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Gates and Batista's joint venture in Brazil

One is the chairman of Microsoft. The other is the richest man in Brazil according to Forbes. Together, they’re planning a significant investment in the Para region. Bill Gates and Eike Batista are creating a joint venture to explore biotechnology in the Amazon with plans to invest around US$300 million in land there. Para is no stranger to investments in this particular sector, having programs in place to help utilize all

Brazil's social media boom

The social media craze has been hitting Brazil as the emerging BRIC nation is reportedly becoming one of the most avid consumers of social media in the world. With an estimated 75 million internet users, it is believed that 23 percent of users regularly use Twitter, making that the highest usage anywhere in the world. Back in February, Facebook users in Brazil stood at 10 million. Today, that number

The rise of Vertical Forests

The financial downturn is not the only thing that is plaguing Italy. Milan is reportedly one of the most polluted European cities so in a bid to combat emissions, the new development of a vertical forest has been unveiled. The design, by architect Stefano Boeri, is a one of a kind concept and incorporates 900 trees in the structure. These act as an oxygenator that filters out fumes from

Young Environmental leaders showcase sustainable solutions

Young environmental leaders were showcasing their unique, innovative solutions for sustainable development in Leverkussen, Germany this week. The 47 applicants from 18 developing countries were picked out of 800 entries, representing their countries at the UNEP-Bayer Young Environmental Envoy Programme, where their ideas ranged from eco-tourism to eco-friendly cooking oil. Nick Nuttall, the acting director of UNEP’s Division for Communications and Public Information said: “The participants in the UNEP-Bayer Young

Steve Jobs: 1955 - 2011

This morning on my way to work I, like many others would have, learned about the death of Steve Jobs. The initial shock stayed with me throughout the entire journey into work and was made even more direct when starting up my iMac and opening up the Safari web browser with the homepage landing on the Apple website. Steve Jobs’ resignation earlier this year confirmed to us that all

Brazilian President makes 'Most Powerful Women' list

You would think that behind every great man there’s a great woman, but according to Forbes, the only person the most powerful women are driving are themselves. Surprisingly enough, the top ten list consisted of women from politics and business, with Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor coming in at number one, Hillary Clinton came in second place, while Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil, rounded off the top three.

Sciences prove to be rising in popularity

Results from A-Level results reveal that more students are opting to study science, technology, maths and engineering at school and university according to an article by the Financial Times. With a 7.8 percent increase in the number of people opting for A-Level maths, that brings the increase to 57 percent since 2005, while sciences have seen a 17 percent increase during the same time frame. The increase of students opting

The World's Greenest Celebrity

The International Green Awards, which recognizes strategies that lead to sustainable outcomes, is approaching in October and voting includes choosing a celebrity for the inaugural Best Green International Celebrity Award. There are a host of 15 names to choose from such as Leonardo Di Caprio, to Gisele Bundchen and even Sting, all of whom have used their media prominence in some way to engage audiences on issues surrounding the

Remote tribe missing in Brazil

Concerns for the safety of one of the last remote tribes in the world are growing, after drug traffickers reportedly attacked a guard posted to protect their land. There has been no sign of the tribe after the gang of heavily armed men entered Western Brazil not far from the Peruvian border and officials have expressed their concern, after finding a broken arrow in one of the men’s backpacks. According

Brazil's next hotspot

Aside from being associated with sun, carnival and idyllic beaches, Brazil has really come into its own recently with its economy and with a flurry of businesses wanting to expand in the South American hotspot. Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Sao Paulo are probably the better known areas of Brazil where investors see opportunities and where tourists flock. But there are regions in Brazil that boast the potential to flourish

Brazil creates more jobs than the US this year

So far this year, Brazil created a total of 1.17 million new jobs, a huge number when compared to the 783,000 created by the US. The information was confirmed by both the Labor Ministry and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Even though Brazil’s economy slowed down from 7.5 percent growth last year to 5.5 percent ending in March, the South American emerging market registered 252,067 jobs in the month of May, compared

The Financial Crisis in Greece

Dominating the headlines, the financial crisis in Greece has resulted in split opinions and the effects it will have in Britain and across Europe. There are now worries about Italy, as their banks stocks were suspended on Friday following a steep drop in their share prices. There are also concerns that Italian banks face possible ratings downgrades. The Duetsche Bank said: “The recent weakness has put Italy's structural problem in focus. This

Split Opinions Over Amazon Forest

Protecting the Amazon rainforest has never been more important with Brazil’s lower house passing the legislation that loosens restrictions on farmers using their land. The decision has been met with a split in opinions from farmers who welcomed the chance to produce to full capacity, and environmentalists, worried that there will be an increase in deforestation. Greenpeace reported a skyrocketing 570% increase in deforestation; however with the changes in the ‘Forest Code’,

Tiger Population Still Struggling Despite Rise

Between 2006 and 2010, the tiger population has seen a 20% increase, meaning renewed hopes for the survival of the Royal Bengal Tiger. The All India Tiger Estimation puts the total figure at 1,706. Whilst this is promising, environmentalists are still concerned about the declining size of the habitat tigers occupy. In 2006, India’s tigers roamed around 93,600 square km – last year that figure stood at 72,800 square km. "There is

Rewarded For Using Less Water

When attempting to tackle the issue of water conservation, it takes a unique approach to encourage people to cut back on their usage. In places with easy access to water, it's easy to sometimes lose track of how many gallons we waste collectively. In Brazil, Banco Cyan may be the answer paving the way for people to really take note of their water management and get rewarded for their efforts. Born

Perigord Group Opens New Office in Brazil

The Global Artwork Management group, Perigord, has opened a new office in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The new opening will have business done exclusively for the South American market with Montesino Associates LLC overseeing the introduction to the new market. Alan Leamy, the Chief Executive Officer of Perigord Group said: “We’re delighted to be establishing a base in South America. The Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry has enjoyed phenomenal growth within this region.” As more

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