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GoldFynch eDiscovery launches Organizations feature, a service for managing mult …

GoldFynch has released a new case management service as an addition to its Cloud-based eDiscovery platform. “Organizations” is a feature rollout to simplify the management of multiple cases and clients. The Organizations feature allows for the centralized control of client bill back and invoicing, access levels of members who are shared in on the cases, and billing of for GoldFynch services. Organizations also allow administrators to seamlessly import existing cases

Updates to deduplication services from eDiscovery platform GoldFynch

Ediscovery platform GoldFynch has streamlined its deduplication services with its latest update, continuing its drive towards promoting accessible eDiscovery through low-cost, all-inclusive pricing and systems designed for simplicity. The update gives users more control over the existing deduplication process, allowing them to identify and flag duplicate files in their cases. Such flagged files can be subsequently deleted, exported, produced, or manipulated using the platform’s various other systems. There are no additional charges

GoldFynch eDiscovery releases production and load file import updates

Cloud-based eDiscovery service GoldFynch has added new production import capabilities to its file ingestion and processing system, expanding on its support for productions uploaded with load files. Now, on uploading a production zip containing a load file, users are presented with a summary of the metadata information contained in the load file. The summary also immediately highlights any irregularities in the metadata of the files themselves (e.g. incorrectly-formatted Bates numbering in

New eDiscovery Tools for Faster and Smarter Team Review

Affordable cloud eDiscovery service GoldFynch had just released a major update adding a formidable set of tools to its document review arsenal. Review sets let users assemble groups of documents for batch review. These sets can be generated from saved searches constructed in the platform's powerful search engine, or from groups of files that are labelled (known as "tagging" in the app.) Once a set is loaded in the platform's inbuilt

Case Analytics updates to eDiscovery

Affordable Cloud-based eDiscovery service GoldFynch has released a new set of analytical tools to give users visual representations of their case metadata, building on top of basic case data such as the number of files in the case, volume used, etc. The updates include detailed, searchable distributions of key metadata fields such as file types, file-family roles, Tags (the software’s platform-wide labelling system) and the processing status of uploaded files

New collaborative eDiscovery tools for legal teams working remotely

Cloud-based eDiscovery platform GoldFynch has released an update focused on providing legal professionals with the tools they need for remote collaborative review. The GoldFynch eDiscovery service, which already allows unlimited collaborators on a case for free, has introduced new communication and review features. Users reviewing documents through the platform's Document Viewer can now attach notes to them, as well as highlight and annotate sections of text. The notes and annotations

Comprehensive DXF and DWG support released by eDiscovery platform GoldFynch

Affordable eDiscovery platform GoldFynch has just released a major update, incorporating support for the DXF and DWG file formats. These file formats are used to modify, store, and transfer 2D and 3D models using the AutoCAD software. Though they are widely-adopted in fields like architecture, design, and engineering, there are few publicly-accessible eDiscovery services that are capable of reading the information stored in the formats, let alone rendering the complex

GoldFynch Featured in the 2019 eDiscovery Buyers Guide

Released earlier this month, the 2019 eDiscovery Buyers Guide provides key comparison data to help law firms select innovative new eDiscovery products quickly and inexpensively. A review of GoldFynch, developed by Mazia, is included in the guide’s 3rd edition. The guide, a leading industry tool; was created for solo and small to mid-sized law firms and delivers detailed analysis of the primary categories of litigation support products and services. The 2019

Affordable cloud-based eDiscovery platform GoldFynch expands user roles for coll …

The affordable cloud-based eDiscovery platform GoldFynch has released an update for its case sharing features. The improvements are aimed at better serving the growing trend of cross-firm collaborations. Since its launch in 2016, the service has provided users with the option of sharing their cases with an unlimited number of collaborators at no additional cost. The latest expansion of this system offers a new read-only privilege class: ‘Reviewer.’ Reviewers are able

Ediscovery service GoldFynch rolls out annotation update to its file labeling sy …

GoldFynch, the cloud-based eDiscovery solution of choice for small law firms, has upgraded its platform-wide labeling system–known as ‘tags’–in its latest update. Tags can now be configured to ‘collect’ notes. When such a note-collecting tag is assigned to a file (or multiple files) it prompts users to enter text, either optionally or as a requirement. Tags with notes attached to them have an icon making them visually distinct, and they

eDiscovery platform GoldFynch expands file tracking and metadata fields, integra …

As the affordable eDiscovery solution of choice for small law firms, cloud-based platform GoldFynch’s latest patch integrates the ‘custodian’ and ‘source’ metadata fields, building on earlier updates to simplify tracking and management of legal documents. Users can now assign custodian and source labels to batches of uploaded files, and attach notes to each label to carry additional information for internal reference. Beyond basic tracking, the fields now count as 2 of

Cloud-based eDiscovery solution GoldFynch launches load file support

Support for Load files (used for eDiscovery productions) has been the focus of cloud-based eDiscovery platform GoldFynch’s latest slew of updates. The new features allow users to generate productions with load files that are in line with a number of common eDiscovery standards, as well as compatible with other software. This is done through the service’s intuitive ‘Production Wizard’ which uses a simple interface to walk users through the process

GoldFynch eDiscovey expands on document stamping features for productions

Cloud-based eDiscovey platform GoldFynch has added a number of new features to document stamping in its ‘Production’ system. Existing features included Bates numbering and stamping using 'tags’ (its internal file-labeling system,) stamp positioning on documents, and prioritizing stamp placement. Based on user and community feedback, it has now added the ability to edit the text of stamps placed by tags, add custom stamps in bulk, and assign additional margin space if

eDiscovery platform GoldFynch uses the cloud to make dynamic and transparent pri …

Functionality, ease of use and pricing transparency are at the heart of services offered by eDiscovery platform GoldFynch. It was built to meet a growing need for affordable and dynamic eDiscovery solutions among small and medium-sized law firms who otherwise have to contend with the steep cost of outsourcing and custom software, maintaining in-house development and support teams, or products bloated with features unnecessary for everyday use. Hosted in the cloud,

Affordable cloud-based eDiscovery platform GoldFynch releases local time zone su …

With a steadily-growing presence amongst small law firms around the world, the highly affordable, cloud-based eDiscovery platform GoldFynch’s latest update provides its users with the option of linking times in their cases to their local time zones. Originally created in Iowa, GoldFynch was developed to provide smaller local law firms with affordable and accessible eDiscovery solutions, and ran according to US Central Standard Time. But with rapid adoption by firms

GoldFynch eDiscovery offers free, web-browser-based PST and OST viewer

Cloud-based eDiscovery platform GoldFynch introduces a free, browser-based PST and OST viewer ( This early case assessment utility makes use of a lightweight Javascript code block--the same technology used in the GoldFynch eDiscovery cloud service--where files can be loaded into a user’s web browser, which analyzes and displays the content and raw file metadata of emails in bulk. Unlike other viewers, It does not require a download of any sort,

Cloud-based eDiscovery software ‘GoldFynch’ keeps it cost-effective, aims fo …

Cloud-based eDiscovery service GoldFynch has expanded into the international legal technology market, taking cost-effective eDiscovery to small law firms across the globe. Building on the benefits of cloud technology, it can deploy data servers across multiple continents, minimizing the cost of transferring and hosting data, allowing for easy cross-border collaboration between firms and better compliance with local data laws. GoldFynch’s popularity with small law firms is built on how it solves

eDiscovery Platform GoldFynch Now Supports 3rd Party Service Integration Includi …

Cloud-based and cost-effective eDiscovery platform GoldFynch now supports the integration of services from approved external vendors at a special pricing for GoldFynch customers. These optional services add significant value to users, like the outsourced managed document review services with industry-leader, Legal Outsourcing 2.0 ( GoldFynch also offers its own add-on services, such as direct import of data into a GoldFynch case from the client site. This may be from the

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