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Breast Cancer Awareness Online Campaign Launches for 200 Days

15 May 2009, New York, New York - In Business4Good Enterprises, through their innovative B2B Online Computer services campaign, ComputerHelpers4Good ( is pleased to announce a 200 Day Online Campaign, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. This campaign commencing on 10 May 2009(US Mother's Day) and continuing for 200 days through end of October 2009(Breast Cancer Awareness Month), will endeavor to provide nearly 28000 online 'Right By Your Side' Service

Computer Helpers Without Borders Announces Campaigns to Assist Charities in 2009

15 December 2008..New York City, NY, USA. In Business4Good Enterprises, an International Development company, announced today, that the Computer Helpers Without Borders Campaign, featuring the 'EveryOne Helps' technology of, and the 'Over Your Shoulder' Electronic Service call, will be supporting major and local charities in 2009. Featuring 30 Minute Computer Maintenance service calls, conducted through remote access software, these services will provide CheckUp and TuneUP services for Dedicated Pc's

8 Million PC's TuneUp 4 Climate Change Relief Campaign

San Francisco, CA..4 June 2008. In Business4Good Enterprises, in association with and, announced today, a global campaign, to bring nearly 8 million PC owners into a community to reduce power usage. This campaign, based on some of the good work from the Climate Computing initiative, making use of standard Windows(tm) embedded applications, will endeavor to save thousands of tons of offset CO2 emissions, by tailoring the internal computer

TuneUps4Good International Announces Campaign for Gandhi Institute

23 March 2008...New York, NY...HarmonyNet Media Group, is pleased to announce that the InBusiness4Good Project has just released a new campaign, called TuneUps4Good, which will make it possible for those that support Peace worldwide, and have computers, to support the ongoing mission of the Gandhi Institute. This innovative social networking project, will make it possible for anyone that believes in Peace & Non-Violence, to declare a personal Satyagraha, by having

Putting Your Campaign 'On the Map' Services Announcement

14 January 2008...Kauai, HI, USA..HarmonyNet Media Group, parent of InBusiness4Good Enterprises of NY/SF/HI, announced today, that in commemoration of the birthday for Martin Luther King, and as a prequel to the Season of Peace & Non-Violence, commencing 30 January, a New service. This \'Putting Your Campaign On the Map\' is a comprehensive support system, for non-profits, charities, and organizations, who have a message consistent with the Ahimsa and Satyagraha philosophies

Get On the New "Map4Peace" in 2008

Kauai, HI, USA...31 December 2007...In Business4Good Enterprises, a NY/SF/HI based development company, announced today, that a new initiative, called Getting on the Map4Peace, has been added to their ongoing Artists4Peace campaign. The Map4Peace, is based on the GoogleMaps(tm) technology, and includes art galleries which are showcasing Artists4Peace; Ministries of Peace;Peace Museums; and an assortment of other venues where Peace is the main message. This Map4Peace will be officially launched on

International Artists4Peace Join Campaign to Support Gandhi Institute Project wi …

18 December 2007.. Hanapepe, Kauai, HI, USA...In Business4Good Enterprises, a NY/SF/HI based development company, is pleased to announce an 88 day online auction event, commencing 8 April 2008 through 8 July 2008, and featuring 88 talented Artists4Peace from a global community representing 12 regions. Each Artist4Peace has pledged that a substantial amount of the proceeds from this innovative art appreciation campaign, beginning at 25% of profits from the proceeds, will

Results in from Recent Iowa(USA) Democratic Debate Poll

Honolulu, HI, USA…22 August 2007. HarmonyNet Media Group, an online and tangible world media company, announced today that there is an apparent shift in the US Presidential Debates results. As of the tm unofficial and ‘unscientific’ polling, Dennis Kucinich(D-OH), has moved out significantly in front of the previously favored leaders, Barack Obama(D-IL) and Hillary Clinton(D-NY). The online polls, following the live event in Des Moines, IA, shows that Kucinich,

HR676 National Referendum Launches in Conjunction with 'Sicko' Movie Release

Honolulu, HI...July 1, 2007..In anticipation of the United States Independence Day celebration, and in conjunction with the release nationally of the controversial movie, \'Sicko\' by Michael Moore, HNMG is pleased to announce that a National Referendum on Health Care is available. Your vote for Universal Single Payer Health Plans, as related to House Resolution(HR676 by John Conyers(D-MI) and Dennis Kucinich(D-OH)) through this online service, will be submitted, upon completion to the

None of the Above APolitical Music and News Radio Online

4 March 2007...San Francisco, CA...HarmonyNet Media Group, announced today the online premier of the APolitical Satire Radio Programme, None of the Above(NOTA) Radio, where you can listen to a purely Indie Political commentaty from Paradise Pat, open source news and music, and also, add your name to the swelling Absentee(but not uncounted) US voter registration Drive. This tongue-in-chic online program, is intended to bring a lighter side to the political

1st E Debate Center Opens for US Presidentials

25 February 2007..San Francisco/NYC...With all the excitement around using the Internet and video streaming for presidential aspirants, HarmonyNet Media Group is pleased to announce a single site, The E Debates Center, where you will be able to see the YouTube positioned videos from all the candidates. The E Debate Center is a collaboration between and HarmonyNet Media Group, and includes a poll for those that wish to express their

German Publisher Teams with American Research to support Wild Wasser Efforts for …

San Francisco, CA...11 February 2007...Sophia Sirius Publishing, of Wuerzburg, in association with HarmonyNet Media Group of San Francisco, is pleased to announce that the 1st Edition of the book nook gift collection, including the \"Social Networks Temperature Report\" are now available. This special report series, is intended to assist online E Campaigners with techniques and know how on how online social communities can assist with the support of non-profits, charities,

CA Primary Will Move National Elections Early in 2008

San Diego, CA...February 6, 2007...The California legislature is considering, and the inclination is that this will happen with no resistance, to shift the 57 EV(Electoral Votes) from the primaries in 2008, to a much sooner position in the primary calendar. This report, from recent research, shows how the impact of many of the \'unlikely or undecided\' voters MAY have a major impact on campaign strategies, and also on expenditures in

Enlightened People's Party Hosts First E Debate Online

San Francisco, CA...3 February 2007...HarmonyNet Media Group, is pleased to announce that it\'s online APolitical Client, \'The Enlightened People\'s Party\' is hosting the first focused community E Debate, among three of the self professed Progressive candidates for President of the United States. This innovate focused polling and debate format, where the community will decide who the winner might be, is a joint production of three online media companies. For participation,

Social Networks May Swing Next Four Major US Elections

San Francisco/New York..January 14, 2007..HarmonyNet Media Group, an online research and media development consultancy, announced today that an innovative research project, 4 years in the making, is available in executive briefing format. Compiled from extensive research on the importance of Social Networks in the online world, this report draws some startling conclusions about the impact that a campaign\'s management or strategist may derive. Focused on the elusive 18 to 30

Peace Makers News Report Goes Online 1 November 2006

October 8, 2006..Hanalei, HI/New York, NY...On 1 Nov 2006, from the NYC studios of, three pilot online integrated News Programs, will be produced, covering some of the more important Peace Makers campaigns. Featured on the program will be HH the Dalai Lama; two of the descendants of Mahatma Gandhi, from the Gandhi Peace & Non-Violence Centers in Rochester, NY, and Mumbai, India; US Peace Government and Department of Peace

Kauai Artists Record Benefit for 7 Lost in Flood

Hanalei, Kauai, USA..June 10, 2006... June 10, 2006...Hanalei, Kauai, USA Time has moved on. The hurt is perhaps lessened. The memories remain. So, with a high intention of bringing the musical and visual artists of Kauai together, we are announcing a call for artists, for a 2 day recording festival, Ebay online auction, and community artistic expression The beneficiary of a percentage of the online art auction, the compilation CD from

Amy La Television and Swami B announce Three Tracks for Autism Awareness

Kauai, HI USA...March 30, 2006...HarmonyNet Media Group, announced today that two lifetime achievement musical artists, Amy La Television, and Swami Beyondanda, have released downloadable songs, which will provide a minimum 20% of the purchase proceeds, to the cause of supporting Autism organizations, worldwide. Using an innovative approach from to encode and protect their music, as well as set aside a portion of the purchase proceeds for the Angels 4

Angels 4 Autism Awareness April Campaign Launch

March 27, 2006...Kauai, HI...HarmonyNet Media, in association with AmyZooMusic, is pleased to announce a campaign for Austism Awareness Month(April) with a release of a support center. More information is accessible through this campaign announcement center. This campaign is organized by Amy Sue Reichardt and Patrick Michaels, who each are blessed with Autistic Angels in their worlds. *** HarmonyNet Media Group is a CA based, HI operated Development company. AmyZooMusic, Ltd. is the

Public Service for Self Published Indie Musicians Now Available

March 18, 2006..Kauai, HI, USA...HarmonyNet Media Group, the developer of the "In Business 4 Good" online music campaign to raise money for good causes, announced today, the release of the 'Self Published Musicians Guide to online downloading demos. This proven method, is being provided as a community service, and you can see a copy for your musically inclined friends, at this location online. *** HarmonyNet Media Group Patrick Michaels Chief Encouragement Officer

Boomers with a Conscious Now have a MusicEscape product to call their own

For the more than 100 million Baby boomers around the world, now there's a series of online Downloadable MusicEscape products, tailored for the socially responsible and consciousally aware consumer of classicly inspired rock and roll sounds from the 60's. Featuring a blend of music, imagery, and message, this initial product is featuring the singing of Derek Parrott, a contemporary of a few prominent rockers(see to find out who we're

A Gift of Music Campaign for Good Causes Announcement

February 11, 2006..Kauai, HI, USA....HarmonyNet Media Group, announced today the launch of a new online music distribution campaign, called "A Gift Of Music". This project, is aligned with major good causes from around the world, and is a new way for Indie(independent) musical artists to support on a global scale, what they already do on a local basis. All genres of musicians are invited, as well as good causes in

Season of Peace & Non-Violence Festival of the Arts Opens

January 29, 2006...Kauai, HI, USA...The 8th annual Season of Non-Violence, coordinated by Association for Global New Thought, commences on the 30th of January, 2006. Coordinated by AGNT in California, USA, this internationally focused campaign, honors the work of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, two world reknowned Peace leaders. There are a series of international events that can be supported, by reviewing the calendar at Further to this,, in

A Music with a Message Support Community Opens Online

The recent excitement around the rapid growth of online music downloads was punctuated by a strong exclamation mark, based on the analysis of US Holiday music downloads. According to a reputable marketing research firm, nearly 20 million songs were downloaded in the week just prior to the US Christmas holiday. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, almost 20% of those download sales, were from gift cards. HarmonyNet Media Group, a CA based, HI

In Business for Good Campaign Officialy Opens

Kauai, HI USA...HarmonyNet Media Group, the developer of the In Business 4 Good Online Campaigns, which are committed to raise substantial monies for good causes globally, announced today the formation of a development group. This group, which is based on an Open Source Marketing campaign(see Lawrence Lessig's work on Community Commons), will include leading lights and visionaries from the technical, marketing, merchandising, and legal fields. For an in depth understanding

Four New Online Music Indie Marketing Studies Available

January 18, 2006...Kauai, HI, USA...HarmonyNet Media Group, a CA based, HI operated Marketing Architectural Sole Proprietorship, announced today, that after a full 2 years of research, testing, and focus group management, that four definitive studies related to Independent Musician online distribution are now available. Based on a long 30 year track record of digital technology innovation, Patrick D'Acre, the Chief Encouragement Officer of HNMG, states that any one of these 18

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