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Press Releases from LYMEC - European Liberal Youth (12 total)

European Data Protection Supervisor on data retention: Directive does NOT meet f …

In his recently fully published report on the Data Retention Directive, the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) Peter Hustinx criticizes the directive as incompatible with the values and laws of the Union. Neither is the legislation that forces member states to store communication data of all 500 million EU citizens for 6 to 24 months deemed necessary, nor proportional. The directive is rated as "the most privacy invasive

LYMEC: GMO legislation is a black day for the internal market

Yesterday the European Parliament adopted a report which allows to ban or restrict the cultivation of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) individually on Member State level. Reacting to the news, LYMEC President Alexander Plahr commented: "This is a black day for the internal market. In the future the same GMO crops will be allowed in some, but forbidden in other Member States. If any kind of crops has to be forbidden,

LYMEC: The European Commission needs to defend the spirit of Schengen

Reacting to today's statement by the Danish finance minister Claus Hjort Frederiksen that the Danish government plans to reintroduce a significant number of border controls, LYMEC President Alexander Plahr states: "Border-free travel within the European Union is one of the great achievements of the last years. To roll it back would seriously undermine European integration and hurt everyday travellers between Denmark and its neighbours Sweden and Germany. This agreement of the

LYMEC: Stop data retention now

Already the second Constitutional Court of an EU Member State has ruled the implementation of the data retention directive (directive 2006/24/EC) and the subsequent general storage of citizens' communication data as unconstitutional: first the Romanian Constitutional Court (Curtea Constituţională a României), and now on Tuesday the German Federal Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht). LYMEC President Aloys Rigaut reacted to the news: “We can only warmly welcome such judgement! This is yet another blow

SWIFT: Liberals oppose erosion of individual privacy rights

This Monday, the 30th of November, the Council of the European Union is set to decide on the controversial issue of giving the United States of America access to so called SWIFT banking data. This is an issue that has been under preparation for a couple of years and aims at enhancing the odds of tracking down and countering potential terrorists and terrorists acts through the coordination of this data

LYMEC the programmatic force of ELDR

Last weekend, the European Liberal, Democrat and Reform Party (ELDR) assembled in Barcelona to hold its 30th Congress. The European Liberal Youth (LYMEC) attended the Congress with ten delegates as well as having many active LYMEC members in the other party delegations active in Barcelona. Congress reelected Annemie Neyts (OpenVLD) as President of the ELDR Party for her third mandate. David Griffiths (LibDems) has been re-elected as Treasurer for the second

Barroso uses EU money to promote his candidacy

European Liberal Youth - LYMEC welcomes the fact that José Manuel Barroso, current President of the European Commission and candidate for another term, today (Thursday, 3 September) published a 41-page document outlining his political visions for the next five years. The young liberals though are concerned that he published his document on the official website of the European Commission and are concerned that money from the EU budget could have

LYMEC: No sellout of personal bank data

The European Liberal Youth LYMEC strongly criticizes plans to grant US officials access to European bank data. Recently, member states have mandated the Presidency of the Council to negotiate new conditions under which the US will get unlimited access to private banking data. The US wants to have access to a new European database that SWIFT, a huge inter-bank network, is setting up in Switzerland. Currently the US treasury already can

Iceland: In from the cold

On Friday the Republic of Iceland handed in an application to join the European Union to the Swedish EU presidency. Iceland's parliament last week had backed the government's plan to begin talks to join the EU, months after a meltdown of the north Atlantic island's economy amid the global financial crisis. LYMEC President Aloys Rigaut reacted: 'Iceland is one of Europe's oldest democracies and we can thus only welcome its EU

Slovakia to join the Eurozone on January 1st

The European Liberal Youth (LYMEC) welcomes the introduction of the common currency in Slovakia. On January 1st 2009, the country will join the ranks of currently 15 member states that use the Euro. "Start-up packages" containing the EUR equivalent of 500 Sk (16.60 €) are already sold at all post offices and local commercial banks since December 1st. LYMEC President Aloys Rigaut states: "On New Year, five million Slovaks will join

Elections in Macedonia: Democracy at stake

SKOPJE/BRUSSELS. Macedonia\'s Conservative \'\'Coalition for better Macedonia\'\' led by VMRO-DPMNE has won on first early parliamentary elections in the history of Macedonia, held on 1st of June. Last results published by State electoral committee showed that 46,89% of voters supported the \'\'Coalition for better Macedonia\'\'. Both liberal parties, Liberal Democratic Party and Liberal Party, were running on common election list as part of coalition named \'\'Sun - Coalition for Europe\'\',

Treaty of Lisbon: Europe needs a Yes!

DUBLIN. On June 12th, Irish voters will be presented with a ballot paper asking them whether or not they approve the EU Reform Treaty. Irish Young Progressive Democrats and LYMEC call together on all Irish voters to inform themselves about the many benefits the Treaty of Lisbon brings for Irish citizens as well as all Europeans. Aloys Rigaut, President of the European Liberal Youth (LYMEC) stresses the fact that the new

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