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Infrared Heating helps to ensure quality in the manufacture of composite structu …

An infrared heating system from Heraeus Noblelight is helping to ensure the high quality of composite aerospace structures manufactured at the new GKN Aerospace facility at Western Approach, near Bristol. The system, which is used to provide interim processing of the laid-up composite rear spar assembly of the Airbus 350 XWB to prevent subsequent wrinkling, was custom-designed and developed in close co-operation with GKN Aerospace engineers following initial tests at

Seven Good Reasons for the D2plus Light module

Heraeus Noblelight, one of the technology and market leaders in the field of specialty light sources will again exhibit at ANALYTICA, to be held in Munich, Germany in April 2012. Heraeus will introduce its “Seven Good Reasons for D2plus Light modules” at the show, making the life of instrument developers easier. Developing new analytical instruments places ever-increasing demands on engineers, to design-in the best available light-source and avoid future operational problems.

Specialty Light Sources for the Printing Industry

Hanau, February 2012 The Competence in Specialty Light Sources for printing systems Special and personalized printing processes need special treatment. The ink of ink jet or laser printers need to be completely dried or cured before the printed sheets are passed on for subsequent operations such as stacking, cutting, folding or gluing. Infrared or UV technology is used for drying and curing, depending on the type of ink. Heraeus Noblelight presents its

Infrared Emitters Improve Lacquered Surfaces

Many screens, internal claddings in cars and high value cosmetic packages are manufactured from plastics and contain a protective lacquer or finishing. The drying of the coating on the plastic components is not a trivial matter, for the surfaces need to be perfectly cured without applying to much heat to the plastic. Infrared heaters transfer energy in a contact-free manner and are easy to control. Consequently, the heat is precisely

PID for Selective BTEX Determination

• Determining BTEX VOCs with a 10.0 eV PID lamp • Heraeus PID lamps: high quality pure spectrum and long life Heraeus Noblelight, one of the technology and market leaders in the field of specialty light sources, launches the latest development in its Photoionisation Detector Lamps (PID) range: a 10.0 eV PID lamp which offers increased detection sensitivity in BTEX determination. “A CaF2 filter is attached onto our standard 10.6

Heraeus Infrared Helps Non-Woven Fabrics Manufacturer Meet Increased Production …

By installing an infrared heating system from Heraeus Noblelight, Advanced Fabrics (SAAF) has significantly improved the throughput of coated, non-woven fabrics at its Saudi Arabian manufacturing plant to meet increased demands for its products. The system was designed, built and commissioned on-site following extensive trials at Heraeus’ Neston Application Centre. Heraeus will present infrared heaters for coating, converting and finishing at ICE in Munich, from 8th to 10th November in hall

Photoionisation Lamps are the heart of gas detection systems

• Lamp specialist Heraeus Noblelight offers PID lamps with more than 8000 hours lifetime • The longest lifetime from the shortest lamp • Latest application note available Heraeus Noblelight, one of the technology and market leaders in the field of specialty light sources, has published its latest application note on Photoionisation Detector Lamps (PID) lamps. PID lamps are at the heart of gas detection systems: why is a good PID lamp important and how to get

NobleProbe® - Powerful measuring instrument for UV LEDs

Powerful UV LED special light sources require adequate measuring instruments to measure irradiance. In addition to its UV LED units, Heraeus Noblelight also supplies appropriate measuring instruments. Often, monochromatic light sources such as LEDs are measured using conventional measuring devices which are calibrated for broadband gas discharge lamps. This may yield imprecise results from which incorrect conclusions are drawn, which then may lead to unreliable processes. Heraeus Noblelight, a leading

Carbon Infrared Emitters Improve Quality

Foils for foodstuffs or heavy duty floor coverings – modern plastic materials need heat during processing. Coatings or adhesives are dried and plastic foils are pre-treated by heat before embossing or lamination. Carbon infrared emitters from Heraeus Noblelight are helping Polyflor from Manchester in the embossing of heavy duty floor coverings and improving quality. Infrared systems heat large, flat materials rapidly and homogenously, directly before the press or the embossing station.

Efficient Infrared Heat for State-of-the-Art Composites

Aeroplanes and motor cars need to be lighter to save fuel but at the same time they need to convey their passengers in total safety. The blades of wind power turbines need to be light but also very strong. Infrared heat can help to meet these requirements. Fibre-reinforced plastics are modern composite materials. They consist of plastics such as polyphenyl sulphide (PPS), polyether-ether-keton (PEEK) or epoxy resins (EP), in which carbon

NobleCure® – new UV LED solution for printing applications

Ultraviolet light is used in innovative printing and curing applications. Space requirement and weight are important features, in particular in compact plants. UV LEDs are a space-saving and efficient option to equip printing systems. Heraeus Noblelight is a leading manufacturer of special light sources and closely cooperates with system manufacturers and final customers to develop customer-optimised solutions for industrial processes. When Heraeus invented the quartz glass mercury lamp in

New Home Page Provides Fast and Explicit Information on Special Emitters

In March 2011, Heraeus Noblelight, manufacturer of special light sources from UV to IR, introduced a comprehensive relaunch of its internet pages. Many customer suggestions and wishes have been included in the modernisation of the site. Product information and application examples of UV lamps, UV LEDs, arc- and flash lamps as well as infrared technology have been substantially expanded. The new pages contain comprehensive information on IR and UV special

Lamp specialist Heraeus Noblelight unveils D2plus at Pittcon 2011

Heraeus presents the widest range of analytical lamps • Latest development in Deuterium lamps: D2plus - Higher Stability and Lower Optical Noise thanks to the unique combination of a new advanced design and ELP technology Heraeus Noblelight, one of the technology and market leaders in the field of specialty light sources will again exhibit at Pittcon, to be held in Atlanta, Georgia in March 2011. Pittcon is the leading showcase for scientific

Infrared Emitters Allow Heating Processes to be Automated

Corrosion protection on large metal components, clear varnish on plastic products, coloured décor on stone – different coatings need to be dried on a large number of different products. Infrared systems help to ensure that the heating steps required for drying are carried out as efficiently as possible. In the “Surface Technology in Practice” area of the Hannover Fair, which takes place from 4th to 8th April, Heraeus Noblelight will be

Plant Optimisation Saves Energy

Can the coating dry more quickly? Is it possible to reduce the rejection rate? Does the plant use too much energy? Many companies ask themselves questions like these. Energy and material costs are important considerations for industrial companies who wish to maintain or improve their competitiveness. At the same time, the optimisation of existing plant can often be the more sensible and cost-effective option over installing new plant. A

Heraeus Ignite Technology HIT for reliable lamps

Arc and Flash lamps are used for a variety of different applications. For precise measure of distance in laser based range finders, for laser excitation in industry also for aesthetic and sun simulation applications. These lamps must work reliably and the ignition process should be constant and repeatable. The development of Heraeus Ignite Technology (HIT™) embodies Arc and Flash lamps of Heraeus Noblelight, which have a trigger spot. Through

Infrared Heat Increases the Up-Time of Gas Power Plant

Gas power plants, which supply electricity to meet peak demands, must work reliably and come on line rapidly, especially in the cold times of the year. For combustion, gas turbines need air which must be free from dust and other particles and, consequently, this is always pre-filtered. Cold and moist intake air in the winter months can easily lead to icing up of the filters. This means that less air is

Vacuum Test Center for Infrared Emitters

Increasingly, coating processes in photovoltaics, for semi-conductors and also for other products in glass or metal, require vacuum conditions or inert gases. Infrared emitters transfer energy without contact and are consequently ideal heat sources for vacuum processes. It is of great advantage if the infrared system is precisely matched to the vacuum application. Heraeus Noblelight has created a vacuum test chamber in its in-house Application Center in Kleinostheim. Since its foundation,

Infrared Emitters for Reproducible, Three-Dimensional Heating Processes

Head restraints, roof coverings, or arm rests – a car interior consists of very many formed parts. Mostly, these consist of a plastic support part covered with textile materials, leather or more plastic. The edges of these interior décor features are then folded over and stuck together. The associated heating processes must usually be carried out in relatively restricted space in a very short time. QRC® infrared emitters, which are shaped

Green Tech: Special Lamps Save Energy

Labels, forms, cards and lottery and raffle tickets are personalised by ink jet or laser printers. These inks must be completely dried or cured before the printed sheets are passed on for subsequent operations such as stacking, cutting, folding or gluing. Depending on the type of ink used, UV or IR emitters are used for drying and curing and this inevitably takes place with some energy consumption. Today, it is

Heraeus Infrared Helps Produce High Performance Thermal Insulation System for Pi …

A custom-built, infrared system from Heraeus Noblelight has helped the Barrier Group, of Wallsend, to develop a high performance, thermal insulation system for submarine pipelines, which offers significant advantages over conventional systems. The high power infrared system is used to cure adhesive to ensure that a polypropylene material, which imparts impact resistance, corrosion protection and additional thermal insulation, can be efficiently applied to an innovative insulation shell around a conventional

“Clean water for a healthy world” – Drinking water treatment with UV emitt …

World Water Day on 22 March – New Challenges for Drinking Water Treatment - Sustainable Maintenance of Water Quality with Advanced Oxidation - UV Purification 100 years Ago and Today. “Clean water for a healthy world” – the theme of the World Water Day, a UN campaign, which takes place annually on 22 March, is dedicated this year to the quality of water. In order that water is suitable for drinking, cooking and washing,

Functional coatings need infrared heat

Water drips off shower walls, roof tiles repel dirt, facades stay glossy, frequently, all this is the work of coatings with functional properties. For building facades or roofs a dirt-repellant coating is very practical, in healthcare it helps to keep rooms cleaner and perfectly hygienic. With ships and aircraft, the repellent effect can save energy and can even be of vital importance. Algae or shellfish which cling to ships, significantly

The Most Powerful Carbon Infrared Emitter in the World

For decades infrared emitters have been successfully used in industrial heating processes to dry coatings, form plastics and to manufacture solar cells. Since the 1990s, carbon infrared emitters have helped to save up to 30% in energy consumption in many processes. In October, the manufacture of the world’s most powerful carbon infrared emitter was brought on stream at Heraeus Noblelight in Kleinostheim, Germany. Carbon emitters can now be manufactured in lengths

Infrared Heat for Corn Starch Packaging

Sweets, chocolates and other types of confectionery are packed in boxes with plastic insert trays. These trays are manufactured by deep drawing plastic foil. A relative new development is to produce the inserts in bioplastic. Infrared emitters from Heraeus Noblelight are helping the company Plantic of Schorba near Jena to deep-draw bioplastics. These emitters transfer energy without contact and generate the heat predominantly in the material itself. As a result,

New High Power Infrared Emitters Help To Produce Innovative Pipelines

High power infrared emitters from Heraeus Noblelight, fitted with newly developed opaque quartz reflectors, are helping to ensure the bonding of a high-tech polypropylene composite coating on pipeline manufactured using an innovative pipeline construction technology. The custom-built shortwave infrared system is pyrometer controlled to ±3ºC and is moved around the pipe to allow the infrared heaters to be located as close as possible to the pipe surface. Traditionally, pipeline for the

Targeted Infrared Heat – The Next Generation

High value plastic parts require careful processing. Burrs must be removed, joints must hold seamlessly and securely. Infrared emitters apply heat in a contact-free and targeted manner to edges, corners and seams and melt away mould release burrs without causing damage to the product. At Fakuma in Friedrichshafen, Heraeus Noblelight is showing QRC® infrared emitters, which can be matched to shapes of work pieces for processes such as deburring, welding

Infrared Heat Increases Productivity of Flameproof Textiles

High-quality home textiles for curtains, armchairs and sofas should not only look decorative, they also have to be hard-wearing and flameproof. Textiles usually get flame-retardant by a coating with special chemicals or saline solutions. By retrofitting a new, Heraeus medium wave infrared system at their South Ockenden factory, Essex Flameproofing have been able to treble the capacity of the drying process used in the production of fire retarding upholstery

Change in the management of HN Sunlight

In June 2009 there will be a change in the management of HN Sunlight GmbH, joint venture of Heraeus Noblelight GmbH und NARVA Lichtquellen GmbH + Co. KG. Markus Berghöfer will leave the company for personal reasons. Since 2003 he was managing the business of „Original Hanau“ and took over the CEO’s position with the foundation of the HN Sunlight GmbH. “It was not easy for me to make this

Infrared Heating prevents Gas Turbine Intake Filter Icing

Gas turbines need air to work correctly. This air must be free of dust and other particles and therefore is always filtered. Cold and damp intake air in the winter months can easily lead to the icing-up of the filters. These then only let through little air and the gas turbine must be throttled or switched off – just in the season in which it would be needed most. Infrared

A Beam of Innovative Light for 30 Years - Heraeus Noblelight Ltd. Celebrates Bir …

At the end of last year, Heraeus Noblelight Ltd celebrated a special company anniversary in Cambridge: 30 years of laser lamp production to the highest technical level. Reason enough to review the latest innovations and to look at current developments. When John and David Littlechild set up Noblelight Ltd near Cambridge in 1978, laser technology was then in its infancy and used mainly in research. The company began to produce laser

Wellness for the Nose - Breakdown of Chloramines in Public Baths with UV Technol …

Simply to relax. To soak the body and soul in warm water. To lose the cares of the day in the whirlpool. The happy sounds of children on the water slide, while the really small splash about gleefully in comfortably warm baby pools. Modern public baths today are often much more than pure sports facilities, they are places for relaxation and well-being for big and small alike. The typical swimming pool

New Infrared Emitters Especially Good for Curing Powder Coatings

Varnishes and coatings must be dried ever faster and ever more efficiently to meet the market’s increased demands. Drying ovens must be able to handle more and more throughput but not every heating source can keep pace. The newly developed QRC® infrared emitter (quartz reflective coating) from Heraeus Noblelight helps to melt and cure powder coatings efficiently and can be retrofitted even in particularly tight spaces. Tests show that with the

Heraeus Noblelight launches Technical Handbook “Ultraviolet Light for Water Tr …

Technical handbook provides an overview of UV lamp technology for water treatment • UV treatment – a reliable and environmentally friendly method • New Publication available at AQUATECH show in Amsterdam Heraeus Noblelight, the manufacturer of specialty lighting sources, has launched a unique publication at AQUATECH 2008 in Amsterdam. The new technical handbook provides an overview on UV lamp technology for water treatment and touches briefly the methods of UV disinfection and oxidation.

Powerful 800 Watt UV Amalgam Lamp for various applications in water treatment

UV Amalgam lamps with a unique coating save time and costs • Longlife technology doubles operating life • Potential for savings in design of disinfection equipment Heraeus is launching at AQUATECH a 800 Watt Amalgam lamp, the most powerful UV Amalgam lamp on the market. The new 800 Watt lamp features the unique Longlife coating from Heraeus Noblelight which considerably extends the operating life of UV lamps. At the AQUATECH exhibition, which takes place

Heraeus will be showing its latest innovations of UV lamps for water treatment a …

Heraeus Noblelight will be represented at IWA Vienna 2008 and AQUATECH in • Amsterdam • UV treatment – a reliable and environmentally friendly method • Product innovation will be launched at AQUATECH Heraeus Noblelight, the manufacturer of special light sources, will be represented at the forthcoming events of the water industry – at IWA Vienna 2008 and AQUATECH 2008 in Amsterdam. The IWA World Water - Congress and Exhibition – takes place in Vienna,

Infrared Heat Forms Plastic Tubes Quickly and In A Targeted Fashion

Plastic tubes and pipes are increasingly being used in civil engineering as well as in domestic technology. Infrared emitters from Heraeus Noblelight help to stress relieve hoses, bend tubes and pipes or form sleeves. They transfer energy in a contact-free manner and generate heat primarily in the material. As a result, heating takes place uniformly and rapidly. This saves energy and space and the heating process can be easily automated. Heraeus

New generation of UV high power lamps moves into Fast Food restaurants: UV remov …

Heraeus has optimized UV lamps for kitchen exhaust applications around the world manufactured by Franke Foodservice Systems. - One high powered Heraeus lamp is able to replace multiple standard oxidization lamps. - UV light breaks down grease, reduces odors, and reduces the potential risk of dangerous fire propagation. - Reduces the need for excessive cleaning. Heraeus Noblelight, the technological leader in UV light has developed a powerful UV lamp exclusively for Franke Foodservice

Ray of Light for Agriculture: UV Lamps Eliminate The Use of Pesticides

New Application for UV Lamps in Agriculture - Swiss Company Develops PhytO3-machines with UV lamps from Heraeus Noblelight - Eliminates Pesticides - Patented Method UV lamps from Heraeus Noblelight are used to treat water, air and work surfaces. Often, these specialist light sources find application in the treatment of drinking water or in the disinfection of packaging materials in the foodstuffs industry. The destruction of micro-organisms with UV light is now also taking place in

New Products Designed for Optimum Performance of Deuterium Lamps

New products launched at Analytica show in Munich • Mercury free time indicator complies with RoHS directive • New Power Supply compatible with virtually all 30 Watt Deuterium Lamps The lamp specialist Heraeus Noblelight has launched a mercury-free timer and new power supply for Deuterium Lamps at Analytica show in Munich in April 2008. Deuterium lamps are used in high value analytical instruments to test pharmaceutical drug purity, to monitor environmental contamination and to test

UV curing experts at DRUPA 2008

UV lamps are needed in many applications, such as graphic arts, label printing, inkjet printing or CD manufacturing. Yet, the replacement bulb itself is an often overlooked but essential part of the production process. At DRUPA, Hall 3 Stand C35, Heraeus will be exhibiting their range of UV lamps. Furthermore visitors will have the opportunity to ask their technical experts about ways to use lamps to improve their own UV curing

Infrared Emitters help speed up components manufacture

Today’s heating processes need to be carried out efficiently and in a targeted manner. Some components, such as electronic components and plastics, will not tolerate heat for very long. The development of more efficient heat sources has been driven because of the sustained pressure for faster production speeds and ever lower production costs. This provides an ideal opportunity for infrared heat, which can transfer a great deal of energy in a

Energy savings at High Speed

Carbon Infrared (CIR) emitters from Heraeus Noblelight dry ink jet printing inks especially efficiently. This is because medium wave infrared radiation is transferred into ink at high power. Above all, medium wave infrared radiation is absorbed very well by water-based inks. Consequently, carbon emitters can allow the printing of personalised mailings at high speed, saving energy and operating costs. Carbon infrared heaters need nothing but the emitter operating in the near

Reliable UV lamps improve DVD manufacture

During the manufacture of optical storage media, plastic discs are stuck together by means of an adhesive. These adhesives are cured by UV light. The selection of the correct UV lamp, matched to the specific process, has a great influence on the process stability. This improves disc quality and reduces maintenance costs. For nearly twenty years, Heraeus Noblelight has been the original equipment supplier for leading German manufacturers of CDs and

Expansion in China

Heraeus Noblelight, a subsidiary of the Heraeus Organisation in Hanau, expanded its production capability in Shenyang in Northern China in December. And the sales department in Shanghai moved into new premises in January. The manufacturer of specialist light sources celebrated these events with the presentation of a glass sculpture, which depicts a Chinese dragon and was manufactured in-house in Heraeus’s own glass equipment manufacturing department On 10th January 2008, Heraeus Noblelight

Paint on Plastic Dries More Quickly with Infrared Emitters

Modern cars, computers and electronic equipment contain components, which are printed and then coated with a protective or a metallised lacquer. Conventionally, these lacquers and coatings are dried or cured by means of hot air. Increasingly, the market requires faster production speeds, which, in many cases, can be achieved by means of infrared drying. A British manufacturer of key boards and keypads is drying its protective lacquer coatings in less

Infrared speeds up Powder Coating of Signs

A medium wave infrared oven from Heraeus Noblelight is helping Hawes Signs to achieve significant increases in production line speed in the powder coating of aluminium and steel panels at the company’s Northampton headquarters manufacturing site. The new oven was installed during an on-going, up-grading programme, which aims to see continuous improvement in all aspects of Hawes’ manufacturing operations. Hawes Signs offers design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of a comprehensive range

Infrared Heat for medical technology

Infrared technology has been used for many years in the industrial manufacturing sector. It is relatively recently that this technology has been used in medical technology. However, for some time, infrared emitters have been used directly used to heat tissue before liposuction and they help to remove wrinkles. Infrared emitters are used indirectly in processing medical goods, such as drying granulates, vulcanising tubes or activating adhesives on plasters. Infrared emitters from

Father Christmas Meets High-tech: Clean Air in the Arctic Circle thanks to ozone …

Ozone Generating Lamps Eliminate Odours in Finnish, Santa Theme Park Every year in the time running up to Christmas, Santa is visited by many children and their parents in the Santa Park theme park close to the Arctic Circle in Lapland/Finland. Santa Park is housed in a mountain and, in a large central hall, the visitors are entertained by a number of activities. For example, elves learn in a school how

Infrared Emitter with a new QRC reflector

Many sensitive heating processes run faster, more efficiently and somewhat more stable when infrared emitters with the new QRC reflector are used. Comprehensive tests at Heraeus, and also on site at the first users, show that the temperature stability of the new reflector ensures a uniform process. The new QRC (quartz reflective coating) reflector consists of high purity synthetic quartz material, with which the quartz glass tube is coated. Heraeus Noblelight is

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