. And that is why, after their round of golf, players enjoy relaxing on the clubhouse patio or terrace of the club restaurant, protected from the heat, wind and rain. Manufacturer markilux

Third prize in a row

The ‘pergola stretch’ awning by markilux has received the ‘German Innovation Award’ 2021 The new large-format ‘pergola stretch’ by markilux can rejoice in being awarded yet another prize. The ‘German Innovation Award’ was recently conferred on it by the German Design Council in Frankfurt am Main in the competition class ‘Excellence in Business to Business - Building & Elements’ in the category ‘Winner’. The raison d'être of new products is that they

A very special milestone

The 1.5 millionth awning has left the markilux factory In 1972, markilux sold its first 500 ready-made awnings. Recently the company produced its 1.5 millionth awning. This special number exemplifies the strong transformation of the brand and its products over almost five decades. A symbolic markilux awning recently set off on its journey to Hamburg. It is the 1.5 millionth to have left the factory. “The model was an MX-3, which embodies

Cooler Look

The folding-arm awning ‘MX-1 compact’ stylishly embellishes a house The ‘MX-1 compact’ makes a great impression with its futuristic design, large dimensions and many technical refinements. New LED downlights in the housing emphasise its sleek appearance. As does the front styling profile which can be backlit to make it a real eyecatcher. Those who have a penchant for a modern, luxurious living style will embrace this awning with open arms. The ‘MX-1

The best of both

The ‘MX-1’ and ‘MX-1 compact’ by markilux become one The ‘MX-1’ and the ‘MX-1 compact’ are - according to their manufacturer markilux - awnings of a superlative order. Their futuristic design, their size and their many technological highlights have been impressing customers for five years already, especially those who are enthusiastic about architecture and modern product design. But now the two models are to meld into one. The reason being: the

Timeless designer pieces

1.5 million awnings made so far Developing awnings that defy wind and weather and bring glamour to houses with modern chic is something that has to be learned. And this is exactly what awning expert markilux is committed to. According to the manufacturer, almost 50 years of tinkering plus a wealth of know-how have gone into its products. Just recently, the 1.5 millionth awning left the factory - an MX-3 , a

At the heart of Manhattan

markilux with a showroom in the New York Design Center The head office of markilux in North America has been located in downtown New York since autumn 2019. Last summer, the awning specialist put the finishing touches to its first showroom there in the New York Design Center on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. The location is ideal for the company because the Center is home to a number of top-class brands

Digital Trade Fair Receives Positive Evaluation

Participation in the ‘R+T digital’ was a clear success for markilux In February markilux presented its product innovations for 2021 at the four-day ‘R+T digital’ Trade Fair. The company was able to draw a positive balance with regard to the fair. Interest for the new products and innovations proved to be large and it was very professionally organised. Nevertheless, one is still looking forward to the next ‘Physical R+T’ and to

A Gold Award

The ‘pergola stretch’ by markilux has been awarded the Innovation Prize at the ‘R+T digital’ trade fair The ‘pergola model’ developed by awning expert markilux was able to impress with its size and sophisticated technology during the nomination of the innovation prize 2021 at the International Trade Fair ‘R+T digital’. For example, the unique toothed drive belt of this awning with folding awning cover has made it possible to build impressive

A challenging year

markilux with an increase in turnover despite the corona virus pandemic The coronavirus turned the world upside down in 2020. Companies had to completely reorganise their work processes from one moment to the next. And markilux was no exception. The awning manufacturer transformed its production, introduced mobile, digital working for its employees and mobilised end consumers via a 'social distancing campaign'. According to markilux, it was a tour de force, but

New LED light system for awnings

LED Line ensures a cosy atmosphere in the evening Awnings are not only used to provide protection from the sun. They also offer homely comfort in the evening, as the awning cover retains the residual heat of the day for longer. And that means you can spend hours outside, whether in a private garden or on an outside terrace at a hotel or restaurant. Warm, accentuated lighting, a feature of many

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