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Interview with the Author of 48 Laws Of Confidence - Ricky St. Julien

Ricky St. Julien II, is a prolific writer who is "arguably" known as the best urban fiction author of street literature coming from the south. He has been featured in magazines such as Don Diva, Mink Magazine, PLN, Street Consequences and many others mainly known for his self help book 48 Laws of Hustling-Don't Be A Statistic; As well as The 48 Laws of Hustling workbook for young adults on

Caoimhe Duggan - Author of The Book You Never Knew You Needed - Interview

Author Q&A What inspired you to write your first book? The inspiration for my first book stemmed from an observation I made on my very first year at work after graduation: some people received mentoring while others did not. In law firms, for instance, secretaries and administrative staff received little to no mentoring, apart from occasional training sessions. As a young professional, this disparity was disheartening, making me feel as if certain

Free Houses in Japan Author Anton Wormann - Interview

Anton Wormann is a Swedish model turned DIY enthusiast based in Tokyo, Japan. Renowned for his work in renovation, real estate, and exploring Japan's abandoned homes, Wormann's journey began with a successful fashion modeling career in cities like New York, London, and Milan, before settling down in Tokyo in 2019. He now runs the popular "Anton in Japan" social media channels, attracting tens of millions of views monthly. Free Houses

Interview with the Author of the Children's Book The Adventures of Asva at Juras …

Niyati Goel, a seasoned HR professional with over 12 years of experience across diverse industries, including chocolate making and air travel, resides in San Francisco with her husband. A passionate traveler, she has explored over 21 countries, fueling her love for solo backpacking and literature. Inspired by Ayn Rand, Niyati now embarks on a new adventure as a first-time author, aiming to blend her travel experiences with her literary passions

Unveiling the Mysteries of the Afterlife in the Children's Book A Ghost Story by …

Ghosts, mystery, and the wonders of the unknown let your child's imagination soar. Uniquely Morbid proudly announces the promotion of A Ghost Story by author Gabrielle Ferrara. This children's book explores topics about death and dying, the supernatural, and the enigmatic world of ghosts. In this intriguing tale, readers are invited to ponder the age-old question: Where do spooky ghosts come from, and who are they? Through the eyes of little foxes

Erik Christopher Martin Releases New Middle Grade Novel - The Case of the Zombie …

Supernatural Sleuth Dotty Morgan Returns in Erik Christopher Martin's Latest Middle Grade Paranormal Mystery - The Case of the Zombie Ninjas Erik Christopher Martin is pleased to announce the release of his new middle grade novel, The Case of the Zombie Ninjas. It is the second installment in the Dotty Morgan Supernatural Sleuth paranormal mystery series. In this thrilling new book, twelve-year-old Dotty Morgan finds herself entangled in an ancient conflict over

Aakash Chotrani Releases New Book - Humans and AI Coexistence: Technology Changi …

Unravel the future of technology with 'Humans and AI Coexistence'-a roadmap for harmonious collaboration in the age of AI. Aakash Chotrani is pleased to announce the release of his new book Humans and AI Coexistence: Technology Changing the World Order. Independently published the book is set to launch on March 28, 2024. In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly integrated into our daily lives, understanding its implications and harnessing

Mark Solomon Releases New Book - Over the Shoulder: A Freelancer's Guide to Tell …

Unlock the secret of visual stories. Over the Shoulder provides universal tools to elevate your storytelling game. In a world inundated with content, aspiring storytellers and filmmakers often find themselves struggling to make their narratives stand out. Mark Solomon, whose wealth of experience spans over three decades in Hollywood's editing rooms, releases a new book entitled Over the Shoulder: A Freelancer's Guide to Telling Stories and Editing Films. Mark's work is

Benjamin Yaw Manu Releases New Book - Thriving In Uncertainty - Author Interview

Benjamin Yaw Manu is the visionary Founder of Nimdier. With a rich background in consulting for prestigious institutions including the African Development Bank Group, the United Nations, and leading multinational corporations, Manu has established himself as a trusted advisor in driving organizational change. Serving as a global board member for the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) and the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), and as VP of the ACMP

Jay Moreland Releases New Military Fantasy - The Language of Spears: A Soulwashe …

In a kingdom built on the ashes of its enemies, one general must choose between instinct and obedience. Jay Moreland, a promising voice in the world of fantasy literature, announces the release of his latest novel, The Language of Spears: A Soulwasher Novel. This new fantasy takes readers on an epic journey of conflict and redemption. In the esteemed Moon Empire, where supremacy is built upon a tradition of warfare, Emani Malakai

Baggins & Gamgee Release New Novel - The Alliance of the Weak: Volume 1

The Alliance of the Weak: Volume 1 by Infinity A Takes Readers on a Dark and Futuristic Journey into Taiwan's Struggles Baggins & Gamgee, an imprint of Middle Earth LLC, is pleased to announce the release of The Alliance of the Weak: Volume 1 by Infinity A. This novel plunges readers into a unique exploration of a future where flawed looks and disabilities redefine the norms of comfortable living. Set in the

Fulton Books author Walter Schmidt Releases New Book - An Age of Treason: Parts …

Walter Schmidt's New Book "An Age of Treason: Parts One and Two" looks at a potential future that could occur if America is not saved from its corrupt political leaders. Fulton Books author Walter Schmidt, a veteran of the US Army during the Vietnam era, has completed his most recent book An Age of Treason: Parts One and Two. A gripping fictional exploration of what the United States of America could

Matthew P. Rosenberg Releases New Sci-fi Fantasy Novel - Verelion

Verelion - where the fate of worlds hangs in the balance. Leaf & Literature, LLC proudly presents the release of Verelion, a new science fiction fantasy novel written by Matthew P. Rosenberg. Set against the backdrop of an ancient alien world, this gripping tale combines elements of magic, technology, and war, promising readers an unforgettable adventure. Eighteen-year-old Liam Blake faces an unexpected twist of fate when he moves in with his estranged

Eva-Tatiana Siakam Releases New Children's Book - My Twintelligent Besties

Author Eva-Tatiana Siakam is pleased to announce the release of her new children's book, My Twintelligent Besties: A story of friendship with twins on the autism spectrum. This delightful tale celebrates friendship, diversity, and the magic of understanding. In My Twintelligent Besties, readers meet Aria and her extraordinary pals, Lana and Leslie. These inseparable twins may look alike, but their personalities are as distinct as day and night. Leslie, with lightning-fast

Robert Barner Releases New A Sci-fi Paranormal Novel Entitled Shadow

Author's debut science fiction novel, set in a near future dystopian world, introduces readers to a unique protagonists - a young boy without a body. Robert Barner is pleased to announce the release of his first science fiction novel, Shadow. Scheduled for release on March 22, 2024, the book is already receiving rave reviews from readers and reviewers. In a world devastated by environmental collapse, the fate of Earth rests in

Angela Allen Releases New Self-Help Book - The Mental Activity Workbook

Unlock Inner Harmony and Holistic Wellness with The Mental Activity Workbook Angela Allen, a seasoned mindfulness practitioner and holistic wellness advocate, is pleased to announce the release of her latest book, The Mental Activity Workbook: Practices to Enhance Well-being and Present-Living. This comprehensive guide invites readers on a transformative journey toward inner harmony, emotional resilience, and holistic wellness. In a fast-paced world where stress and distractions abound, The Mental Activity Workbook provides

Gabrielle Ferrara Promotes Her Children's Book The Morbid Alphabet Book

From A to Z, embrace the intriguing depths of The Morbid Alphabet Book - An Unconventional Approach to Learning the ABCs. Author and artist Gabrielle Ferrara is pleased to announce the promotion of her children's book The Morbid Alphabet Book. This illustrated children's book offers a macabre yet educational journey through the alphabet. The Morbid Alphabet Book presents a fresh take on early childhood learning, combining the fascination with the darker side

Chinaz Love Releases New Children's Book - Ceron & His Fidget Spinning Locket

Get ready to spin into a world of imagination and kindness with Ceron & His Fidget Spinning Locket. Royalty & Pain, LLC proudly announces the release of Ceron & His Fidget Spinning Locket, a new children's book written by Chinaz Love. Scheduled for release on March 15, 2024, this enchanting tale invites readers into a world of wonder and compassion. In Ceron & His Fidget Spinning Locket, readers meet Ceron, an ordinary

Robert McFadden III Releases New Children's Book - Travel the Continents and be …

New Children's Book Takes Young Readers on a Global Adventure Looking for a bedtime story that's both entertaining and educational? Look no further. Robert McFadden III is pleased to announce the release of his new children's book, Travel the Continents and be Back Before Bed. Independently published in February 2024, the book is already receiving rave reviews from readers and reviewers. Travel the Continents and Be Back Before Bed is an immersive

Bernhard Christoph Lichtinger releases his captivating Memoir Don't Ask For Suga …

An unforgettable, humorous journey about Love, Truth, Loss, Hope and Redemption. Bernhard Christoph Lichtinger is pleased to announce the release of his memoir, DON'T ASK FOR SUGAR. This gripping story is set to captivate readers with its compelling narrative of adventure, resilience, and self-discovery and promises to leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide. In DON'T ASK FOR SUGAR, readers are invited to embark on an extraordinary journey alongside Christoph, a young

New Book The Next President of the United States Challenges Readers to Reevaluat …

Author R.A.W. presents a compelling argument for a return to traditional values and common sense practices in his book The Next President of the United States: A Common Sense Approach to Fixing America. In a world where political discourse often feels polarized and divisive, author R.A.W. offers a refreshing perspective in The Next President of the United States: A Common Sense Approach to Fixing America. This great country was founded on

Jeffery Shannon Releases New Book - Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss

Author Jeffery Shannon Unveils a Transformative Approach to Weight Loss with His New Book Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss: The Ultimate Fasting Guide That Will Change Your Life! In a world where health and well-being are paramount, author Jeffery Shannon presents a groundbreaking guide that promises to revolutionize your journey toward a healthier, happier you. Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss is a holistic roadmap to transform your life from the inside

New Book 'Imagine the Passion' by Barbara Jean Alger Offers a Soul-Stirring Jour …

Journey through the sacred hours of Jesus Christ's Passion with Imagine the Passion, an evocative collection by Barbara Jean Alger. Wonderville Publishing is thrilled to announce the release of Imagine the Passion, a soul-stirring devotional that invites readers to immerse themselves in the poignant moments of Jesus Christ's Passion. Inspired by the writings of Luisa Piccarreta, this collection takes readers on an emotional and spiritual journey from the heart-wrenching agony in

Tracey Pennywell and George Lynch's Hustle Your Way to Financial Freedom is a Bl …

From side hustles to savvy investments, 'Hustle Your Way to Financial Freedom' equips you with the tools and tactics to turn your financial dreams into reality. Tracey Pennywell and George Lynch are pleased to announce the release of their new book Hustle Your Way to Financial Freedom. This book is more than a guide to achieving success-it's a blueprint for building an entrepreneurial empire with determination. This comprehensive guide transcends typical

Dennis Tsarson Releases New Contemporary Fantasy Adventure - Here Be Jinn

In the heart of war-torn Iraq, ancient and unknown forces stir. Here Be Jinn, the debut novel by Dennis Tsarson, delves into a world where magic, danger, and forgotten artifacts collide. Dennis Tsarson is pleased to announce the release of the first book in his Fieldwork in Mesopotamia series, Here Be Jinn. Released on February 9, 2024, this contemporary fantasy adventure explores the mysteries of ancient forces amidst the chaos

Jesse Sakari Hyttinen Releases New Book - Collection Algebra

Unravel the mysteries of rooted tree generation with algebraic precision with Collection Algebra: The Formal Theory of Rooted Tree Generation and Its Extension to Sum Form Equations Jesse Sakari Hyttinen is pleased to announce the release of his new book, Collection Algebra: The Formal Theory of Rooted Tree Generation and Its Extension to Sum Form Equations. This work explores the fascinating world of rooted trees, algebraic processes, and their applications. In an

Jane Kim Yu Releases New Book - Journey of Awakening and Higher Consciousness

Unleash the power of love and live the life of your dreams on your own terms. Let Jane's Journey of Awakening and Higher Consciousness guide you to rediscover your passion and purpose. Jane Kim Yu is pleased to announce the release of her new book Journey of Awakening and Higher Consciousness. Published by Absolute Author Publishing House, this book is already receiving rave reviews from readers and reviewers. Through a profoundly

Discover the Art World in a New Light with James Croak's Latest Book Backseat Dr …

James Croak is pleased to announce the release of his new book, Backseat Driver. This book is a comprehensive collection that showcases the artist's dual role as a globally recognized artist and insightful commentator on the art world. Spanning two decades, Backseat Driver encompasses fearless exhibition and book reviews, profound philosophical reflections, and lively insights into a life devoted to the arts. Critically acclaimed for his writing, Croak's work is commended

Samson's Sister Releases New Young Adult Sea Adventure - The Wellermans' Tale

Unleash a storm of imagination on this journey into a world of relentless seas, ancient curses, and a quest for power. Samson's Sister is pleased to announce the release of her new young adult shanty novel, The Wellermans' Tale. Released by Friesen Press in January 2024, the book is already receiving rave reviews from readers and reviewers. This young adult historical fantasy, filled with action and adventure, takes readers on a

Bestselling Author Alana Highbury Releases New Holiday Romance - Snowed In on Va …

This slow burn romance set against the backdrop of a snowy small town is the perfect addition to your winter reading list. Alana Highbury, the Amazon bestselling author of Meet Me on Christmas Eve, has released the second book in her Love & Holidays series, Snowed In on Valentine's Day. Hazel finds herself in a romantic conundrum after a fateful encounter with the rude best man, Peter, at her best friend's wedding.

Author Melissa Martineau Alexander to Hold Book Signing Event for Millie Lands a …

Meet the author of Millie Lands a Movie Deal and get your copy signed! Melissa Martineau Alexander is pleased to announce a special book signing event for the latest work Millie Lands a Movie Deal at Texian Books on Saturday February 10, 2024. The book promises to captivate readers with its tale of intrigue, romance, and the challenges of navigating fame. The event will take place at two locations: Victoria location signing is

Rev Dr. Anthony Suarez Esq New Book About Religious Freedom Law - What's Law Got …

Navigating the First Amendment in a Nation at Crossroads In his new book, What's Law Got To Do With It? Understanding Religious Freedom Law, Rev Dr. Anthony Suarez Esq takes readers on a compelling journey through the intricate landscape of the First Amendment, dissecting the complexities of religious freedom in the United States. This enlightening exploration is a testament to the ongoing struggle to define and protect individual rights. In the spirit

Jack Starr Releases New Holistic Self-Help Book - Wholeness Within: A Guide to H …

A comprehensive exploration of holistic well-being - this transformative guide takes readers on a profound journey to align the body, mind, and spirit for optimal vitality and balance. Jack Starr is pleased to announce the release of his new book, Wholeness Within: A Guide to Holistic Living. Released by Publify Publishing in January 2024, the book is already receiving rave reviews from readers and reviewers. In Wholeness Within, Jack Starr imparts

R. S. d'Arcy Releases New Fantasy Novel - Sorcery & Sin in the Second World

A Riveting Sword & Sorcery Fantasy Unveiling Love, Adventure, and Self-Discovery Author R. S. d'Arcy enchants readers with his latest creation, Sorcery & Sin in the Second World, a spellbinding sword and sorcery fantasy that propels Rena and Pal into a realm of magic, warriors, and self-discovery. In this fantasy tale, Rena, a content but underwhelmed woman in her mundane office job, stumbles upon an extraordinary portal in her backyard. Transported to

Kevin J. Gardner Ignites Change with New Motivational Book - Change Your Thinkin …

Kevin J. Gardner, an accomplished telecommunications professional and Managing Partner of Telecom Marketing Strategies, releases his first self-help book, Change Your Thinking, Ignite Your Life: What Are You Telling Yourself? In a world where self-talk defines our reality, Gardner emphasizes the power of positive affirmations in shaping one's destiny. The book explores the dichotomy between empowering mantras like "I am Happy! I am Healthy! I am Wealthy!" and self-destructive thoughts

Just in Time for the 52nd Annual Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, Mary de Chesnay P …

Uncover the untold heroism of Emily Morgan, the nurse who braved the Alaskan wilderness during the 1925 epidemic. As the excitement builds for the 52nd anniversary of the Last Great Race, author Mary de Chesnay proudly presents her children's picture book, Emily, Angel of the Yukon, a compelling tribute to the heroic nurse Emily Morgan during the 1925 diphtheria epidemic in Nome, Alaska. The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, an iconic winter

Tanja Begerack Releases Her Poignant Memoir In Both English and German - A Speci …

Embrace the courage to dream, the power of belief, and a life beyond limits. Tanja Begerack's A Special Life - an odyssey of inspiration and triumph. Tanja Begerack invites readers on an inspirational journey with the release of her book, A Special Life - The Story of a Life. This extraordinary memoir is set to challenge perceptions, inspire courage, and unlock the boundless power of thoughts. Immerse yourself in Tanja Begerack's world,

Kim Bock Releases Her Debut Spellbinding Epic Fantasy - The Last Mage

The Last Mage takes readers on an extraordinary adventure filled with magic, courage, and the eternal battle between light and darkness. Kim Bock is pleased to announce the release of her new epic fantasy, The Last Mage. This is the first book in The Chronicles of Erenor fantasy series. Book two, Erenor's Dawn is scheduled for release on March 31, 2024. In the shadowed realm of Erenor, where magic is whispered

George A. Thorn Releases New High Seas Historical Novel - Black Hearts Be Damned

In a riveting tale that transcends time and tide, George A. Thorn unleashes Black Hearts Be Damned on the literary seascape, weaving a tale of piracy, mismanaged leadership, and the relentless quest for dominance. George A. Thorn is pleased to announce the upcoming release of his new historical novel - Black Hearts Be Damned. Scheduled for release on February 15, 2024, by Grosvenor House Publishing Limited, the book is already receiving

New Award-Winning Medical Thriller Released By Dr. Frank J. Sapienza - The Great …

Are you for a heart-pounding journey into the world of medical ethics and moral dilemmas? Dr. Frank J. Sapienza is pleased to announce the release of his award-winning medical thriller, The Greater Good. Published by Fireship Press/Cortero Publishing and released on January 24, 2024, the book has already received a Literary Titan Award and has been shortlisted for the CIBA Global Thriller Award. What Would You Sacrifice for Your Child's Health? Prepare for

Unveiling The Merchant of Venus: The Life of Walter Thornton - A Pioneer's Odyss …

The untold story of the man in the iconic 1929 Stock Market Crash photo, now a cultural phenomenon. Walter Thornton, a prominent presence in the New York City beauty and modeling scene during the 1920s and beyond, retreated from public view following a damaging trial. This forthcoming book unveils his significant contributions and subsequent downfall.   Two sisters stumbled upon their father's impactful history through an unanticipated discovery: an iconic image appearing in

David R. Wood Releases New Book - On the Origin of Artificial Species: By Means …

Unlocking the Patterns of Evolution In a groundbreaking exploration of evolution, David R. Wood unveils his latest work, On the Origin of Artificial Species: By Means of Artificial Selection. Independently published, this non-fiction masterpiece is set to redefine our understanding of evolution, blending ancient Greek wisdom with modern insights in technology, political and social science, and history. Charles Darwin's natural theory of evolution revolutionized our perception of nature, but it is David

Alvin Dorsey Jr Releases New YA Fantasy - The Reborn Hero: Tristan's Journey

Embark on a thrilling journey with Tristan, an anime enthusiast, as he gains extraordinary powers and becomes a hero in his beloved anime-inspired world. Get ready for an exhilarating adventure into a fantastical realm as Alvin Dorsey Jr. introduces his latest creation, The Reborn Hero: Tristan's Journey. Released on December 22, 2023, by Any Day Associate, this YA Fantasy promises readers an enthralling experience filled with magic, anime-inspired worlds, and the

Jasmine J. Releases New Poetry Collection - Life F*cks Me Everyday

A Powerful Exploration of the Human Experience Prepare for an emotional journey through the highs and lows of life as Jasmine J. unveils her debut poetry book, Life F*cks Me Everyday. This authentic collection of poems, set to release on January 26, 2024, invites readers to navigate the complexities of the human experience through the art of poetry. Life F*cks Me Everyday is more than just a collection of verses; it is

Unlock the Secrets of Shamanic Wisdom with My Shamanic Bible: Daily Prayers for …

Uncover the profound wisdom of centuries in My Shamanic Bible, where prayers become powerful tools for manifestation, introspection, and divine connection. Today marks the unveiling of a transformative masterpiece, My Shamanic Bible: Daily Prayers for Self-mastery, Healing, and Protection. This meticulously curated anthology serves as a spiritual lighthouse, guiding readers through the ever-shifting landscapes of life. A Journey Through Diverse Realms: My Shamanic Bible invites readers on a profound journey through celestial wonders,

New Book By Dr. Robert Barner Shows Leaders How to Succeed Through Self-Coaching

Want to get ahead but lack a coach? In his latest book, Bootstrap: How to Succeed as a Leader Through Self-Coaching, Dr. Robert Barner, an experienced executive coach, author, and management consultant, gives readers the tools they need to take charge of their own careers. Bootstrap includes thought-provoking questions, application exercises, and real-life case studies. Bootstrap is designed to help experienced managers quickly identify areas for leveraging their performance and

Adi Krsna Rama Releases New Book - Krishna's Call: Bhagavad Geeta for the 21st C …

Unveiling the Eternal Wisdom - Adi Krsna Rama's Krishna's Call breathes life into the Bhagavad Gita, transcending time to guide 21st-century souls. In an age where ancient texts often gather dust on shelves, Adi Krsna Rama's Krishna's Call: Bhagavad Geeta for the 21st Century emerges as a luminary work, offering a profound yet accessible gateway into one of history's greatest spiritual treasures. This book is not just a reinterpretation of the

Alabama Army Veteran Tecia McLaughlin Is Generating Excitement With Her Latest T …

In the quiet town of Orange Beach, Alabama, a missing person, a hidden identity, and a shocking revelation converge in a tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Alabama-based Army veteran and author Tecia McLaughlin has captured the attention of readers with her latest thriller, Our Secret Circle. Published in December 2023, by The Native Publishers, McLaughlin's gripping novel has quickly gained traction, making its mark on

Author Rella B Releases New Children's Picture Book Celebrating Family and Uniqu …

Witness the magic of storytelling as Rella B crafts a narrative celebrating diversity, kindness, and the enduring power of familial bonds. Rella B is pleased to announce the release of her new book If Shapes Could Talk. This delightful tale, published on October 26, 2023, weaves together the charm of best-selling books Ricky the Rock that Couldn't Roll and What if We were All the Same? in a vibrant celebration of

Stefanie Gamarra Releases New Children's Book - How to Grow a Marshmallow Tree

Independent Author Stefanie Gamarra Unveils Her Debut Children's Book That is Taking Young Readers on a Sweet Adventure "How to Grow a Marshmallow Tree," the imaginative debut from Stefanie Gamarra, illustrates the limitless nature of a child's creativity. This charming book, the first in a series, invites young readers on an adventure with Amelia and her loyal polar bear pal, Paco, as they navigate the sweet challenges of their world. Gamarra's

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