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Added value due to standard configuration – FuelCon test stations convince by …

Testing and validating fuel cells is a highly complex procedure, where many single steps need to intertwine in order to eventually supply reliable measuring data and results. In dependence on the respective technology, this means especially an extensive preparation of test runs, where the test item, the test station and the test procedure as such must be enabled and adjusted for the corresponding requirements. As an experienced manufacturer of test stations

FuelCon expands portfolio for EIS measurement

For many years, FuelCon provides test stations for fuel cells and batteries that are used as reliable test equipment for R&D, validation or quality assurance. An important and complementary diagnostic tool for fuel cell and battery testing is an electrochemical impedance spectrometer. For this application, FuelCon has the TrueData-EIS – a powerful solution for daily use that can be integrated into a test station or as stand-alone version. Depending on customer's

FuelCon provides powerful test equipment of the next generation for automotive t …

For many years, car manufactures around the world research and develop various concepts for a more efficient powertrain. In this process, the main goal is the reduction of global CO2 emissions. Besides the optimization of combustion engines, the focus is set on the establishment of alternative powertrain technologies in a serial production that work without fossil fuels. The global automotive industry stuck in an enduring conversion process that influences several aspects

FuelCon provides globally latest test station for fuel cell systems

The development of alternative propulsion technologies for vehicles is a recurrent topic for many years. Besides the advanced market entrance of battery-powered electro mobiles, the integration of fuel cell systems as a propulsion technology also takes on greater significance. From now on, due to FuelCon test equipment, the development of new systems can happen even better and more efficient. For more than 15 years, FuelCon AG from Magdeburg-Barleben is specialized in

“Stack and system testing for automotive applications”

Highly positive response to FuelCon keynote speech at the International PEM Stack Test Workshop of ZSW Within the EU project “Stack Test” the 3rd International Workshop on PEM Fuel Cell Stack Testing „From Harmonized Fuel Cell Stack Testing to Standardization” was taking place from June 16th – 17th at the ZSW in Ulm. With its long-term experience in standardized testing procedures and environments, FuelCon Managing Board Mathias Bode was

FuelCon Factory Tour is going into a second round on April 16th

After the successful start during HANNOVER MESSE 2014 the 2. FuelCon Factory Tour will be held this year on April 16th, giving interested fair visitors the chance to meet the manufacturer of fuel cell or battery testing systems at close range. Starting 9:15 in the morning at Hanover fairground, a bus will take the visitor group to FuelCon´s headquarters in Magdeburg-Barleben. During several technical presentations in the assembling hall of FuelCon,

Start-Stop phenomena for PEM fuel cells

Highly regarded presentation at Fraunhofer ISE workshop. As its contribution to the BMWi funded project “Stress”, the FuelCon AG develops in consultation with the Fraunhofer-Institut for Solar Energy Systems ISE a testing station for analyzing start-stop cycles of PEM fuel cells. Within this frame, the Fraunhofer ISE organized the workshop „Start-Stop phenomena and strategies for PEMFC” in December 2014. As invited speaker, Mathias Bode (Managing Board FuelCon AG) presented suitable

TestWork 8 – More convenience for operator

FuelCon released new version of operating software for Evaluator test stations The new release of the software TestWork provides strong tools for a more convenient operation of complex test systems or test fields for fuel cells and batteries. With the launch of “TestWork 7” the software already convinced with a completely new designed graphical user interface and its intuitive operation. “TestWork 8” now comes with further enhanced features. One significant innovation

Impressive appearance: test systems with new look

Just in time with the beginning of the new year, FuelCon presents its fuel cell and electrolyzer testing systems of the “Evaluator” series in a new look. In close consultation with metakonzept GbR, a young industrial design company, the test systems got a completely new appearance – of course without any compromises to the proven quality and performance. The engineering of “Evaluator” systems bases on a modular concept that allows customizing

Hydrogen electrolysis paving the way for the energy revolution

Low-pulsation steam generation in FuelCon test stations providing optimum test conditions in further development of SOEC electrolyzers. On the way into the energy revolution, the topic of energy storage takes an increasing central value. By the expansion of renewable energies not only power supply systems change; the variable generation capacities of wind and solar power pose new challenges to an effective storage of energy from renewable resources to avoid supply bottlenecks. In

Zinc-air batteries on the rise - FuelCon AG develops new system for testing zinc …

In the face of electric mobility, the zinc-air battery lately enjoys an increasing interest. Especially with its high energy density, the ability for recharging and the low raw material costs, this battery technology becomes extra attractive for the industry. However, the zinc-air battery still needs an applicable design for realizing the storage of a larger energy quantity. In order to support researchers in responding to the current scientific and technical

FuelCon delivered test system for new battery laboratory of TÜV Rheinland

Beginning of June, TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH has opened a new battery test laboratory in Nuremberg, Germany equipped with FuelCon testing system. During the ceremony, opened by Managing Director Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Mähler and Dr. Armin Rudolph of Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transportation and Technology, the invited guests could view behind the scenes. Thereby, also the FuelCon Evaluator-B30 battery test station was introduced. Besides the Evaluator-B30 that contains

„TestWork 7“ software convinces with intuitive operation and various feature …

Shortly, FuelCon launches the new software edition TestWork 7 for automated testing of fuel cells and batteries with Evaluator test systems. The entirely revolutionized graphical user interface not only respects latest trends in software ergonomics but also allows completely intuitive operation. Based on a modern server-client-architecture, TestWork 7 fulfills the high requirements that arise from operating complex test systems and test fields. The TestWork Client helps to easily create and manage

Small test station with high performance

FuelCon developed battery test system for precise impedance measurement with compact design. The FuelCon battery testing station Evalautor-B10 combines all features of impedance spectroscopy with the capacity of charge / discharge units in a compact, mobile system design. Thus, Evaluator-B10 provides researcher with all advantages of impedance measurements for characterizing battery cells, like for example analysis of electrochemical process, optimization of material development or determination of ageing effects. And in

Reproducible SOFC MEA testing - FuelCon's full-ceramic cell housing allows easy …

Reproducible characterization of SOFC single cell power density is important for various applications. Cell development requires accurate assignment of material parameters and electrochemical characteristics; and also benchmarking of different manufacturing technologies and suppliers needs simple test equipment that ensures reproducible test setups. In this regard, special emphasis is put on the gas-tight mechanical mounting including the essential gas supply and electrical connection of a MEA. Managing these important factors is

Perfected testing solutions for battery production - German test station supplie …

German test station supplier FuelCon AG introducing test systems for quality management in battery production To meet the needs for continuous quality assurance within the production of batteries FuelCon introduced a modularized cell tester and a end-of-line tester for completely assembled batteries. The cell test unit is able to check the parameters of the incoming battery cells before assembling into the battery housing. The cell test unit allows cell adaptation, cell

Fully-automated testing of redoxflow batteries - Test station supplier developed …

The German supplier FuelCon AG has enhanced its product range of fully-automated testing stations with a new system for characterizing redoxflow batteries. With increasing use of renewable and locally generated energy, also the demand for more efficient utilization of grid capacities including prevention of congestions, as well as bigger grid integrated energy storage systems comes more and more in the focus of research. As very promising energy storage system, the technology

Energy-saving cycling and testing of battery cells

FuelCon will introduce its new product TrueData-EPCD at AABC Europe conference in Mainz. The TrueData-EPCD combines all features of a multi-channel charge / discharge unit with a new and innovative concept for minimizing energy consumption in battery fields through so-called EPCD technology. The acronym EPCD thereby stands for Energy-Pump-Charging-Discharging. Conventional methods allow energy feedback into existing grids. Due to efficiency losses this is technically and economically worthwhile only for channel power higher

FuelCon promotes young engineering academics

Company commits to national scholarship program „Deutschlandstipendium” for young academics. FuelCon AG has recently decided to participate at scholarship initiative „Deutschlandstipendium“ of Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, starting at summer term 2011. Thus, the company not only grants a talented engineering student, but is also committed to keep skilled young professionals in the region of Saxony-Anhalt. Jointly financed by the national scholarship program of the German Government and private donors, the “Deutschlandstipendium” shall support

SOFC test system allows with full-ceramic cell housing non-destructive and repro …

For research and development of SOFC or SOEC fuel cells, detailed knowledge about material properties as well as long-term behaviour and interaction of the several components are necessarily required in order to accelerate market entry of this high-efficient fuel cell technology. Cell characterization thereby is a major research part, since the MEA is the key component for the energy conversion process. Thus, cell durability and performance are critical for efficient

More efficiency for SOFC and SOEC cell characterization

SOFC test system allows with full-ceramic cell housing non-destructive and reproducible cell evaluation For research and development of SOFC or SOEC fuel cells, detailed knowledge about material properties as well as long-term behaviour and interaction of the several components are necessarily required in order to accelerate market entry of this high-efficient fuel cell technology. Cell characterization thereby is a major research part, since the MEA is the key component for

Impedance measurement within Micro-Ohm range

FuelCon further enhances impedance analyzer device TrueData-EIS Responding to changing market and customer requirements for impedance measuring devices, FuelCon has enhanced its TrueData-EIS electrochemical impedance spectrum analyzer, allowing now measurements within Micro-Ohm impedance range. Impedance spectroscopy plays a major role especially for battery characterization by providing, amongst others, information about quality or deterioration behaviour. The lately observable trend of Li-Ion batteries towards higher capacities implies significant smaller internal resistances inside the cell.

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