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The largest arms fair of the twentieth century

In Afshin Rattansi's film, "The largest arms fair of the twentieth century", the viewer is taken through a sick and twisted world of killing. He had unparalleled access to the arms fair in his capacity as the launch editor of the Dubai Business Channel and this film was recently unearthed. The award-winning journalist and author of the bestselling quartet, "The Dream of the Decade - the London novels", managed to

Fox News Interviews Award-Winning Former Al Jazeera Journalist About the Mideast …

26 July 2006 (London, New York) Fox News Channel broadcast an interview with award-winning former Al Jazeera journalist, Afshin Rattansi, who worked for the flagship strand that first identified the 9/11 plot. Looking at the crisis in the Middle East, Rattansi cast doubts on the usefulness of Secretary Rice meeting with Mamoud Abbas, saying that Hamas was the only legitimate democratically-elected force in Palestine. He also said that whichever side one

Word-of-mouth makes sales of Afshin Rattansi's book, "The Dream of the Decade", …

Word of mouth has meant that Afshin Rattansi's book has been selling thousands of copies around the world. As one correspondent on Amazon writes: "If it wasn't for Google, I probably wouldn't have come across The Dream of the Decade and so I would have missed an incredible experience. When I entered Afshin Rattansi's website, I didn't even have a single idea who he actually was (hard to believe, but true!). I

Morrissey and Afshin Rattansi's Dream of the Decade

Authors continue to be inspired by the Manchester singer/songwriter, Morrissey and along with his latest record, a new novel is out which echoes the spirit of his 1980s band, "The Smiths." From the moment that the new Morrissey album sings out with references to the Italian film director, Pasolini, his die-hard fans know that the journey that began in Manchester and moved to London and Los Angeles is now stopping in

London Book Fair 2006: The Dream of the Decade - The London Novels out via Amazo …

For the duration of the London Book Fair, 2006, a new novel that has been garnering increasingly higher ratings on is to be available for free download. It is published by Amazon's first venture into publishing - following its takeover of U.S. firm, Booksurge LLC. Some have credited its sales to the fact that the author, Afshin Rattansi, worked for Al Jazeera's flagship series "Top Secret" - a strand that

Former Al Jazeera -Top Secret- journalist available for interview on the latest …

The latest Zawahiri tape has been confirmed as genuine by U.S. authorities who admit that their latest strike in the border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan went amiss. How does Al Jazeera get such tapes and what makes the network one of the number one brands in the world? How do they cover Hamas' election victory in Palestine? Afshin Rattansi, award-winning journalist formerly with the BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera, is available

The top novels of 2006 - Publishers, Dates, Authors and Titles

Who will win the prizes for best novel in 2006? A whole host of new and old names are releasing hotly tipped fiction, this year. These are predicted to make the headway with judges and readers. 1. The Dream of the Decade by Afshin Rattansi ( Booksurge, February )- Long-awaited debut by former BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera journalist about terrorism, the media, property and post-apocalyptic London: already tipped for the

Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World with Al Jazeera

Two new works that seek to bridge the cultural divide: one by US actor, Albert Brooks, the other by Muslim writer, Afshin Rattansi. Albert Brooks' new film (Rated PG-13,Runtime: 98 min) traces the journey of a comedian sent by the U.S. government to India and Pakistan to find out what makes Muslims laugh and simultaneously a hilarious novel has been published by a former Al Jazeera journalist, Afshin Rattansi - in

Europe’s biggest war since WWII – how well was it reported? A 2006 “Scoop …

There may be criticism of reporting from Iraq and Afghanistan but what about reporting of wars very much nearer the “West”? If “The Dream of the Decade” is anything to go by, European populations were poorly served by their journalists. While the quartet “The Dream of the Decade” treats various issues in its four novels, the final one included in the volume “Good Morning, Britain” suggests war-reporting is not very professional

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