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Objective Positioners Adapted To Meet Your Needs For Industrial Applications

piezosystem jena has extended the objective positioner series MIPOS with two new industry products. Typically objective positioners are firmly mounted directly onto a microscope. Piezosystem also introduces two new systems, which can be screwed on a machine or rail. MIPOS 140: Most installed lens positioners require an undesired extension to the optical axis. The distance between the lens and the sample is shortened. This can lead to collisions between the optics and the

Incremental Trigger Function

Trigger signals dependent on the position of the stage Digital piezo-controllers from piezosystem jena (d-Drive and d-Drivepro) offer flexible control for customized systems such as cameras, illumination systems, optical shutters or external measuring systems. Now, piezosystem jena can offer a comfortable trigger function. Trigger signals can be generated dependent on the position of the stage: • Rising edge • Falling edge • On both edges in the direction of movement An additional function sends out a trigger

New Product-Catalog from piezosystem jena

Positioning Solutions with Sub-Nanometer-Precision; Movements up to Multiple Centimeters/ Inches piezosystem jena introduces its brand-new catalog! To offer you complete systems for your needs, piezosystem jena has engineered and produced a NEW series of Motion Control Stages and High-Power Piezo-Composite Actuators. The new catalog does not only show our proven, ultra-precise nanopositioning piezo stages for positioning with sub-nanometer accuracy and their appropriate controllers; it also incorporates our powerful Piezo-Composite Actuators and their

Beam Tracking with Mirror Tip- and Tilting Piezostage PKS1

In biology applications a laser beam is used for cell stimulation. First the laser beam is redirected onto 2 mirrors then directed to the cells. An important requirement, to hold the laser beam onto the cell is very difficult to achieve due to thermal effects or external vibration. The position of the laser beam needs to be controlled in real-time to track the motion of the cell. For this task a

Specialized system – Piezo Micrometer Screw Drive MICI

Hybrid element that combines the advantages of long travel of micrometer screws, with the nm-accuracy of a piezo stage These elements were originally developed for quality control applications in the optics industry. They consist of a piezoelectric actuator in combination with a micrometer screw drive. The user can first adjust the coarse position of the actuator with a micrometer screw, and then fine tune it with the piezo stage itself.

Shock wave generation with piezoelectrical shakers

The PIA series piezoelectrical shock wave generators from piezosystem jena produce exact precise shock waves by the use of piezo technology. Pulsers and electronics produce exact precise shocks with accurate repeatabilty. Accelerations can be achieved as high as 500‘000 m/s². The specialized high dielectric piezo ceramics produce considerably higher energy rates than common piezo actuators. The energy level is increased by the use of seismic masses.

Piezo controller series NV120/1 and NV120/1 CLE for dynamic applications

piezosystem jena is a worldwide leader in nano and micro positioning. Our piezo devices are ideal for any application where the high precision positioning of components is needed. The NV120 series of piezo controllers is an excellent solution for the control of piezoelectric actuators in dynamic applications. The NV 120 series consists of two types of amplifiers. The NV 120/1 amplifier is developed for actuators without an integrated measurement

New Rotary Stage with unlimited Motion

With the rotary stage RA–55–40 piezosystem jena enlarges its product line and offers its customers a rotary stage with unlimited motion. With 32’768 steps per rotation and a bi-directional repeatability of 36 arcsec the rotary stage RA–55–40 is excellent suited for applications in research and development, for beam deflection as well as laboratories and industry. The rotary stage RA–55–40 can be driven stepwise or in a continuous mode. The rotary stage

Nanopositioner PZ700 with increased life time and freedom from maintenance

After more than one year in long–term test the nanopositioner PZ700 from piezosystem jena do not show any abrasion or breakdown. The nanopositioner PZ700 is designed for dynamic, single axis positioning tasks of objects of all kind with a mass up to 300 g (0.7 lbs). Because of the quadratic, central aperture, the nanopositioner PZ700 is suited for positioning tasks, where the transmission of light is required or for fibers

Cylinder scanning system used in the ZylScan-System of the Breitmeier Messtechni …

The visualization of the surface structure of cylinders in the range of microns is very work-intensive with insufficient results. The interesting characteristics of the surface are scratches, cavities and scoring marcs, carbonization and corrosion as well as polished areas and glossy spots. Common methods like cylinder photography need special cameras and objectives. The objectives need to be adapted to the curvature of the surface. With the ZylScan-System of Breitmeier Messtechnik GmbH

Piezoelectrical shaker for vibration excitation with frequencies up to 100 kHz f …

The use of piezo shakers for vibration excitation has many advantages over conventional methods. Piezo shakers have a higher force potential as a result of their stiffness and their ability to operate at exceedingly higher frequencies. Due to their high power density they can be produced in compact sizes. These small elements can be used for modal analysis of mechanical structures. Massive piezo shakers with a seismic mass can modulate

New version piezosystem jena-ServiceTool 1.2 for digital piezo-electronics with …

The advanced ServiceTool from piezosystem jena is now available in version 1.2. The program is used for the controlling of piezo-actuators by the digital amplifiers d-Drive and 30DV50 from piezosystem jena. Therefore the ServiceTool uses a graphical user interface (GUI) and a terminal program. By the use of the ServiceTool you can adjust many advantages for the actuators. For example function generators and filters can be set, such as slew rate

The new digital piezo controller d-Drive pro

piezosystem jena presents the d-Drive pro, the latest generation of digital control electronics for piezo actuators. These piezoelectric ceramic based actuating systems and piezo stages are mainly used for micro and nano positioning for a highly accurate movement of optical devices and optical components. The new piezo controller d-Drive pro of piezosystem jena provides 24 bit resolution and simultaneous regulation of 3 axes with an internal data transfer rate of

PZ 300 AP - z-axis elevator stage - designed for standard and inverted microscop …

The accuracy and speed of probe positioning is a critical and important value for microscopy techniques such as laser scanning microscopy, or other techniques including fluorescent, super resolution, or image processing. In order to provide the user with a tool able to improve these techniques, piezosystem jena provides the new PZ 300 piezoelectric actuator based z-axis elevator stage for microscopes. The PZ 300 AP piezo stage is made for adapting onto

MIPOS 16 -158: Z-axis positioner for high performance white light interferometry

piezosystem jena presents the new MIPOS 16 - specifically designed for high precision positioning of optical systems with an accuracy in the sub-nanometer range. The high resolution and fast response time of the MIPOS 16 offer new possibilities for interferometry. Based on its unique design with a 158 mm aperture and a stage height of 42 mm, the MIPOS 16-158 offers technical specifications matching the requirements of white light

Focal Point and piezosystem jena partner to deliver high speed autofocus systems

Focal Point Inc. (Boise, ID) and Piezosystem Jena, Inc. (Hopedale, MA) announced a new partnership to deliver turnkey autofocus systems for high speed metrology and biological imaging applications. “Focal Point’s extensive experience in semiconductor and printing technology applications nicely complements our knowledge of the super-resolution microscopy field. Bringing both technologies together will open up new possibilites in test, measurement and biological research.”, said Jim Litynski, CEO of Piezosystem

Nano-Positioning equipment with highest positioning accuracy

Newly designed piezo-positioning stage with smaller dimensions and travel range extension! piezosystem jena is pleased to present, the piezo-electric nano positioning stage, and newly advanced design of the PX 100 CAP. Without compromising the excellent accuracy, the travel range has been extended up to 100µm of motion in closed loop mode. For positioning control a high resolution capacitive feedback sensor is built in. The sensor is able to measure a deviation of

Integrated measurement systems in actuators of piezosystem jena

Typical materials that are used in piezo actuators are made out of industrial ceramics. Those materials are synthetic, inorganic, and ferroelectric. The natural characteristics of these ferroelectric materials contain some properties that could adversely affect positioning tasks. The results of those characteristics are creep and hysteresis. In order to correct the unwanted effects of creep and hysteresis; actuators manufactured for the highest positioning at piezosystem jena can be equipped with integrated

piezo microscope objective fine positioner series MIPOS for nanopositioning

piezosystem jena, provider of piezo electrical stages for micro- and nanopositioning, offers a series of positioning systems - MIPOS for high-precise focusing of microscope objectives. The MIPOS series feature a motion of up to 500µm for the microscope objective in combination with nanometer accuracy. The design, which the incorporates a pre-load of the actuator, permits a high resonant frequency of up to 410 Hz and high parallel travel, as

New nanopositioning stage for micropositioning

piezosystem jena has expanded its PXY series and introduces an XY plane nanopositioning and microscanning stage featuring a wide center clearance. The PXY 201 CAP offers a clearance of 30x30mm² and a motion range of up to 250 microns in open loop and up to 200 microns in closed loop. The PXY 201 CAP can be equipped with an integrated high resolution capacitive feedback sensor. Creep and hystersis can be compensated

Miniaturized measurement system for nanopositioning of positioning stages

piezosystem jena developed an actuator with an integrated measurement system. As with other systems from piezosystem jena, the actuator enables high-precision positioning. The advantage of the integrated measurement system compared to conventional systems is the removal of a separate electronics assembly. This is now included in the actuator. For that a new development of a temperature compensated actuator mechanics was necessary. A further advantage is improved resolution, thanks to

New dynamic nanopositioning stage nanoSX 800 CAP

piezosystem jena provides with the nanoSX 800 CAP a new single axis micropositioning and nanoscanning stage. The system provides unparalleled scanning and stroke capabilities of 800 µm in open loop and 640 µm in closed loop. An integrated capacitative sensor system eliminates hysteresis and drift, and enables extremely high stability, linearity, and repeatability in closed-loop operation. Due to a special mechanical FEA-optimized design, the actuator has the highest dynamical features

piezo - nanopositioner nanoMIPOS 400 CAP for micro objectives now available with …

piezosystem jena has expanded the series MIPOS with the introduction of the nanoMIPOS400 CAP. For the first time ever, this large range of outstanding micro-objective focusing devices will be available in a digital version. The nano positioner provides a travel of 450 microns with nanometer resolution. The special bidirectional nanoX flexure design allows for a high dynamic and extremely accurate guidance. The integrated positioning sensors guarantee long-term stable positioning,

High-Frequency Mirror Tilting System PSH 4/1 for optical applications

piezosystem jena provides the miniature high-frequency mirror tilting system PSH 4/1 and has expanded the proved series of piezoelectrically driven mirror-tilting platforms for applications in optics and laser technology. This compact system is based on special high power piezo actuators. Those provide a +/- tilting with a total travel range of up to 4mrad (unloaded). With its bidirectional gear design and a special flexure hinge assembly (optimized from FEA),

Provider of nanopositioning equipment with a new representative in Scandinavia

piezosystem jena is a world leading company in the development, design, and engineering of piezoelectric actuator-based positioning systems for applications involving micro- and nanotechnology. Within a global network of representatives, effective immediately the company Optonyx AB is the new representative for our customers in Sweden, Denmark and Norway and the qualified contact for distribution of our products. Optonyx AB is a provider of optical and opto-mechanical assemblies as well as

Nano-positioning high loads with high dynamics

piezosystem jena, one of the leading providers of nano positioning systems has just expanded its product range, and can now offer even more solutions for customer applications. With immediate effect high power actuators are available, along with our standard long-lasting low voltage piezo elements. This new series provides a travel of up to 260 microns. The major advantage of these actuators is the high load, which can be now easily

exhibition OPTATEC 2008 - 10% discount of microobjective positioner

Visit us at the Optatec 2008 in Frankfurt! piezosystem jena will be exhibiting on the Optatec 2008 in Frankfurt, Germany from June 17th until 20th, 2008. Visit us and find out more information about our new and successful systems for nano positioning and nano automation, digital controller electronics and high speed actuators. The Optatec has already established itself as an international exhibition, and presents the entire spectrum of optics, optoelectronics, laser technology

New dynamic nano positioner PX 50 CAP

piezosystem jena, a world leading company in the development, design and engineering of piezo electrical actuator based positioning systems for micro- and nanopositioning, now introduces a new positioner. The PX 50 CAP expands the PX series, which has been established for years. This nano positioner provides a travel of 50 microns. Due to a special mechanical FEM-optimized design the actuator has the highest dynamical features that can be generated.

New compact 3-axis nano positioner TRITOR 50 CAP

piezosystem jena, the specialist for nanopositioning systems, has expanded their TRITOR line of field tested and well known positioners with the TRITOR 50 CAP. This nanopositioner provides a travel of 50 microns. Specially designed solid-state hinges afford a guidance without friction and free of mechanical play. High dynamic features were generated by a specific, mechanical FEM-optimized design of the actuators. The outstanding sub-nanometer resolution in open-loop operation and one nanometer in

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