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02.06.11 - Bianca Limbach

Lampedo to sell Italian vintage design through in October 2011

The specialized dealer in 20th Century furniture Lampedo will be organizing a first time online auction with Italian vintage design by important architects and designers such as Gio Ponti, Gino Sarfat... mehr

11.01.10 - Bianca Limbach

Maki Umehara at Markus Winter

Maki Umehara - Silver Sea - Born at Nagoya, Japan in 1976 the artist Maki Umehara deals in her works with the articulation of different forms through objects. The converging of artwork and circumflue... mehr

17.08.09 - Bianca Limbach

Firma London: Mid Century Design – Now in Berlin

Firma London ups the game of Berlin’s thriving retail scene and their love for unique interior concepts. Having opened in springtime in Bleibtreustrasse 50 in Charlottenburg – close to Savignyplat... mehr

14.08.09 - Bianca Limbach

Jim Lee - easy is hard

Everyday life objects that are familiar to the viewer compose Jim Lee’s sculptures, paintings and installations. As they give off the aura of “the found”, they inspire connotations linked to Art... mehr

14.05.09 - Bianca Limbach

Markus Winter presents the works of Alter Carnol and Andreas Korte in Berlin

Markus Winter is proud to present the works of Alter Carnol and Andreas Korte. The two artists analyze the notion of space perception, asking basic questions about its limits and margins, examinig art... mehr

08.04.09 - Bianca Limbach

Group show ‘Local Paintings’ at Markus Winter in Berlin

‘Local Paintings’ is questioning the concept of the ‘international style’ in modernist art. Apart from being often associated with an individual relationship to the artwork or the focus on per... mehr

27.01.09 - Bianca Limbach

Markus Winter presents John Cake and Darren Neave aka The Little Artists in Berlin

Art as a financial product and lifestyle Both artists, hailing from Leeds, comment through their work on the "BritArt" scene based around Charles Saatchi and artists of the early 90s like Damien Hirs... mehr

28.07.08 - Bianca Limbach

RETRO - France and Germany as Classic and Modernity

Markus Winter presents on the 25th of July “RETRO”, a show curated by Jean-Baptiste Bouvier and Markus Winter that joins France and Germany as Classic and Modernity. The etymology defines ”re... mehr

17.12.07 - Bianca Limbach

Accident Blackspot – group show of 13 artists at Markus Winter in Berlin

Ivin Ballen, Rob Erickson, Keltie Ferris, Chris Hanson & Hendrika Sonnenberg, Joseph Hart, Himi Jen Dricks, Fawn Krieger, Ree Morton, Ian Pedigo, Daniel Seiple, Ali Smith, Wendy White, Tamara Zahaykev... mehr

16.10.07 - Bianca Limbach

Paul Pagk at Markus Winter in Berlin

PAUL PAGK - to K from P with love Paintings and Drawings 26th of October to 22th of December 2007 Opening: 26th of October 7 pm Markus Winter is pleased to present a group of abstract paintings by... mehr

23.04.07 - Bianca Limbach

Sven-Ole Frahm and Alexander Knych at ART COLOGNE

Markus Winter, hall 4.1, booth D 61 Sven-Ole Frahm “The ‚cut and paste’ of the canvas marks the initial, definitive step in the paintings made in rather spontaneous movements of dripping and... mehr

20.02.07 - Bianca Limbach

Cora Cohen at Markus Winter

Cora Cohen’s project is marked by experimentation. Her process encourages the accidental, and it is subject to careful editing. Investigation of materials and immediacy of touch are key qualities t... mehr

25.01.07 - Bianca Limbach

Cora Cohen – Abstraction

Cora Cohen is among America’s foremost abstract gestural painters. For over forty years Cohen has been exploring an improvisational approach to art, creating rigorous compositions that unravel the D... mehr

22.11.06 - Bianca Limbach

Rob Nadeau - Art for Wall and Floor

Having begun his career at 30, Rob Nadeau can already look back at a row of successful exhibitions in America, especially in New York. His work has been discussed in the New York Times and NY Arts as ... mehr

22.11.06 - Bianca Limbach

Maki Umehara – Asia Meets the Western World

The Sculptor Maki Umehara grew up in Japan, but through her education in the USA and Germany, experienced a completely new and un-asian way of life. Her work deals with language: how the idea of diff... mehr

28.09.06 - Bianca Limbach

Prestigious artist Sven-Ole Frahm is showing in Berlin

Painting or object? The artist Sven-Ole Frahm approaches his cut and constructed surfaces with both a delightful, painterly method and a calculating, sculptural one. In Frahm’s works the sculptural ... mehr

28.08.06 - Bianca Limbach

Look Into The Rays Of The New Solar Sun Rising

Markus Winter Gallery is proud to announce the exhibition and collaborative work of three American artists: Robert Davis and Michael Langlois with Rashid Johnson. The Chicago collaborative duo, Davis/... mehr

24.07.06 - Bianca Limbach

Markus Winter during ART FORUM BERLIN 2006

Additional presentation from Markus Winter From September 30 to October 4, 2006 ART FORUM BERLIN presents an international art fair that showcases innovative, contemporary art. The fair attracts ar... mehr

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