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Schaltbau GmbH exhibiting at InnoTrans for the tenth time

Munich, 18 August 2014: Under the motto “Customizing is Our Standard” Schaltbau GmbH will be exhibiting its innovations in railway engineering at this year’s InnoTrans in Berlin (September 23 to 26) at stand 102 in hall 2.2. Highlighted will be the new S337 Series configurable master controller, the CH1130/02 update of the CH Series high-voltage contactor, and the newly developed replacement insert for the receptacle of the UIC558 Series connector.

Schaltbau GmbH: groundbreaking ceremony for plant expansion

Munich, 29 July 2013: Schaltbau GmbH is expanding production capacities at its 
Velden and Aldersbach plants, both located in Lower Bavaria. The company is investing a total of seven million euros in new buildings and production equipment, in order to generate additional growth with innovative Schaltbau products and bolster the job situation in the region. Schaltbau is investing in state-of-the-art production buildings at both sites. After a nine-month construction period,

Schaltbau GmbH: new high-performance charging connector for industrial trucks

Munich, 13 June 2013: The new LV-HPC (High Power Connector) charging connector made by Schaltbau meets the DIN VDE 0623-589 standards for a greater current-carrying capacity. The series is therefore suitable for state-of-the-art fast chargers such as those used with industrial trucks. A red-coded keying pin signifies operation at 120, 250 and 400 amperes for charging wet-cell batteries and serves to prevent mismating at the same time. The latest generation

Schaltbau GmbH snap-action switches used by Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

Munich, 29 April 2013: Schaltbau’s latest S970-series snap-action switches are installed in sophisticated printing machines made by Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. These hardwearing, highly efficient components operate as position and limit switches in the printing and coating units of state-of-the-art sheet-fed offset printing presses. The snap-action switches installed in these machines are exposed to severe conditions. Not only do they need to be resistant to aggressive chemical detergents, they also have

Schaltbau GmbH at the Intersolar in Munich

Munich, 15 April 2013. This year Schaltbau GmbH will once again be present at the Intersolar tradefair, being held in Munich from 19 to 21 June. The company will be showcasing its state-of-the-art DC contactors, snap-action switches with positive opening operation as well as its range of connectors. Used as main or pre-charging contactors, the DC contactors disconnect the solar panels from the inverter on the DC side, handling currents

Schaltbau GmbH at the transport logistic for the first time

Munich, 4 April 2013: At this year’s transport logistic exhibition, Schaltbau GmbH will be presenting an array of products designed for the makers of electrically powered industrial trucks, batteries and charging devices. The company will be showcasing charging connectors, combination contactors, battery contactors and snap-action switches. The most important product on display will be the LV-HPC (High Power Connector) series charging connector. The transport logistic will be held in Munich

Schaltbau GmbH: New snap-action switches for extreme applications

Munich, December 01, 2012: The new S926 and S970 snap-action switch series have been developed for use in severe environmental conditions. Their robust polyetherimide (PEI) housings make for greater resilience when exposed to extreme temperatures, improved resistance to chemicals and 50% more shock resistance compared with polycarbonate. The amber-coloured, transparent snap-action switches are highly suited for applications in which the impact forces involved require the materials used to withstand a great

The new Schaltbau GmbH website

Munich, 5 December 2012: The Schaltbau GmbH website has been given a complete makeover. Both the content and the layout have been fully revised, particularly focusing on the Products section. We have also introduced other new elements, such as a product configurator and the Markets section, which highlights selected Schaltbau GmbH products and how they are used in everyday life, illustrated with clear, descriptive pictures. The product configurator enables visitors

UIC-IT Series railway connector from Schaltbau GmbH

Munich, December 11, 2012: The Schaltbau UIC-IT Series railway connector fulfils additional requirements, such as those for closed circuit TV, passenger information systems, automatic passenger counters, voice control systems and diagnosis features. The UIC-IT is an interface connector that offers reliable Ethernet data transmission between locomotive and passenger coaches. The new UIC-IT Series has been successfully tested in a pilot project of German Railways over a period of two years

Schaltbau GmbH at the Intersolar in Munich

Munich, 23 March 2012: Again this year Schaltbau GmbH will be present at the Intersolar, being held in Munich from 13 to 15 June. Schaltbau will be showcasing its state-of-the-art DC contactors and snap-action switches with positive opening feature as well as its range of connectors. These products are widely used in photovoltaic applications, in wind turbines and battery storage systems. The contactors disconnect the solar field from the inverter

Toggle switch from Schaltbau GmbH wins design award

Munich/Germany, 31.01.2012: The series K toggle switch from Schaltbau has been awarded the iF product design award 2012. This award ranks worldwide amongst the most prestigious honours for product design. The official award presentation by iF Industrie Forum Design will take place on 10 February in Munich. Amongst the 3000 or so applications, the toggle switch clinched the prize, being particularly convincing on account of its functionality, reliability and environmental

Schaltbau GmbH sponsors electric car of Bochum University of Applied Sciences

Munich, 30 September 2011: Schaltbau GmbH is sponsoring Bochum University with C163 series bistable contactors. The contactor is a vital component in the SolarWorldGT electric car. The devices are being used to switch the power supply to both the wheel hub motors and the solar array of this innovative vehicle. They save two watts per unit and ensure extremely high efficiency at the same time. The students’ aim was to

Schaltbau GmbH at SPS/IPC/DRIVES in Nuremberg

Munich, 05 August 2011: “Safety matters” – is the motto under which Schaltbau GmbH will be appearing this year at SPS/IPC/DRIVES (22 to 24 November 2011) in Nuremberg. Key exhibits include the snap-action switches of the S850 and S880 series. The decisive factor for the development of the S850 series, a double NC contact switch, was the new DIN EN ISO 13849 standard, which is described in a new Machinery

Emergency switch from Schaltbau GmbH in e-car

Munich, 07/07 2011: The S 135 emergency switch from Schaltbau GmbH is installed inside the prototype of the electric Spyder from Broedersdorff & Koenzen GmbH. The company is a manufacturer and provider of electric drives. The emergency switch ensures immediate power interruption through manual actuation. As such, it contributes to the safety of the vehicle. The red knob has two defined positions: The contacts are closed during normal operation. In

Schaltbau GmbH at Intersolar in Munich - DC contactor for photovoltaic systems

Munich, 21/03/2011: Schaltbau GmbH will be making its debut appearance at Intersolar (8 - 10 June 2011) at this year’s show in Munich, where the company will be exhibiting DC contactors, snap-action switches and connectors. These products are used in photovoltaic systems, wind turbines and in smart grid systems. The most important exhibit will be the CT1000 contactor series. The double pole version of this isolating contactor is ideally suited

Schaltbau GmbH at the CeMAT in Hanover

Munich, 18/02/2011: At the CeMAT in Hanover (2nd – 6th May 2011) Schaltbau GmbH presents charging connectors, combination contactors and emergency cut-off switches. These products are used first and foremost in forklift trucks. The main exhibits are the charging connectors. The LV Series is modular, thus permitting scalable solutions between vehicle, battery and charger. The LV500 charging connector assures permanent operating currents of up to 500 Amperes, and has been

Schaltbau GmbH at the UITP in Dubai

Munich, 09/02/2011: Schaltbau GmbH presents contactors, master controllers and a multi-tone buzzer at the UITP in Dubai (10th to 14th of April 2011). The main exhibit is the CT1000 series of contactors. These railway contactors offer a special technical approach to keeping the electric arc safely under control throughout the current range. They do this by combining the advantages of electromagnetic and permanent-magnetic blowout for arc guidance in one system.

Snap-action switch by Schaltbau GmbH in use in wind turbines

Munich, 04/01/2011: The S840 snap-action switch by Schaltbau GmbH is used in a gearbox limit switch by Meyer Industrie Electronic. This gearbox limit switch monitors the position of the blades in the pitch-adjustment section. At this position, the S840 snap-action switch checks that the end position of the blades is not overrun. This prevents the cables from twisting and breaking off. The S840 snap-action switch is fitted with positive

Modular charging connectors from Schaltbau GmbH

Munich, 06.12.2010: The Schaltbau LV series of charging connectors, which are used in vehicles such as fork lift trucks, have a modular design. This makes it possible to produce scalable solutions between the vehicle, the battery and the charger. Further information can be found at The new multifunctional adapter from Schaltbau makes it possible to transmit additional media via the connector. Depending on the purpose of use, module carriers

Schaltbau GmbH: High ampacity charging connector up to 500 A

Munich, 31 August 2010: The new LV 500 Series charging connector assures high reliability and operating safety in the long run. Therefore it is ideally suited for use in industrial trucks, lifting devices and battery chargers. It also meets the behaviour of the contemporary user: Modern fast chargers recharge vehicle batteries in short time or traditionally over night. For more information visit Delivering maximum performance and working in harsh

New generation of toggle switches and master controllers

Munich, 14.07.2010: Under the motto “On track with global Expertise”, Schaltbau GmbH is appearing at the InnoTrans international trade fair in Berlin (21 to 24.09.2010), where it is presenting a new generation of master controllers and toggle switches for driver’s desks. The new toggle switches are highly integrated and even easier to install than their predecessors. The master controllers are also ideal for large-scale production, since they feature rapid-fit connection

DN connectors from Schaltbau GmbH: Watertight according to IP69K

Munich, 12 April 2010: Schaltbau DN Series connectors are now watertight according to IP69K, plugged and unplugged. This is true for both the metal and plastic version. The connector has been tested under pressure of 80 up to 100 bar and at a water temperature of 18°C. This makes the connector especially suitable to withstand pressurized cleaning. It is also suitable for use in the foodstuff industry and for

Schaltbau snap-action switches at Neumayer III Antarctic station

Munich, 01 March 2010: For a year the S870 Series snap-action switch has successfully been implemented at Neumayer III, the German research station of the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research that went into operation in February 2009. A 30 kW wind turbine contributes to an environment-friendly supply of power. More at Schaltbau S870 Series snap-action switches are mounted on the brakes that are supposed to stop

S850 double break contact from Schaltbau GmbH

Munich, 1.10.2008: The new S850 snap-action switch from Schaltbau offers a reasonably priced alternative to PLC (programmable logic controllers): one out of the two controllers can be replaced by the S850 snap-action switch without any reduction in safety or reliability, since it can control two power circuits. As an extra option, the switch has an additional actuator, which turns it into a double make contact at the same time. The

Plug connectors by Schaltbau GmbH: IP67 even when unplugged

Munich, 27/04/2009: With additional packing rings, both between plug housing and contact inset, and between contacts and contact inset, the Series M1 Plus plug connectors are longitudinally watertight to IP67, even when unplugged. Further information at The M Series plug connectors are universal industrial-quality connectors. They offer maximum reliability and safety even in rugged environments. Vibration, dust and aggressive liquids or vapours are often the cause of malfunctions,

Safe connections with connectors from Schaltbau GmbH

Munich, 1.10.2008: The new DN series from Schaltbau GmbH is a low-priced technological alternative to traditional push-pull connectors. It makes sure that connections remain undisturbed matter how harsh the conditions. The bayonet locking system and the patented, self-cleaning spring contact system ensure a long working life and excellent resistance to shock and vibration. The connector is available in a metal and a plastic version. For further information, see Schaltbau

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