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Vivid Racing Reveals Two New Racing Wheels from Volk

Vivid Racing announces that Volk Racing of Japan is bringing more incredible, stylish wheels to their line up. First is their Volk Racing G12 line up for premium sport vehicles. Available in both 19 and 20 inch setups, the elongated 12 spoke design has a double machined matte black finish. With 19′s coming in 8.5 and 9.5 inch widths, this new wheel is perfect with many BMW

Vivid Racing Goes Blue with Their Agency Power Wheels on the Porsche 997.2 Turbo

Vivid Racing thought they would turn up the heat on their Project Porsche 997.2 Turbo and have it draw some attention with an updated look. Even though the white body with black wheels and carbon fiber accents looked classy, it needed that extra bling edge that the old Project 997.1 Turbo had with its chrome red lip HRE Wheels. So they took a set of Agency Power Split

Vivid Racing Gives Project Nissan GT-R II New Stance and Power

Vivid Racing recently did a photo shoot to show off their project car, the Nissan GT-R II. First and foremost is the new set of MHT’s Niche SPA 3-piece super concave wheels. The front is a 21×10 with a 285/30/21 Pirelli P-Zero and the rear is a 21×11 with a 305/30/21 Pirelli P-Zero tire. Featuring these custom GT-R center caps, the tinted brushed wheels with gloss black

Project Car Scion FR-S Update from Vivid Racing

Vivid Racing’s new Project Scion FR-S is far ahead of the competition, including the BRZ tuners. First up is the exhaust system. This is one that any enthusiast will truly appreciate. The complete header back exhaust system is designed to be fully modular with the factory exhaust. This factor is for many reasons: performance, state regulations, budget, etc. Each piece can be used with the stock

Vivid Racing Uses VF Engineering to Boost the E90 BMW M3 V8

When you finally get that new car, you immediately start modifying it, spending thousands upon thousands on cool aftermarket parts. Before you know it, $10,000 is gone and though you think adding the intake + exhaust + headers + tune is cumulative in horsepower, it’s not. That’s why if you want big power on your naturally aspirated engine, there is no replacement for…. BOOST!!! Supercharging cars for over 15

Vivid Racing Features 3D Design’s Rear Carbon Fiber Diffuser

A Vivid Racing customer’s Mini Cooper S already had some serious track style, but he went beyond that by adding from Vivid Racing a 3D Design carbon fiber rear diffuser. 3D Design is a Japanese based company that makes tuning and aero products for a majority of BMW and Mini vehicles. Their carbon fiber quality and process is exquisite, including their fit and finish. 3D Design was founded in

Vivid Racing Helps Outfit Classic Camaro with Modern HRE Wheels

A classic 1968 Camaro is morphing into a modern muscle car with Vivid Racing’s help. The power plant is a LSX which will produce monster numbers. This is squeezed into a fully boxed frame with modern day suspension and tubbed rear end to make way for the 11″ wide HRE C95′s. Final wheel specs are 18×9 fronts and 18×11 rears featuring a satin bronze finish that is accented with silver hardware

Vivid Racing Supports Two New Manufacturers

Alcon is a supplier for some of the most prestigious marques including Audi, Bentley, Brabus and Jaguar Land Rover; as well as some of the most extreme applications such as the 900bhp/tonne Ariel Atom 500 and the 225mph Noble M600. It delivers programs that meet the requirements of mainstream OEMs at a low cost. That same expertise is also available to owners, upgrading their street cars for enhanced performance

Vivid Racing Chooses the Scion as New Project Car

Vivid Racing is switching gears in its project cars and has an all new 2013 Scion FR-S. Shared completely as a project with Subaru, the new BRZ and FR-S have almost identical parts except for the badging. But underneath the car, underneath the hood, and even in its small accoutrements inside, you will notice more Subaru than Scion. With that being said, the Scion and Subaru market

Porsche 991 Carrera Carbon Fiber Engine Kit Released by Vivid Racing

Vivid Racing just released a complete matte carbon fiber engine dress up kit for the 991 Carrera. This 6 piece kit is made and finished from the finest craftmanship and pre-preg carbon fiber work. Built to OEM quality, its matte finish is a beautiful addition to the 991 secretive engine compartment. Each piece is made to fit directly over the factory part. Complete carbon fiber, each piece adheres with either

Vivid Racing Announces Release of New Work Wheel

Work Wheels is one of Japan’s premiere wheel manufacturers for the Import and European vehicle marquees. They have just released this brand new wheel in a series dubbed the “Durandal”. The first model in the series is the Durandal DD5.2, which is eye catching with its bladed split spoke design. Due to the intricate nature of the center disk, Work Wheels is able to customize it

Vivid Racing Announces Vorsteiner’s Upcoming Lamborghini Aero Program

Vorsteiner, the trend setter of carbon fiber aero accessories and wheels, will soon be releasing their aero program for the Lamborghini Gallardo platform. In addition to its 1-piece and 3-piece lightweight wheels, Vorsteiner will include a collection of carbon fiber aerodynamic accessories. Vivid Racing has used Vorsteiner in many of its own Project Cars over the past six years. Vorsteiner, which is made in the USA, has

Vivid Racing is on the APR Bandwagon with Its Audi A5 Aero Kit

APR Performance based in Southern California has added yet another aero kit upgrade to their arsenal that is famous among street and track drivers. The lastest bits available for the Audi A5 feature a carbon fiber add-on front lip spoiler, carbon fiber side skirts, and carbon fiber trunk lip spoiler. As a premier APR Performance dealer, Vivid Racing has extensive experience in installation and using these products first

Vivid Racing Supports AEM’s New FAILSAFE Gauge

The Wideband FAILSAFE Gauge is a Universal Exhaust Gas Oxygen (UEGO—“you-way-go”) controller with an internal boost sensor, an internal data logger and a full color Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display. It includes technology to activate a failsafe strategy in the event AFR falls outside of a user-defined operating window. If the AFR falls outside of the set operating window, the Wideband FAILSAFE Gauge triggers a user defined output function

Vivid Racing Showcases the Japanese Exhaust System from GruppeM

Vivid Racing is standing behind the Japanese brand, GruppeM, for their exhaust systems. This encompasses carbon fiber air intakes, titanium exhaust, and carbon aero components for many vehicles. Its superior attention to detail and the rareness of its products is what drives this company’s brand to command its prices. Most of GruppeM air intake products circle around the BMW, Porsche, and Ferrari brand. However, for those

Vivid Racing Supports Newly Released HRE Wheels Series

HRE Wheels has just released two new wheel styles to their Monoblok line up for all the popular vehicle fitments, such as the P44SC on a Porsche 991 Carrera and the P47SC on a Mercedes C63 Coupe. The one-piece forged wheels are built start to finish at HRE’s Vista, California headquarters. The wheels are available to order in both 19 and 20 inch fitments for any vehicle, including popular

Bullrun Veteran Subaru STI Updated by Vivid Racing

This Subaru STI Sedan got to thrash across the USA on the 2011 Bullrun rally. However, after running the car hard, it was time for some updates. Already equipped with a slew of Agency Power parts, it was time to enhance the engine. Getting new forged internals with JE pistons, the 2.5L block is now ready to take some boost from the Agency Power GT30 rotated mount

Nissan GT-R Gets VR700 Horsepower Package from Vivid Racing

Vivid Racing has just finished the installation of their VR700 horsepower package into a red Nissan GT-R at their Gilbert, Arizona facility. The VR700 package includes the Agency Power valvetronic exhaust system. This exhaust allows it to be controlled via a remote, switching between the loud and quiet modes. In addition, the Agency Power mid pipe, and catless Agency Power downpipes have been added. The full exhaust
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Vivid Racing

Project BMW M3 from Vivid Racing Nears Completion

This Vivid Racing project car, the BMW M3, is near completion. The following upgrades are making it unique and exceptional. To really get that intense V8 sound from the BMW M3, a complete Agency Power exhaust was added, which includes the Section 1 and Section 2 pipes, as well as the rear muffler system with titanium tips. This combo is what makes the V8 M3 wake up and

Car Art Another Customization at Vivid Racing

Car art is as expressive as the wheels or the wing that an individual chooses for a special customized look. The same parts seen on another ride may be selected, but an artist’s design is unique and, for the most part, cannot be duplicated. Vivid Racing’s own Sean McGill has dressed up several pieces at their location, and his artistic results may be seen on VR’s website.

Porsche 997.2 Turbo S Project Car for Vivid Racing is Complete

Vivid Racing has met its goal of enhancing its project car, the Porsche 997.2 Turbo S with the most Agency Power parts it could provide. The exterior upgrade has been complimented with four pieces of trim. The first is a GT2 replica, complete decklid by NR Auto. The decklid is a factory replacement for the stock lid and hydraulic wing. Its functioning side air scoops and gourney wing,

Vivid Racing Boosts Porsche 996 Carrera Turbo to 100HP Gains

Vivid Racing has been doing prototypes for Porsche 996 Carrera Turbo upgrades for over a year. Some have even gone on 997 Carrera models as well. Their 996CT kit gave this 2001 3.4L Porsche 996 the boost it needed to reach 100HP gains. The features installed were an air to air intercooler, Turbosmart wastegate and boost controller, equal length header and muffler pipes, and carbon fiber work.

Vivid Racing Announces BMW M3 Project Car Update

Vivid Racing just completed a round of modifications on their 2008 M3 sedan project car that will make any BMW lover drool. The M3 is equipped with a set of Volk Racing G2 wheels in a 20×9.0 and a 20×11. The offsets are perfect with the fenders. Wrapping the matte black wheels are a set of the new Toyo Proxes T1 Sport tires. The front is

Vivid Racing Sponsors Arizona Rampage Dodgeball Team

Vivid Racing announced March 1st that they have become sponsors of the Arizona Rampage Dodgeball Team. This team was crowned Open Division Dodgeball World Champions at the NDL’s Dodgeball World Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada on Saturday, August 14, 2010. Rampage clinched the title with a 2-0 win over Los Angeles, securing Arizona’s first Open Division Gold Medal. Rampage currently consists of two unique divisions: the Arizona Rampage Team

Vivid Racing Supports Softronic’s Flashing System

Vivid Racing purchased a Porsche Turbo S that already had a GIAC ECU Flash on it with their flashloader system. VR wanted to compare this to Softronic’s Flash system. Connecticut-based Softronic is the first company to start flashing the Porsche DIF and LSI line via the OBD2 port. Their current software is a complex set of programs housed in a Flash Manager and Flash Client. Where Softronic

Vivid Racing Films Rolling Art and Action of VR825 Porsche 997 Turbo

Vivid Racing showcases the power and unique styling of the VR825 Porsche 997 Turbo in its film found on YouTube and its own website. Shot in Gila Bend, Arizona, the Vorsteiner enhanced Porsche flies down the roads and the Arizona Motorsports Park track, demonstrating the subtle moves of the KW suspension. The exotic HRE C93 wheels finished in matte black with custom House of Kolor chrome red lips slam power

Vivid Racing Offers HRE’s Old School Wheels for New School Cars

HRE has released a new multi-piece wheel line to bring out the old school looks in the new school cars. Vivid Racing is one of the exclusive suppliers of this new HRE Wheel line up and continues to promote HRE through their project car series. The all new Vintage Series from HRE features the 501 (mesh lace) for the Porsche fans, the 505 (thick five spoke) for that Magnum

Vivid Racing Showcases Example of Overseas Project Car

Vivid Racing’s business is worldwide. One of their customers in Spain, Rush Works, has done some incredible cars over the years, and they recently shared their project car that was enhanced with high performance parts from VR. Starting with a stripped down Acura NSX with a new coat of metallic deep blue, the exterior upgrades continued to give Acura’s sports car its deserving high end look. Vivid Racing provided

Vivid Racing’s Latest Project Car is the Porsche 997.2 Turbo

The need to revamp an iconic Porsche started in 2005 for Vivid Racing. They picked up the 996 Carrera and supercharged it to the point of landing a spread in Total 911 magazine and cruising the country in Gumball 3000. Then VR took the 996 Turbo to the TX2K8 competition in Houston, Texas in 2008, watching it reach speeds of up to 150 mph. Next came the

Vivid Racing Works With Some of the Best

Vivid Racing was started ten years ago by Dan Mermelstein and Rob Rohn when Mermelstein began searching for the best parts for his newly purchased Subaru Impreza WRX. They found themselves selling parts to other Subaru enthusiasts and generating an interest in the tuning community. Since then, Vivid Racing’s mission has been to align themselves with those companies that make only the highest quality aftermarket car parts for a variety

Vivid Racing’s Project Car Mercedes CLS63 is Attention Getter at SEMA

Vivid Racing put their in-house R&D department to work to create something special for the Vossen Wheels booth at the SEMA show in Las Vegas in November of 2011. After buying a brand new 2012 Mercedes CLS63 V8 BiTurbo, and in cooperation with Brembo, KW, Agency Power, and RENNTech, they were able to assemble the first official VR700 kit. The carbon fiber work was done through their own clay modeling

Vivid Racing Sponsors BMX Vert Rider, Coco Zurita

BMX Vert rider Francisco “Coco” Zurita shares a passion with Vivid Racing: cars that can fly around a track. Much like other action sports athletes, Coco is way into cars and racing. Just after the 2011 Las Vegas SEMA show, he took his Agency Power, Seibon, APR, Volk Racing (Ricci Bobby), Vivid Racing Mitsubishi EVO X to the Redline Time Attack event in California. Sporting some sleek Continental

Cosworth Subaru STI is New Project Car for Vivid Racing

A fully built Cosworth Subaru STI has just become Vivid Racing's new project car. Having started out modifying Subaru's in 2001, VR has created some very well rounded WRX's and STI's. Their 2007 pearl white STI project car was featured in both the October 2007 issue of Top Performance from Dubai and the December 2007 issue of Performance Auto and Sound. It attracted the automotive car world with its Agency Power

Vivid Racing Makes 35 Entrepreneurs Under 35 List in Phoenix Area

The Arizona Republic and solicited entrepreneurs age 35 and under to apply to be chosen for their list of 35 small businesses in that age category. Out of 100 applicants, Vivid Racing was chosen as one of them. Since 2001, Vivid Racing has been a major competitor in the performance automotive industry. Rob Rohn and Dan Mermelstein started with nothing in hand, and like 95% of the entrepreneurs in the

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