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16.03.18 -

APAC to significantly drive Construction Chemicals Market growth over 2016-2024

Exponential population growth along with favorable government policies to provide houses at reasonable costs will push Construction Chemicals Market revenue. As per Global Market Insights, Inc., “Co... mehr

16.03.18 -

Mobile POS Terminals Market Key players VeriFone, Ingenico, Zebra Technologies, Oracle

Mobile point of sale terminals market finds wide application across sectors including retail, healthcare, entertainment, hospitality, warehouse, and restaurant. Entertainment applications is anticipat... mehr

16.03.18 -

Handheld Imager Market Growth Industry Review and Forecasts 2023

Asia pacific handheld imagers market share will grow noticeably with an annual growth rate of more than 13%. The growth can be attributed to its surging demand for high security. China and India will ... mehr

15.03.18 -

Electric Motors Market to surpass 2 Billion units by 2024

Considering the regional trends, the exponentially rising demand for plug-in vehicles across North America has positively impacted the regional electric motors industry outlook. Presence of several au... mehr

15.03.18 -

Fitness Equipment Market Technologically Advanced and Product Developments Over 2017-2024

An insight into APAC fitness equipment industry: The latest hotbed for potential investors The Asia Pacific region is surprisingly touted to be one of the most opportunistic belts for the growth of ... mehr

15.03.18 -

Global Lamp Market - Industry Application, Product, Functionality, Regional Outlook 2024

U.S. contributed significantly toward North America lamp market in 2016. Shifting trends toward the adoption of energy efficient products to consume less energy will stimulate the market growth. Prese... mehr

14.03.18 -

Electrical Steering Column Lock Market to surpass 180 million units by 2024

Meanwhile, the rising security concerns among consumers has entailed the reputed automotive firms partaking in electrical steering column lock industry, to replace the traditional steering lock with e... mehr

13.03.18 -

Industrial Robotics Market – Opportunities, Challenges, Future Plans, Global Trends, 2024

As robots and other computer-assisted technologies take over tasks previously performed by manual labor, the global industrial robotics market is set to attain significant popularity across a diverse ... mehr

12.03.18 -

IP Camera Market Growth Outlook with Industry Review and Forecasts by 2024

IP camera market is expected to witness an appreciable growth rate from the residential sector. Continuous innovations in these products along the lines of facial recognition, intrusion alert, motion,... mehr

08.03.18 -

Europe Inland Waterways Vessel Market Share, Research Report and Industry Forecast To 2024

Strongly characterized by energy efficiency, reliability, and more capacity of energy exploitation, European inland waterways vessel market is slated to cross a major revenue benchmark in the coming s... mehr

21.02.18 -

Tactical Communications Industry to cross USD 30 billion by 2024

Bittium’s recent product range launch at the Defence Communications event in Poland indicates that tactical communications market has indeed traversed a commendably profitable path in the last few y... mehr

08.11.17 -

Optical Sensors Industry to grow at 7.5% CAGR from 2016 to 2024

The report ”, by Global Market Insights, Inc. says optical sensors market is poised to register a lucrative CAGR of 7.5% over the period of 2016-2024, with a projected revenue collection of more tha... mehr

07.11.17 -

Outsourced Customer Care Services Industry to grow at 6% CAGR up to 2024

With efficient customer service being the chief goal of companies worldwide, outsourced customer care services market is certain to take on a profitable path ahead. Companies have been increasingly op... mehr

01.11.17 -

Global Biometrics Industry forecast to expand $50bn by 2024

The evolving technologies in biometrics market are expected to provide groundbreaking solutions to the businesses by addressing security threats. Having marked its strong presence in the security land... mehr

26.10.17 -

Enterprise Application Industry to expand USD 287.7 billion by 2024

Enterprise Application Market size is expected to reach USD 287.71 billion by 2024; driven by Cloud computing adoption. The excessive deployment of enterprise application solutions across the corporat... mehr

25.10.17 -

Process Spectroscopy Market grow at 6.5% CAGR from 2016 to 2024

Process spectroscopy industry analysis is covered in this latest research report that aims to help those taking daily business decisions by providing market trends information, competitive landscape s... mehr

24.10.17 -

Marine Diesel Engines Market worth over USD 7 billion by 2024: Fractovia.Org

Marine diesel engines market are extensively used across cruise & ferry, merchant, and offshore ships. Marine diesel engines industry share in merchant ships sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of mo... mehr

11.10.17 -

Retail POS Terminals Market in Support & maintenance services to witness 15% CAGR up to 2024

Rising trend towards cashless transactions driven by acceptance of online payment and mobile payment options will boost retail POS terminals market development. Growing necessity to curb black money t... mehr

27.09.17 -

Boom Trucks Market to surpass USD 500 million will grow at over 4.5%+ CAGR from 2016 – 2024: Fractovia.Org

Boom trucks market will grow exponentially over the years ahead, owing to the growing infrastructural development across the globe. To reduce the human effort and increase reliability and operational ... mehr

20.09.17 -

Ceramic Tiles Market to exceed USD 178 billion will grow at over 9.5%+ CAGR from 2016 – 2024: Fractovia.Org

The rising demand for ceramic tiles across commercial venues such as malls, hospitals, & airports will spur ceramic tiles market. The escalating developments in the construction and infrastructure sec... mehr

20.09.17 -

Household Refrigerators and Freezers Industry to grow at 2.7% CAGR from 2016 to 2025

Household refrigerators and freezers industry revenue is slated to hit USD 78.22 billion by 2025, having attained USD 59 billion in 2015. Household refrigerators and freezers market is expected to wit... mehr

19.09.17 -

Electric Motorcycles & Scooters Market will surpass USD 55 billion with growth rate of more than 10% from 2016-2024: Fractovia.Org

Electric motorcycles & scooters market is projected to generate a remarkable momentum with shifting trends toward sustainable energy and growing environmental concerns pertaining to hazardous emission... mehr

19.09.17 -

Smart Speaker Industry forecast to grow at 50% CAGR over by 2024

Speaking of companies partaking in smart speaker industry, the number is certainly huge, with the inclusion of Amazon, Sonos, Apple, Google Corporation, JBL, Samsung electronics, Sony Corporation, Phi... mehr

19.09.17 -

Global Smart Speaker Industry to grow at 50% CAGR from 2017 to 2024

Speaking of companies partaking in smart speaker industry, the number is certainly huge, with the inclusion of Amazon, Sonos, Apple, Google Corporation, JBL, Samsung electronics, Sony Corporation, Phi... mehr

14.09.17 -

Asia Pacific Marine Coatings Market to witness remarkable gains over the years ahead, anti-fouling coatings to be the prominent product segment

The growing demand for efficient fuel consumption across the marine industry is positively impacting Marine Coatings Market globally. The rise in the number of shipbuilding firms by the day bears ev... mehr

12.09.17 -

Active Calcium Silicate Market: Construction sector to drive the industry growth over the period of 2016-2024

Increasing demand from the construction industry, mainly for fire and sound proofing applications will surge the Active Calcium Silicate Marketover the coming years. Rising infrastructure spending a... mehr

07.09.17 -

Copper Oxychloride Market to witness the maximum gains via fungicide applications over 2016-2024, U.S. to majorly drive the regional landscape

Swift upsurge in the global population coupled with low availability of cultivable land is expected to push Copper Oxychloride Market trends. As per the reliable estimates, population across the globe... mehr

06.09.17 -

Aerial Imaging Industry to surpass $2.65bn by 2022

Worldwide aerial imaging market will surpass a revenue collection of USD 2.65 billion by 2022 with a notable annual growth rate. Of late, with drones being extensively used for personal & security pur... mehr

05.09.17 -

Air Compressor Market worth USD 39 billion will grow at over 3.5%+ CAGR from 2016 – 2023: Fractovia.Org

A renowned air compressor market player Atlas Copco, has recently won the 2017 Red Dot Design Award for an outstanding product design of its 8-series portable air compressors. The new version of the A... mehr

05.09.17 -

Aircraft Ground Handling System Market to exceed USD 185 billion by 2024: Fractovia.Org

Aircraft ground handling equipment market encompasses products that are designed for aircraft handling, cargo handling, and passenger handling. Cargo handling dominated the overall industry share in... mehr

30.08.17 -

Pleated Filters Market to exceed USD 14.9 billion with grow at over 6.5% CAGR from 2015 – 2022: Fractovia.Org

Pleated filters market is gearing up at a face pace with the increasing penetration of HVAC systems across the globe. Subject to the increasing application scope of pleated filters in the HVAC install... mehr

29.08.17 -

Precision Gearbox Market to grow at over 5%+ CAGR from 2016-2024: Fractovia.Org

Global precision gearbox market is likely to follow an exponential track driven by rising automation in the material handling, robotics, F&B, and packaging sectors. The manufacturing industry is empha... mehr

24.08.17 -

Earthmoving Equipment Market to exceed USD 192 billion with grow at over 7.5%+ CAGR from 2016 – 2023: Fractovia.Org

Earthmoving Equipment Market finds wide applications across surface mining, construction, and underground mining sectors. Construction sector, which led the application landscape in 2015, is anticipat... mehr

24.08.17 -

Automotive Sunroof Market to grow at over 9.5%+ CAGR from 2015-2022: Fractovia.Org

Asia Pacific aftermarket automotive sunroof market demand is on the increase, driven by growing consumer preference to install these products and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the vehicle.... mehr

22.08.17 -

Sand Blasting Machines Market worth USD 485.4 million with grow at over 3.5% CAGR from 2015 – 2022: Fractovia.Org

Global sand blasting machines market is poised to witness a remarkable surge driven by the increasing deployment of robotic sandblasting technology across the end-use industries. In 2013, An Australia... mehr

17.08.17 -

Compressed Air Treatment Equipment Market Trends, Growth, Research Report, 2016 – 2025: Fractovia.Org

The popularity of compressed air treatment equipment market is likely to gain an upper hand with the rapid upsurge in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. The requirement of contaminant-free air ... mehr

17.08.17 -

Compressed Air Treatment Equipment Market Trends, Growth, Research Report, 2016 – 2025: Fractovia.Org

The popularity of compressed air treatment equipment market is likely to gain an upper hand with the rapid upsurge in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. The requirement of contaminant-free air ... mehr

11.08.17 -

Animal Feed sector shares major role in boosting Probiotics Market

Probiotics market is forecast to witness a significant growth over the next few years, due to its increasing application in functional food & beverages, dietary supplements, and animal feed sectors. P... mehr

10.08.17 -

Edible Insects Market Share, Size, Trends, Analysis & Forecast (2017-2024)

Edible Insects Market size was more than $33 million for 2015 and predicted to register greater than 40% CAGR by 2023. Change in focus towards accepting insect consumption for human beings and animals... mehr

10.08.17 -

Aquafeed Market share research by applications and regions for 2017-2024

Increasing awareness regarding the health benefits of seafood will heavily influence Aquafeed Market. As per medical experts, Consuming fish, crab, and other types of seafood is known to have a positi... mehr

10.08.17 -

Civil Engineering Market Trends, Analysis | Research Report, 2016 – 2025: Fractovia.Org

The massive revenue growth of the global civil engineering market is estimated to jump from a revenue of USD 7,990 billion in 2015 to USD 11.72 trillion by 2025. This robust growth prospect of civil e... mehr

10.08.17 -

Global Marine Propulsion Engine Market Research Report, 2016-2024: Fractovia.Org

Mounting requirement for operationally effective and low fuel emitting ships will spur marine propulsion engine market size. Reputed business participants such as Wärtsilä and Rolls-Royce have focus... mehr

08.08.17 -

Protein ingredient market drivers of growth analyzed in a new research report

Strong scientific evidence supporting the healthy benefits of proteins is providing a significant impetus to the global protein ingredient industry. The ongoing research has proved that, proper intake... mehr

07.08.17 -

Egg Phosphatidylcholine Market Analysis, Trends & Forecast (2017-2024)

Egg phosphatidylcholine market is expected to observe a noteworthy growth rate over the coming seven years, driven by the increasing public awareness regarding health coupled with the growing demand f... mehr

13.07.17 -

Automotive HVAC Market Share Research by Applications and Regions for 2016-2023: Fractovia.Org

The global Automotive HVAC Market share report provides numbers for applications and regional segments of the industry covering historical as well as forecast data for decision makers. HVAC systems h... mehr

13.07.17 -

Automotive Collision Repair Industry Statistics, analysis research and trends report for 2015 - 2022: Fractovia.Org

Automotive Collision Repair industry analysis is covered in this latest research report that aims to help those taking daily business decisions by providing market trends information, competitive land... mehr

18.04.17 -

Biometrics Market share forecast to grow at 16.1% CAGR from 2016 to 2023

According to industry research report “Biometrics Market Size By Application (Banking & Finance, Commercial, Residential, Consumer Electronics, Defense & Security, Government, Transportation, Health... mehr

27.02.17 -

U.S. Ammunition Market to account for over 90% of the North American revenue share by 2025

The industry outlook “Ammunition Market Size By Caliber (Small Caliber, Medium Caliber, Large Caliber, Artillery, Mortar), By Application (Defense, Civil), Industry Analysis Report, Regional Outlook... mehr

16.02.17 -

Point of Sale Terminals Market share to exceed $103bn by 2023

The industry share report “(Point of Sale) POS Terminals Market Size By Application (Entertainment, Healthcare, Hospitality, Retail, Warehouse), By Product (Mobile, Fixed), By Component (Software, H... mehr

15.02.17 -

ATM Market share to hit $26bn by 2023

The industry report “ATM Market Size By Solution (Deployment [Onsite, Offsite, Worksite, Mobile], Managed Services), Industry Analysis Report, Regional Trends, Application Potential, Competitive Mar... mehr

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