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Youth turnout to be unprecedented, decide U.S. presidential election

Fully 65% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 intend to vote, far above the historical average of 46% Geneva, Switzerland: The U.S. presidential election is likely to be decided by the young, in particular people between the ages of 18 and 30, reported the Altruist League, a Geneva-based consultancy. The League’s survey, done in early October and encompassing 2,504 respondents in all 50 states, reveals that one month

Introducing the Guerrilla Guide to Eviction Defense

The Guerrilla Guide to Eviction Defense is pleased to announce the December 24, 2020 release date for its self-help e-book dedicated to defending against civil eviction and unlawful detainer proceedings caused by the events of COVID-19. Crafted as an indispensable resource of plain English legal writings with corresponding boilerplate legal forms and fillable documents, the Guide is complemented with the author's Patreon page that grants early access to Patron members

Incident Forensics research priorities for the COVID-19 pandemic – Market Future …

Incident Forensics Industry 2020 Market Research Report” A new report added by to its research database. Incident Forensics Market is segmented by Regions/Countries. All the key market aspects that influence the Incident Forensics market currently and will have an impact on it have been assessed and propounded in the Incident Forensics market research status and development trends reviewed in the new report. Get Free Sample PDF Copy @ The economical

Fernando Aguirre, Chairman of DHS, Announces Philanthropic Views: From Giving to …

Washington DC, Monday, October 12, 2020. DHS Vice Chairman Fernando Aguirre shares that wealthy families are thinking bigger about how to improve their communities — and the world. From climate change to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, there’s a growing sense of urgency over how to solve major global challenges. For many wealthy families, this is prompting a fundamental shift in how they approach their charitable giving. Increasingly, donors are using

Oberheiden Law - The Federal Lawyer Announces Launch of New Firm Website, TheFed …

DALLAS, October 9, 2020 - Oberheiden Law - The Federal Lawyer has announced the launch of its new firm website, The firm is pleased to be able to offer the services of its highly-skilled federal defense attorneys and former federal law enforcement agents to individuals who are facing federal investigations and federal charges across the country. According to Dr. Nick Oberheiden, the firm’s founder and one of its senior

Los Angeles Criminal Attorney Ronda Dixon Publishes Book on Surviving Police Int …

Los Angeles Criminal Attorney Ronda Dixon Publishes Book on on Surviving Police Interactions with Your Rights Intact for California Residents The new Protect Your Rights ebook written by Ronda Dixon and released on helps California residents protect their rights when they are stopped, or arrested, by the police. Attorney Ronda Dixon began her law career in the Appellate Division of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. Now, as

FireGator™ Creates DIY System That Meets Recommendations

FireGator™ has created a DIY Automatic Fire Suppression System that maintains compliance by following the National Fire Protection Association recommendations. The National Transportation Safety Board made recommendations in 2019 for all school buses to have an Automatic Fire Suppression System (AFSS) installed. A lot of school buses still do not have the recommended equipment. The National Fire Protection Agency recommends that these systems are installed and inspected by someone who

Household Cleaning Products Market Emerging Players May Yields New Opportunities …

AdvanceMarketAnalytics follow a focused and realistic research framework that provides the ability to study the crucial market dynamics in several regions across the world. Moreover, an in-depth assessment is mostly conducted by our analysts on geographical regions to provide clients and businesses the opportunity to dominate in niche markets and expand in emerging markets across the globe. This market research study also showcase the spontaneously changing Vendors landscape impacting the

Introducing Linkilaw Solicitors: a modern law firm disrupting the legal industry

Linkilaw Solicitors, a modern law firm for the ever-changing landscape of technological innovation, has announced its formal launch with the release of their new website at Founded by two brave women in the midst of the pandemic, the firm has quickly established itself as a trusted legal partner to global innovators across technology sectors who continue to create fresh ideas, venture into new markets, raise capital and turn challenges into

Attorney Richard Hastings is Awarded the Executive Certificate in Conflict Manag …

Ridgefield Connecticut personal injury lawyer Richard P. Hastings was recently awarded an executive certificate in conflict management from the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law located in Canada. The executive certificate in conflict management teaches people how to become powerful negotiators, helps them to resolve their disputes, mediate tough problems, master difficult conversations, and deal with difficult and emotional people. This intensive, hands-on experience, has shown that the best way for

Texas Nationalist Movement Declares Victory After First Presidential Debate

In the wake of the first federal presidential debate of the 2020 election, one clear winner has emerged – advocates of Texas leaving the union. Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement had the following to say after the conclusion of the debate: “If there were any Texans harboring a shred of hope that the union was fixable, it evaporated in that 90-minute free-for-all masquerading as a debate. This was clear

Global Land Surveying Market 2020 Opportunities, Challenges, Top Players, Trends …

Global Land Surveying Industry New Study Reports “Land Surveying Market 2020 Global Market Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies and Forecasts 2026” has been Added on WiseGuyReports. Overview The Global Land Surveying Market is a vast arena where the key players are doing big businesses. The demand for these products under the Global Land Surveying Market is pretty high, and the consumers have now adapted these services and are continuing to help the industry thrive. There

Police and Law Enforcement Equipment Market 2020, Research Report Covers Updated …

“Latest Research Report: Police and Law Enforcement Equipment Market 2020” RnM newly added a research report on the Police and Law Enforcement Equipment market, which represents a study for the period from 2020 to 2026. The research study provides a near look at the market scenario and dynamics impacting its growth. This report highlights the crucial developments along with other events happening in the market which are marking on the growth

Lawyers Directory USA has officially announced the launch of its new attorney di …

Lawyers Directory USA has officially announced the launch of its new attorney directory that will initially feature thousands of lawyers in private practice but will gradually expand to cover all 1.3 million lawyers in the USA. The legal industry in US has experienced significant growth, with a continued rise in demand for dedicated legal experts. The objective of this directory is to search lawyers across a wide range of law fields

Oberheiden Law Announces Expansion of Nationwide Practice to Include All Wrongfu …

DALLAS, Sept. 27, 2020 - Oberheiden Law, a Dallas, Texas-based law firm, has expanded its nationwide practice to include all types of wrongful death claims. "It is my pleasure to announce the expansion of our practice to include all types of wrongful death claims nationwide,” says Dr. Nick Oberheiden, founding attorneyand Managing Partner. “As lawyers, our most important duty is ensuring that families get the justice they deserve – regardless

Oberheiden Law is Now Accepting Mesothelioma Cases Nationwide

DALLAS, Sept. 27 2020 - Oberheiden Law has announced that it is expanding its practice to include personal injury and wrongful death cases involving mesothelioma caused by asbestos exposure. According to founding attorney Dr. Nick Oberheiden, the firmhas established a network of skilled mesothelioma attorneys and medical experts who will assist in providing representation to individuals and families nationwide. The firm is also proud to announce the addition of attorney

Kington St Michael Club Action Group

Angry residents in the village of Kington St Michael, Wiltshire, took to the internet yesterday to demand a change of management in the local village club. Members claim the club is being run without any transparency or normal procedures taking place including annual elections or reports being filed with the Financial Conduct Authority. Members are now boycotting the club which further damages its perilous finances. A campaign group has been

Maxwell Goss Law

Maxwell Goss represents plaintiffs and defendants in all stages of federal and state court litigation and provides strategic advice on intellectual property and business law matters. Max has represented clients in cases throughout the country. Experienced in a broad range of matters, his practices focuses chiefly on intellectual property, non-compete, and shareholder litigation. Max works with businesses of all sizes and with entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, engineers, inventors, tech

Oberheiden Law Launches Nationwide Birth Injury Practice

DALLAS, Sept. 25, 2020 - Oberheiden Law has announced the expansion of its nationwide practice to include the representation of families in birth injury claims. According to firm founder Dr. Nick Oberheiden, the firm has hand-picked a team of highly-experienced birth injury lawyers and medical experts to assist with handling birth injury claims involving cerebral palsy (CP), hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), and the multitude of other conditions that far too often

Exceptional Integration of Expertise in IP, Entertainment, and eCommerce Law

The pandemic has spawned an era of digital businesses not considered possible earlier. These businesses are moving several aspects of life from education and entertainment to health and culture from offline to online. The move poses unique questions, one of which relates to law, regulation and compliance. Addressing legal issues faced by digital businesses requires inter-disciplinary expertise in law, business and technology. Such expertise is however not very common among

Oberheiden Law - Mesothelioma Dallas Now Accepting Asbestos Exposure Cases in Te …

DALLAS, Sept. 24, 2020 -Oberheiden Law - Mesothelioma Dallas has announced that the firm’s attorneys are available to represent individuals and families in asbestos-exposure cases throughout Texas and nationwide. This represents an expansion of Oberheiden Law’s national personal injury practice; and, according to firm founder Dr. Nick Oberheiden, it is a natural extension of the firm’s current scope of representation. “The costs of asbestos exposure can be insurmountable; and, tragically, many

Oberheiden & Bell - Injury Lawyers is Bringing Its Personal Injury Practice in L …

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 24, 2020 - Oberheiden & Bell - Injury Lawyers has expanded its practice to include personal injury cases in Los Angeles. The firm is expanding in response to the growing demand for experienced personal injury attorneys capable of handling complex injury and wrongful death claims on behalf of individuals and families in Southern California. In addition to founding attorney Dr. Nick Oberheiden, Oberheiden & Bell - Injury Lawyers

Marriages are made in Heaven!

If marriages are made in heaven then is divorce God’s intention? For something that God himself intends why does Astrologers defy? Kolkata, W.B., September 24, 2020—“From strangers to husband and wife… happily lived hereafter.” Marriage is a widely acclaimed institution in India to unite lovers. Marriage is not just a ceremony, it is an emotion for everyone. As a blessing we all say, “It is bond that God has decided for

Oberheiden & Bell - Expands Practice to Include Motorcycle A …

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 23, 2020 - Oberheiden & Bell - is pleased to announce the expansion of its practice to include motorcycle accident cases in Los Angeles. The firm is expanding its practice in response to the increasing number of motorcycle accident injuries and fatalities in the Southern California area. Oberheiden & Bell - has hired experienced motorcycle accident lawyers and partnered with non-lawyer experts in order to provide

Global Artificial Intelligence in Oil and Gas Market Performance And SWOT Analys …

This latest report provides a deep insight into the Global Artificial Intelligence in Oil and Gas Market 2020 covering all its essential aspects. This ranges from macro overview of the market to micro details of the industry performance, recent trends, key market drivers and challenges, SWOT analysis, Porter's five forces analysis, value chain analysis, etc. For Better Understanding – Go With This Free Sample Report Enabled With Respective Tables and Figures(

Digital Evidence Management Market Opportunity, Challenges, Future Demands and F …

Digital Evidence Management Market to 2025 - Global Analysis and Forecasts by Software Type (Evidence Analytics, Evidence Storage and Evidence Security); Service Offerings (Digital Investigation, Support & Maintenance, System Integration and Training); Deployment Mode (Cloud, On-premise and Hybrid) Digital Evidence Management Market study by “The ReportsWeb” provides details about the market dynamics affecting the market, Market scope, Market segmentation and overlays shadow upon the leading market players highlighting the favorable competitive

Satyendra Singh Rajpurohit emerged as a real warrior(Hero) in the Corona era

The whole world is facing an epidemic like Corona these days, in such a situation the conditions of all the countries of the world are seen to be bad, in such a situation, every countryman is playing his role and is trying to raise up from this terrible situation, just like in the state of Rajasthan There is also young Satyendra Singh Rajpurohit of Jodhpur district who is presenting a

Press release account suspension Twitter Daniela Shams

On Thursday 17 September 2020, the account of the publisher of Lifestyle4unique magazine was wordlessly blocked by Twitter. Daniela Shams has been on the platform since 2012 and is known for the slogan "honest, stylish, elegant". In this sense she maintains a cordial contact with her followers. It is one of many accounts where things are friendly. Daniela Shams attaches great importance to the fact that different views are mutually

Volunteer Pilots Successfully Complete 2,560 Mile Relay Commemorating Centennial …

Fourteen volunteer private pilots from across the country, flying a menagerie of general aviation aircraft, from a 72-year-old North American Navion, built by the same company that produced the famous WWII P-51 Mustang and B-25 bomber, to a sleek, fast Cessna 421 twin, completed a four-day air relay. Their mission: retrace the exact route flown 100 years ago - to the day - that carried the first 400 pounds

Intellectual Property Attorney Launches Unique Legal Residency Training Program …

New York, NY, September 7, 2020 – ArtWorks™ Legal Incubator & Residency Program is an exciting, first-of-its-kind dual Residency & Legal Incubator Program for new and transitioning attorneys, looking to grow in the intellectual property practice area. The ideal candidate for this program is new attorneys, law graduates, and those transitioning practice areas. Founded through a collaboration of attorneys, business strategists, and philanthropists, the program is currently accepting applications and is

For the Right of Persons with Disabilities to Live in Communities

The COVID-19 pandemic has made life difficult for all members of the society, and it is well accepted that persons with disabilities are at higher risk to the disease. In his policy brief, entitled "A Disability-Inclusive Response to COVID-19," the United Nations Secretary General pointed out that the pandemic is deepening inequalities in the society as the health, social and economic impact on persons with disabilities (PwDs) is

Federal Lawsuit, Car Repossession Agents Exploiting the increased use of McDonal …

A Federal Lawsuit has been filed against Prestige Financial Services of Utah for its illegal practice of repossessing vehicles while they are in McDonald’s drive-thru getting food to survive during the Covid19 Crisis in violation of “Breach of Peace” vehicle repossession. Prestige Financial Services of Utah is exploiting the increased use of McDonald's drive-thrus, during the Covid19 crisis, by targeting them and repossessing the vehicles that are actually in line to get

LaTribuna Christian Publishing Reports On The Need For Bringing The Love and The …

Phoenix, AZ, Sep 11, 2020 -- LaTribuna Christian Publishing’s CEO Chaplain Paul Vescio was recently interviewed on The Gary Baumgarten Report on Sept. 8 where he talked about the need of bringing the love and the compassion of Christ Yeshua back into American healthcare. Chaplain Paul was quoted saying, “Right now patients in nursing homes, care centers and medical rehabs are being separated, isolated and heavily medicated with psych meds

Online romance dating sextortion scam - are you a victim?

You've likely arrived at this article because you received an email from a purported hacker who is demanding payment or else they will send compromising information—such as pictures sexual in nature—to all your friends and family. You’re searching for what to do in this frightening situation. Watkins Ward Group Investigations deal with these inquiries almost daily....Don’t panic. Contrary to the claims in your email, you haven't been hacked (or at least,

Digital Evidence Management Market Latest Trends, Demands, Overview and Analysis …

Digital evidence management is utilized by police, law enforcement and intelligence agencies to collect manage and analyze the digital evidence. For instance, digital evidence management constitutes indexing data, protect original digital data and prevent theft & tampering among other tasks. Digital evidence management provides law enforcement bodies a cost effective centralized way to archive their digital data. According to ReportsWeb Digital Evidence Management Market report 2026, discusses various factors driving or

Significant Legal Win for "David" Canadian Corporation in London Court

Global Energy Horizons Corp (GEHC) an alternative energy corporation headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada has won a significant Judgment against The Winros Partnership (formerly Rosenblatt Solicitors) a City of London based law firm. GEHC’s claims are related to the legality and enforceability of three Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs) alongside several misconduct allegations against Rosenblatt. A CFA is a contingency agreement between a law firm and its client whereby the

Attorney Richard P. Hastings Completes the Applied Alternative Dispute Resolutio …

Richard P. Hastings, a partner in the Connecticut law firm of Hastings, Cohan & Walsh, LLP recently completed the Applied Alternative Dispute Resolution Workshop in furtherance of his education in the areas of negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution. The applied alternative dispute resolution workshop is the most challenging and most unique mediation workshop offered through the University of Windsor School of Law. The workshop is designed for people who


(Oklahoma City, August 18, 2020) - Todd Law, a full-service Social Security disability (SSD) law firm with offices in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, is proud to offer completely virtual services to clients throughout the state. The firm is providing comprehensive representation in all types of Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) matters through online forms and meetings. “One bright part of these unprecedented times is that

Kyle Johnson Fights for His Mother, Nichelle Nichols, in Elder Abuse Suit

News Release For Immediate Release Media Contact: Shawna Charles IXG PR 310.490.7690 Son of Star Trek Star Nichelle Nichols claims Gilbert Bell guilty of elder abuse, theft, and fraud (LOS ANGELES, Aug. 12, 2020) – Kyle Johnson, son of Nichelle Nichols, the iconic Star Trek star, filed a countersuit against Gilbert Bell. The suit accuses Bell of elder abuse, theft, fraud, and additional charges related to Bell’s bilking Nichols of significant assets including appearance fees, her

Kyle Johnson Fights for His Mother, Nichelle Nichols, Retains Ivie McNeill Wyatt …

(LOS ANGELES, Aug. 12, 2020) – Kyle Johnson, son of Nichelle Nichols, the iconic Star Trek star, filed a countersuit against Gilbert Bell. The suit accuses Bell of elder abuse, theft, fraud, and additional charges related to Bell’s bilking Nichols of significant assets including appearance fees, her pension, Social Security, and her Woodland Hills, CA home. The countersuit is being handled by the Los Angeles-based law firm of Ivie McNeill

Bloomfield, CT Police Union Sounds Alarm About Deteriorating Quality of Life & S …

(Bloomfield, CT) – Working without a new bargaining agreement for over a year, a recently expired retirement agreement and dealing with new police accountability regulations that were just signed into law, the Bloomfield Police union president today strongly criticized the town mayor and council members for their lack of oversight that has led to an increased crime rate and a struggling police department attempting to hire and retain quality officers. “The

LiveLawyers - Connecting People with Lawyers

FORT WORTH, TEXAS - People looking for online legal advice now have a better and quicker way of getting their questions answered. is a new website that connects people with a local lawyer for a free 15-minute phone consultation. LiveLawyers combines old and new technology to offer a solution to a common problem: getting good legal advice without leaving your home or office. Upon visiting, users enter their information

Personal Injury Lawyer in Portland Oregon Named To 2020 Oregon Super Lawyers Lis …

Portland OR: The Law Office of Chad Stavley is pleased to announce that Chad Stavley, a personal injury attorney located in Portland Oregon, has been named to the 2020 Oregon Super Lawyers list as a top personal injury lawyer in Oregon. Mr. Stavley has been named to the list each year since 2016. The annually published Super Lawyers list, based on peer recognition, recognizes the top five percent of attorneys

Global Military Propellants and Explosives Market Research Report: Cagr Status, …

An analysis report published by IndustryGrowthInsights (IGI) is an in-depth study and detailed information regarding the market size, market performance and market dynamics of the Military Propellants and Explosives. The report offers a robust assessment of the Global Military Propellants and Explosives Market to understand the current trend of the market and deduces the expected market trend for the Military Propellants and Explosives market for the forecast period. Providing a

Impact of COVID-19 on Smart Weapons Market Overview with Detailed Analysis, Comp …

The Objective of the “Global Smart Weapons Market” report is to depict the trends and upcoming for the Smart Weapons industry over the forecast years. Smart Weapons Market report data has been gathered from industry specialists/experts. Although the market size of the market is studied and predicted from 2016 to 2022 mulling over 2015 as the base year of the market study. Attentiveness for the market has increased in recent

PHP Enhances Client Portal with New Features For a More Efficient Client-Focused …

NEW YORK, N.Y. (July 28, 2020) – Leading Appellate Services Provider, PHP, announced today the release of their new portal with a fully updated and improved case management system. For years the PHP client portal – the first of its kind in the appellate services industry – has been an invaluable tool and trusted resource for attorneys. Celebrated for its ability to systematically organize all client matters on perfected Records

International Scholars Raise Concerns over “an Attempt to Destroy a New Religiou …

On July 20, a webinar on a new religious movement in South Korea and its political, religious, and social dimensions with the recent COVID-19 crisis invited international scholars and experts in the field of religion, international law, and human rights. Titled “COVID-19 and Religious Freedom: Scapegoating Shincheonji in South Korea”, the webinar addressed the recent issues of aggressive attack from politically powerful conservative and fundamentalist Protestant churches in the country on

Best Criminal Lawyer Adv. Purvi Shah is conducting a Free Webinar on Laws relati …

Best Criminal Lawyer Adv. Purvi Shah is conducting a Free Webinar on Laws relating to Domestic Violence. These lockdown times have put couples inside a house when they don’t wish to. Many cases are couples who want a divorce or are already talking to divorce lawyers and are suddenly now stuck in a lockdown. These stress situations have led to an increased incidents of domestic violence across the country. Advocate

Canyon Security Specialist & Consulting Joins Nationwide FirstNet® Public Safety …

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JULY 22, 2020 Contact: Alex Nicole, 602-753-8814 Canyon Security Specialist & Consulting Joins Nationwide FirstNet® Public Safety Network (Phoenix, AZ) — Canyon Security Specialist & Consulting, a rapidly growing private security guard and safety consultancy headquartered in Arizona’s Valley of the Sun, today announced it is connecting its private security personnel to FirstNet – the nationwide communications network for first responders and those that could be called on to help support

Crowdfunding Market - Detailed Analysis of Current and Future Industry Figures t …

“Crowdfunding Industry Report″ is a direct appreciation by The Insight Partners of the market potential. The report intends to provide accurate and meaningful insights, both quantitative as well as qualitative of Crowdfunding Market. Crowdfunding is a type of financing which assists in arranging fund with the help of contribution from a large group of masses for a project. Instead of looking for substantial sums from the small investors, crowdfunding arranges funds

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