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Workshop Artist Makes Fine Art Paintings Sing

Workshop Artist Makes Fine Art Paintings Sing How can artists make their paintings sing? Artist Nathan Solano uses an unconventional method of underlying nuance of color to bring harmony into the compositions. Pueblo, Colorado - December 28, 2005 - Can fine art paintings display nuances like musical harmonies? If you blend oil and acrylics will your artist compositions render symphonic results? How do artists use depth, soft and hard edges and

Imperato Sends Condolences to China, Taiwan and Daohan Family

December 24, 2005 - West Palm Beach, FL - After learning that China’s top negotiator, Wang Daohan, died today in Shanghai, 2008 Presidential Contender Daniel Imperato reached out for China, Taiwan and the Daohan family to express his condolences. “Today is a sad day. As we look forward to celebrating our holiday season, we must take this day to remember a great man, Wang Daohan,” stated Imperato.

Hispanics Feel At Ease With Lawyers Who Speak Their Language

For Hispanic speaking individuals in the United States, debt problems occur just like they occur to non-Hispanic speaking persons. The decision to seek legal help and to whom they approach to assist them does differ. Hispanics feel more comfortable dealing with someone who speaks their native language. The bankruptcy laws in the United States are complex. More complex than ever due to the sweeping reform that

Imperato on Losing Bin Laden & the Decoy

December 21, 2005 - West Palm Beach, FL - Amidst the reports that Osama Bin Laden is no longer the head of Al-Qaeda, Daniel Imperato ( issued a statement on his personal views on the subject. “I would like to address the issue of losing of Osama Bin Laden, with my fellow citizens and people of the United States of America, and to our administration. I would like

2008 White House Contender Daniel Imperato on Bush’s Address

December 21, 2005 - West Palm Beach, FL - Today, 2008 Presidential Contender, Daniel Imperato spoke out on President George W. Bush’s series of public address on the war in Iraq and the war on terror. “While we the people of the United States of America are people of passion, concern, and for the most part want to help the rest of the world, I believe the people

Post Modern Spirituality: The Art of Designing Unique Enlightenment

Eric Ryser is president of the animation & multi-media development start-up which self-publishes it's subtly psychedelic creations. Apparently it's a one man show featuring Eric's digital animation, art & music soundtracks, on a website built by him. Notable is the absence of Buddhist or even New Age messages that you might expect; instead of talk of enlightenment of "Living in the Light" there are unexplained references to a pseudoscientific sounding

How Not To Get Ripped Off By Furniture Stores This Holiday Season

December 17, 2005 How many times have you bought furniture and been told, "Your furniture will arrive in 4 weeks." Eight weeks later, you're still wondering when your furniture will arrive. "It's coming from China," "It's coming from North Carolina," "There's been a delay," says the salesman. Isn't it interesting that the store never takes any responsibility for the delay? Don't they do this for a living? This isn't the first

Dont' Take The Money and Run - Injury Settlements

You've been injured because someone was careless, you looked for a lawyer in the yellow pages, and one ad in particular caught your eye. "Quick settlements! Maximum cash for your injury!" You signed up with the 'quick settlement' attorney, you brought a lawsuit, and now your lawyer tells you you've been offered money to settle your case. What do you do? Don't take the money and run. What do you do? Veteran

What The Vioxx Mistrial Means Anyone Who Takes Medication

A federal jury in Houston couldn't decide whether Vioxx was responsible for causing a patient's heart attack. If a jury couldn't decide whether Vioxx was safe, what does it mean for you as a consumer? The main claim against Merck, the pharmaceutical giant who manufactured and distributed Vioxx, was that Vioxx caused all sorts of cardiac complications, and Merck never told the doctors or patients about these significant side-effects. Why is this

5 Holiday Tips To Keep You From Being an Emergency Room Malpractice Victim

The holidays are notorious for over indulging on food, overexertion while shoveling snow, and high levels of stress. Unfortunately, this puts many people in the emergency room needing immediate medical care. What happens in the emergency room when the hospital is understaffed because the doctors and staff are on vacation and they're short-staffed? Your care may suffer. Here are 5 important tips to help you through the holidays if you wind up

Central Texas Minority Business Directory Makes Debut

Austin, TX., December 14,2005 - In an effort to create more opportunities for the Central Texas minority-owned business community, Pittman Unlimited has established an online minority business directory for Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and surrounding areas. Many organizations, corporations and government agencies are looking to do business with minority owned businesses. However, the lack of detailed information on the Internet about these businesses was scarcely available, until now. As a

Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Award again goes to Fraunhofer IESE

One of the special research awards in the context of the Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Contest has now been awarded for the second time to the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering (IESE) in Kaiserslautern. The award was given for the development of the software-based process SAVE (Software Architecture Visualization and Evaluation), which enables the analysis of software architectures with unprecedented speed and precision. Hans-Artur Bauckhage, Minister for Economy, Transportation, Agriculture, and Viniculture


December 2005, Lewiston, Idaho Sharon Hiner’s, “Fall Gold”, represents a classic example of the Hudson River School approach to landscape painting and won the “Best of Show” award for 2005 at Lewiston, Idaho’s Snake River Showcase. The “Showcase” as it is know locally has been around almost twenty years. The show has a board of directors that handles the juried process for prospective art to be entered.

DJI Sends Condolences to Prime Minister Khaleda Zia of Bangladesh and the Jarul …

Today, 2008 US Presidential Contender Daniel “DJI” Imperato acknowledged his condolences to the people of Bangladesh for the recent terrorist attacks. “I sent out my belated condolences to the people who’ve been affected by this terrorist attack in Bangladesh. The Bangladeshis must band together, stay strong, and collectively keep their eyes wide open for such inappropriate persons entering their country,” stated Imperato. Imperato, “The Peoples President”, felt that

2 million children suffer from starvation in Romania

The priest draws attention on the dictatorship of the total capital and on the bureaucracy of the European Union. Pater (Father) Don Demidoff, priest of the Free Church and member of the International Council of Community Churches USA draws the attention of Romanian citizens on Romania’s too hasty joining of the European Union. There are 23 million people living in Romania, 4 million of which turn their back on this

Campaigning for Canada Begins, Canadian Political Parties Seek Voice-Overs

TORONTO, December 1st, 2005 / OpenPR / -- InteractiveVoices, (, the voice-over marketplace, is home to an enormous number of Canadian voice-over talent, many of whom will be hired to represent political parties during the 8 week campaign leading up to the federal election, helping to set the desired tone for political campaigns and using their voices to persuade the electorate to vote for the party that they are providing

Leading Independent Presidential Contender Address Bush's Speech on Iraq

November 30, 2005 - West Palm Beach, FL - With increasing opposition to the War in Iraq, today President George W. Bush issued a major policy address on our administration’s plan for Iraq. While he touched on several issues important to Iraq, one of 2008’s leading independent presidential contenders, Daniel “DJI” Imperato came out and further outlined his views and strategy for Iraq. Below is a transcription of

Big interactive Christmas special on

Multimedia Flashback 2005 • Christmas countdown • Christmas e-cards • Users’ Christmas stories • Christmas in Germany • Christmas markets • German recipes • Flashback 2005 The Xmas countdown will kick off on December 1 on the new English-language website for “high potentials.” An interactive Christmas special offers users worldwide the chance to submit their own personal Christmas plans and experiences alongside with their photo to the editors of Young Germany at The personal stories will be published as part of the Christmas special,

Sharon’s Game of Ping Pong Wastes US Taxpayer Money; Imperato Speaks Out

November 22, 2005 - West Palm Beach, FL - In a landmark press conference, 2008 Presidential Contender, Daniel Imperato, criticized Ariel Sharon for poor leadership and a lack of dedication towards peace. “I call on Ariel Sharon and his leadership to stop waffling in the line of fire and to stand firm as a supporter of peace in the region. I will stand out and say that I am

Bostonian Presidential Contender Daniel Imperato Mourns Kennedy on Anniversary

November 22, 2005 – West Palm Beach, FL - Today, in a somber tone, Daniel Imperato expressed his deep sympathy's for the Kennedy family and our country who 32 years ago lost a great father, brother, uncle, and leader. "I would like to take the opportunity to reach out for the Kennedy Family with special prayer and deepest sadness for the loss in Dallas in 1963 of

What's new at Net Lawman?

Tell a friend - Recommend your friends and we will give you 20% discount on all you buy until next 30 days. You will receive the discount code by email. Your friends will also recive the discount. Just name them here.Click the link to recommend your friends Document Drafting Service - at Consumer documents - around 90 documents to ease the stress of writing official letters to people in government

Imperato Speaks Out About WMD and Supposed Bush Lies

November 14, 2005 – West Palm Beach, FL - Tonight Daniel Imperato spoke out about the recent stream of press regarding whether or not President George W. Bush lied about our intelligence and Iraq possessing Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs). “This is an absolute outrage. Our country and our people have no clue as to what has gone on in the Middle East pertaining to this situation,” stated

Imperato Calls on Lula of Brazil to Maintain Good Relations with US

November 14, 2005 - West Palm Beach, FL - Today, 2008 Presidential Contender, Daniel Imperato calls on President Lula of Brazil to maintain good relations with the United States and vice versa. “While Brazil has a great opportunity to blossom and be a prosperous country it also has a serious difficulty pertaining to poverty and education. The job and the task of being president of Brazil is

Imperato on Panama Canal and South American Relations

November 14, 2005 - West Palm Beach, FL - Today, Daniel Imperato issued a statement on Panama and South American Relations. “The greatest loss that our country has ever had, in my opinion, pertaining to South America, is the loss of control of the Panama Canal,” stated Imperato. Imperato referred to the Panama Canal as the ‘gateway into South America’ for import and export. He also stressed

Advent Ltd saves Newton County millions managing RTP for new radio system

Advent Ltd a independent consultant subcontracting thru Georgia Tech Research Institute announced today that Newton County GA has selected a vendor for the new Public Safety Radio network. The network will be able to provide wide area voice, data and GPS based services. Because of the complexity of technology Newton County called on Georgia Tech Research Institute to manage the technology acquistion. The lead on the project was Stephen

Presidential Hopeful Imperato comments on India and Recent Terrorist Attacks

November 4, 2005 - West Palm Beach, FL - Today 2008 Presidential Hopeful, Daniel Imperato commented on the recent events in India. “First of all my condolences go to all of the families affected by this terrible terrorist activity and I give my support for the Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh, and a special condolence if in fact any of the family members of Rattan Tata family or the

The Imperato Peace Plan for Israel and Palestine

The Imperato Peace Plan for Israel and Palestine Imperato speaks out about Abbas Visit to the White House, and his peace plan for the region. Today, 2008 White House Hopeful thanked Mahmoud Abbas for reaching out and taking the time to visit the United States and meet with our President George W. Bush, with mutual respect and consideration for the administration and the people of the United States of America.

White House Hopeful Imperato Pays Respects to Late Civil Rights Leader Rosa Park …

October 31, 2005 - West Palm Beach, FL - Today, with the utmost of respect, Americans paid tribute to Rosa Parks, with more than 30,000 filing silently by her casket in the Capitol Rotunda and a military honor guard saluting one of the most important figures of the American Civil Rights Movement. “As we look back on the life of Rosa Parks, we are reminded of the great contributions that

White House Hopeful Imperato Speaks Out About Rice, Chirac, and Iranian Affairs

Today, 2008 Presidential Hopeful Daniel Imperato spoke out again about the diplomacy needed with Iran. Imperato highlighted US diplomatic blunders with Iran and the needed mutual respect between the two countries.

Imperato Comments on CNN's Christine Amanpour, Syria, and Condolences for the Sy …

West Palm Beach, Fl – October 14, 2005 - Today Daniel Imperato, 2008 Presidential Hopeful, issued a statement in regards to Syria and the recent death of the Syrian Interior Minister. "My condolences go out to the family of Syrian Interior Minister Ghazi Kanaan. Regardless of the situation at hand no one deserves to be put through the grief of losing a loved one," spoke Imperato, "Obviously there

Presidential Hopeful Imperato Comments on Pakistan, India, and the Earthquake

October 12, 2005 – West Palm Beach, FL - Today, White House Hopeful sent his condolences to the countries and the people of Pakistan and India who have been affected by the recent earthquake. Imperato also felt the need to voice his support for Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf. “A special support goes out to President Musharraf of Pakistan, knowing that if I was in the position of representing

Indigenous People Defend United Nations Terminator Ban

Lima/London, October 7, 2005 -- Indigenous farmers in Peru, the birthplace of the potato, have slammed a move to overturn a UN moratorium on using genetically modified "Terminator" technology in agricultural production. Genetic Use Restriction Technology, commonly known as Terminator, means that food plants could be genetically modified so that their seeds are rendered sterile, thus preventing farmers from reusing harvested seed. However, according to a new report from indigenous leaders, Peruvian

Presidential Hopeful Daniel Imperato sends regards to Ariel Sharon of Israel and …

October 3, 2005 - West Palm Beach, FL - Today, Daniel Imperato, 2008 Presidential Hopeful, sent a message to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Israel and the Jewish people around the world for the Rosh Hashanah holiday and wished them a prosperous and peaceful new year. Along with that blessing, Imperato also wished the Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, the Middle East and the Muslim community a peaceful

Adoption Forum's 32nd Annual Conference : The Loot Piles On

Sure attendees come for the workshops to learn about relationship dynamics, their feelings, how to search, and to get to talk with others who understand adoption... but some are making a bid for more! PHILADELPHIA - KING OF PRUSSIA, PA -- More adrenaline anyone? There's excitement brewing as the 32nd annual Adoption Forum Conference takes shape. Hosted at the King of Prussia Sheraton, the October 8 and 9 conference features keynote

Christian Coalition of America Names Jason Christy Executive Director

Washington DC, September 21, 2005 -- One of the nation's leading Christian publishers has been named Executive Director of the Christian Coalition of America. Jason T. Christy, Publisher and Editor in Chief of The Church Report, a national news and business journal for pastors and Christian leaders, was introduced September 19th by the Christian Coalition's president, Roberta Combs. "The Coalition has always relied on leadership with a solid understanding of

Katarina Vavrová and Peter Velikov Receive Top Art-Competition Prizes

September 19, 2005 -- Katarina Vavrová, an artist and printmaker from Slovakia and a member of the team of BestNetArt Artists, has won the Grand Prix (first prize) at the Tokio International Mini Print Triennal 2005. This is a great achievement, as only the best artist in the world participated. Out of hundreds of work a print by Katarina Vavrová was chosen as the winner. The winner of the same

White House Hopeful Imperato on Israel and Netanyahu

September 16, 2005 -- Today, 2008 White House hopeful Daniel Imperato, issued a statement in regards to Israel and its ex-finance minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. “I would like to take opportunity to send my greatest respect for ex-finance minister, Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. I feel that Mr. Netanyahu deserves a great respect for resigning from his government position because of the inappropriate activity taking place in Israel,” stated Imperato. Imperato felt

The Legendry Punjabi Singer Hans Raj Hans Goes Corporate

A concert in Amsterdam. Crowds gushing forward. Huge groups of excited people. The stadium growing more stuffy. Small uproars coming from various sides.The security having a tough time. A prevalent chaos everywhere. The comperer makes the announcement. Enter a tall, fair handsome man with long curly hair. He starts with the song “Jogiyan De Kannan Vich...” and the crowds stare at him spellbound and mesmerized. A pindrop silence ensues. A

Balkanfund Thessaloniki Int.Filmfest preselected „Stormywind” by Sergej Stanojko …

September 18, 2005 -- Twelve new projects were short-listed and will be presented by their writers, directors and producers during this year’s 3-day event at the 46th edition of the Festival, from November 19 to 21. The projects will be presented to an international five (5) member jury, who after the 3-day workshop and “open” discussion with each applicant, will grant 4 out of the 12 projects with a 10.000€

Heart Attack Patients Blame Vioxx

September 14, 2005 – After a recent $253.4 million wrongful death settlement against Vioxx drug maker Merck, more and more patients’ began learning about the negligence of these pharmaceutical companies and are now choosing to make their voices heard. Soon after the release of Vioxx, studies indicated that the use of the drug could lead to an elevated risk of cardiovascular problems. The FDA speculates that during the five years

German Goethe Institut launches Artist-in-Residence program

Environmental Artist David Jakupca, Founder and Director of the The International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA) in Cleveland, Ohio is announcing that starting in September, 2005, the Goethe Institut will hold its first Artist-in-Residence program, enabling young artists and curators from Germany to work overseas for a period of four to six weeks. This program will give scholarship recipients an opportunity to make contacts, gain ideas and form networks for

New Novel „Garfield’s Train” recreates the Death of President Garfield in Long B …

Few people today realize the enormity of the U.S. political scene in the 1880s – those heady days between the Civil War and the start of the 20th Century! Those were the days powered by the “Robber Barons” of Mark Twain’s Gilded Age. And if the era was the Gilded Age, then Long Branch, New Jersey was the “Gilded Strand,” where the wealthy and famous came to enjoy their summers.

Actress Teams Up with Model to Find Homes for Katrina Victims

Chicago, IL, September 10, 2005 -- Compassion and concern for those who have had their lives disrupted by the devastating effects of Katrina is the motivating factor that brought two women together to help find homes for the homeless. The beautiful and talented actress and model LisaRaye has joined forces with her friend Toni Shelton to help the homeless find people who are willing to provide a place for them to

Steel Drum Music Artist Begins National Fall Concert Tour

Alexandria, VA (OPENPRESS) September 7, 2005 -- Steel drum musician and composer Doug Walker begins his fall tour this weekend performing live at King Street in Old Town Alexandria. His new CD, “Steel Drum Reggae Party,” is just what you can expect to hear, and a lot more. Walker not only plays songs you know, but lots of original music as well. His style and artistry create a new sound on

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