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07.09.17 - AIJU

Increase children’s creativity by web-based customization possibilities and 3D printing

3D printing technologies are being considered by some innovator leaders as a production method like any other, although some adjustments, innovations and improvements are still required. Additionally,... mehr

21.04.16 - AIJU

European Consortium seeks to create new platform for design and supply of customised safe toys

The EU funded Horizon 2020 iBUS project consortium is developing a new internet based business model, providing a platform for both, the design and the implementation of a sustainable local supply cha... mehr

18.05.15 - AIJU

The design of the pilot plant for the valorisation of zamak waste starts

The beginning of GREENZO’s compacted pilot plant will allow for first-quality zinc oxide from by-products of the Zamak transformation industry. To this day, LIFE+ GREENZO project is totally immerse... mehr

02.07.14 - AIJU

New pilot plant for the obtention of zinc oxide from zamak waste

The implementation of this pilot plant at industrial scale will allow to valorise waste coming from the zamak transformation industry and currently managed by depositing it in safety landfills, thus r... mehr

13.03.14 - AIJU

Establishment of the composition and requirements of new formulations for bio-based biodegradable masterbatches

These formulations, filled with almond shell, are totally innovative and will allow the manufacturing of toys and auxiliary furniture on biodegradable matrixes with very appealing aesthetic characteri... mehr

19.12.12 - AIJU

AIJU develops the project "INNOVARISK" on determination of risks in innovative children’s products

The methodology developed will facilitate risk assessment of innovative children products whose hazards are not covered by current safety standards. The performance of this R&D project "Hazard charac... mehr

17.12.12 - AIJU

SASAM project starts – Support Action for Standardization on Additive Manufacturing

This project will contribute to set the Standards for Rapid prototyping and Additive Manufacturing within European Industry International and European Standards regarding Additive Manufacturing (AM) ... mehr

21.05.12 - AIJU

Desarrollo de nuevas formulaciones de masterbatches con cáscara de almendra

The introduction of these masterbatches in consumer goods will make way for their integration into the market of new sustainable products, with high performance and profitability. The Project so call... mehr

15.03.12 - AIJU

Toys Personalized Decoration Technologies

“Water Printing” and “Digital Printing” have shown to be applicable for achieving the objective. Over the last two years AIJU has developed the Project Decoratoy, aimed at the study and appli... mehr

10.01.12 - AIJU

“Plásticos Hidrosolubles” & AIJU develop Hunting Cartridge Wads based on PVA Biodegradable Materials

These cartridges, completely biodegradable, will reduce the impact of hunting sports, contributing to the sustainable cycle of the products When a shot is fired, of all the cartridge components being... mehr

19.12.11 - AIJU

AIJU carries out the Assessment of Non-Standardised Children’s Products within the R&D Project "CHILDRISK"

This R & D project, "Risk Assessment of non-standardised children’s products - CHILDRISK" allowed the development of a methodology for a global risk assessment of certain children's products for whi... mehr

04.07.11 - AIJU

AIJU researches on the influence of processing conditions on Migration

The study will determine how the processing conditions and material issues affect in the foodstuff migration Children’s products intended for use at feeding times (tableware and cutlery, cups and f... mehr

24.05.11 - AIJU

AIJU compares the plastic processing properties on an industrial and laboratory scale

One of the more attractive fronts within the plastic industry is that of new materials development with improved properties (mechanical, electric, thermal, optical, fire-resistant, barrier, etc.). In ... mehr

02.03.11 - AIJU

AIJU & AITEX collaborate to achieve the improvement of properties in polymeric substrates by means of Plasma techniques

In general, polymeric materials are characterised by having a low surface energy, caused by the absence of polar groups within the polymer structure. It is often necessary to modify these properties ... mehr

08.02.11 - AIJU

AIJU researches customized and automated decoration for toys

AIJU is researching the tools available for the customized decoration of toys, with the aim of thoroughly studying them and their applications, in order to optimize their usefulness in such a way that... mehr

24.01.11 - AIJU

AIJU researches on the best properties of playground surfacing

The high-impact capacity can be improved by optimising the design factors on rubber surfacing installed in our playgrounds. Rubber surfacing is an environmentally sustainable product, as a high perce... mehr

20.01.11 - AIJU

AIJU develops a new conductive plastic formulation that improves the Electromagnetic behaviour of Toys

The integration of this new formulation within electronic toys will avoid the electromagnetic interference that these toys generate on other electronics devices. Electrical and electronic toys are of... mehr

18.01.11 - AIJU

AIJU contributes to child safety by means of the development of risk assessment protocols

The action protocols developed so far will facilitate risk assessment in children’s products that have no specific safety regulations. AIJU is carrying out an R&D project in the field of children's... mehr

14.12.10 - AIJU

AIJU contributes to the environment with a new plastic material reinforced with natural fibre.

AIJU has developed a new plastic compound made with natural dry biomass, specifically the almond shell, for industrial purposes. The result is a compound material with a wooden appearance and new prop... mehr

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