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DSMAC 2013 Economic Responsibility Was Singed Solemnly

On the afternoon of March 2, 2013, DSMAC 2013 economic responsibility was signed in the company headquarters. The president Lu Hongbo and other 12 directors explicated their own economic responsibilities separately. In the afternoon, the meeting was held in the twelfth floor of the company headquarters. The president Lu Hongbo, vice-president Wang Shouan, finance manager Jin Tianchun and all the middle level managerial personnels attended the meeting. On

DSMAC Impact Crusher Blow Bar Were Praised in Philippines

Since the exporting of DSMAC Mn13Cr2 blow bar into Philippines in the beginning of July, itYesterday, the Philippine customer called that the impact crusher blow bar performs very well and he felt satisfied with DSMAC products. has been working normally for almost one month. Early in June 2012, a Philippine customer was disturbed by the easy management of impact crusher blow bar in the process of crushing diabase. After searching

Making Most Profit of Cement Company in Concrete Industry

In Cement industry, the most disturbing problem is the excess production capacity. In the condition of gloomy economy, the cement industry should change developing mode, upgrade the industry state to reduce the excess production capacity. However, there are also another new way to solve this problem, and it is to extend cement’s industry chain. Through the analysis of market developing rule, the cement’s invest on concrete industry is a feasible

DSMAC Famous for Professional Crusher Spare Parts At Home and Abroad

In cement and mining, there is an indispensable question of abrasion in crushing equipment’ spare part. During the crusher operation, the enterprises are trying to reduce the spare part’s wear and also find out crusher parts with higher quality. From ores to fine powder, from aggregate to cement, all the building materials’ application can not be available without crushing machines, especially in mine, metallurgy, cement and other industries. The crusher’s performance

Five Principles of DSMAC as the Domestic Best Crusher Enterprise

As the leader of crushing machine industry, DSMAC has its own principles for becoming the customer-trusted enterprise. However, what’s the principles of this achievement? First: Safety first, 8S priority Safety is the basic of madefaction, and each company regards safety as the protector. In DSMAC, safety is also put in the first place to make sure the normal production. Besides, DSMAC also learned the international popular 8S management method to ensure the

DSMAC Culture Promoting Enterprise Development

Since 2012, the world economy has been gloomy, especially the importing and exporting industry. However, in this situation, DSMAC has kept its development trend in the export business and created the new high selling records. The key reason is the leaders’ correct decision and strategic planning, of which the cultural management also plays an important role. First one: Cultural Management System Based on the actual production requirement, DSMAC set out

DSMAC is Proved to Be the Trustful Crusher Rotor Supplier Relying on A Flow of O …

Counting on a flow of orders about crusher rotors, DSMAC can be regarded as the leading enterprise trusted by customers. In the production base, the prepared crusher rotors is the most attracting part. In DSMAC production base, which locates in Dingsheng High-tech Industrial Park in Xingyang city, crusher rotors with different models are put together. There are equipment identifications on each rotor with rotor type, delivery date, customer information, etc. These

Professional Stone Crushing Equipment--- DSMAC Mobile Crushing Plant

With the development of mining exploration, the requirement of stone crushing machine is increasing. So there appears kinds of crushers, such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, and so on. The design of mobile crushing plant is the innovation of crushing machine industry, extending the range of coarse and fine crushing and propelling the crusher to the further development. Mobile crushing plant is the newly designed crushing equipment for

DSMAC 6Σ Sandstone Production Line

In 6Σ Sandstone Production Line, there are six standards, including excellent product capacity, low investment, low operation cost, high safety, environment friendly and informationization. The first one is the excellent production capacity, which is also the most important one. There are some natural factors, for example, mechanical properties such as aggregate strengthen, hardness, wearability, crushing work index, fragility and so on and some uncontrollable factors such as chemical components, harmful ingredient,

DSMAC Crawler Mobile Crusher’ New Development in Coal Industry

The crusher machine is the indispensable mining equipment for coal’s further utilization. The crawler mobile crusher with the high convenient and low cost has become the popular machine. DSMAC is a supplier of feeding, crushing and screening equipment, and related wear-resisting crusher spare parts in China. Since the foundation in 1997, DSMAC has been striving to the top enterprise, and has designed jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, tyre type mobile

Russia Customer Spoke Highly of DS12F15 Tyre Type Mobile Crusher from DSMAC

A Russia customer who bought DSMAC mobile crusher spoke highly of the excellent performance recently, and decided to order some more products. It is the high quality and more profit from the crusher that attracts the customer. The customer is from a quarry in Russia. With the continuous expansion of the scale of the Russian national economic construction, sand and gravel aggregate profit advantage is gradually emerged throughout the whole building

Reasons for Wide Application of Crusher Hammer in Philippine

DSMAC crusher hammer have a wide application in Philippine in last year. There were several customers who consulted on DSMAC crusher hammer. What’s the reasons for the wide application of crusher hammer in Philippine? The crusher hammer needed includes many models, such as stone crusher hammer, clinker crusher hammer, and so on. In these products, the high chrome crusher hammer is proved to have stronger wear resistance than those use tradition

Features and Advantages of Tyre Type Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant

Tyre type mobile crushing station is the newly developed crushing equipment for various stones and construction waste crushing. With the high mobility, the tyre type mobile crushing and screening plant can work on the mountainous road to save the raw materials transportation cost. Compared with other crushers, this crushing plant has the following advantages: Integrative frame The tyre type mobile crushing and screening plant combines the feeding machine, crusher, screening equipment,

Secret of DSMAC 500tph Sandstone Making Line’ Success

With with development of urbanization and national road, the need of building materials such as sandstone and cement are becoming larger. Facing with this condition, Yaini (Anshun) Company successfully invested on sandstone making line and proved the feasibility. At the beginning of 2012, Yaini (Anshun) Company seek for new road in the situation of cement industry excesses production. In that area, the requirement for high quality sandstone in construction and concrete

DSMAC Aggregate Production Line Increases Income and Reduces Expenditure for Cus …

According to the statistics analysis, the aggregate production line provided by DSMAC in Sichuan province have reduced cost of more than 30 million yuan each year, which is a great surprise for customers and also a improvement of DSMAC enterprise strength. This aggregate production line locates in Guangan district, Sichuan province. Before investing on this crushing line, the customer considered about the following four aspects. First, increasing income and reducing expenditure.

DSMAC Mobile VSI Crusher Provides a Good Solution for Artificial Sand Making in …

In recent years, with the booming of various construction and the exhaustion of natural sand, the sand gained from the rivers can not meet the need of the market. In this condition, many company pays more attention to the artificial sand, which needs the sand making machine such as mobile VSI crusher. Sand making machin, also called sand maker, is one kind of mining equipment used in cement plant, mine, construction

DMP Mobile Crusher Goes Ahead for Intellectualization

The developing trend of 21 manifests to be innovative, diversified for the products, no except of mining machinery. As a leading company in mining industry, DSMAC strives to bring more new product of screening plant, crushing machines, etc. Recently, the intellectualized DMP mobile crusher becomes more and more popular. Coping with the requirements of high quality and low cost in crushing machines, DSMAC researched out the new mobile crusher, combining with

Suitable Crusher Hammer Reduces Operation Cost in Cement Plant

It is well known that crusher hammer as the corn parts of crushing machines has a close relation with the crushing capacity in cement plant. While the suitable crusher spare parts can reduce cost and bring more profits. For a cement production line, it consists of several parts, such as raw material preparation, clinker crushing, mixed material crushing, and so on. If one machine is on broken condition, there will lead

DSMAC Blow Bar for Impact Crusher Performs Well in Russia

A call from Russia yesterday gave a compliment on DSMAC blow bars, which was exported to Russia customer for sandstone crushing. The successful operation and good performance of the impact crusher won customers’ trust on DSMAC. The customers knew DSMAC on Bauma China 2012, when he was looking for the reliable crusher spare parts for his sandstone crushing line. Having seen the crusher parts on the exhibition, the customer provided the

DSMAC Crusher Spare Parts Summary and Advantage Analysis

Among many crusher spare parts manufacturers in China, DSMAC is a famous one. Many customers would like to choose this company for there are first-class crushing machines, professional crusher spare parts research team and the all-around service. The spare parts produced includes crusher hammer, rotor repair, overlaying welding repair, wear-resisting liner and so on. Crusher hammer: DSMAC can offer processing business for all kinds of models crusher hammers no matter bought

DSMAC Expressing Blessing to Customers for New Year

Near the lunar new year, DSMAC expresses the gratitude and blessing for customers through a series of activities, including preferential crusher spare parts, the continual on-duty, and the enterprise president’s greeting. The customers also can click for consultation during the holidays. 10% Discount for crusher spare parts During the holiday until 28th February 2013, DSMAC new type crusher spare parts like jaw plate and cone concave are sold with 10% discount. The

DSMAC Mobile Crushing Plant Bringing Customers Wealth from Construction Waste

It is reported that a mobile cone crusher has been exported to India, and brought customers profit last month. This mobile crushing plant is to crush construction waste in the city for recycling. It is delectable that China mobile crushing plant has been used in many cities successfully. As the top manufacturer of construction waste disposal equipment in China, DSMAC analyzed the construction waste comprehensively and produced the whole set of

DSMAC Gathered Together for Annual Meeting

On the afternoon of 5th February 2013, DSMAC held the 2012 year-end summary and celebrating meeting in base’s new- built studio. This meeting looked back the achievements in 2012, rewarded the outstanding staffs, and made a scheme of 2013. More than 16 senior leaders including the president Lu Hongbo, the executive vice president Liao Qingquan, etc. attended this meeting. It is reported that this meeting started at

Jaw Crusher Attracting More Attention in Building Material Industry

With the speed of urbanization, more and more new building materials are need, so the new type building material made of crushed stones are becoming hot-selling. The jaw crusher, as the widely used crushing machine, is attracting more people’s attention. In order to meet the need of market, a large series of crushing machine have been put into practice, for example, fine jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, VSI crusher, and

DSMAC Stone Crusher Hammer is Welcome in Yadong Cement for Long Lifetime

It is reported that DSMAC stone crusher hammer has been used in Yadong Cement, and created the record of crushing 320 tons materials and owned the 17 months lifetime, which was called a miracle in mining equipment industry. Jiangxi Yadong Cement is the joint venture by Taiwan Yuandong Group in Jiangxi Province, and also one of the largest joint ventures in this province. The crushing machinery is plays an important role

DSMAC Stone Production Line Attracts Customers in Global

Looking back to the year 2012, DSMAC stone production lines have been exported to many countries, which prompting DSMAC brand and make the enterprise famous in global scale. Until now, there are many crushing lines operating in many foreign countries. Marble is a non-foliated metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. DSMAC marble crushing production line has been widely used for making building aggregate. In February,

New Artificial Sand Making Method - Dry Type Sand Making Line

It is well known that the traditional building aggregate comes from artificial sand and natural sand excavated from rivers. However, with the development of construction, there are less and less natural sand, which is finally gradually substituted by mechanical sand. The artificial sand is mainly made from various rocks or stones, so the sand has the features following: 1, The artificial is usually mixed with large amount dust content, and sand washer

Project Analysis of DSMAC 8000 tpd Limestone Crushing Line

DSMAC has contracted on a 8000 TPD limestone crushing line project at the end of 2012. How about the feasibility of this production line? Will it become profitable in the future? There is a project analysis from DSMAC. Project Overview: Productivity: 8000tpd limestone crushing line Contractor: DSMAC Site: India Project Feature: aggregate production and limestone production for cement plant Application Demand: cement raw material, sandstone and aggregate, concrete production Crushing line configuration: DPC1818 single stage hammer

Crusher Spare Part Enterprise Soft Power Strengthening its Hard Power

For crusher spare parts enterprise, the soft power sometimes can transfer to the hard power to achieve success on the fierce competition. Usually, for enterprise the soft power refers to its management system, developing strategy, innovation ability, and so on. On the first place, management system is important for each enterprise. The human resource management is an obvious one. DSMAC has established a whole system of stimulation and restriction to employ

DSMAC Focus on Brand Strategy in Mining Industry

With the popularity of brand marketing, the establishment of brand has become the competitive aim, such as Sandvik, Metso, and so on. Among these, DSMAC is an outstanding one and has become famous for customers. Entering into the headquarters of DSMAC, there are a lot of honors on the wall, such as “The most Influential Cement Machinery Enterprise” “China Sandstone Industry Recommended Products ” “National Sandstone Industry Advanced Enterprise” ans so

DSMAC Mobile Crushing Plant Bringing More Wealth for Customers

The biggest selling of DSMAC mobile crushing plant in 2012 laid the foundation of construction waste crushing equipment, and also added more confidence of customers and the enterprise salesmen for construction waste crushing machines. DSMAC is a high-tech enterprise focusing on crushing equipment and wear-resisting materials, including impact crusher, high efficient fine crusher, jaw crusher for cement industry, construction waste crushing area, and other crushers, crusher spare parts. At present, with

Ecological Construction Calling for Environmental Crusher

Concerning on the situation change, it is not difficult to see that the ecological construction will be the topic in industries, including mining machinery, therefore, the reformation of heavy equipment is the key component. It is reported that crushing machine has developed for several centuries in China, and with the breakthrough of technology, crusher technique is also innovating in several aspects, such as breaking process, working mode, production means, and so

Mobile Crusher Assisting Granite Crushing Plant’s Process Development

Granite crushing plant is the primary stage for construction in various fields. With the advancement of granite crushing process and crushing equipment, there appears many kinds of excellent mining machinery, of which mobile crusher is an important. Granite has the features of hard structure, wear resistance and low water absorption, and is the superior raw material for railway, highway, high-grade building and other areas. According to the construction purpose and concrete

Ecological Construction Calling for Environmental Crusher

Concerning on the situation change, it is not difficult to see that the ecological construction will be the topic in industries, including mining machinery, therefore, the reformation of heavy equipment is the key component. It is reported that crushing machine has developed for several centuries in China, and with the breakthrough of technology, crusher technique is also innovating in several aspects, such as breaking process, working mode, production means, and so

High Quality Stone Crushing Line Available for Valuable Customers in South Afric …

DSMAC decided to offer great amount stone crushing lines available for its numerous customers in South Africa market in 2013. The stone crushing lines include gold crushing line, coal crushing line, iron ore crushing line, and so on. DSMAC, a manufacturer and supplier of various crusher machines, crusher spare parts as well as crushing plants, services to customers all over the world high quality products. In the year of 2013, DSMAC

DSMAC Unveils New Mobile Crusher Focusing on Customer Need

DSNAC has unveiled the newest mobile crusher---mobile jaw crusher DMP900 in its lineup, a whole set of DMP jaw plant. Designed with the advanced technology, this mobile crushing machine is loaded with features and options developed with customers in mind. DMP series mobile crusher combines crushing and screening process on wheels. Through the union of feeding, crushing and screening equipment together by belt conveyor, it can widely applied for mine,

The Largest Sandstone Production Line Will Appear on April

It is reported by DSMAC that the largest sandstone production line on the world will attend the 5th China International Concrete Technology & Equipment Expo on April. This 40000 tpd sandstone making plant is new breakthrough of mining machinery. Early on May 2011, DSMAC contracted the famous 20000tpd aggregate production line for Changjiu Quarry in Henan province. For this project, the contractor DSMAC inspected the working site and designed the reasonable

Mining Industry Safety Attracts More Attention

A survey made on Wednesday by industrial software company Ventyx, a subsidiary of ABB, shows that mining industry safety is one of the three top concerns by mining executives, including employee safety, managing capital projects and maximising production effectiveness. This study makes the mining safety on the top position in mining industry. The 2012 Worldwide Mining Survey analyzed new trends and shifting attitudes around workforces, capital investments and technology and

DSMAC Pebble Stone Sand Making Machine Brings Customers More Profit

In recent years, with the booming of urbanization, more and more manufactured sand are needed. However, the born of DSMAC sixth generation pebble stone sand making machine provides new strength for sand making line. It is reported that this new sand maker is developed on the base of the advanced technologies at home and abroad as well as the rich experience on mining machinery manufacturer. This sand making machine is the

New Improvement of Crusher Spare parts to Prolong the Lifetime

Looking back to 2012, DSMAC has made great improvement on crusher spare parts. The new improvement of product and technology transformed into production results, enlarging the market share of crusher spare parts. DSMAC new patent crusher spare parts, including the high chrome jaw plate and concave with high resistance, can reduce the whole line cost. Jaw plateis manufactured with super high manganese steel, therefore it has a service time 50~100%

DSMAC 40000 TPD Aggregate Production Line Will Debut on 2013 Concrete China

It is reported that DSMAC will attend The 5th China International Concrete Technology & Equipment Expo held in Beijing during April 24 to 26, 2013. The 40000tpd aggregate production line, the largest production line contracted by DSMAC will appear on this exhibition. China International Concrete Technology & Equipment Expo is an interactive feast held each year by more than ten national authority associations in concrete materials and engineering industry, and is

DSMAC Put Forward Three Methods Helping Cement Plant Owners to Save Cost on Lime …

XPCF high efficient fine crusher is the optimized crushing machine for fine crushing effect improvement and spare parts unitarily enhancement. It is mainly used in cement production, sand and stone joint production, mining, metallurgy, coal industry, etc. There are mainly three application areas forXPCF high efficient fine crusher. First, XPCF high efficient fine crusher is used for crushing cement raw materials before flour mills, reducing energy consumption more than 5

DSMAC Supply the Largest 800tph Limestone Crushing Line for Russia of This Year

It is reported that DSMAC has won to be the supplier for a quarry of a 800thp limestone crushing line, for which the order values almost 600,000 dollars. This is the largest order of this year for DSMAC, representing the strong enterprise strength. Early in the middle of 2012, the Russia consult on DSMAC’s official website about the limestone crushing line. According to the material features of the quarry in Kolomna

Tracking Report of DSMAC River Stone Sand Making Line in Peru

In May 2012, a contract of a 200tph river stone sand making line was signed between DSMAC and a famous company. After three months’s design, equipment production and debugging, this sand production line was put into practice in August. Until now, what’s the condition of this sand making line after about half a year? The customer sent us the photos yesterday. According to the project leader Mr. Bill from Peru, the

DSMAC Widens Jaw Crusher Application Range for Crushing Lines

In mining machinery and sandstone machinery industry, the crusher with inappropriate models are often leading to the insufficient need, because the crusher selection should be accord with different materials features as well as customers requirements. However, the jaw crusher with widen range are the almighty crusher. Usually, the materials with high hardness such as iron ore can not be crushed with impact crusher or hammer crusher. The higher hard materials may

DSMAC Electronic Commerce Department Reorganization in 2013

It is reported by DSMAC news group that DSMAC Electronic Commerce Department has started its reorganization at the beginning of 2013. After reformation, the department’s independent operation will extent business scope, enlarge operation sale, which brings a good chance for DSMAC’s development milestone and at the same time challenges exist. Early in 2012, Director Lerry began thinking of rebuilding the electronic commerce department in order to solve the problems in

DSMAC Launches New DPC Single Stage Hammer Crusher

DSMAC introduces its new products of DPC single stage hammer crusher, extending customer profit. Utilizing invaluable customer feedback, DSMAC has produced a smarter and more productive crusher which is friendly for operator and helpful for owner to reduce machinery investment cost. DPC single stage hammer crusher is one of the core crushing machines in DSMAC. Relying on the superior performance, long service life and thoughtful service, DPC single stage hammer

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