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Imperiali Organization and its Founder Daniel Imperato Announces Recommendations …

Imperiali Organization and its Founder Daniel Imperato Announces Recommendations to Imperiali Inc. Board of Directors and Investment Advisory Committee West Palm Beach, Fl – August 20, 2007 - Imperiali Organization announced today that it has made recommendations to the Board of Directors of Imperiali Inc. pertaining to issues and comments in accordance with the SEC’s third round of questioning that has taken place in relationship to Imperiali Inc. becoming a publicly

Juanell Teague, Author of "The Zig Ziglar Difference", Names Daniel Imperato "St …

West Palm Beach, FL – March 26, 2007 – Today the Imperiali Organization announced that its founder, Daniel Imperato, has been named \"Street-Smarts for God\" by renowned business trainer, Juanell Teague. Teague is known for representing celebrity speakers such as Dr. Norman Vince Peale, Art Linkletter, Dr. Denis Waitley and Zig Ziglar. She is the author of \"The Zig Ziglar Difference\" and continues to work with top national

Imperiali Organization Founder, Daniel Imperato Visits Michigan and Enters into …

Detroit, MI – January 6, 2006 – Today, Imperiali Founder Daniel Imperato visited with representatives from the Auto Industry for Imperiali’s new auto industry involvement. The company has entered into serious discussions with auto industry leaders in automobile industry’s heartland, Detroit, to allow the US Automotive Industry to establish increased global sales of new and used automobiles. This venture positions Imperiali to revive America’s automotive industry on a global

Imperiali Organization Founder Reports from Brazil

Rio de Janiero – November 29, 2006 – Today Imperiali Organization founder, Daniel Imperato, reported some of the accomplishments from his tour to Brazil. \"Imperiali Organization\'s leading representative in Brazil, Jim Sletteland, has done a great job organizing and structuring the beginnings of Imperiali SA Brazil which will position itself to position itself to register on the Brazilian Stock Exchange in the coming year,\" said Imperato. Sletteland, who

Imperiali Organization Announces Beta Testing for New Online Educational Portal

London - October 30, 2006 – The Imperiali Organization announced today that they are organizing a new online educational portal for students focusing on international trade and business. The program will be done win conjunction with Dr. Gary Busch and his World Trade Educational program. The Beta testing program will allow 20 students from around the world to take this groundbreaking course at no cost. All students from

Imperiali Organization Announces Strategic Alliance with Friedland Investment Ev …

New York, NY – November 2, 2006 – Today, Imperiali Organization announced that it has entered into a strategic alliance with Friedland Investment Events ( The Imperiali Organization will provide Friedland Investment Events with e-marketing services for the company\'s financial and investment events and for the publicly-traded companies who present at the events. The Imperiali Organization\'s e-marketing initiatives will be targeted towards both the financial community

Imperiali Organization Announces Beta Testing for New Online Educational Portal

London - October 30, 2006 – The Imperiali Organization announced today that they are organizing a new online educational portal for students focusing on international trade and business. The program will be done win conjunction with Dr. Gary Busch and his World Trade Educational program. The Beta testing program will allow 20 students from around the world to take this groundbreaking course at no cost. All students from

Imperiali Inc. Announces Letter of Intent for $30 Million Funding

West Palm Beach, FL - September 26, 2006 - Today Imperiali Inc. announced that it has received a letter of intent for $30 million of funding from a London-based international investment group. The terms and conditions were undisclosed with the final agreement to be negotiated and completing within the next few weeks. In addition, Imperiali will expand its presence and is considering a potential listing on the London

White House Contender Announces the formation of the Imperato Association of Str …

London – September 25, 2006 - In a show of unity, 2008 US Presidential Candidate Daniel Imperato announced his formation of the Imperato Association for Strategic Studies for the United States, Africa, European Union, and Middle East dialogue. \"Today marks the beginning of what will be a landmark organization pertaining to inter-religious, business, and political dialogue, with strategic evaluations and applications. Our association will enable governments

Imperiali Organization Announces Strategic Partnership with Strategia

West Palm Beach, FL – September 1, 2006 – Today the Imperiali Organization announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with Strategia ( and its founder Bill Beane. Strategia is a leader in building strategic planning and training tools for C-level to mid-level executives, incorporated in on-demand, online training modules. The company has an impressive track record of outstanding results

Imperiali Organization Announces New TV Project "Your Next Prez"

West Palm Beach, FL – August 5, 2006 - Today the Imperiali Organization announced the development of their new TV project preliminarily titled, “Your Next Prez”. The television series chronicles the life of 2008 Presidential Candidate Daniel Imperato as he goes through the campaign trail and journeys to become your next president for 2008. The show’s concept which was created by the Imperiali Organization is extremely unique in the

Imperiali Organization Appoints Community Leader for Miami ABA Team

Miami, FL – July 25, 2006 – Looking to build community-based team for its ABA franchise, the Imperiali Organization has appointed Art “Pilin” Alvarez as the Miami ABA team President, and received an ownership position in the team. Art "Pilin'' Alvarez has been a success at just about everything he has tried, from business to sports. As a basketball player, he was the first Cuban to earn first-team all-state, doing so as

Imperiali Inc. Acquires First Right of Refusal on all Imperiali Organization Pro …

West Palm Beach, FL - July 25, 2006 - Today, Imperiali Inc. obtained the first right of refusal to acquire any and all Imperiali Organization Projects This transaction includes the ability to acquire the websites, projects, intellectual property, or any portions of the project associated therein. To date the Imperiali Organization has developed the following projects: public relations (, a search engine (, video broadcast (, design services (, movies (,

Imperiali Organization Founder Meets with AON Executive Consultant Buckley Norri …

July 14, 2006 – Los Angles – Today, Daniel Imperato, Imperiali Organization Founder, met with AON Executive Consultant Buckley Norris in regards to a performance bond for “The Red Worm” ( • The two agreed to proceed forward in principle in accordance with proper due diligence and subject to the finalization of the terms of agreement on the performance bond and other risk management requirements. • Performance Bonds are surety bonds that guarantee the

Imperiali Organization Acquires Miami team from ABA

LAS VEGAS, NV & MIAMI, FL – From the bright lights of Las Vegas, the Imperiali Organization announced that it has acquired the rights to operate a team in the greater Miami/Ft. Lauderdale market in the American Basketball Association (ABA). If all goes well, the team will be in action for the upcoming 2006-2007 season. The Imperiali Organization currently is the majority of another ABA franchise, the Palm Beach Imperials.

Luminart Announces Major Deal with Imperiali for Global Expansion

Las Vegas, NV – July 11, 2006 - In a major move for the Luminart Corporation (OTC: LUMP.PK), the company has announced that it has retained Imperiali, an international advisory firm, to facilitate its global expansion and rollout plans. Imperiali Inc. will focus on strategic partnering, product licensing, setting up distribution networks, analyzing manufacturing, and identifying joint venture/acquisition partners The official terms of the agreement were not publicly disclosed.

Daniel Imperato Launches 2008 Independent Presidential Campaign

Boca Raton, Florida -- Today, West Palm Beach, Florida businessman, Daniel Imperato officially launched his Independent candidacy for President in 2008, at the Boca Raton Resort and Club. With Vice-Presidential running mate, Webster Brooks of West Hartford, Connecticut by his side, Imperato said "It's time for Americans who are fed up with the incompetence and partisan warfare between Democrats and Republicans to create a political movement that

Imperiali Organization Announces Joint Venture for Video Broadcast from the Nasd …

Los Angeles, CA – June 16, 2006 - Today the Imperiali Organization announced that it has entered into a joint venture with to provide video broadcasts from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, the Chicago Stock Exchange, the Nasdaq and the American Stock Exchange., the world's longest continuously running video broadcast on the web, has been doing feature interviews of traders, experts, and CEO's from the floors

Media Advisory: John Daly added as Writer, Director, and Executive Producer

• Los Angeles, California – June 12, 2006 – In a clarification of earlier published reports the Imperiali Organization has announced that they have agreed in principle with John Daly to direct, produce, and complete the greenlight script for “The Red Worm”. • Previous reports had John Daly listed as ‘co-director’ instead of his appropriate titles of Executive Producer, Writer, and Director. • According to Imperiali’s Daniel Imperato and i1films Director Julio Herzer,

Imperiali Organization Founder and Chairman Imperato Attends Monaco Grand Prix

Monte Carlo, Monaco - May 25, 2006 – Today, Daniel Imperato, on behalf of the Imperiali Organization ( and i1racing, attended the world famous Monaco Grand Prix. The Monaco Grand Prix is a Formula One race held annually, and since 1929, in the Principality of Monaco considered to be one of the most important and prestigious races around the world alongside the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race and 24 Hours of Le

Dr. Rashid Ali of Kenya Added to Imperiali Organization’s Global Advisory Team

West Palm Beach – April 17, 2006 – Today, the Imperiali Organization that former Deputy Secretary of Administration Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry, Dr. Rashid Ali of Kenya, has been named as an advisor to the organization. The Imperiali Organization’s founder, Daniel Imperato had this to comment regarding the addition of Ali, “Dr. Rashid Ali is a man of honor and a fine human being. He brings

Imperiali Organization Meets with Capital and Investment Banking Group

Santa Monica, CA - April 12, 2006 - Yesterday, Daniel Imperato, of the Imperiali Organization ( attended a private meeting regarding finance in Santa Monica. Attending that meeting was a representative of the Pacific Coast Capital Group, a private investment banking firm providing merger & acquisition services and related private equity capital resources to small and mid-sized businesses. Imperato has stated that an offer has been made to the Imperiali

Seattle-Based International Businessman Joins Global Development Group

Seattle – April 3, 2006 - Today, Seattle-based International Business Entrepreneur and Telecommunications Equipment Specialist, Ken Martin, joined the Imperiali Organization, as a member of the Global Advisory team. Martin was originally born in the United Kingdom and brings a tremendous amount of experience to the Imperiali Organization. Daniel Imperato, the Founder of Imperiali Organization felt that Ken Martin was a valuable addition to the organization. “Ken Martin brings

Imperiali Organization and i1connect Expand Technology Presence with CCBN 2006

Beijing – Today Imperiali Organization ( and i1connect (, expanded its presence in the telecommunications, broadcast, technology, and production with its presence at the China Cable & Broadcast Show, CCBN 2006, ( “We have a firm belief, here at the Imperiali Organization, that technology and innovation will be the main drivers of the new global economy, where the gaps of distance and time are reduced to a push of

Imperiali Announces Major Malaysian Partner

Kuala Lumpur – March 21, 2006 - Imperiali Organization announces today the reestablishment of presence in Malaysia. Today senior advisor, international business tycoon, and expert global businessman, Thomas Goh Heng confirmed joining the Imperiali Organization. Mr. Thomas Goh Heng currently manages a diversified portfolio of interests and is a long term friend of Imperiali Organization Founder, Daniel Imperato. The announcement of Thomas Goh Heng based in Malaysia

Imperiali Organization Announces the Rebirth of Strong Relations in Southeast As …

Hong Kong – March 21, 2006 - The Founder of Imperiali Organization, Daniel Imperato, has been traveling throughout the Asian community reestablishing relationships pertaining to building out the infrastructure project development and strategic partnering relationships for Imperiali Organization on a global basis. Imperiali Organization announced today that it has reestablished relationships with Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, and will consider developing future relations with other Asia Pacific countries

Imperiali Organization Enters International Film & TV Market in Hong Kong

Hong Kong – March 21, 2006 - Today Imperiali Organization, i1connect, and Imperiali Films were represented at the prestigious FILMART International Festival in Hong Kong ( The event, which was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre featured over 400 exhibitors in the fields of production, design, animation, governmental, and other associated businesses from countries around the world including China, France, Japan, Australia, Mexico, etc. Attending the conference on

Independent America

Charlottesville, Virginia. A synergy of diverse minds are developing the blueprint for America 's next great revival. The text entitled "Independent America" will lay out the vision of two gifted and determined individuals with the courage and conviction to conduct an historic run for the White House. It started with a vision from a our leader Daniel Imperato, an international businessman respected for his ability to succeed in challenging circumstances,

Imperiali Organization Expands Global Presence

West Palm Beach, FL – March 13, 2006 - Today the Imperiali Organization ( announced that it will be expanding its global presence with a specific focus on the European Union and the Far East. The goals of the Imperiali Organization during this global tour will be to develop strategic partners, meet with equity investors, and explore joint venture and acquisition opportunities. The Imperiali Organization primarily focuses on global

Imperiali Organization Attends Miami Small Cap Conference

Miami, FL - March 9, 2006 - Today the Imperiali Organization attended the ValueRich Conference in Miami, FL at the Intercontinetal Hotel. The ValueRich Conference is an expo for small-cap companies, and financial institutions. At the conference, Imperiali Organization evaluated potential clients, strategic partners, and joint venture opportunities. Dan Mangru, a spokesman for the company has this to comment. "ValueRich is a great show and provides awareness for

Imperiali Organization Strengthens Asia Pacific Relations

West Palm Beach, FL – February 23, 2006 – Today the Imperiali Organization announced that it will be sending its Chairman, Daniel Imperato, who has 30 years of experience in the region, to the Asia Pacific region to develop strategic partners, meet with equity investors, and explore joint venture and acquisition opportunities. With plans to expand its business portal, Imperato has begun to further strengthen his existing global relations,

Today, Imperiali Organization announced the addition of respected telecommunicat …

Imperiali Organization Increases European Union Presence with New Advisor Madrid - February 23, 2006 - Today, Imperiali Organization announced the addition of respected telecommunications specialist from Madrid, Edelmiro Lopez, to its advisory team. “I have known Daniel Imperato from the end of the 90’s, when he called me to join his project of building a telecommunications sub sea fiber-optic cable network all around the world. Thanks to his effort and

Imperiali Organization Announces Today Affiliate in Athens Greece

London – After discussions today from Imperiali Organization’s London business trip, John Leonidas the well known shipping engineer and family man from Athens, Greece, has agreed to participate with Imperiali Organization in the area of business development and analysis. Mr. Leonidas has a tremendous professional background and is a member of SNAME U.S.A., correspondent member for Greece of ATMA France, IMTC Greece, and the Greek Technical Committee of ABS.

Imperiali Chairman meets with Middle East Advisor Nasser Al-Maisary

London – February 9, 2006 – Seeking to strengthen business relations around the globe, Imperiali Organization Chairman Daniel Imperato met with Middle East advisor Nasser Al-Maisary. "I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Daniel Imperato for his invitation to meet and to express my thanks and appreciation for good business done between Mr. Daniel Imperato and me. We met each other over the last three days and I

Imperiali Organization Attends Southern California

Orange County, CA - February 4, 2006 - Today, Imperiali Organization ( and i1connect ( announced their planned business activities in Southern California. First, Imperiali Organization will be represented at the SCIA, Southern California Investment Association conference. The conference is a mixture of investment bankers, and emerging companies. Additionally, i1connect has scheduled high-level meetings in the entertainment industry to formulate strategic partnerships and agreements for its movie "The Red Worm"

Imperiali Organization Announces Chairman's European Tour

London, United Kingdom (UK) – February 3, 2006 - Today, Imperiali Organization ( announced that its Founder and Chairman, Daniel Imperato, has set out on a European Tour to strengthen relations with European Agents for business development and Imperiali's global expansion portal In addition Imperato will begin negotiating a joint venture with a major European partner pertaining to equity stake in Imperiali and a strategic partnership for

Amidst the Sundance Festival, Imperato Releases 30 years of Global Vision, The R …

West Palm Beach, FL - January 20, 2006 - With the Sundance Festival attracting major film attention, Presidential Leader Daniel Imperato ( ), ‘The Peoples President’ of 2008, announced today, the script unveiling of a chilling, earth-shattering film, The Red Worm. “Today, I, Daniel Imperato announce for the first time in history, after several years of planning and several years of commitment to write the script, the first

Imperiali Organization Introduces New Affiliate

January 6, 2006 – West Palm Beach, FL - Today, Imperiali Organization ( announced its planned global expansion portal has reached another step in completing the communications piece of its planned network, by introducing its newest affiliate, (, a full-service, online, international media management company. “We are now one step closer to creating the fastest gateway to the globe,” commented Daniel Imperato, Imperiali Organization’s founder, who brings 30 years of

Imperiali Organization Adds New ABA Basketball Team in West Palm Beach to Their …

Today, Imperiali Organization announced they’ve acquired the rights for the American Basketball Association (ABA) team in West Palm Beach, which they’ve named, the Palm Beach Imperials. The ownership group, led by Daniel Imperato, looks to build unique brand of sports and entertainment to Palm Beach area. West Palm Beach, FL – December 19, 2005 – Today, Imperiali Organization ( announced it has acquired the rights to launch

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