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Wireless Internet Services Market Size, Trends, Industry Analysis, Key Drivers, …

The Business Research Company presents an extensive market research report on the "Wireless Internet Services Global Market Report 2024" furnishing businesses with a competitive edge through a detailed examination of the market structure, encompassing estimates for various segments and sub-segments. Furthermore, the report highlights on emerging trends, significant drivers, challenges, and opportunities, providing all necessary data for thriving in the wireless internet services industry. This report on wireless internet services market

Bharat Katha - Real People's Real Stories and Sublime Photography Combine in Mul …

A publishing sensation that bursts with photography, stories, films and music, Bharat Katha celebrates the ten-year milestone of artist and author Nitin Krishen's eponymously named project. Taking readers on a journey to the heart of India, crossing languages, cultures and regional boundaries, Bharat Katha shares India's vibrancy, majesty and mysticism. Media Contact Nitin Krishen Email: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE UNITED KINGDOM - A visually intoxicating feast for the senses, Bharat Katha

New Book "Shorelines" Showcases the Texas Gulf Coast and Coastal Bend Regions

DALLAS - K.Co Press announces the release of "Shorelines," a hardcover coffee table book that features coastal scenery, historical landmarks and arts and culture destinations along the Texas Gulf Coast. Photos for the book, taken by James Khattak, were sourced on a four-day road trip from Boca Chica, in far south Texas, to Port Arthur, in the Texas piney woods region in July 2023. They include scenes of historic Port

Author Latoya Shea Unveils a Heartwarming Tale of Faith, Friendship, and Miracul …

A heartwarming journey from illness to inspiration - From Sick to Healed celebrates the miracles of faith, friendship, and the enduring power of prayer. Latoya Shea, an author with a powerful personal journey, proudly announces the release of her latest work, From Sick to Healed: The Wonderful Miracles of the Turban Girls. This independently published children's book explores themes of hope, friendship, and the transformative power of faith. In From Sick to

Michael Gleason Releases New Historical Novel - Elephant Bones

New Historical Fiction Novel, Elephant Bones by Michael Gleason, Takes Readers on a Timeless Journey Through Friendship and Legacy in Virginia Beach Author Michael Gleason is pleased to announce the release of his latest novel, Elephant Bones. This captivating historical fiction invites readers to immerse themselves in the intricate tapestry of friendship, family, and love against the rich backdrop of Virginia Beach. Where the past comes alive, and friendships stand the test

Arts and Crafts Tools Market to enjoy 'explosive growth' | Pentel Co., PPG Archi …

Latest released research study on Arts and Crafts Tools Market delivers volume and values at regional and company levels considering slowdown due to COVID across the globe. From a global perspective, the report analyzes historical data and future prospects to represent the total Global Arts and Crafts Tools Market size broken down by various segments (type and application) and by highest potential and emerging countries. Some of the players profiled

'Disco Matanga' Author Wins International Literary Award

Author Alexander Nderitu is the sole African on the 2023 Sahitto International Literature Awards list of winners. The annual literary awards are organized by Tareq Samin; a writer and human rights activist from Bangladesh. The team of international judges took into consideration Nderitu's body of work, and in particular the short story collection, Disco Matanga (2022). The 2023 winners are: 'Grand Jury Award' Category: • Agron Shele (Albania/Belgium) • Vesna Mundishevska-Veljanovska (North Macedonia) 'Excellence in

Capturing Resilience: Katerina Hung's Visionary Mission to Empower Actors Amidst …

Los Angeles, January 1, 2024 - Today, Katerina Hung, a visual storyteller based in Los Angeles is on a mission to help her fellow community of actors in Los Angeles. In the aftermath of the SAG-AFTRA Strike, and a very controversial deal that left many actors across the nation feeling at a loss for confidence, Katerina announces her latest venture to aid struggling actors. Katerina Hung - Capturing Resilience: A

Jean Johnson Releases New Children's Book - Rynnie Roo's Adventures Arkansas

Embark on a New Educational Journey with Rynnie Roo's Adventures in Arkansas: A Delightful Addition to the Beloved Children's Book Series Jean Johnson is the author of the beloved Rynnie Roo's Adventures series and is thrilled to announce the release of the fourth installment, Rynnie Roo's Adventures Arkansas. This captivating children's book, published on December 10, 2023, promises to transport young readers on an exciting journey filled with discovery and educational

Rebecca Hendricks Releases New Novel Hound Dogged - A Captivating Tale of Friend …

In a world where Rock & Roll ruled the hearts of teenagers, Hound Dogged delivers a compelling story of camaraderie, ambition, and the magic of music. Author Rebecca Hendricks is set to transport readers back in time to the vibrant era of 1958 with her latest release, Hound Dogged. In a captivating blend of Rock & Roll nostalgia and historical fiction, Hendricks weaves a tale of friendship, music, and the pursuit

Rosemary D. Oglesby-Henry Promotes Her Novel - The Rose Who Blossomed Through th …

Rosemary D. Oglesby-Henry Promotes Her Novel - The Rose Who Blossomed Through the Concrete Uncover the power of faith in the midst of life's challenges… Trilogy Christian Publishing is pleased to introduce The Rose Who Blossomed Through the Concrete: Consequence Vs Choice by Rosemary D. Oglesby-Henry, a compelling and spiritually enriching Christian women's fiction novel. This thought-provoking book, now available for readers worldwide, invites individuals to explore the transformative power of faith

Best-Selling Author Max Sampson Releases New Book - Time 2 Go

Discover the Ultimate Guide to Time Management and Unlock the Secrets of Time Mastery Prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery and productivity as Max Sampson, the best-selling author of The Max Sampson Collection series, releases his latest masterpiece, Time 2 Go: 17 Proven Techniques For Eliminating Time Killers, Bad Habits, Unproductive Distractions, and Procrastination. Scheduled to launch on January 1, 2024, this transformative self-help book offers 17 proven

"A Forest of Thanks": A Heartwarming Tale to Cultivate Gratitude in Young Hearts …

Woodstock, GA - [Date]: Immerse your family in the enchanting world of "A Forest of Thanks," a captivating children's book by Marcel Rosado, published by Rosado Publishing. This beautifully illustrated book is a delightful way to teach toddlers and young children the value of gratitude through a series of charming animal characters and their adventures in a magical forest. Perfect for reading to babies and ideal for toddlers, "A Forest of

DJ Greenguy's new release: "Glass Vinyl" is out

OR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DJ GREENGUY UNVEILS HIGHLY ANTICIPATED ALBUM "GLASS VINYL" FEATURING AN ALL-STAR LINEUP OF PRODUCERS AND COLLABORATORS Renowned DJ and producer, DJ Greenguy, is set to captivate music enthusiasts worldwide with the release of his latest album, "Glass Vinyl." This highly anticipated project boasts an eclectic mix of beats, lyricism, and collaborations that showcase DJ Greenguy's unparalleled talent and versatility. "Glass Vinyl" features a stellar lineup of producers who have contributed

BipTunia has released their 87th album in 6 years, "Microtonal Loud Rock Synth P …

Microtonal synthesizer project BipTunia has released their 87th album in six years, "Microtonal Loud Rock Synth Pop Ambient Symphonic Delight." The album is free to listen to on Spotify and on the BipTunia website, and can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, BandCamp. Microtonal music is the use of intervals not found in the customary Western tuning of twelve equal intervals per octave. A microtone may be thought of as a note that
12-28-2023 | Arts & Culture

AstaGuru's Upcoming 'Beyond Bold' Auction To Set The Stage For A Remarkable Show …

In its upcoming 'Beyond Bold' Contemporary Art Auction, AstaGuru is set to present a diverse collection of artworks by renowned contemporary artists such as Subodh Gupta, Nalini Malani, Jitish Kallat, Nataraj Sharma, Valay Shende, Suryakant Lokhande, Ranbir Singh Kaleka, Raqib Shaw, Ravinder Reddy, Surendran Nair, Bose Krishnamachari, N.S. Harsha, Jagannath Panda, T.V. Santhosh, Sudhir Patwardhan, and others. The meticulously curated catalog features over 100 pieces across various mediums, including paintings,
12-27-2023 | Arts & Culture


Canadian-Portuguese artist Saint Von Colucci (real name: Erich-Saint Colucci Lima) has not undergone any cosmetic surgeries and has not passed away. The artist and his representatives were victims of an elaborate smear campaign and publicity stunt early this year executed by malicious hackers in order to promote another artist's body of work. The artist has been suffering greatly due to the publicity stunt, and it has affected his mental health greatly to
12-22-2023 | Arts & Culture

Johnel NG Shares New Single 'Mercy' featuring Daine Steele

Johnel has been continuously elevating his career and generating excitement among fans. Now, he has teamed up with an Indiana-based rapper, Daine Steele to amplify the excitement. Last month, the Lagos-born rapper shared a preview of some new music. In a refreshing blend of global talents, Nigerian rapper, Johnel NG and Indiana-based artist Daine Steele unite for a sparkling new single titled "Mercy." With production from Johnel NG and Sixty Whxte,

Jimmy from The Good Fight Releases New Book - Art of Grey Area Thinking

Escape the extremes and discover the power of grey area thinking. Jimmy from The Good Fight is pleased to announce the release of his new insightful and revolutionary book, Art of Grey Area Thinking. This groundbreaking work challenges conventional thinking and introduces readers to a next-generation mindset that empowers them to navigate the complex world of extremism with unparalleled finesse. In a world increasingly divided by extremism and polarization, Art of Grey

Where Street Art Meets Soul

London, UK - 12/21/2023 - Bollee Patino isn't just a street artist - he's a whirlwind of creativity, transforming urban landscapes into vibrant canvases of self-discovery and social commentary. His art is more than paint on a wall; it's a conversation starter, a challenge to norms, and a raw window into the pulse of life. Imagine a graffiti maestro with a pop art palette, weaving elements of street life and personal

Dr. Rodger E. Perkins Jr. Releases New Book - The Master's Tools: Tackling Racis …

A beacon of hope for education reform, The Master's Tools guides us toward a brighter and more equitable future. In a world where education holds the key to progress and prosperity, Dr. Rodger E. Perkins Jr.'s new book, The Master's Tools, shines a spotlight on the pervasive challenges and inequalities that mar our educational systems. This compelling narrative, inspired by real-life experiences, is a heartfelt call to action and a comprehensive

In a new, Norman & Ozi, a Bengaluru-based Startup, captures the satire behind th …

'Work stress, deadlines, work-life balance, performance reviews, office politics, job insecurity, commute, micromanagement,' and all the other dicey things corporate employees constantly try to stay away from but often fail, the workplace covers one-third of their mundane life. Here is a Bengaluru, India-based company asking corporate professionals to take a break and laugh over the very same dicey things. Norman & Ozi is backed by corporate professionals who have set

Dental Surgical Devices And Equipment Market New Trends, Growth Opportunities, T …

The Business Research Company's global market reports are now updated with the latest market sizing information for the year 2024 and forecasted to 2033 The Business Research Company's Dental Surgical Devices And Equipment Global Market Report 2024 identifies growing demand for orthodontic treatments as the major driver for the dental surgical devices and equipment market's growth in the forecast period. Orthodontic treatments refer to the use of devices such as braces

Wicked the Musical Tickets Available Now at Leicester Square Box Office

London, [12/21/2023] Leicester Square Box Office is delighted to announce the availability of tickets for the spectacular and enchanting musical, Wicked. This Broadway sensation has been captivating audiences around the world, and now Londoners have the chance to experience the magic at the renowned Leicester Square Box Office. About Wicked: Wicked, based on the novel by Gregory Maguire, takes audiences on a mesmerizing journey to the magical land of Oz before Dorothy's arrival.

Steven Roberts Releases New Self-Help Book The Secrets of a Life Well Lived

Unlock the Secrets to a Life of Fulfillment and Success and Discover Inner Happiness and Personal Growth in The Secrets of a Life Well Lived which Offers a Holistic Approach to Personal Transformation Steven Roberts is pleased to announce the release of his new self-help book, The Secrets of a Life Well Lived: Transform Your Life, Create Inner Happiness, and Find Personal and Professional Growth through Self-Discovery. This inspiring book takes

Dr. Adam Palladino Releases New Book A Pug's Tale: The Pawfect Match

A paw-sitively delightful story of friendship and dreams - Pug's Tale: The Pawfect Match will capture your heart. Children and animal lovers of all ages are in for a treat as Dr. Adam Palladino releases a new children's book, A Pug's Tale: The Pawfect Match. This heartwarming story celebrates the magic of friendship, the fulfillment of dreams, and the special bond between a young boy and his four-legged companion. In A Pug's
12-19-2023 | Arts & Culture

Canadian Actor Saint Von Colucci Forgives BTS Member for Using Him to Promote Hi …

The Canadian actor has been the target of malicious online users and BTS fans since he became a victim of a smear campaign and publicity stunt early this year. "I don't know why the "kimshishis" hate me so much. I done nothing but help their idols to became famous in America. You're welcome. Now if their faves's album went on a free-fall after the bots stop working then its

Juliet Chudie Releases New Novel - A Mother's Heart Bleeds

A Gripping Fictional Drama Unveiling a Family's Struggles of Abuse, Betrayal, and Resilience Juliet Chudie is pleased to announce the release of her new book, A Mother's Heart Bleeds. This compelling and emotionally charged fictional drama explores the intricate web of a family's harrowing experiences. This powerful narrative, while not a memoir, draws inspiration from real-life scenarios to explore themes of abuse, betrayal, tragedy, and the indomitable strength of a mother's

Historical Short Fiction Prize Shortlist Announced - Ink of Ages Fiction Prize

The shortlist of authors for the Ink of Ages Historical Short Fiction Prize has been announced. Godalming, UK, 20 Dec 2023 - World History Encyclopedia announced the short stories that have been selected for the official shortlist of the Ink of Ages Fiction Prize, an international writing competition that highlights historical or mythology-inspired short fiction, generously sponsored by Oxford University Press. A grand total of 148 authors submitted short fiction stories and

BTS' Jimin Look-Alike Saint Von Colucci Did Not Die. Victim of Elaborate Smear C …

Canadian-Portuguese artist Saint Von Colucci (real name: Erich-Saint Colucci Lima) has not undergone any cosmetic surgeries and has not passed away. The artist and his representatives were victims of an elaborate smear campaign and publicity stunt early this year in order to promote another artist's body of work. Colucci's managers accuse his Chinese ex-manager, a South Korean music agency, a Canadian superstar, and an American music mogul of being the masterminds behind

Christian Espinosa Releases New Memoir - The In-Between: Life in the Micro

A Profound Exploration of the Moments That Truly Matter Christian Espinosa is pleased to announce the release of his new memoir, The In-Between: Life in the Micro. This enlightening memoir was published by Shrinking Ego on December 12, 2023 and invites readers to reflect on life's micro-moments, where profound wisdom and personal transformation can be found. Some regrets in life don't hit you all at once; they creep in at the

Dr. Frank J. Sapienza Releases New Medical Thriller - The Greater Good

What Would You Sacrifice for Your Child's Health? Prepare for a pulse-pounding journey where life and morality collide in this gripping medical thriller that poses an impossible choice for a desperate father. Prepare for a heart-pounding journey into the world of medical ethics and moral dilemmas with the upcoming release of The Greater Good, a gripping medical thriller authored by Dr. Frank J. Sapienza. Published by Fireship Press/Cortero Publishing, this riveting tale

H.L. Howard Releases New Contemporary Romance - A Journey Must Be Taken: Playlis …

In a world where love transcends borders and music speaks the language of the heart, A Journey Must Be Taken: Playlist delivers a powerful message of destiny and desire. H.L. Howard is pleased to announce the release of his new book, A Journey Must Be Taken: Playlist. This contemporary romance is an emotionally charged tale weaves together spirituality, destiny, and the healing power of music, promising readers a unique and unforgettable

Farid Saadatmand: A Symphony of Tradition and Innovation

Yazd, Iran - The Iranian music scene has long been a rich tapestry of cultural heritage and innovative evolution, a narrative beautifully embodied in the life and work of Farid Saadatmand. Born in 1976 in the historic Fahadaan neighborhood of Yazd, Saadatmand is not just a musician; he is a maestro who has intricately woven the threads of tradition and modernity into a unique musical journey. A Legacy Carried Forward Saadatmand's journey

Peter Von Perle Releases New Special Edition Of His Historical Thriller - Blood …

A Historical Thriller Unveils a Hidden Chapter in History Blood for Pearls: The First American Genocide by Peter Von Perle takes readers on a gripping journey through a forgotten era, where pearls are not just jewels but symbols of survival, resilience, and the enduring human spirit. We are thrilled to announce the release of the special edition of this mesmerizing historical thriller. In 1498, Christopher Columbus stumbled upon the Pearl Coast, a

Steven Nanberg Releases New Memoir - My Supernatural Life: Comprehending the Inc …

Discover a Life Where the Supernatural Becomes Reality Brace yourself for a remarkable journey into the extraordinary with Steven Nanberg's captivating memoir, My Supernatural Life. Published by Palmetto Publishing and set to release on January 2, 2024, this memoir offers readers an awe-inspiring exploration of a life where the realms of synchronicity and the supernatural seamlessly blend. Steven Nanberg's life story is nothing short of exceptional. From his early days as a

Wound Closure Market Size, Share, Growth, Trends, Analysis, Growth, & Forecast, …

Wound Closure Market is expected to witness market growth at a rate of 6.0% in the forecast period till 2028. Data Bridge Market Research report on wound closure market provides analysis and insights regarding the various factors expected to be prevalent throughout the forecast period while providing their impacts on the market's growth. All the numerical data included in the finest Wound Closure Market business report is backed up by

Neurofibromatosis Treatment Market Analysis With Key Players, Applications, Tren …

Year End Offer By The Business Research Company - Get 33% Discount On Opportunities And Strategies Reports And 25% Discount On Global Market Reports The Business Research Company's global market reports are now updated with the latest market sizing information for the year 2023 and forecasted to 2032 The Business Research Company's Neurofibromatosis Treatment Global Market Report 2023 identifies The rising healthcare expenditure is expected to propel the growth of the neurofibromatosis

SquareOne Publishing Releases New Book - The Doomsday Handbook: Nuclear War Surv …

When disaster strikes, will you be prepared? Discover the ultimate survival guide that equips you with the knowledge and skills to navigate nuclear conflicts and catastrophic crises. SquareOne Publishing is thrilled to announce the release of "The Doomsday Handbook: Nuclear War Survival Skills" by Floyd Foster, an essential guide to surviving nuclear conflicts and other catastrophic crises. In today's unpredictable world, being prepared is paramount, and this book provides readers with
12-13-2023 | Arts & Culture

2014 Theory of Mona Lisa in 3D is True after All

New Evidence shows over 95 artists made versions with parallax Albuquerque, New Mexico - It began in 2014 when a LiveScience article stated that a second Mona Lisa with a similar yet different background showed parallax and was possibly made in 3D by Leonardo Da Vinci. This was quickly dismissed by experts and the public but I was intrigued by the differences that showed parallax because they would align with a

New Book Celebrates Life on the Oregon Coast

(Newport) - Sterncastle Publishing is proud to announce the launch of Whispers Amongst the Trees: An Introspective Look at Life on the Oregon Coast. An anthology of short stories and poems, Whispers Amongst the Trees is the first release by the Sterncastle Writer's Collective, a Newport based organization running the gamut from hobbyist writers to seasoned published authors. The Oregon Coast has long been a mecca for artistic talent. Performers,

Stargaze Theater Festival - A Production of Six Original Short Plays

Austin, TX - Star Bandit Foundation is thrilled to announce the upcoming production of Stargaze Theater Festival, a new theatrical experience that promises to captivate audiences with six original short plays written by local Austin playwrights. This compelling production is set to take the stage at Dougherty Arts Center on December 15th and 16th. Full ticket price ($15) goes to the Star Bandit Foundation's grant fund for Austin artists. This special

GCC Handicrafts Market To Grow at (CAGR) of 11.8% during 2024-2032

The GCC handicrafts market size is projected to exhibit a growth rate (CAGR) of 11.8% during 2024-2032. The increasing demand for authentic and traditional products, the rising governmental support and initiatives aimed at preserving and promoting traditional crafts, and the growing emphasis on sustainability are some of the key factors driving the market. Request For Sample Copy of Report: Factors Affecting the Growth of the GCC Handicrafts Industry: • Cultural Heritage and Tourism The
12-11-2023 | Arts & Culture

Unveiling the Charms of Genius AI Artist Cehlider

In recent years, the advancement of AI technology has brought about significant transformations in the realm of art. One notable entity capturing attention is the genius AI artist known as Cehlider. This article focuses on Cehlider's creativity and uniqueness, delving into the allure of his work. Cehlider is recognized for crafting abstract and beautiful art pieces using advanced machine learning algorithms. His works seamlessly blend delicate color palettes with distinctive shapes,

Alla Kesser Gross Releases New Book For Young Adults - The Modern Teen's Etiquet …

Groundbreaking Book The Modern Teen's Etiquette Playbook Unveils the Power of Etiquette and Netiquette for Today's Teens Alla Kesser Gross is pleased to announce the release of her new book The Modern Teen's Etiquette Playbook: Confidence, Communication, and Online Presence for the 21st Century. This innovative guide is tailored to empower teenagers with the essential social skills needed for thriving in the 21st century, both offline and online. In a world where
12-11-2023 | Arts & Culture
UNN Media

Johnel NG Announces New Single 'Mercy' featuring Daine Steele.

Johnel NG Announces New Single 'Mercy' featuring Daine Steele. Nigerian rapper Johnel NG shared the snippet of his forthcoming single titled 'Mercy', collaborating with American rapper Daine Steele. He made the announcement via his Instagram and Twitter page in Dec. 9, 2023. Johnel NG previous project was a solo extended play 'Happy Story, Sad Reality' which was released in November. Meanwhile, the forthcoming single 'Mercy' is set for release Dec. 22
12-11-2023 | Arts & Culture
Noah Flynn

Alavei Forhad releases new single track "Time and Space" with FAMIN

Bangladeshi techno music producer Alavei Forhad has shared a new track called "Time and Space" with FAMIN on Melodic Bassment Records. Renowned Bangladeshi techno music producer Alavei Forhad has joined forces with fellow maestro FAMIN to deliver a groundbreaking new track, "Time and Space." This dynamic collaboration is set to captivate global audiences, showcasing the diverse talent emanating from the vibrant music scene in Bangladesh. Released under the esteemed Melodic Bassment Records,

Authentify Art Appoints Laura Ballman as Co-CEO to Spearhead Strategic Initiativ …

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA - Authentify Art, a pioneering force in the intersection of technology and the global art market, proudly introduces Laura Ballman at Art Basel Miami Beach as its new Co-CEO. Laura will join forces with Curtis McConnell, the current CEO, in steering Authentify Art's strategic relationships, revenue initiatives, and fundraising endeavors. Laura brings over a decade of fervent dedication to advancing technology in the art sector. Her extensive experience

Leguan Penigo Releases New Book - The Peni2Dollarzfx Day Trading Handguide

Your Guide to Financial Freedom Through Forex Trading! Are you new to the world of finance and trading, eager to unravel the mysteries of forex trading, mutual funds, and technical analysis? Look no further! In The Peni2Dollarzfx Day Trading Handguide, we provide you with a comprehensive overview of these essential financial concepts that are the cornerstone of successful investing. This book demystifies the complex world of finance by breaking down key concepts,

Shalin Designs Unveils Cutting-Edge 3D CAD Modelling Services

New York, USA - December 6, 2023 - Shalin Designs, a leading innovator in engineering solutions, proudly announces the launch of its state-of-the-art 3D CAD Modelling services, poised to revolutionize the way industries conceptualize, design, and test products and structures. In an ever-evolving world, where innovation and precision are paramount, Shalin Designs introduces a transformative approach with its 3D CAD Modelling services, redefining the boundaries of design and visualization. Unlocking Boundless Possibilities Envisioned

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