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Press Releases from PriorMart AG (2 total) protects designs in Europe for free helps designers from every country to protect their work fast and free in the European Union. If the design is new, novel and publishable, it can be protected by the three-year unregistered community design right just by disclosing it on How does design protection work? When a design is disclosed on, the designer receives a document of disclosure per email. With this document he/her can proof at anytime, when,

Had Dan Browns won his plagiarism case in 2016 also? Probably not.

PriorMart – 2004-04-16: In the case over plagiarism in bestseller author Dan Browns latest work „The Da Vinci Code“ the British court of law rejected the claims in favor of Brown. But it also named weaknesses in the evidence, that should be considered for the years to come. The court further expressed, that it does not reject the point, that Brown has used ideas and action strings from the work

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