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Grayshot: The Next Answer to Cloverfield?

June 28th, 2008 – VICTORIA, BC, CANADA – With the uncertainty of the Cloverfield movie continuing its saga with an unconfirmed sequel, many forums across the Internet have asked the question, “Will there ever be a continuation of a monster genre of this caliber again?” Brad Johnson, founder of an online independent gaming company called Planet X Fiction Interactive, is committed to delivering an independently created video game that follows the

New Independent Gaming Company to Develop Non-Profit Game for Monster Movie Fana …

VICTORIA, BC (April 15th, 2008) – Planet X Fiction Interactive, a new independently operated game development company, today announces their official production phase of a non-profit PC game inspired by the popular “Cloverfield” movie. This video game is entitled “Grayshot” and it is scheduled to be distributed for free across the Internet on November 30th, 2008. “The funny thing was that I wasn’t originally much of a monster movie fan until

Cloverfield Movie now to become a game according to Youtube Video Analyst

A YouTube video analyst by the name of Brad Johnson from Victoria, BC, Canada has announced officially that a Cloverfield video game is now officially in the works by Paramount Pictures. Brad Johnson mentions that the law firm that represent Paramount Pictures Corporation contacted him personally in regards to using his domain ( for their official Cloverfield video game project. On March 14th, 2008, Brad Johnson received an email notification from

A New Era of Comic Book Fan Interaction from Planet X Fiction

Planet X Fiction, a growing online comic book company based within Victoria, BC, Canada, announced today of a fully interactive fan experience revolving around their pioneer comic book entitled “Cade’s War” that will be debuting on January 25th. The founder of Planet X Fiction, Brad Johnson has announced that this fully interactive comic book fan experience is unlike anything ever seen before as fans will be able to partake into an

New comic book company gives Opportunity to break into the industry with their i …

A new comic book company that devotes its development through the means of an online community has begun to start an online viral marketing campaign through the means of YouTube videos and word of mouth advertising. This new comic book company is called “Planet X Fiction.” The goal of Planet X Fiction is to help new talent that is interested in pursuing a career within the comic book industry the

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