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27.04.16 - AdSpruce

AdSpruce reinvents mobile video advertising in Singapore with outstream, native and rich-media ads.

Mobile video advertising industry leader, AdSpruce®, has upgraded its mobile video technology to locally adserve high-quality outstream, native and rich-media video ads with more interactive options ... mehr

15.04.16 - AdSpruce

AdSpruce announce the release of Outstream Mobile Video 2.0 with advanced interactivity for advertisers in response to the growing demand for mobile video advertising

Mobile video ad tech industry leader AdSpruce® announces a significant update to its outstream mobile video advertising technology to meet the increasing tracking, viewability and dynamic optimisatio... mehr

05.04.16 - AdSpruce

AdSpruce delivers rich-media mobile advertising to Vietnam - one of the fastest growing mobile markets

Mobile video advertising industry leader, AdSpruce®, has upgraded its interactive mobile video adverts technology to better support interactive rich-media mobile adverts in Vietnam. This opens new pr... mehr

18.03.16 - AdSpruce

AdSpruce brings mobile ad interactivity to feature phones and phones with poor connectivity in emerging markets

Mobile video ad tech industry leader, AdSpruce®, enhances its ad platform to allow advertisers to dynamically target, deliver and track interactive video and rich media ad campaigns on low-end featur... mehr

07.03.16 - AdSpruce

New Full-Page Takeover offers massive branding and performance options

Mobile video advertising industry leaders, AdSpruce®, have developed a brand new mobile ad spot which provides the advertiser with guaranteed viewability and engagement whilst at the same time adheri... mehr

27.03.15 - AdSpruce

AdSpruce’s Dynamic End Cards bring new level of engagement to mobile web video

London, UK - Improved method of creating post-view engagement in pre-roll video proving popular with mobile video advertisers. Mobile video advertising technology company AdSpruce® has announced a b... mehr

12.09.14 - AdSpruce

AdSpruce® brings banner ads to life on the mobile web

London, UK – AdSpruce, the mobile website monetization platform, has announced the launch of a proprietary, new mobile video banner ad server technology capable of automatically creating and deliver... mehr

11.07.14 - AdSpruce

AdSpruce extends exclusive advertising network to help developers monetize HTML5 games.

Proprietary cross platform ad-serving technology uses video advertising campaigns to monetize any HTML5 game on the mobile web. Mobile video advertising network and technology company AdSpruce has an... mehr

09.07.14 - AdSpruce

Mobile Video Ad Serving Platform dramatically increases video inventory availability in Asian markets

London - AdSpruce’s cross platform ad-serving technology allows advertisers to dynamically target, deliver and track mobile video ad campaigns to any mobile device. AdSpruce, the mobile video ad... mehr

15.05.14 - AdSpruce

Mobile Video Ad Serving Platform opens up mobile web inventory to advertisers.

AdSpruce’s cross platform ad-serving technology allows advertisers to target premium video ad campaigns to mobile web users across 15,000 devices including feature phones. London, UK – May 16, 20... mehr

27.03.14 - AdSpruce

AdSpruce brings trackable and interactive mobile video ads to feature phones in India

The AdSpruce® Native Ads Server now enables video ad delivery and tracking on over 15,000 mobile devices. AdSpruce, the mobile video ad network and technology provider, has announced an upgrade to t... mehr

21.03.14 - AdSpruce

Mobile web technology can monetize any content on the mobile web.

The AdSpruce platform allows mobile website owners in India and across the globe to monetize any web content on over 15,000 devices including feature phones. Mobile website owners in India are rushi... mehr

19.11.13 - AdSpruce

AdSpruce Delivers Native Mobile Video Advertising Solution to Mobile Devices

Brands can now easily turn their video content into a branded mobile TV channel, with their latest advertising injected into the stream by the AdSpruce Video Platform. London, UK – November 6, 2013... mehr

08.11.13 - AdSpruce

AdSpruce Announces Unique Mobile VideoWall to Monetise Media on the Mobile Web.

New technology allows publishers to inject video advertising across all mobile devices as a requirement to access premium content. AdSpruce, the mobile video ad network, has just released details of ... mehr

04.11.13 - AdSpruce

New mobile web SDK is right on track to monetise traffic across the mobile web

Just a few weeks after launch, the AdSpruce SDK is rapidly being installed by publishers to monetise users on any mobile device, including feature phone traffic. London, UK – November 4, 2013 – A... mehr

18.09.13 - AdSpruce

AdSpruce® Unveils Industry-First Mobile Video Advertising SDK for Mobile Web.

AdSpruce releases mobile web SDK, allowing publishers and developers to tap into the feature phone market which is estimated to consist of around 3 billion devices globally. London, UK – AdSpruce, ... mehr

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