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ESG & decarbonization in operations: the digital gap

(This article was previously published in the December 2022 issue of APUEA magazine.) ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) is a framework that helps stakeholders understand how a company is managing risks and opportunities related to environmental, social, and governance criteria. Looking at ESG from a plant management's perspective: Environmental includes energy, water and waste. Social covers safety, first and foremost. Governance consists in complying with regulations and best practices, as well

The Future of Operation & Maintenance

Media hype has led us to believe that technology would soon revolutionize maintenance. Dreams of flying robots, video game-like smart glasses, flashing digital twins, often hold the sad promise of getting rid of maintenance people altogether. The reality remains that the more automated, the more sophisticated the systems, the more demands are put on maintenance people and their skills. The problem is compounded when this glorious technology did not address

On the Belt & Road with clients and partners in Thailand

Thailand is a priority for Siveco China's development in Southeast Asia owing to the country's well-developed industry and growing infrastructure development. During October, our Managing Director visited local clients and partners. Please enjoy our postcards from Thailand! Several new partnerships and projects were also launched during this period - more on this later! Siveco China is active all over Asia with projects not only in Thailand, but also in Brunei, India, Indonesia,

Feedback on "Accelerate Optimizing your Asset Lifecycle: Best Practices in Thail …

Siveco China organized a team of high-profile speakers at MIRA SUBCON EEC, Thailand's Leading Industrial Solutions Event, held on August 26 in Pattaya. The session was hosted by the Asia Pacific Urban Energy Association (APUEA). Under the theme "Accelerate Optimizing your Asset Lifecycle: Best Practices in Thailand 4.0", the workshop aimed at sharing practical experience for the local market. After an introduction by APUEA's Executive Director Peter Lundberg, the event

Implementing a CMMS during plant construction

1. Introduction Experience has shown that the earlier reliability and maintainability are taken into account in a construction project, the better. These should be specifically addressed from the design stage of a project. This approach, which consists in paying more attention to maintenance earlier in the project, to reduce future operation cost, differs markedly from that of most Asian engineering and construction companies, which emphasize cost control during construction with progressive adjustments

Siveco China released its Digital Twin for O&M platform

On Earth Day 2022, Siveco China unveiled its Digital Twin for O&M solution, powered by bluebee® X. The new Digital Twin platform incorporates environmental compliance reporting from multiple data sources, in addition to the existing Asset Management and Risk Management functionalities. Siveco China has since 2009 developed innovative yet practical digital solutions, designed by industrial people for industrial people, in line with the ISO 55000 Asset Management standard. The newly released

Pharma giant selects Smart O&M Digital Twin for its new wastewater treatment pla …

One of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies selected Siveco China to deploy a Digital Facility Management platform for its new industrial wastewater treatment plant, currently under construction in Jiangsu province. The project aims at ensuring that the plant's operation and maintenance (outsourced to a third party company) meets the strict regulatory standards applicable to the pharmaceutical industry. The project was kicked off in January at the Siveco Shanghai office. The digital

Carrefour China over a decade: the natural evolution of a Risk Prevention system

In June 2011, Carrefour selected Siveco China to implement a nationwide Risk Prevention Management System (RPMS). The RPMS was based on Siveco China's bluebee® suite of software solution, designed in compliance with the ISO 31000 Risk Management standard. The project implementation was described in this 2013 article. Siveco China and Carrefour won the 2013 CHaINA "Best Supply Chain Consulting Partner" Award by the Global Supply Chain Council, Asia's leading professional

Real Digital Twins for O&M in China & abroad

Siveco Group is known as a front-runner in digital innovations for maintenance since the mid-1980s. Unsurprisingly, the company was also among the first, perhaps the very first, to utilize BIM (Building Information Modeling) for maintenance purposes. Early research started by Siveco China in 2011 led to the development of standard products, part of the Coswin 8i and bluebee® suites, which have been deployed to many clients' sites all over the

Hebei biomaterials plant selects Siveco China for Asset Maintenance Management p …

Hebei CASDA Biomaterials Co., Ltd., part of specialty materials leader Arkema Group, has selected Siveco China to implement its Maintenance 4.0 solution for Asset & Maintenance Management. The decision was made after a comprehensive selection process and careful consideration of various suppliers. Established in January 2010, Hebei CASDA Biomaterials Co., Ltd. joined Arkema Group in January 2012 with a registered capital of 4.19 million RMB. The plant covers an area

On the Belt & Road, ensuring maintenance readiness for Algerian power plants

The government of Algeria has launched an unprecedented infrastructure development program to support the North African nation's urbanization and industrialization. During an inspection tour at the end of 2017, Energy Minister Mustapha Guitouni declared: "Since 2000, the State has invested USD 150 billion in the construction of power plants nationwide. The national production capacity has increased from 3,900MW to now 18,000MW." Algeria's current 10-year plan (2015-2025) calls for an additional

Advice on working with Chinese builders abroad

This article, authored by Siveco China Managing Director Bruno Lhopiteau, was previously published in Aquatech. New Silk Road dominance Chinese builders have come to dominate the global infrastructure market along the “Belt and Road”, the loosely defined “New Silk Road” of infrastructure-driven development across nearly 70 countries. They draw on the unparalleled experience acquired in their home market over the last two decades. This is a period I have been privileged to witness:

Sharing experience in controlling industrial risks using Smart O&M

Safety is number one. Since its creation in 2004, Siveco China has been relentlessly emphasizing the relationship between HSE, Maintenance and Asset Management and developing specific solutions to address these needs. The regulatory and enforcement strengthening of recent years provided a welcome boost to our business. Today, most customers who contact Siveco China are motivated by HSE concerns, regulatory compliance or customer pressure on the same topics. In September, Siveco China has

The maintenance assessment: a stepping stone for improvement

Maintenance assessments (sometimes called “audit” although we prefer the term “assessment”) represent a growing part of our business in China. This article will explore the principles, practice and benefits of such assessments. 1. Why an assessment? Experience conducting maintenance assessments for over 30 years worldwide has shown that poor maintenance can drag down plant profits by up to 40%. According to benchmarks, even the world’s very best plants can still deliver

Flexibility of bluebee® X

bluebee® X enables companies operating physical assets in China’s tough business environment and fast-changing regulatory landscape to enforce Asset & Risk Management best practices from board room to field workers. The platform is designed to facilitate the implementation of the ISO 55000 Asset Management (or its Chinese equivalent GB/T 33172) and ISO 31000 Risk Management framework and to demonstrate compliance to the various stakeholders (owners, clients, regulators). bluebee® X departs

The maintenance assessment: a stepping stone for improvement

Maintenance assessments (sometimes called “audit” although we prefer the term “assessment”) represent a growing part of our business in China. This article will explore the principles, practice and benefits of such assessments. 1. Why an assessment? Experience conducting maintenance assessments for over 30 years worldwide has shown that poor maintenance can drag down plant profits by up to 40%. According to benchmarks, even the world’s very best plants can still deliver up

Avoiding pitfalls when implementing WCM / TPM in China

Companies trying to implement World Class Manufacturing (WCM) or Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) or Lean Manufacturing in China, usually as a part of a corporate roll-out, face specific challenges, which may differ from those observed in Japan or in the West. Maintenance jobs performed by operators, known as "autonomous maintenance", and more generally the involvement of production staff in the improvement process are one of the key principles of TPM.

Three practical findings from applying BIM in China

This article was previously published in Aquatech. A special tool in digital transformation Building information modelling (BIM) refers to the development of tridimensional digital representations of facilities. With proven benefits in design and construction, BIM is becoming mandatory for environmental infrastructures all over the world. Demand is now growing to extend its usage to Operation & Maintenance (O&M). BIM plays a special role in the digital transformation arsenal as it

K.R. Plastic Industries Co Ltd (Thailand) implements bluebee®️ on a pilot pro …

K.R. Plastic Industries Co Ltd (KR), one of the Affiliates of KKF International Group in Thailand, has selected Siveco to deploy bluebee®️ Smart Operation & Maintenance solution on a pilot production line. KR's top management initiated the project in October 2020, as part of the Company's proactive development plan in the context of Thailand 4.0 and amidst the continuing Covid-19 crisis. After an initial assessment of KR's maintenance, the bluebee®️

A tale of two realities in china – risk prevention & maintenance

There are two fundamentally different approaches to risk management among water companies in China, writes Bruno Lhopiteau. Law enforcement steps up against pollution At the end of last year, a foreign-funded environmental firm operating in China was fined a record 50M Chinese Yuan (US$7m) for the illegal discharge of wastewater. A total of 11 of its executives were jailed. Industrial accidents have made headlines in China in the past decade, prompting local

On the Belt & Road: Q&A with Brazilian hydropower company PCH

Brazil's electricity market is by far the largest in Latin America. It is also the greenest, with more than 80% derived from renewable sources. Brazil is the second-largest producer of hydroelectric power in the world behind China, hydroelectricity representing 75% of its electric power supply. Brazil’s electricity market is unbundled into generation, distribution, and transmission. Private companies own over 60% of the installed capacity. Chinese companies have been playing a

Release of bluebee® X the new generation Smart O&M platform

On November 13, 2020 Siveco, the pioneer of Smart O&M, officially released the new generation of its flagship bluebee® software suite, code-named bluebee® X, during its annual customers event in Kunshan, China. The new generation bluebee® X incorporates the unparalleled experience acquired by Siveco in the last decade, serving over 1,000 client sites in the increasingly complex and regulated Chinese market, and the latest available technologies, into an IoT-native, mobile-driven, future-proof

How to measure the success of a CMMS implementation

It is often said that maintenance digitalization projects have a very low success rate. Often managed by IT, most CMMS or EAM projects result in systems that maybe work from a technical standpoint (users can login and access the various functions) but cannot be used in practice (data not accurate, no useful reports, inconvenient user interfaces). Obviously such system does not help the company achieve any industrial improvement. This has

Article "A 20-year ride on China's digital water train" published by Aquatech

Aquatech, the world's most complete platform for professionals in the world of water technology, invited Bruno Lhopiteau, Managing Director of Siveco China, to write an article on: "A 20-year ride on China's digital water train". In this article, Bruno, a fellow-traveller of Chinese utilities, shares his 20-year experience in the Chinese Water market and more particularly with digital transformation projects. In this article, Bruno comments that Chinese water companies are moving

Startup Factory Kunshan upgrades its maintenance with bluebee®

Startup Factory (, a 40,000 sqm state-of-the-art industrial facility in Kunshan, has selected Siveco to deploy the bluebee® Smart Operation & Maintenance solution. The project will follow Siveco's proven 5-step methodology, aligned with the ISO 55000 Asset Management standard: (1) define your strategy, (2) know your assets, (3) plan and prepare, (4) execute and report, (5) analyze and improve. Startup Factory will use the "club edition" version of Siveco's award-winning

New Coswin 8i customer in the Brazilian power market

We are pleased to welcome Belo Monte Transmissora De Energia (BMTE), a subsidiary of State Grid Brazil, among our customers. Coswin 8i will be implemented by Siveco Brazil for the management of BMTE's assets, stock, maintenance and operation processes. BMTE is a special-purpose entity set up to build, operate and maintain the first 800 kV UHVDC (Ultrahigh-Voltage Direct Current) electricity transmission line in Latin America, transporting electricity generated by the

Belt & Road: Siveco wins Egypt light rail MMS contract

Siveco China won the contract to supply the Maintenance Management System (MMS) for the 10th of Ramadan Light Rail Transit (LRT) Project in Egypt. In August 2017, Egypt's National Authority for Tunnels (NAT) signed a USD 1.24 billion construction contract with a consortium of AVIC International and China Railway Group (CREC) for a 66km LRT that will connect the country's new administrative capital city with Greater Cairo including Al-Salam City,

Article "Supporting the lifecycle of energy infrastructures with Smart O&M" publ …

The magazine of the Asia Pacific Urban Energy Association (APUEA) published an article: "Supporting the lifecycle of energy infrastructures with Smart O&M" by Siveco China. In this article, Siveco China shares insights on Smart O&M in the Energy industry, explaining why the earlier maintenance is taken into account, the better the results in terms of lifecycle cost. The paper also looks at the main problems met in traditional "EAM" projects.

Hong Kong's San Wai Sewage Treatment Works selects Siveco Smart Operation and Ma …

Siveco was selected by the main contractor to deliver a state-of-the-art Integrated Maintenance 4.0 solution for San Wai Sewage Treatment Works (SWSTW) in Hong Kong. The scope of the full Smart O&M solution includes BIM for asset management, mobile solution, large touchscreen displays and enhanced SCADA-CMMS integration, aiming to support SWSTW's contractual operation and maintenance requirements. It also fulfills requirements of the ISO 55000 standards on asset management. SWSTW, with

SUEZ adopts Siveco's Coswin 8i solution in its plastic recycling plant in Thaila …

SUEZ has selected Siveco's Coswin 8i Smart O&M solution for its first circular polymer plastic recycling plant in Asia. The plant, located in the Bang Phli district near Bangkok, is now integrating the solution into its operation. The facility is expected to come into operation by mid-2020 and it will convert 30,000 tons per year of locally collected plastic waste into circular polymers, contributing to Thailand's 2030 target to achieve

Baida Air expands its operations with support from Coswin 8i

At the end of 2019, Baida Air ( expanded its usage of Siveco's computerized maintenance management solution Coswin 8i. Initially implemented on four VPSA oxygen plants in 2014, the system is now supporting reliability and maintenance management on 8 sites (Luojiang, Rugao, Fuqing, Shenxian, Linyi, Lianyungang, Shangyou, Bengbu). Three more plants are currently under construction (Yifeng, Taihe, Luojiang II) and will share the same Coswin database upon starting production. The

Imerys Aluminates China goes live with Coswin 8i

Calcium aluminate technology expert Imerys Aluminates selected Siveco to upgrade the existing CMMS to the latest Coswin 8i. The Coswin 8i maintenance management system is now live in the Tianjin plant. This implementation of the new system will support Imerys team to manage all its maintenance and reliability activities. Siveco China Head Office Unit J, 20th floor, Zao Fong Universe Building No.1800 Zhong Shan Road (W) Shanghai 200235 - PR China About Siveco China Siveco

Automotive supplier Marelli to upgrade to Maintenance 4.0

Automotive supplier Marelli selected Siveco to upgrade the existing Coswin maintenance management system to the latest Maintenance 4.0 version. About Marelli Marelli is a progressive, open-minded and truly global partner who inspires you to go further. Marelli brings together two successful global automotive manufacturers from Italy and Japan, with a world-leading reputation for innovation and manufacturing excellence (Monozukuri). Mareli operates out of 170 facilities and R&D centers across Europe, Japan, the

First customer implementation of bluebee® for smart glasses at major Asian airp …

The development of bluebee® for smart glasses, a standard plug-in for the bluebee® mobile O&M app, has entered a new phase with the launch of the first customer implementation project. Siveco was selected by a major Asian airport to conduct the implementation of an inspection solution using bluebee® for smart glasses, with the objectives of providing a hands-free, convenient and safe wearable device for O&M technicians, while standardizing the technical

Capital Environment selects Smart O&M solution from Siveco

Capital Environment Holdings Limited (CEHL) has selected Siveco to provide its Smart O&M solution and related asset management consulting services to their Yangzhou hazardous waste project. The project aims at strengthening the management of operation and maintenance in line with world-class standards and Chinese market characteristics. Capital Environment Holdings Limited (CEHL) is a public company whose shares are traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. As a leading provider of

Yingde Gases goes live with Siveco Smart O&M solution

On May 31, a ceremony was held with top managers of Yingde Gases to mark the official "Go Live" of Coswin 8i on the Changshu pilot site. Yingde Gases Group (Yingde Gases), founded in 2001, is one of the leading companies engaged in on-site gas production and liquid supply. Main products include: industrial gases of oxygen, nitrogen, argon and hydrogen, which mainly provide products and services to enterprises of the iron

Siveco to speak at the Future Energy & Tech Investment Forum in Hong Kong on Aug …

Siveco China will join the Future Energy & Tech Investment Forum in Hong Kong on August 21st, 2019 as strategic partner. Operations Director Guillaume Gimonet will also speak at the event, sharing our company's perspectives on the role of innovative Smart Operation & Maintenance technologies in Energy and Utility projects in Asia. On the theme of "Smart Operation & Maintenance: Lessons from Mainland China and Hong Kong", Guillaume will draw insights

Siveco doubles China R&D investment

On July 3, 2019, Siveco China held its half-year management meeting at the prestigious Hellas House in Shanghai, a nod to the company's continuing growth on the Belt & Road. With financial results above target, high customer satisfaction (as shown in the latest audited customer satisfaction survey) and a sales pipeline more promising than ever, the company's management board announced that shareholders have approved its request for additional investment in

Voices of the Belt and Road interviews Siveco's Managing Director

On this podcast, Bruno Lhopiteau talks about the challenges faced by Chinese infrastructure companies implementing projects abroad and the ways in which the Chinese method of constructing infrastructure is unique. During the interview, he also provides insights into the Siveco China's business development and project execution in various Asian and African countries. Click here to listen to the Podcast in English or Chinese: Bruno Lhopiteau is a veteran of the Chinese maintenance

Chonburi Clean Energy selects Coswin 8i for WTE plant in Thailand

Chonburi Clean Energy (CCE) has selected Siveco to implement a Smart O&M solution based on Coswin 8i. The company is building and will operate an 8.63 MW Waste-to-Energy (WTE) plant. The plant, located in the Hemaraj Chonburi Industrial Estate in Chonburi province, Thailand, will be the first in Southeast Asia to meet European emission standards. Commercial operation is scheduled to start in December 2019. Chonburi Clean Energy is the third

Hongcheng Water implements Siveco's Smart Water solutions for Asset Management

Hongcheng Water, located in China’s Jiangxi province, selected Siveco to provide Smart Water solutions for its water plants. The innovative project aims at implementing Smart & Paperless Solutions for Asset Management, Operation and Maintenance in compliance with the ISO 55000 standard. Hongcheng Water is a joint-stock enterprise mainly engaged in drinking water production and sewage treatment, with 10 water plants, nearly 100 sewage treatment plants, and more than 3,000 employees.

Siveco releases bluebee® for WeChat mini-app

bluebee® is now available as a WeChat mini-app! The bluebee® mini-app is designed for users dealing with simple repetitive tasks, such as cleaning routines, security rounds, assets inventory, patrols, HSE checkpoints, etc. Users simply "work & scan" to demonstrate compliance. Data is immediately synchronized centrally. No training is required and, as it runs in the popular WeChat environment, the bluebee® mini-app can be used on any smartphone. The bluebee® for

GSN deploys bluebee® for WeChat mini-app for facility services at tier 1 automo …

GSN Property Services (, the leading German property management provider in China, is implementing the bluebee® for WeChat mini-app. The solution is already up-and-running at the headquarters of a well-known tier-1 automotive supplier in Shanghai and will gradually be deployed to other facilities managed by GSN all over China. According to Nimrod Abarbanel, GSN Regional Director for East China: “The bluebee® mini-app changes the way our stakeholders think about facilities management

bluebee® to support Smart O&M of Shirui's Raffles City Chongqing HVAC project

Shirui Energy Engineering and Technology (Chongqing), a member of SP Group (, selected Siveco China to implement its Smart O&M solution bluebee®. Shirui Energy designs, builds, owns and operates the advanced energy-efficient cooling system of Raffles City Chongqing, an iconic development in one of China's largest and most important modern cities, set for opening in 2019. The district cooling system will deliver high-quality air conditioning services to consumers through an

Siveco China & LLVision jointly release bluebee® for smart glasses

As part of the industrial development, more and more human-machine collaboration is needed on the shop floor. With the introduction of Industry 4.0, enterprises aiming at digital transformation started to use smart wearable devices and related solutions, to standardize the plant operation process, improve work efficiency, support maintenance and training. In 2018, Siveco China and LLVision jointly released bluebee® for smart glasses solution. Siveco China is a pioneer in the

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