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Profiles in Philanthropy Goes Green

While "Frontline" and other investigative TV shows are questioning whether there is global warming, the TV show "Profiles in Philanthropy" is promoting going green with a vengeance. The TV show "Profiles in Philanthropy" hosted by Dr. Leigh-Davis, introduces viewers to how they can help communities and others less fortunate than themselves. A slight twist is taking place on the newest episode, in that "Profiles in Philanthropy" is introducing viewers to how

Confidence Magazine is Back with Lindsay Lohan and More

This weekend, Dr. Leigh-Davis unveiled the new and improved "Confidence Magazine" with Lindsay Lohan on the cover. There has been much anticipation for the return of "Confidence Magazine," which was put on hold amidst ownership changes and a fight for control of the helm. Following the delay, a new editorial staff and mission statement was unveiled. New editor-in-chief Dr. Leigh-Davis weighed in, “‘Confidence Magazine’ continues to be the magazine for ‘men

Dr. Leigh-Davis Wants to Bring Back Rock and Music Before iTunes

Dr. Leigh-Davis’ documentary feature film, “Suicide Pro,” just came out on DVD, but without haste, she is rushing to complete filming on the documentary “Let’s Rock,” with some really big names. Long before iTunes, there were musical artists that paved the way, and are the inspiration, for many of the singers kids are downloading on iTunes. Even though it took a long time to make The Rock and Roll Hall of

Dr. Leigh-Davis Joins Buddhist Monks in Blessing Truly Blessed Jewelry

Starting at $4.99, Truly Blessed Jewelry & Dr. Leigh-Davis want everyone to feel like a million dollars ($1,000,000.00,) for less than 1 week’s worth of coffee; all with the blessings of Buddhist Monks. Since its recent acquiring by a multimedia conglomerate, Truly Blessed Jewelry has grown exponentially. With this growth comes new innovations and products; one of the innovations being the naming of a spokesperson, and not just any spokesperson. Truly

Dr. Leigh-Davis Votes Scott Disick for the Nobel Prize

“The Real Deal” radio show, hosted by Dr. Leigh-Davis, continues its special Reality TV series, with an upcoming episode on the future of Reality TV as we know it, and a digression on Scott Disick’s role in the Kardashian family. Although “The Real Deal, hosted by Dr. Leigh-Davis” radio show, is known for its in depth exposés on people like Christopher Hitchens, and its music shows; by popular demand, a series

Dr. Leigh-Davis Plans a Video Short on Why the Socratic Method Doesn’t Work

Only weeks after blasting the current university teaching methods, and also, for the sixth year in a row, successfully predicting the NBA Finals teams, Dr. Leigh-Davis is besieged by educators challenging her teaching criticisms. Leaving a viewing party for the NBA Finals, Dr. Leigh-Davis announced, “The only other time I have had so many people contact me with such strong opinions, is when I spoke on immigration.” After complaining last week

Dr. Leigh-Davis’ Very, Very Educational Guest Appearance is Now Syndicated on …

Dr. Leigh-Davis inadvertently gives a lesson in law and the media, during her appearance on the television show "Media MashUp.” The episode of the TV show “Media MashUp” with featured guest Dr. Leigh-Davis is now airing in syndication all over the internet. Although some may find it lengthy, mundane, and similar to the television series of Charlie Rose; “Dr. Leigh-Davis gives a lesson in law and the media that is a

Law Professor Dr. Leigh-Davis is Formulating Her Own Teaching Model

Dr. Leigh-Davis is open to online education, but she wants the focus to be on better professors, as she explores new teaching opportunities. Recently, Dr. Leigh-Davis became a proponent of online postsecondary education. Now, Dr. Leigh-Davis has started a campaign to raise the standards of all college professors, whether online or in the lecture hall. “I was not only disappointed, but also, I was in shock when I sat in on

Confidence Magazine & Dr. Leigh-Davis to Focus on Classics Cars and Fast Autos

Dr. Leigh-Davis explains why Confidence Magazine’s coverage of the Salon Privé will mark a turning point. Confidence Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Dr. Leigh-Davis, has long been obsessed with all automobiles, but it wasn’t until she filmed the Concours d'Elegance car show for a friend who was out of the country, that people kept asking for more. Dr. Leigh-Davis reminisced, “As a teenager, I was a tomboy, and when all the other girls had

Dr. Leigh-Davis is Now a Proponent of Online Education

Having only dabbled in the online education market, law professor Dr. Leigh-Davis was skeptical, but now she is aiding in the development of an online education platform. Having recently returned from a lecture series in London, England, Dr. Leigh-Davis was exploring all types of teaching opportunities. Although regularly giving general lectures, Dr. Leigh-Davis’ forte is as a graduate school professor with her areas of expertise being anthropology and law. Among other

“Make Love, Not War” by Dr. Leigh-Davis is Now Available in Paperback

Now in paperback, Dr. Leigh-Davis’ book of quotes from the 1960s can be found on Amazon. “Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody's watching,” from Satchel Paige, is just one of the thought provoking quotes you will find in “Make Love, Not War: Collected Quotes from 1960s Musicians, Writers, and Politicians,” by Dr. Leigh-Davis. In addition to quotes, there are memorable photos,

iTunes Hosts the Very Popular Final Episode on Amy Winehouse, of the Radio Show, …

Those who listened, danced the night away to Amy Winehouse & others, as Dr. Leigh-Davis’ music filled final radio episode of “The Legal Analyst” aired. While the TV version of “The Legal Analyst is Dr. Leigh-Davis” has new episodes airing regularly; the radio version of “The Legal Analyst is Dr. Leigh-Davis” has come to a conclusion. Yesterday, publicist Jane Daniels said, “Dr. Leigh-Davis wishes to thank you for making

Dr. Leigh-Davis Narrates the Audiobook of “The Greatest Salesman in the World, …

It’s a new year; now it is time to start your new life, and Dr. Leigh-Davis wants to help, by bringing music, excitement, and a step-by-step guide to you, in her narration of the audiobook “The Greatest Salesman in the World.” “The Greatest Salesman in the World” is a book that has sold more than 15 million copies, making it one of the most sold books ever. However, its audiobook

TV Host, Dr. Leigh-Davis, is Named Spokesperson for Rock Star * PR

TV host, Dr. Leigh-Davis, has added another role to her repertoire; as she is now the spokesperson of the premier division of Daniels|Ross Public Relations: Rock Star * PR. The holidays are over and Dr. Leigh-Davis is excited to get back to work, with a new set of endeavors. While she continues to be a full-time law professor and broadcast journalist, Dr. Leigh-Davis will be appearing in advertisements for Rock

Legal Analyst, Dr. Leigh-Davis, Postpones Amy Winehouse to Hear from Mitch & the …

Now, law professor & legal analyst Dr. Leigh-Davis, will have a more in depth grand finale show, (which will be featured on iTunes,) when she discusses the untimely deaths of rock stars and the estates they leave behind. On the final episode of The Legal Analyst radio version, on Amy Winehouse; Mitch Winehouse & Blake Fielder-Civil will be featured. Also, the television version of The Legal Analyst gets

Airing on iTunes: Legal Analyst, Dr. Leigh-Davis, Will Feature Shows on Michael …

The ongoing Michael Jackson trial and the untimely death of Amy Winehouse, makes it apropos for law professor Dr. Leigh-Davis, to give an entertaining and in depth legal analysis of music, rock stars, and more … On Wednesday, October 26th, 2011, Dr. Leigh-Davis will bid adieu to her radio show “The Legal Analyst.” However, the television show “The Legal Analyst” has no plans of ending any time soon. Dr.

Dr. Leigh-Davis Hosts Rock Star * PR’s Emmys Week Party

The internet day and age makes flat rate PR a priceless resource, and Dr. Leigh-Davis welcomes Rock Star * PR as the preeminent flat rate public relations service. Dr. Leigh-Davis, a former entertainment attorney in the music industry, and current host of the television show “Profiles in Philanthropy,” hosted the launch party for ROCK STAR * PR yesterday. “The parent company of Rock Star, has been my publicist for

Dr. Leigh-Davis Talks Brits; Ladies; & Blue-Eyed Soul

Dr. Leigh-Davis can’t wait for the release of her 90 minute Ken Burn’s style documentary on blue-eyed soul. Dr. Leigh-Davis, a former entertainment attorney in the music industry, has been longing to establish herself as a documentary filmmaker, and now has something in development. In conjunction with the production company Creative Endeavors, Dr. Leigh-Davis is slated to produce a documentary on blue-eyed soul. “Music is my passion, and I

Dr. Leigh-Davis Brings More Music to Philanthropy, on iTunes

New episodes of Profiles in Philanthropy are available on iTunes, and they are filled with music, music, music… Now that iTunes is broadcasting Dr. Leigh-Davis’ television show “Profiles in Philanthropy,” Dr. Leigh-Davis is focusing more on her favorite subjects: music; sports; and more music. “Profiles in Philanthropy” has been regularly airing on Blip TV, but the new deal with iTunes has brought a new younger audience. Accordingly, the show

Dr. Leigh-Davis Wears Many Hats, but is Looking Forward to Taking the Helm at Co …

In addition to being a law professor and hosting a weekly radio show, Dr. Leigh-Davis is to be editor-in-chief of Confidence Magazine. “As a law professor, I am always researching and writing, so it is really just a continuation of what I do best,” responded Dr. Leigh-Davis to questions about her being named editor-in-chief of the revamped Confidence Magazine. In fact, Dr. Leigh-Davis was the former editor-in-chief of Malibu Magazine,

Dr. Leigh-Davis, Radio Host & Law Professor, Stands Up for Mark Twain’s Words

On a recent episode of the radio show “The Real Deal,” host Dr. Leigh-Davis digressed in to a diatribe on the changing of Mark Twain’s words, in the literary classic “Huckleberry Finn,” which she referred to as “tragic.” Now available on iTunes, the episode of “The Real Deal” entitled “Books>N.Y. Times Best Sellers list–Is there a lower standard for books today?,” recently aired live. The discussion on books, led to

TV Host, Dr. Leigh-Davis, Introduces New Instructional Videos on Law; Algebra & …

TV host, Dr. Leigh-Davis, has a series of books and videos coming out, entitled “Dr. Leigh-Davis explains…,” which will explain everything from contract law and algebra, to how to edit video. There are already the websites “5min” and “Howcast,” now Dr. Leigh-Davis is explaining how to do anything her viewers want. Dr. Leigh-Davis and Creative Endeavors are launching a series of books; videos; and digital files to provide instruction; information; and

Dr. Leigh-Davis Expands Her Cookbook, “Cooking for the King”

Television personality, and well-known legal analyst, Dr. Leigh-Davis, wants to help women enhance their cooking skills. “I love to cook! On Sunday I cook and bake all day long,” exclaimed Dr. Leigh-Davis, when asked about women of today not knowing their way around a kitchen. On MAY 1st ! ! ! Dr. Leigh-Davis’ book, “Cooking for the King; A businesswoman’s guide to cooking for the man of the

Dr. Leigh-Davis' iTunes Music Mix CD, Given for Free to Londoners, is Now Availa …

Previously, only Londoners could get a gratis copy of the audio CDs comprised of mixed music compilations from iTunes. Now, Dr. Leigh-Davis and Confidence Magazine are offering it to the world via Amazon. In celebration of a UK expansion; recently, Confidence Magazine, in partnership with Dr. Leigh-Davis, gave away audio CDs comprised of mixed music compilations from iTunes. Only a select group of Londoners were lucky enough to receive these free

Law Professor, Dr. Leigh-Davis’, Television Show to Focus More on History, and …

After television host & law professor, Dr. Leigh-Davis, was repeatedly told her history trivia was a favorite, her television show changed its focus and a spinoff is in the works. Dr. Leigh-Davis’ television show “Profiles in Philanthropy” is currently airing in syndication. What pleasantly surprised Dr. Leigh-Davis, was viewers’ positive response to the segment “On This Very Week,” where Dr. Leigh-Davis tells viewers about major events in history. “Actually, ‘On

“The Real Deal,” Hosted by Dr. Leigh-Davis, is Now on iTunes, Cinch, and Mor …

Europeans and the United Kingdom will now have more options to listen to Dr. Leigh-Davis’ popular radio show, “The Real Deal.” Dr. Leigh-Davis is proud to welcome iTunes and Cinch, to the network of broadcasters airing “The Real Deal,” in syndication. Dr. Leigh-Davis hosts and is executive producer of the current event/entertainment radio show “The Real Deal,” which airs worldwide. Although “The Real Deal” is primarily produced in the United States, the

Television Personality, Dr. Leigh-Davis, Will Discuss the Phenom Kim Kardashian …

Dr. Leigh-Davis was shocked, when she met Kim Kardashian in London, England; to see paparazzi continued their stalking of the reality star, even across the pond. Law professor & TV personality, Dr. Leigh-Davis, was recently in London, England, where she met Kim Kardashian. Dr. Leigh-Davis commented, “I think she [Kim Kardashian] is the first reality star I have ever met. I do not watch reality TV and the fact

Popular Legal Analyst, Dr. Leigh-Davis, Adopts the Position of Refusing to Comme …

Media personality, Dr. Leigh-Davis, takes a controversial position when it comes to race and gender issues. Dr. Leigh-Davis is a female law professor, anthropologist, retired attorney, and media personality best known for regularly appearing on numerous television news programs as a legal analyst and legal commentator. Recently, Dr. Leigh-Davis publicized the fact, she no longer wishes to commentate on race or gender issues. Dr. Leigh-Davis explained her position by

Dr. Leigh-Davis Keeps Her Plans in Japan

Although many are evacuating Japan in record numbers, legal analyst Dr. Leigh-Davis is getting ready to pay a visit to the earthquake ravaged country. Dr. Leigh-Davis, popular legal analyst, was all set to go to Japan to launch her unisex skin care line, “40 plus and Fabulous,” when a disastrous earthquake shook Japan. Subsequently, there have been several aftershocks. However, Dr. Leigh-Davis is keeping he plans as scheduled. When asked

Dr. Leigh-Davis, Popular Television Personality, Announces New Format for “On …

Dr. Leigh-Davis, popular television legal analyst, is creating Google gadgets for her renamed TV show, “On This Very Month.” Dr. Leigh-Davis recently announced a new format for the TV and radio show, “On This Very Week,” which airs in syndication. “Both shows will now be monthly, and aptly title ‘On This Very Month,’” Dr. Leigh-Davis explained. When asked, “Why the change to an already successful format?” Dr. Leigh-Davis responded, “The

Dr. Leigh-Davis and Confidence Magazine, Again Team Up with iTunes, to Promote L …

The previous iTunes giveaway proved so successful; Dr. Leigh-Davis and Confidence Magazine, are again giving Londoners a FREE iTunes music mix CD, along with, a FREE issue of Confidence Magazine. As Dr. Leigh-Davis and Confidence Magazine set up shop in London, they are wasting no time setting out to build their readership. Last month, Confidence Magazine, in partnership with Dr. Leigh-Davis, gave away audio CDs comprised of mixed music compilations

Dr. Leigh-Davis, Popular Legal Analyst, Expounds on 241 D.C. Teachers Fired; on …

Dr. Leigh-Davis, media personality and legal analyst, expresses her acquiescence with Chancellor Rhee’s firings, live on The Mel Robbins Show. Dr. Leigh-Davis was recently a legal expert on an episode of “The Mel Robbins Show,” which was focused on Washington, D.C. schools Chancellor, Michelle Rhee’s, recent firing of 241 teachers, under a new evaluation system that holds teachers accountable for student test scores. Like Mel Robbins, Dr. Leigh-Davis is a

TV Personality, Dr. Leigh-Davis, Rewards Website Visitors, with More Free Google …

Dr. Leigh-Davis, popular television legal commentator and legal analyst, is offering Google gadgets and more free products, to visitors of her website. Dr. Leigh-Davis’ favorite word is “free,” and she is thrilled at all of the support and following her writing, radio and television projects have received. On the eve of Dr. Leigh-Davis’ three new books being made available to the public, she wants to thank visitors to her website.

Dr. Leigh-Davis and Confidence Magazine Give Away Free Music, in Celebration of …

Although working on the American TV show “The Legal Analyst,” Dr. Leigh-Davis hopes to attract new readers to Confidence Magazine, by giving away iTunes music mix CDs, to Londoners. Although some have called glossy magazines a dying art, Dr. Leigh-Davis is optimistic as she and Confidence Magazine set up shop in London. Dr. Leigh-Davis, editor in chief of Confidence Magazine, opined, “The fact, J.K. Rowling became one of the richest

Dr. Leigh-Davis is Interviewed on the MicWom Television Show, About Dr. Phil

Dr. Leigh-Davis excitedly discusses her new book and the Yuin University Law Library, during her interview on the MicWom television show. This is Dr. Leigh-Davis’ second appearance on the MicWom show this year. Although Dr. Leigh-Davis wanted to talk about the opening of the Yuin University Law Library and her upcoming “free” legal research seminar; host Michael Womble was focusing on Dr. Leigh-Davis’ appearance on the Dr. Phil television show. After

Dr. Leigh-Davis Hopes to Have Her New Book Re-Released Under Chelsea Handler’s …

Dr. Leigh-Davis’ book, “Evil Things Women Do,” just came out, but she is already making arrangements for its re-release. Dr. Leigh-Davis’ new book is currently available in advance copies. The book, “Evil Things Women Do,” is a satirical/self-improvement nonfiction book, with a strong flair of comedic wit. The book delves into Dr. Leigh-Davis’ philosophies on gender relations; what she calls, “a woman’s duty to her husband;” and refers to

Law Professor, Dr. Leigh-Davis, Blasts the Historical Way Law School is Taught

Dr. Leigh-Davis was the sole person in a televised roundtable discussion, who did not favor the Socratic Method. Recently, a group of 8 university professors were questioned about the best teaching methods. One of the group, law professor and media personality, Dr. Leigh-Davis, spoke of the Socratic Method of teaching, with disfavor. “I have been forced by universities to use the Socratic Method. However, I prefer not to

Dr. Leigh-Davis’ Popular Television Show Gets a Name Change, and More Dr. Fran …

Dr. Leigh-Davis is now the host of the TV show “Profiles in Philanthropy,” which will have an updated interview of the late Dr. Frank Ryan. Since 2010, Dr. Leigh-Davis has been hosting the television show “Los Angeles Philanthropic Endeavors.” However, the topics were veering more and more away from Los Angeles, and even becoming global, with an emphasis on the United Kingdom. Accordingly, it was time for the show

Dr. Leigh-Davis Does Not Apologize; Rather She Qualifies Her Remarks on U.S. Imm …

After much backlash, and even threats, Dr. Leigh-Davis explains her views on U.S. immigration law, during her weekly radio talk show “The Real Deal.” On Wednesday, during a live episode of her radio talk show “The Real Deal,” Dr. Leigh-Davis, a Yuin University law professor, described her solution to the U.S. immigration problems. More specifically, Dr. Leigh-Davis stated, “The only thing that will stop people from crossing the Mexican-American border

Law Professor and Media Personality, Dr. Leigh-Davis, Presides Over Law Library …

Today, most law libraries may feel like a ghost town, as lawyers increasingly conduct research through the internet. However, law professor, retired attorney and media personality, Dr. Leigh-Davis, believes tangible law libraries have much to offer. Currently, with so many people, including attorneys, using the internet for research; a law library could feel very lonely. Although a lot of older attorneys and academics would argue: there is no substitute for an

Dr. Leigh-Davis Hopes to Give More Lectures in London

Although working on the TV show “The Legal Analyst,” Dr. Leigh-Davis hopes London will come calling. “I was telling my British friend, the dichotomy between our two nations is: the British actually care about what is going on in the United States; whereas Americans could care less about anything going on in another country,” Dr. Leigh-Davis commented when arriving back to Los Angels after giving several lectures in London.

“On This Very Week,” Hosted by Dr. Leigh-Davis, is Syndicating in the UK

Dr. Leigh-Davis is excited to see new broadcasters in the United Kingdom ordering her television and radio show on history; entitled “On This Very Week.” Only weeks after announcing the television and radio show “On This Very Week” would be available on iTunes and Cinch, more broadcasters show an interest. Especially exciting for Dr. Leigh-Davis, is the number of United Kingdom broadcasters, showing and interest in the 3 to 4

Dr. Leigh-Davis will be Television’s New “Legal Analyst”

After awaiting Stage 29’s new production, “The Lawyers,” by executive producer Jay McGraw, who also happens to be Dr. Phil’s son; Dr. Leigh-Davis is now playing to be “the lawyer.” “Everyone was contacting me, asking why I was not cast on Stage 29’s new television show,” said Dr. Leigh-Davis after signing her contract to make 20 episodes of “The Legal Analyst.” Stage 29 Productions is headed by Dr. Phil

Dr. Leigh-Davis Named First Black and First Female Dean at Yuin University

Dr. Leigh-Davis is one of the few female, or Black, law school deans in the world. In fact, Dr. Leigh-Davis is the first Black and first female Dean at Yuin University's School of Law. Recently, Dr. Leigh-Davis joined a very exclusive group when she was named "Dean, Yuin University School of Law." In addition to her duties as Dean, Dr. Leigh-Davis will continue to teach tort law; professional responsibility;

“On This Very Week,” Hosted by Dr. Leigh-Davis, is Now on iTunes, Cinch, and …

Europeans and the United Kingdom will now have more options to listen to Dr. Leigh-Davis’ television and radio shows on history; both entitled “On This Very Week.” Dr. Leigh-Davis is proud to welcome iTunes and Cinch, to the network of broadcasters airing “On This Very Week,” in syndication. Dr. Leigh-Davis hosts and produces the historical trivia show “On this Very Week,” which airs worldwide on both television and radio. Dr. Leigh-Davis is

Dr. Leigh-Davis is Written-in at AFTRA Elections

Dr. Leigh-Davis may consider an A.F.T.R.A. Board of Directors position; however she is more interested in the U.S. Congress. Many know, when Dr. Leigh-Davis is not working as a law professor, she is a prominent legal analyst and legal commentator, appearing on many news television shows. Accordingly, due to her many TV appearances, Dr. Leigh-Davis has long been a member of A.F.T.R.A. (The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists

“On This Very Week,” Hosted by Dr. Leigh-Davis, is Now Airing on the Arroyo …

New broadcasters continue to order Dr. Leigh-Davis’ television and radio shows on history; both entitled “On This Very Week.” Dr. Leigh-Davis is proud to welcome the Arroyo Channel 32, to the network of broadcasters airing “On This Very Week,” in syndication. Dr. Leigh-Davis hosts and produces the historical trivia show “On this Very Week,” which airs worldwide on both television and radio. Dr. Leigh-Davis is an avid history buff and co-created

Following Her Appearance on “Dr. Phil,” Television Personality, Dr. Leigh-Da …

Following appearing on the “Dr. Phil” television show and her first stand-up comedy performance, Dr. Leigh-Davis makes another new decision, and signs with DB & Associates, a premier full-service television news talent agency, which exclusively represents established broadcasters. Although making a comedic turn, of late, Dr. Leigh-Davis is sincere about becoming an omnipresent legal analyst. Only months ago, Dr. Leigh-Davis announced that she would be setting aside other endeavors, to

Dr. Leigh-Davis Postpones Her Trip to London, to Explain Why Men are the King of …

Following Dr. Leigh-Davis’ taping of “The Dr. Phil Show,” the “MicWom Show LIVE” wants to know what Dr. Leigh-Davis is talking about, when it comes to men and women living in harmony. On Friday, December10th, Dr. Leigh-Davis will appear on the “MicWom Show LIVE,” which will air worldwide, in syndication. On this late night talk show, with a live band, Dr. Leigh-Davis will be questioned about her recent appearance on

Dr. Leigh-Davis Talks about Women Worshipping Their Men on Dr. Phil; in London; …

This Monday, Dr. Leigh-Davis will be on the “Dr. Phil Show” talking about how men are the king of the castle; a discussion she will continue in London and New York. On Monday, November 15th, on CBS, Dr. Leigh-Davis will appear on a special episode of the "Dr. Phil Show," which also features CNN's Larry King, host of “Larry King Live.” This comedic episode, (it's the first day of sweeps

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