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Arthroscopy for Temporomandibular Disorders By Prof. Dr. Luis Gavin, King's Coll …

Professor Dr. Luis Gavin – a leading international Speaker, Consultant Physician and Maxillofacial Surgeon – offers a new treatment concept for tinnitus, TMJ, Jaw pain, locking jaw, clicking jaw and temporomandibular joint disorders. Attempts in the last decade to develop TMJ open surgical treatments based on MRI and CAT scans now receive less attention. Temporomandibular joint TMJ Arthroscopy, allows Prof. Dr. Luis Gavin, to see inside your mouth jaw joint

LOFI PRINCE BELAIR also known as Francesco D’Agosta


Influencer and Social Media Marketer Maaleak Wilbur Opens up on His Journey From …

Ever since the marketing world shifted to the digital landscape, people have been utilizing their knowledge of both platforms to build careers. Millennials have particularly thrived, bringing their social media expertise to launch their career. Maaleak Wilbur is part of the new wave of marketers, quickly establishing his name through his collaboration with influencers and internet celebrities. At the young age of twenty-years-old, Maaleak Wilbur has already established his brand on

Music Producer To Create New Music For Upcoming Season of Hit Show

Donald XL Robertson is a multi-platinum and gold RIAA certified producer, who is pleased to announce he was chosen to be apart of the David Makes Man (Season 2) official playlist curated by Rashida Watler for OWN Network. The show has some big hitters in the television industry, the Executive Producers are Tarrell Alvin McCraney, Dee Harris-Lawrance, Michael B. Jordon and of course, Oprah herself. David Makes Man Season 2 (

Swedish artists KEVZOR, Klave & Psytech drop their new collaborative single "Con …

KEVZOR, Klave & Psytech are releasing their first collaboration together with the single "Control", a fast-paced song that may well be the start of a new sound combining EDM with modern melodic rap. “The track was made over Zoom, due to the ongoing pandemic and travel restrictions we had to make the best out of the situation, I really think we succeeded with that. It’s the first time I try going

Mobeen Mian of #FOCUSEDDD- Millennial Startups To Watch

Mobeen Mian is an analytics ambassador, investor, and graduate student who currently runs the multimedia news brand, #Focuseddd. Mian founded and currently runs an international multimedia firm, #Focuseddd, that focuses on branding, and producing startup projects for artists, entrepreneurs, and small businesses while capturing motivating stories and interviews on them through social media marketing, photography, videography, and customized clothing for small and large businesses. He is a graduate with a

Dallas Open Mic Organizer, Charlie Rihoo, Talks Growth of The Weekly Showcase An …

What’s better than consistency? The Dallas Open Mic is an event is open to artists, poets, and speakers, who all come across the nation and showcase their talent given within their performance slot. Guess what the best part is? It is every Tuesday. No matter what! The Green Elephant Event Space, 5627 Dyer St, in the heart of Dallas, has some of the most active music scenes. For each week,

Healing happens on Planet Nooky -

Planet Nooky was established in 2020 under exquisite Mercy. The mission of Planet Nooky is to create a New space where we can heal in a fun, explorative way, so those of us who have experienced trauma can heal in a new and refreshing way. Amercia Morris Has Done it again with the immense success of her first Self-Published novella Planet Nooky “an extraordinary story” critics have described Planet Nooky as

Mobeen Mian - Millennial Startups

Mobeen Mian is an analytics ambassador, investor, and graduate student who currently runs a multimedia brand. He is a brand consultant who specializes in social media marketing, photography, videography, and customized clothing for small and large businesses. Mian founded and currently runs an international multimedia firm, #Focuseddd, that focuses on branding, and producing startup projects for artists, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. The brand has done projects in North America, Europe,

James Fisher Jr Talks About The Future of Health and Wellness In 2021 with #Focu …

Certified exercise Physiologist, personal trainer, and author based out of Dallas, TX aims to make a statement with his current and future projects. More can say entrepreneur, others say business expert, Fisher Jr, has been the CEO and founder for Mission Fit Fitness, which is his business that focuses on how to access fitness, nutrition and wellness education via at their place of employment or even home digitally. “I am

Meet Mobeen Mian, The Founder of #Focuseddd, Who Runs a multimedia brand, and Is …

“Mobeen Mian, tell us your story – what got you into #Focuseddd, and why? “I always been about creativity. From being a competitive boxer, a full-time student, to starting my own brand, I realized life also had a lot of ups and downs, and we just got to keep going. I had to find creative ways to stay consistent, and doing so, kept me positive thinking about the long

Entrepreneur, Mobeen Mian, believes his brand, #FOCUSEDDD , improved just with c …

Sharing other people stories on social media. Ever tried that? It has been a difficult year for everyone mostly. During the lockdowns and certain restrictions, social media has become the go-to-spot for most entrepreneurs, business owners, and just everyone in general trying to pass time. Especially for entrepreneur, Mobeen Mian, the founder/CEO of multimedia brand, #Focuseddd. Branding is important in today’s constantly changing world, and many people struggle to

Opening up with Mobeen Mian, the founder of multi-media brand, #Focuseddd

We know that people are trying hard to break social norms and do something they are passionate about, and Mobeen Mian is doing the same. He is a graduate of the University of North Texas and holds a business administration degree. Mobeen Mian recently completed his master’s in organizational leadership in strategic innovation, and Mobeen has launched #FOCUSEDDD, his own media production line. In the interview, when asked about what

#Focuseddd interviews K Frazier, aspiring artist, and character for the upcoming …

From a small country town by the name of Gilbert, Texas, ambitious artist, K Frazier, now resides in Downtown Dallas, where he hopes to make an impact with his music. Multimedia brand #Focuseddd, interviews K Frazier ahead of his consistent work. K Frazier breaks down his introduction with promising memories from being an MC, to a DJ, to now consistently promoting his music on each platform looking to make a

#Focuseddd Collaborates with The Dallas Open Mic! They Want to Capture Your Stor …

Dallas Resident, Charlie Rihoo, organizer of the Dallas Open Mic, holds a showcase every Tuesday at the Green Elephant Event Space, 5627 Dyer St in Dallas, Texas. The event is open to artists, poets, and speakers who all come and showcase their talent given within their time frame, and each week gets 150-200+ people in crowd. With that every week, founder of #Focuseddd, Mobeen Mian, and his team, collaborate with

How entrepreneur, Mobeen Mian, thinks collaboration changed his brand, Focuseddd

From a simple idea to a movement now flourishing on social media, Mobeen Mian thinks collaboration is the key to growing any start up brand or small business. Aspiring to do the same, he is a graduate with a business administration degree, and while he was in college completing his four year degree, Mian launched his own media production line, #FOCUSEDDD. Looking at the spectrum across small businesses and start-ups, we

Exclusive Interview with Mobeen Mian

Today we’d like to introduce you to Mobeen Mian. It’s an honor to speak with you today. Why don’t you give us some details about you and your story. How did you get to where you are today? First off, I want to thank the media outlets for giving me the opportunity to speak about my line of work and endeavors. As a graduate from The University of North Texas with a

Actress Cherry Fu Won The Award For Best Female Actress At Tagore International …

January 24, 2020; New York - Actress Cherry Fu from the United States was adjudged the ‘Best Female Actress’ at the Tagore International Film Festival held in 2020. She won the award for the film ‘The Formerly Session.’ Actress Cherry Fu is an internationally renowned Asian-American actress who has worked in many movies. She was born in Queens, New York. Cherry Fu speaks both English and Mandarin fluently. But, she is

World’s Most Expensive Photo — I Met Jesus 5 Times This Year and He Named My …

One of the most powerful forces in all of society and, indeed, the entire world is the power of giving. It’s not only the act one does for others but the effect it has. If 2020 taught us anything, it is that the power of connection and community is more important in our lives than we ever imagined and it is more critical now than ever before. It is evident that

Nesha Deshaun Has Made A Slash With Her New Record

The song titled ‘Happy For You’ features a heartfelt story that moves everyone. January 04, 2021: The most upcoming artist and the recently signed SonyAtl/SCJ songwriter and independent singer Nesha Deshaun has released her new record titled ‘Happy For You’ in December, during the Christmas celebration, on all major platforms. Telling a heartfelt story the record created a huge sensation among music lovers. Only a few songs have received such

PaceMKR Delivers Infectious Hybrid Trap/Dubstep Hit

'King of the Monsters' PaceMKR ( ) releases "King of the Monsters," his newest hybrid trap single set to mesmerize listeners from the press of play. The melodic, bass-heavy production is filled with elements that will take anyone on a musical journey. The infectious synths with the hard-hitting kick will have listeners wanting more from this talented artist. Through "King of the Monsters," PaceMKR showcases his talent and versatility as

Tattini Boots are Setting a New Standard in English Riding Boots

Established in Spoleto Italy in 1860, Tattini Boots ( ) have transitioned their Italian English Riding Boot provision to the United States for the first time. With a warehouse located in central Illinois, Tall Boots and Paddock Boots alike are available to retailers and consumers with next day delivery. This marks a new era in which Italian Riding Boots are more easily accessible than ever before. Tattini ancestors here

INTRODUCING EZ POWER – World first 27000 mAh power bank with integrated access …

EzPower is here to make it easy to keep your devices at full power, whatever they are, wherever you are. EzPower is getting ready to make the flashing red low battery sign a thing of the past. Get ready for something you have never seen before: · Charges up to 5 devices at once · Works for every device you can think

Ramiah Is A Multidimensional Artist Shaping The Music Industry

Today’s music is boring. It is monotonous in the sense that a majority of art created is devoid of true meaning, color and substance. Sex, money and drugs. That is the foundation our youth’s ear candy is built on. Once upon a time, music had life and meaning. It was a time where the music fed our souls and revived our spirits. While there may seem as if there isn’t

Covidopoly19 Continues to Sweep the Nation in Its First Month

CategoryTen’s New pandemic-themed board game, Covidopoly, continues to receive rave reviews across the nation in its first month of release December 14, 2020 - Wilton, Connecticut - A new board game, Covidopoly19, is sweeping the nation in its first month and is becoming one of the hottest 2020 holiday gifts. The idea arose while a family was ensconced at home during the pandemic, having gone through many Netflix shows, card games,

JG Educate Introduces Innovation Warriors™ To Develop 5 Stress-Free Exam Prepa …

Jacqui Gold is the Founder and CEO of JG Educate ( ). She formed the educational platform after becoming an experienced teacher in High School and witnessing first-hand the weaknesses inherent in the existing system. There is an increasing problem of young people not applying themselves to the exam preparation process as there is no real connection to the future and life as they see it. Indeed, life can

MouyeGang Music Inc - Artist Management 2020

There are thousands of services out there catered to music artists to do the following: - Promote to a larger audience and grow numbers. - Advise the artist how to be successful for the long term. - Make money producing music for the rest of their lives. - Get a record deal. And much more. But what happens when a musician gets stuck in the traps of predatory individuals seeking to profit off of their hard

Online Seafood Marketplace Dok To Door Announces Partnership With Family Owned C …

CHARLESTON — Dok To Door ( ), an online seafood marketplace that helps local fisherman sell high-quality seafood to customers around the country, announced today it has partnered with seafood vendor Chipman’s Wharf, a family owned seafood business from Milbridge, Maine. Founded in 2004, Chipman’s Wharf, owned and operated by brothers Chris and Jason Chipman, will sell and distribute its seafood on Dok To Door’s marketplace — offering customers seafood

In House Tasting launches ‘Rule of Six’ for the gin-loving Christmas bubble …

The perfect gift has arrived to lift the spirits this Christmas, for gin-loving Brits and their bubbled-up buds, with a bumper ‘Rule of Six’ gin tasting experience that caters for six to fourteen people. Even friends who are bubbled-out of the physical festivities can join the party virtually with Zoom, by screen sharing the tasting video while enjoying a standard-sized kit. In House Tasting provides beer, spirit and wine tasting gifts,

Dr Bharat Agravat Is An innovative Dentopreneur Whose Enterprise Smile In Hour® …

Smile in Hour® Offering the best-in-class top functional Dental Equipment, Products, Oral Rehabilitation Services in Dental Clinic! (DECEMBER 05, 2020): Smile in Hour® is an innovation-driven Oral care company come up with dentists and health care professionals. This facility aims to enable the true prospect of the Dental Care Industry through high quality, best-in-class functional dental care, and reha-bilitation. The company has invented a revolutionary forerunner product “EndoDeck™” and “DentoImplaDeck™”. This

INAI Launches Artificial Intelligence Educational Program for Small and Medium B …

Providers of full business automation solution, INAI, announces the launch of an educational program to give businesses access to powerful AI-Driven instruments for business automation INAI is not stopping in their pursuit of ensuring that as many people and businesses as possible enjoy the immense benefits of Artificial Intelligence Digitalization and acceleration. The company recently launched an educational program for small and medium businesses and is making it available free for


The oral beauty startup aims to launch its advanced home teeth whitening solution in Indonesia by January 2021. November 30, 2020, Jakarta - Getglow ( ) plans to launch their home teeth whitening kit that is clinically proven to whitens teeth in just seven days. With its combination of high-end whitening serum and the latest dual LED technology, the kit brings an optimal result for its users. Under the belief

Advanced Do-It-Yourself Mouth Opening Kit For Osmf Treatment At Home!

An innovative Medical Kit is introduced for treatment of Dental Patients at home! Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India – 27th November 2020: People addicted to the habit of chew-ing Pan Masala, Gutka, Betel Nut with Tobacco and Smoking are prone to oral diseases such as Oral Submucous Fibrosis. They need to go to the Dental Specialists frequently, for treatment with so many hassles. Here is Good News coming to them from the Manufacturers

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