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Press Releases from BITSAA - BITS Pilani Alumni Association (35 total)

BITS Pilani Alumni Association BITSAA Jaipur Gifts Oxygen Concentrators to Birla …

The aim of the Institution of Excellence in India today Birla Institute of Technology and Science BITS Pilani Alumni Association, BITSAA Jaipur Chapter is to stay connected with all the Proud to be BITSian Alumni from Jaipur as well as nearby cities which include Ajmer, Kota, Bhilwara Udaipur, Jodhpur Bikaner etc and contribute to the larger task of nation building not only at.normal but also pandemic times. The idea of establishing

BITS Pilani Alumni 74-79 Batch Beat COVID Doom with a Music Nite on Zoom

Institution of Excellence in India today Birla Institute of Technology and Science - BITS Pilani (74-79) Classmates had their "First Global Virtual Music Nite" on 31-January-2021, Sunday (7 PM to 9 Pm India Time). This was a grand success with a total of 60 passion packed Classmates who met over Zoom. They represented several Countries across various latitudes and longitudes spread over several Continents. BITS had been in news

Passion Peaking BITS Pilani Alumni 74-79 Batch Zoom on Gala Global Reunion

Institution of Excellence in India today Birla Institute of Technology and Science - BITS Pilani (74-79) Classmates had their "First Global Virtual Reunion" on 24-January-2021, Sunday (9 to 11 AM/India Time). This was a grand success with a total of 80 Classmates who met over Zoom. They represented 11 Countries (India, UAE, USA, UK, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Erbil and Myanmar) from 4 Continents (North America, Europe, Asia

School for Migrant Workers Children DiyaGhar Mission with Passion by BITS Pilani …

Human Rights Day is observed every year on 10 December - the day the United Nations General Assembly adopted, in 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - UDHR. Millions of people who are earning their living, or are looking for paid employment, are not nationals of the State where they reside. Migrant workers often have no protection or safety and are vulnerable to discrimination, poverty, and social and cultural

BITSAA International 88 Batch Initiative Raises Million INR for COVID-19 BITS Pi …

Proud to be BITSians who are alumni of various campuses as well as off campuses of institution of eminence in India today Birla Institute of Technology and Science popularly known as BITS Pilani are indeed dreamers performers and achievers. Each one of them firmly believe that when a Mission is taken up with passion, there are no dreams too large, no innovation unimaginable and no frontiers beyond reach. When the

On International Youth Day Proud to be BITSian Prince Singhal BITS Pilani alumnu …

Youth are a transformative force; they are creative, resourceful and enthusiastic agents of change both in public squares and cyberspace. The development of the country is in the hands of youth who can shape its future. If the energy of youth is channelized in right direction, the progress of country in various fields can gain momentum, and youth can become prosperous. Youth can undoubtedly be change makers in thrust

BITS Pilani Alumnus Kaveri Renganathan CEO (Retd) HAL Bangalore Complex Visits A …

He takes immense pride in having played a stellar role in LCA Tejas Production including their induction into service and for bringing in Public- Private Partnership as well as setting up of additional line for accelerated production of LCA programme and for steering the Mirage and Jaguar series upgradation programme. Skilled in Aerospace Manufacturing, Sourcing, Vendor Development, Customer Service and Strategic Planning, he is one among the highly experienced and respected

BITS Pilani Alumnus Dr Kanak Madrecha from Dubai gifts his Alma mater INR Half a …

A Person's world is only as big as his Heart and there is no doubt that it is not he who has much is rich but he who gives much. Based in Dubai, Dr Kanak Madrecha, Principal Consultant / Managing Director (Dr Kanak Madrecha & Associates FZ LLE) and President (Global Development, Supply Chain & Logistics Group/SCLG) is a world class leader and professional in business excellence and supply chain

Yadon ki Barat - Down the Memory Lane at Ruby Jubilee Reunion 74-79 Batch Alumni …

Members of every major religion undertake pilgrimages and for the alumni of Birla Institute of Technology and Science - BITS Pilani which is one among the top ranking universities in India today visiting their alma mater years after their graduation, is undoubtedly a pilgrimage. For each one of them, Pilani is just not a destination where one arrives but rather the spirit with which one undertakes and continues the journey.

BITS Pilani Sankara Nethralaya Collaborative Optometry Alumnus Dr Rashima Asokan …

She has wide ranging research interests in the domain of Optometry- Glaucoma, Occupational Optometry and Optometric Education. She takes active interests in rubrics implementation across all departments of Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai. Dr Rashima Asokan obtained all three of her academic degrees through the Birla Institute of Technology and Science - BITS Pilani -Elite School of Optometry Sankara Nethralaya Collaborative Programmes: BS (2005), MPhil (2009) and PhD (2017) in

Proud to be BITSian Notable Tamil Writer GB Chathurbhujan Baskar S Ayer hits Sha …

Several alumni of BITS have made their names as writers like Dilip D’Souza, Shashi Warrier, Vikram Sampath, Utkarsh Rai, ND Badrinath, Rashmi Datt, etal. Not many have ventured into writing in regional languages like Tamil. Although Bhaskar has always studied in English medium even at school level (Sainik School, Amaravathi Nagar, TN), his natural love for his mother tongue Tamil and his innate talent for expressing himself in both

BITS Pilani 88 Batch Raise Alma mater Altitude with INR 1.5 Crores Endowment for …

The BITS Pilani Alumni Association BITSAA International takes great pride to announce a whopping INR 1.5 Crores ($200,000) endowment to their Alma mater Institution of Eminence featuring in QS / THE World University rankings Birla Institute of Technology and Science - Pilani Campus that will support student success across disciplines by the scheme the ‘Spirit of BITS1988 Scholarship’. The corpus money is expected to yield INR 10lakhs annually which will

First Indian Recipient American Academy of Optometry Diplomate Proud to be BITSi …

She is an alumnus of world renowned Chennai Based Medical Research Foundation Sankara Nethralaya Elite School of Optometry ESO Birla Institute of Technology and Science – BITS Pilani collaborative BS Optometry (2000 – 2004), MPhil Optometry (2007 – 2009) and PhD program which had set the benchmark in Optometry education for over two decades in India yesterday. Dr Jameel Rizwana Hussaindeen heads the Binocular Vision / Vision Therapy clinic at

Bindaas BITSians Enthral BITS Pilani Alumni Association BITSAA Ahmedabad Chapter

It has always been said that music which is indeed the food of soul is also the language of feeling and of passion, as words are the language of reason. Music has a profound impact on our mind and bodies as it is fun, relaxing, motivating and energizing The aim of the BITSAA Ahmedabad Chapter is to stay connected with all the BITSian Alumni from Ahmedabad & nearby cities (Baroda,

Passion Packed Bindaas BITSians Conquer Maharashtra Cultural Capital Pune Societ …

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent and the genesis as well as progress of Bindaas BITSians will vouch for the fact that in Music Passions indeed enjoy themselves. The Birla Institute of Technology and Science ( BITS ), Pilani Rajasthan has always provided over decades through a host of clubs clubs - Music, Hindi Drama, English Drama etc and all

Worldwide BITS Pilani Alumni Mourn Sad Demise of Prof K Gopalan

Prof K Gopalan comes in for a heart-felt recognition, unstinting praise and accolades by all his students from BITS Pilani. Prof Gopalan graduated in Civil Engineering from Bangalore University in 1951. After a stint of 5 years with Tamilnadu government, he joined Birla Engineering College Pilani in 1956 as Lecturer in the Civil Engineering Department. A gifted teacher, he taught the then most sought-for Civil Engineering courses. In 1961, he

A Priceless Book Thoughts of Spiritual Wisdom authored by Prof V Krishnamurthy E …

One who opens any page of this book of 365 Thoughts of Spiritual Wisdom is bound to drift into a cornucopia of various voices from towering scholars of spirituality across the globe speaking from personal experience. It is known that Information is just bits of data while knowledge is putting them together and wisdom is transcending them. When Prof Krishnamurthy puts it together and transcends, then it becomes very special. Prof.

Antarctic Odyssey of Alumnus BITS Pilani Proud to be BITSian Divya Nawale - BITS …

Some of the greatest stories of modern exploration are those of attempts to reach the White Continent which in summer is roughly half of the size of the United States and in winter when the useable area expands due to snow and ice, the continent can be more than double in size. It is an incredible journey that few have had the privilege to experience. To quote the Guardian “The

A Milestone in Global Alumni Movements - BITSAA International names Sandhya Prak …

Irrespective of whatever degree they did at Pilani, wherever they came from and whatever their life journey had taken them to, there was one thing all Proud to be BITSians share in common and that is passion for the alma mater. A talent bundle and ace at multi tasking, Ms Sandhya Prakash who did her MMS Master of Management Studies during 1987 - 1991 from Birla Institute of Technology and Science

Tripshire: one stop shop for personalised search options to book adventure exper …

Both Adventure sports and entrepreneurship bring you face-to-face with your biggest fears and nudge you to overcome them and Proud BITS Pilani alumni Rohan Verma and Zenith Karri continue the journey with their combo mission with passion venture tripshire. Pursuing adventure sports beyond name, fame and thrills also teaches patience, preparedness, human relations, hands on approach, introspection, leadership etc. While youth of India today has lot of avid travelers and backpackers

BITS Pilani Distinguished Alumnus Award 2017 conferred on Patents Galore Sunil N …

Sunil’s expertise and areas of interest include Computer Architecture & Multiprocessors, Computer Graphics, Operating Systems & Compilers, VLSI CAD and Project Management. He has three decades of experience in VLSI Technology in all three areas of Research, Development and Management. He graduated with a BE (Hons) Electronics from Birla Institute of Technology and Science - BITS Pilani (1975-1980) followed by MS-Computer Engineering from University of Iowa (1980-1982). Besides VLSI Design, Sunil

BITS Pilani alumni Celebrate Teachers Day by conferring First Prof SSR memorial …

Na Guror-adhikam tattvam, na Guror-adhikam tapah, Tattva gyanat - param nasti tasmai Shri Gurave Namah The meaning of the above Shloka is “There is no higher truth than the Guru, no higher penance than service to the Guru, and there is nothing higher than Realization of the Knowledge of the truth imparted by the Guru. My salutations to such a Gurudev, who is himself that very timeless truth (and who has

GoogleNow for Sales - Relatas the new age Relationship Sales AI product

Relatas is AI that helps professionals maintain relationships and sell better. With a stellar constellation of advisors including former COO Salesforce, former Sr Director Oracle and Former VP Sales Infosys they form a formidable team. Relatas is a Mission with Passion startup by Proud to be BITSian Sudip Dutta who graduated from one among the top in World ranking BITS Pilani which has produced some of the country’s most successful and

BITS Pilani Clock Tower does a Break on Through Decades of Sound of Silence

Belling the Cat is Proverb but Belling the one among top in world ranking Birla Institute of Technology and Science - BITS Pilani Clock Tower is indeed an Interdisciplinary Mission with Passion for the students and alumni. Visible from miles and miles around, the BITS Pilani Clock Tower is as synonymous with Pilani, as the Harvard Yard and the King’s College Chapel are with their respective institutes. The clock tower

BITSync 2016 The first pan-American BITSian Conference indeed a Stellar Constell …

BITS Pilani Alumni Association Silicon Valley Chapter BITSAA SV brought together a whole range of dreamers performers and achievers around the world to discuss Industry trends, Entrepreneurship, building Indo American companies and much more. Every BITSian in Silicon Valley takes pride in acknowledging the fact that a successful entrepreneur needs to acquire Information Skills, Problem Solving Skills, Decision Making Skills, Communication Skills apart from Ability for Time, Stress as well as

BITS Pilani Alumni Peak with Passion Quotient for Alma mater

Notable alumni initiatives for Alma mater BITS Pilani include Guru Dakshina program by 70-75 batch to honour former faculty members, Kris Ramachandran Faculty Excellence award, Prof Venkateswaran Faculty Excellence award by Karthik Krishna, Atma Nirbara multi crore Pilani Resource Centre by 75-80 batch alumni and many more. To peak it all on Teachers Day 5 Sep 2016, BITS Alumni announced a SSR Memorial Teaching Excellence Award. A teacher affects eternity and

BITS Pilani alumni pay homage on Teachers Day to late prof SS Ranganathan with m …

A teacher affects eternity and one can never tell where the influence stops. Prof SS Ranganathan (1940 – 2015) popularly known as SSR who taught at BITS Pilani was an epitome of teaching excellence who demonstrated an outstanding commitment and contribution to his students and colleagues. Prof SSR was faculty at BITS Pilani campus as well as Chennai off campus for 15 years. Even though he endured his fight against

World Press Freedom Salute to OpenPR from Pilani Rajasthan India today

Press freedom is considered to be a cornerstone of human rights and a guarantee of other freedoms. No one may be able to change the latitude and longitude of a place but media can definitely change the altitude of the place. World Press Freedom Day was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1991 as a day "to celebrate the fundamental principles of press freedom; to evaluate press freedom around

MindTree COO Partha is Proud to be an alumnus of BITS Pilani Rajasthan

He draws his inspiration from Swami Vivekananda quote “We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves. If what we are now has been the result of our own past actions, it certainly follows that whatever we wish to be in future can be produced by our present actions; so we have to know how to act.” One

SourcePilani Rajasthan India caters to Healthcare USA

Urmila Maan, a 25 year old housewife from a village close to Pilani, Rajasthan begins her day at 5 am and attends to her household chores. By 8 am however, she is in pursuit of bigger dreams and works for SourcePilani – a rural business process outsourcing unit in Pilani. The Urmila Maans and the 40 other rural folk who work at SourcePilani are now the new faces of the

Proud to be BITSians from Deloitte visit BITS Pilani Rajasthan

Members of every major religion undertake pilgrimages and for the alumni of BITS Pilani which is one among the top ranking universities in India today, visiting their alma mater years after their graduation, is indeed a pilgrimage and a mission with passion. Sundhar Sekhar who is presently a Principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP Harrisburg Pennsylvania USA chose from his hectic schedule, March 23-24, 2008 to visit his alma mater Birla Institute

Curtain Raiser on Water Resources International Convention Oct 23-26, 2008 at BI …

BITS Pilani has a well established Center for Desert Development Technologies (CDDT) and Rain Water Harvesting which are in operation for the past several years. The Institute has also been collaborating with international organizations like Ben Gurion University Negev Israel’s Jacob Blaustein Institute for Desert Research (BIDR) and Rajasthan Association of North America (RANA) for various aspects of water resources development and management. Water is a basic requirement for all life,

Proud to be an alumnus of BITS Pilani Rajasthan Atul Bhatnagar CEO IXIA

To be a leader in a company who is a Leader in IP Performance Testing, he firmly believes in the quote \"if change is an inevitable challenge, then innovation is the response and knowledge is the weapon\". With experience in the communications and computing industry spanning over two decades, Atul has been the Vice President of Products at DiVitas Networks a developer of enterprise network solutions that provide voice and data

BITSians take the Go Green Road for combo Washing Machine Exerciser

The driving force for this team comes from the Bo Bennett quote “Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.” Market is flooded with combos of the itunes-ipod, HDTV-Digital Frame and the good old two in ones, three in ones etc to cater to the high end of the consumer segment and its high time to care for the huge middle class segment in urban areas and rural

NASA Exceptional Service Medal winner Kanna Rajan visits BITS Pilani Rajasthan

Kanna Rajan is presently Principal Researcher for Autonomy at Monterey Bay aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), California USA. Prior to that Kanna was a Senior Research Scientist and a member of the management team of the Autonomous Systems and Robotics at NASA Ames Research Center. Kanna chose from his hectic schedule, March 5, 2008 to visit his alma mater BITS Pilani Rajasthan where he was a student during 1980-1985 and obtained his

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