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Formwork and scaffolding from one source for Berlin´s City Palace

Sep 1, 2015 - "Humboldt Forum" City Palace, Berlin For the reconstruction of Berlin´s City Palace, PERI supplied cost-effective formwork and scaffolding solutions from one source. In addition to providing large quantities of wall, column and slab formwork with fast shuttering and moving times as well as flexibly used scaffolding materials, the on-site support provided by the PERI engineers ensured that all requirements could be fulfilled along with maintaining the tight

Construction time optimisation through comprehensive working safety and crane-in …

Aug 3, 2015 - International Towers Sydney ITS, Barangaroo South, Sydney, Australia The new LPS climbing protection panel from PERI provides comprehensive working safety and saves valuable crane time thanks to the mobile climbing hydraulics. This has accelerated construction progress on the International Towers Sydney complex on Australia's east coast. With the ambitious Barangaroo Redevelopment Project, Sydney's city centre is being redefined in a westward direction. On the 22-hectare former container port

System-based project solution saves time and money

July 1, 2014 - Capitol Hill Station, Seattle, USA The formwork and scaffolding solution provided for the construction of the new subway station in Seattle was the result of competent engineering and a project-specific construction kit system. In addition to the widest possible use of rentable PERI system components, the optimized construction method in particular ensured significant time and cost savings. The length of Seattle´s metropolitan railway system (Light Rail) is currently

Formwork in every shape and dimension – even faster with the new CNC system

June 16, 2014 - Visions of architects take shape with PERI Planned, formed, concreted – it is actually hard to believe that this procedure could ever function trouble-free in some cases of present-day abstract concrete structures. In its pursuit of uniqueness, architecture is becoming more and more ambitious. Parallel to this, the requirements of construction companies are likewise increasing. PERI, however, is keeping pace with this trend: with individual formwork solutions,

Test of strength for PERI formwork and scaffolding

June 3, 2014 - Stanari Thermal Power Station, Doboj, Bosnia-Herzegovina he Energy Financing Team (EFT) is currently constructing the Stanari coal powered power plant near Doboj. For this project, the contractors have been tasked to realize a particularly large scale, massive structure whilst, at the same time, complying with small dimensional tolerances. PERI supplies two of the building contractors involved with a customized formwork and scaffolding solution. In addition to the

Customized formwork and scaffolding solution from one source

Aug 5, 2013 | Nordhavnsvej Tunnel, Copenhagen, Denmark Around 620 m of the extensive Nordhavnsvej infrastructure project runs underground. The twin-tubed, rectangular tunnel is being realized using the cut-and-cover method – the walls with Trio panelized formwork in advance followed by the slab formed with the Variokit tunnel formwork carriage. With the customized project solution, the construction team has achieved a three week cycle for the 25 m long concreting sections. The

First mobile apps from PERI now available

07.06.2013 - Digital solutions with added value At bauma 2013, PERI presented a number of new digital innovations which included the launch of the PERI handbook as an application for mobile devices. In addition, the company unveiled applications for determining the concreting speed as well as a configurator for the MULTIFLEX slab formwork designed for use on smart phones and tablets. For many years now, the PERI handbook has been serving

Accelerated and safe construction with system components

16.11.2012 - De Rotterdam, Netherlands: The Rotterdam-based architect, Rem Koolhaas, has given his high-rise ensemble a huge "jolt" – and as a result has placed high demands on the construction work. Therefore, the supporting structure concept for realizing the cantilevers at a height of 86 m is an essential part of the comprehensive PERI overall solution. De Rotterdam will be the largest building in the Netherlands – situated in the immediate vicinity

A sustainable construction – realised with unique formwork elements

2012-05-07 Desert Learning Centre, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates An architectural technically sophisticated construction is currently being built in Al Ain – the Desert Learning Centre. For the realisation of this freely-accessible walk-in sculpture, PERI developed a formwork solution using special elements based on proven products. The constant change in curvature and inclination of the components meant that 3D formwork planning was required which was the only way to ensure that

Elegant arched bridge spanning the Elbe

January 9, 2012 - Waldschloesschen Bridge, Dresden, Germany Below the Waldschloesschen area of the Elbe Valley in Dresden, a road bridge is currently being realised that will connect the eastern and southern districts of the city with areas in the north. PERI has planned and is supplying the formwork for the superstructure of the steel composite bridge, and won over the construction site team with an easy-to-use and, above all, cost-effective

Milan "forest" gains two metres in height every week

December 19, 2011 - Bosco Verticale, Milan, Italy The irregular-positioned cantilevered, massive reinforced concrete balconies of the Milan office and residential building "Il Bosco Verticale" are planted with numerous trees and shrubs. With the help of the PERI formwork and scaffolding solution, the floors can be realised with extremely fast concreting cycle sequences in spite of the uniqueness of the architecture. Environmental and climate protection are now firmly entrenched in the

Tight construction schedule for realisation of modern business centre

02/11/2011 | Ocean Plaza Business Centre, Kiev, Ukraine With a comprehensive formwork and scaffolding solution, PERI´s Ukrainian engineers are supporting an ambitious building project in downtown Kiev. In order to ensure that work is completed in time for the start of the European Football Championship in July 2012, an extremely tight schedule for the structural work has to be maintained. Not only the most appropriate system equipment with optimal material requirements

Parapet construction of 130 m per week across the Danube

07.10.2011 | Bridge over the Danube near Beška, Serbia The VARIOKIT engineering construction kit from the Weissenhorn-based formwork and scaffolding manufacturer, PERI, offers cost-effective solutions to meet a wide range of requirements in bridge, tunnel and civil engineering projects. When it comes to the construction or refurbishment of parapets, three versions are available ensuring efficient realization of all parapets on the basis of project-related rentable system components. One variant is the

Formwork, Scaffolding and Engineering for huge power plant construction

07.09.2011 | Refuse Derived Heating and Power Station, Spreerecycling GmbH & Co. KG, Spremberg, Germany Massive components with a high degree of reinforcement and weight as well as large heights – these are the challenges facing the construction team for the realisation of a new power station in the Schwarze Pumpe Industrial Park in Spremberg (Germany). For this, PERI planned and supplied a comprehensive formwork and scaffolding solution. The combined use

Filigree reinforced concrete net shapes and supports office tower

August 3, 2011 | Prosta Tower, Warsaw, Poland Situated in the Warsaw city centre, the Prosta Tower features a very striking concrete and glass facade complete with a superb architectural concrete finish. With the help of a comprehensive formwork and scaffolding solution designed to match the high requirements, the construction team required only 11 months for the structural work. The downtown area of the Polish capital of Warsaw has a new

The new PROKIT Safety System EP 110

May 18, 2011 | The KACO new energy GmbH in Neckarsulm, producer of photovoltaic inverters, is currently extending its manufacturing capacities. For the construction of the reinforced concrete shell, Brackenheim-based building contractor Amos GmbH is using the new, rapidly assembled PROKIT safety system from PERI for temporary edge protection. Due to the very low number of components, PROKIT EP 110 can be installed extremely quickly. The new building includes a

PERI teamwork forms the construction project of the century

04.05.2011 | Lock installations Panama Canal, Panama The expansion of the Panama Canal is the largest construction site in the world and up to the completion in 2014, will cost around five billion US dollars. Centrepieces of this monumental project are the two enormous lock installations at the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. For their realisation, PERI is planning and supplying the formwork and scaffolding systems. With an order value of 24

Formwork and scaffolding from one source for problem-free construction progress

May 2, 2011 | Parco della Musica e della Cultura, Florence, Italy The complicated architecture of the new cultural complex calls for an optimal balance between the formwork and scaffolding to be used. In addition, the building contractor requires large quantities of materials due to the extremely tight construction period. PERI planned a cost-effective solution and supplies the system equipment on a just-in-time basis from the on-site rental park. Through the

Bridge building with system: VARIOKIT heavy-duty shoring tower as falsework

April 4, 2011 | Motorway bridge over the Rio Sordo, Vila Real, Portugal The new VARIOKIT heavy-duty shoring tower is currently being used as falsework for the building of a motorway bridge across the Rio Sordo – an impressive 30 m high and with leg loads of up to 600 kN. Through the use of rentable system components taken from the VARIOKIT engineering construction kit, PERI was able to develop a

Stadium constructions for World Cup made possible by German - South African form …

01. June 2010 | Soccer stadiums for the 2010 World Cup, South Africa Beginning on 11 June, nine South African cities will be the venues for the 2010 FIFA World Cup – on 11 July after 64 matches, the new world champion will be crowned. However, German-South African participation has already taken place in the preceding months: this is because four stadiums in Durban, Cape Town, Nelspruit and Bloemfontein – with

Construction Exercise awards for future building experts

16. November 2009 | Final round of the PERI Construction Exercise 2009 Having made the most convincing case to the jury of specialists, Maximilian Sedlmair, from the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, was named winner of the seventh, international PERI Construction Exercise 2008/2009. In the final round of the competition, which took place at the beginning of November in the PERI training centre in Weissenhorn, the five best teams presented

In weekly cycles: apartment walls and slabs in fair-faced concrete quality

06. November 2009 | MaxHaus Morumbi, São Paulo, Brazil GRIDFLEX, the aluminium grid slab formwork system from PERI, once again showed its numerous advantages during its initial use in Brazil. Within a very short period of time, it has been possible to construct the floor slabs of the "MaxHaus Morumbi" residential complex with even, ready-to-be-painted ceiling surfaces. Modern living in a rectangular form In São Paulo´s Morumbi district, 128 modern apartments are currently

Short construction period and high level of safety

02. Oktober 2009 | Czajka sewage plant, Warsaw, Poland The large-scale sewage treatment plant Czajka, situated to the north-east of Warsaw, is scheduled to be finished in December 2010 – and this after only a two-year construction period. With a cleaning capacity of almost 450,000 cubic metres per day, designed for the equivalent of two million inhabitants, it will be the largest waste-water facility in Poland. Together with the Warbud construction

BBI passenger terminal in position after only one year

September 2009 | Airport Berlin Brandenburg International BBI, Berlin, Germany The BBI airport is one of the largest traffic infrastructure projects under construction in Germany as well as currently being the biggest airport development project in Europe. BAM Deutschland AG is responsible for the structural work of the passenger terminal with a scheduled construction period limited to only twelve months. PERI was commissioned by the contractors to plan and supply the

Formed and scaffolded with system - PERI competence for an arched bridge

August 2009 | Oparno Motorway Bridge, Czech Republic The 258-metre long motorway bridge spans the Oparno Valley which is located in the Bohemian area of the Czech Republic. For environmental reasons, the planners decided in favour of the challenging task of constructing a 13-field arched bridge. The reinforced concrete arch has a span of 135 metres and straddles the valley without any bridge piers and transfers the loads in the form

Elegant sculpture in flexible shoring

July 2009 - Edificio Ágora, Valencia, Spain - In his hometown of Valencia, the Spanish star architect Santiago Calatrava has realized the ”Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias”. With the Edificio Ágora, the complex is currently being extended with a multi-function centre. At present, a gigantic PERI UP Rosett construction has been erected in the almost 70-metre high interior with a volume of around 141,000 cubic metres. The

Competent engineering and logistical services at Frankfurt Airport

Airrail Center, Frankfurt on the Main June 2006 - The former roof of the long-distance railway station at Frankfurt airport – a 660-metre long and 65-metre wide platform – forms the base area for a nine-storey extension with over 150,000 square metres of floor space. During construction, contractor Ed. ZÜBLIN AG is faced with complicated boundary conditions and meeting a set of tough requirements. PERI is supporting the contractor with a

Self-climbing technology and large slab tables minimise crane times

May 2009, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore - The South-East Asian city-state of Singapore – an internationally renowned financial centre and, with its very busy port, one of the largest and most modern freight handling centres in the world – is now also striving to become a top tourist destination. With its ambitious Marina Bay Sands™ project, the U.S.-based Las Vegas Sands Corporation, is currently developing a gigantic complex complete with

New landmark with panoramic view

Avala is the mountain overlooking the city of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, and stands at 511 metres above sea level. In 1965, a 200-metre high TV tower was erected at the top of the mountain and featured a unique architectural style. At the end of 2006, reconstruction of the Avala Tower commenced having been totally destroyed during the Kosovo war. PERI developed a formwork and a scaffolding solution which

Cost-effective forming and shoring of bridges with PERI modular systems

Motorway Bridge D1, Považská Bystrica, Slovakia For the construction of the 767-metre long motorway bridge in the area of the "Centrum“ D1 motorway junction, PERI´s Slovakian engineers developed a formwork and scaffolding solution which perfectly suited the on-site requirements. This resulted from the fact that PERI provides one-source formwork, scaffold and engineering services whereby the bridge formwork and falsework were optimally matched. In addition, this means that integrated, load-optimized system solutions

Customised and safe: four pylons formed in weekly cycles without a crane

Golden Ears Bridge, Vancouver, Canada At intervals of 242 metres each, four bridge pylons grew steadily up to heights of 86 metres with the help of PERI ACS self-climbing technology. With a length of 970 metres, this cable-stayed bridge crosses the Fraser River and is the core element of the around 13-kilometre long six-lane highway project located near the Canadian west coast. The Golden Ears Bridge has been designed as a

Albertinum Central Depository, Dresden, Germany - PERI UP provides solution for …

The Albertinum, a historical public museum and archive in the centre of Dresden is currently having a two-storey, spacious roof installed over the inner courtyard. This will eventually feature workshops and a central depository for valuable works of art. At the same time, the construction – designed by Berlin-based architect, Volker Staab, and described as an “elevated Noah´s Ark” – manages to create a generously-sized facility which can be used

Highest architectural concrete requirements for columns and walls cost-effective …

Toulouse-Blagnac Airport, France With six million passengers annually, Toulouse-Blagnac in southern France is the country´s fourth biggest airport – the headquarters of the European Airbus Group is also based here. In Toulouse, the end assembly of the new A380 wide-bodied aircraft is carried out which took off on its maiden flight from Toulouse-Blagnac in April 2005. Due to the increase in the number of passengers, the airport operator is investing around 200

Multi-Storey Car Park 3, Nuremburg Airport, Germany

Spiral ramps with complicated structure formed accurately and cost-effectively With around four million passengers each year, Nuremburg airport is ranked number ten on the list of German airports. The number of passengers has risen continuously over the past few years which has made the construction of a new multi-storey car park necessary. Development of the P3 is scheduled to be completed in autumn 2007 and a total of 2,150 parking spaces

PERI at bauma 2007, Munich - Safer and faster from cycle to cycle

Always in close proximity to the customers and their requirements – a fact impressively demonstrated by PERI at the bauma 2007 in Munich. From 23rd to 29th April, construction industry specialists were treated to a wealth of information at the PERI stand: through intensive discussions with PERI sales engineers, tours of the exhibits and numerous live demonstrations which distinctly highlighted the assembly and safety advantages of the PERI products. On

bauma 2007, Munich: Innovative tunnel and bridge construction: PERI VARIOKIT

VARIOKIT is a civil engineering construction kit with standardized individual components. This increases utilization rates of the parts and reduces on-site material requirements. VARIOKIT is used in • Tunnel construction, as a supporting structure for formwork carriages, using the cut-and-cover method • Bridge building, for example: - as cantilevered parapet carriage with optimized width of influence - as brackets for steel composite structures. With the VARIOKIT civil engineering construction kit, different constructions can be

The European Court of Justice, Luxembourg – Formwork and protection panel clim …

High safety requirements cost-effectively fulfilled The European Court of Justice is the judicial branch of the European Union and is based in Luxembourg. Since 1973, a number of extension measures have had to be carried out. In the fourth and most extensive development section - which became necessary due to the admission of new EU member states from Eastern Europe - another 50,000 m² of office space has to be created.

Capella Hotel Sentosa Island, Singapore

Efficient forming of reinforced concrete slabs Clear increase in productivity with PERI SKYDECK Sentosa Island, on the south coast of Singapore, has increasingly become an important tourist attraction over the past few years for the south-east Asian city state. The former military basis has been transformed into a sub-tropical picture book landscape – a major undertaking resulting in numerous attractions, beaches and exclusive hotel facilities. Internationally renowned architect, Sir Norman Foster, was

Siekierkowska Road Junction, Warsaw, Poland

PERI superstructure formwork for reinforced concrete bridge - Fast moving procedure saves time and costs A city of two extremes: on the one hand, the old part of Polish capital, Warsaw, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site whilst at the same time it is considered as the largest construction site in Europe. Here, countless shopping centres and office highrises are currently being developed. Naturally, this means the infrastructure has

LNG liquid gas tanks, Cameron, USA

80-metre diameter climbed in 2-week cycles / Liquid gas tanks with PERI VARIO and CB climbing scaffold In the US Federal State of Louisiana, three enormous circular containers - each with a 77.50 m internal diameter and a 43.80 m high wall - are currently being constructed simultaneously. These so-called LNG tanks will eventually be used for the storage of liquid gas. In the bottom third, the wall cross-section tapers externally

Mercedes-Benz Center in Milan, Italy

Rentable standard elements as special formwork for high quality and safety in the realisation Construction of the largest southern European Mercedes Benz sales centre in Milan will be completed after only a 21-month building period. For the concrete frame work, only twelve months have been allotted to the experienced Züblin construction team. In autumn 2007, the building complex will be officially handed over to the car manufacturer ready for occupancy. The ground

City Tunnel Malmö, Sweden

Cost-effective combination PERI formwork carriage construction and rentable system parts The Oresund connection between Sweden and Denmark, a combination comprising both bridge and tunnel structures, was officially opened in July 2000. As a result, the cities of Malmö and Copenhagen were brought much closer together through this road and rail development. With the new Malmö city tunnel, the rail connection should be accelerated even further. The key element of the 9 billion

Cuatro Torres Highrise, Madrid, Spain

Reaching for the sky: PERI ACS self-climbing formwork fulfils a wide range of requirements in weekly cycles With the so-called \"Cuatro Torres”, currently under construction in the Spanish capital, Madrid, a superbly designed multi-storey complex is quickly taking shape. The development includes the Torre Espacio, the Torre de Cristal and the Torre Repsol. Apart from setting new records for Spanish building heights – Madrid\'s Barajas Airport had to modify its

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