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Messer consolidates its position in China

Three new air separation units opened in western China In March, the largest privately managed industrial gases specialist, Messer, put three new air separation units into operation in the western Chinese province of Sichuan. The total investment comes to approximately 80 million euros. Two of the three new facilities will each produce around 30,000 normal cubic metres of air gases such as argon, oxygen and nitrogen per hour, and will

Pure air thanks to pure oxygen

Messer, the largest privately run industrial gases specialist, is supplying Südzucker AG in Ochsenfurt, Germany, with pure oxygen in order to eliminate oxygen deficiency in settling ponds – and to prevent recurrences in the future. Oxygen injection here supports the natural purification processes. The large quantities of water which Südzucker uses to wash beets are treated in a wastewater treatment plant. The wastewater is stored temporarily in settling ponds. Aerobic bacteria

Blechexpo 2011 in Stuttgart – Industrial gases specialist Messer showcases its …

Messer will be showcasing its diverse product portfolio of welding and cutting gases at Blechexpo in Stuttgart from 6 to 9 June 2011. At Stand 7309 in Hall 7, the largest privately run industrial gases specialist will be provid-ing information on its range of shielding gases for welding, giving both lower-volume users and bulk customers valuable insight into these product lines. Insight into the Messer World The 270 m2 Messer World stand

Messer consolidates market position in Austria

On 2 May 2011, Messer Austria acquired the gas business of Sapio Gase GmbH. Messer Austria, the Austrian subsidiary of Messer, the largest privately run specialist for industrial gases, intends to consolidate its market position in Upper Austria through its purchase of the gas business of Sapio Gase GmbH. The transaction was completed on 2 May 2011. Sapio Gase, a subsidiary of SAPIO, an Italian company, has a strong presence in

Messer nominated for the entrepreneurs’ award “TRIGOS 2011”

The industrial gas specialist Messer has developed a concept for the “Green Paper Mill” – this is designed to enable all the CO2 produced in paper production to be recycled. The industrial gas specialist Messer nominated itself for the award TRIGOS Lower Austria 2011 with the “Green Paper Mill” concept. The TRIGOS is Austria’s award for Corporate Social Responsibility. Each year outstanding examples of entrepreneurial commitment are awarded prizes. Helmut Gutenberger

Tobias Meckel Awarded Adolf Messer Prize

Dr. Tobias Meckel, a research assistant in the Biology Faculty, received the Adolf Messer Prize, which comes with prize money of 50,000 euros, for his research into processes in living cells. The Adolf Messer Prize is the most valuable scientific prize of the TU Darmstadt and is awarded each year for outstanding achievements in the sectors of natural sciences, engineering sciences, and economic and social sciences and the humanities. Tobias Meckel,

Stefan Messer named Family Entrepreneur of the Year

Stefan Messer, owner and CEO of Messer Group GmbH, has been honoured for his exemplary business achievements by being named ‘Family Entrepreneur of the Year’ at this year’s INTES Business Success Forum. The award is bestowed by INTES in association with the business magazine ‘impulse’. Explaining the judges’ decision, Prof. Peter May, head of the judging panel and founder of INTES, said: “When all seemed lost for this family-run company

Messer continues to forge ahead in Germany

Industrial gases specialist Messer has opened its largest European production facility in Germany. Messer has now been supplying Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH, one of its major customers, with industrial gases from its largest European production facility since August. The on-site air separation unit at Salzgitter AG has now been officially opened. The largest privately run industrial gases manufacturer has invested around 50 million euros in the construction of the new production unit.

“-mix” becomes “-line”: the new product lines from Messer

EuroBLECH 2010 in Hanover - Industrial gases specialist Messer expands its cutting and welding product range with pure gases and establishes a new, uniform trademark concept. Messer will showcase its new inert welding gas trademarks at the EuroBLECH trade fair In Hanover from 26 to 30 October 2010. The new product lines – called Ferroline, Aluline and Inoxline – will be used uniformly across the Group. At Stand C 43 in

Opening of Messer’s first air separation unit in Vietnam

The industrial gases specialist Messer officially opened its first production unit for industrial gases in Vietnam on October 6, 2010. The facility is today the largest air separation plant in Vietnam with a capacity of 300 tons per day of oxygen and 510 tons per day of nitrogen. The plant supplies all the gas requirements of Hoa Phat Steel Joint Stock Company’s new integrated steelworks complex in Kinh Mon Town,

Stefan Messer receives “Focus for Excellence 2010”

Stefan Messer, CEO and owner of industrial gases specialist Messer, will be rewarded for his entrepreneurial achievements with the entrepreneurs’ award “Focus for Excellence 2010”. This award is presented by the entrepreneurs’ association Liberaler Mittelstand Hessen e.V. once each year to entrepreneurs and companies who stand out on account of the traditional values they put into practice and their exemplary entrepreneurship. According to the association this includes “implemented sustainability as

Messer supports respiratory medicine

Certified full-service provider for artificial respiration Messer will be showcasing its extensive artificial respiration portfolio at this year’s Annual Congress of the European Respiratory Society (ERS) in Barcelona. As a certified full-service provider for this type of care, the company offers a comprehensive range of gases for use in clinics and other areas of health care under the Messer Medical brand. Gases are playing an increasingly important role in medicine. Messer

Messer: “A strong foundation for health.”

Messer lays the foundation stone for the new headquarters of the medical gases and medical and health technology division in Gumpoldskirchen, Austria. “Our medical product advisors are available 365 days a year to answer patients’ questions on every aspect of our portfolio of products and services. These conversations can be very intimate, as I’m sure you can imagine.” For Stefan Messer, CEO and owner of the specialist industrial gases company of

Independence – a factor in Messer’s success

The industrial gases company was able to improve its sales in the 2009 financial year compared with the previous year. Independent product supply is supported by a long-term investment strategy. Industrial gases specialist Messer achieved global sales of about 797 million euros in the 2009 financial year, thereby exceeding total sales for the record year of 2008 by approximately two million euros. EBITDA for 2009 was 175 million euros. The total

Messer commissions largest CO2 recovery plant

In Belgium, industrial gases specialist Messer recovers 150,000 tons of CO2 a year from industrial waste gas in order to recycle it. Industrial gases specialist Messer has commissioned a new CO2 liquefaction plant with an annual production capacity of 150,000 tons of carbon dioxide on the site of the British company Ineos Oxide in Zwijndrecht near Antwerp, Belgium. The Messer Group has operations in Europe and Asia, and this is its

Christina Roth Awarded Adolf Messer Prize

In the evening of 2th March 2010 Junior Professor Dr. Christina Roth received the Adolf Messer Prize, which comes with prize money of €50,000, for her research into new materials for fuel cells. The Adolf Messer Prize is the most valuable scientific prize of the TU Darmstadt and is awarded each year for outstanding achievements in the sectors of natural sciences, medicine, engineering sciences, and economic and social sciences. Christina Roth,

Messer once again Serbia’s best foreign brand

For the fifth time in a row, industrial gases specialist Messer has won the “Best of Serbia” award for the best foreign corporate brand. Over the past few years, the Messer brand has been developed into an important tool for product positioning and market-share retention in Serbia. “In spite of limited investment as well as declining capacity utilisation and sales at local companies across all sectors, we continued to pursue and

"A smile says it all" is spreading

As the swine flu gains ground, there is growing interest in this campaign for dispensing with the handshake. "A smile says it all" is a campaign with the aim of dispensing with the conventional handshake as a greeting without causing offence to the other person. When the first swine flu infections in Germany occurred in June this year, the industrial gases specialist Messer launched this unusual campaign in order to reduce

Messer expands in Western Europe

The industrial gas specialists at Messer invest over 160 million euro in the expansion of production capacity “With our investments in Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Italy and Spain, we are sending a clear signal that we believe in the economic potential of Western Europe”, says Stefan Messer, proprietor and management board chairman of the industrial gas company which shares his name. The company is spending a total of more than

Messer publishes 44 years of economic history

The Frankfurt industrial gases specialist Messer has now posted its complete Company Reports for the past 44 years on its Internet website For each year, historian and author Jörg Leszenski has written German informative sketches of the industrial setting which provide a unique and independent view of the company's history, not just for economic historians. Since 2004, Messer has once more been owner-managed, with Stefan Messer as Chairman of

Messer: Investment grows 55 metres high

The industrial gases specialist Messer is currently investing 35 million euros in the construction of a production plant for the atmospheric gases oxygen, nitrogen and argon on the Deutsche Edelstahlwerke site in Siegen. From October on, air will be separated into its components in the 55-metre rectangular tower, the so-called coldbox, in order to recover the gases. In a complicated lifting procedure, the heart of the plant, an aluminium column,

Messer continues to expand in Vietnam

As the largest privately managed industrial-gas specialist with its headquarters near Frankfurt am Main, Messer inaugurated a new filling plant in the city of Vũng Táu on what is referred to as Vietnam’s oil coast in February. Up to 300 gas cylinders are filled with oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide and gas mixtures at this location on a daily basis. Via its companies located in four regions of Vietnam, Messer operates

Messer invests in Chinese steel

Joint venture invests 100 million euros in China: Messer cooperates with Panzhihua Iron & Steel Frankfurt am Main based company Messer, the world's largest privately managed industrial gas specialist, has entered into a cooperation agreement with the Chinese steel manufacturer Panzhihua Iron & Steel, part of the Pangang Group, for the construction of three production facilities for industrial gases and the acquisition of existing gas generating plants in the Chinese province

Only safety makes a plant accident-free

Messer, the industrial-gas specialist, recognised for workplace safety in Europe. The largest privately managed industrial-gas specialist, Messer, with headquarters near Frankfurt am Main, Germany, has been recognised by the European Industrial Gases Association for longstanding accident-free operation of its plants in seven countries. The production, sale, transport and not least the use of technical gases in the areas of industry, research and science calls for a high degree of safety. Messer

CO2 replaces chemicals

The Slovenian company Količevo Karton has reduced its use of chemicals in paper production by about 20% thanks to CO2 from Messer. The company, which produces around 650 tons of cardboard a day, hired Messer in Slovenia to optimise its production processes. The six-month trial operation was a success: in addition to a marked reduction in environmentally damaging chemicals, the use of CO2 also led to an improvement in the

More nitrogen for Bosch in Hungary

Messer has installed a further nitrogen generator for Bosch in Hungary. The Bosch Group is a leading international technology and service company that uses nitrogen for wave soldering of electronic assemblies. Messer secured the construction of the production unit with a ten-year contract. Bosch put its first nitrogen generator from Messer into operation back in April 2006. The company’s rapidly advancing technological development led to an increased demand for gas,

Messer Group sets the tone with a new audio logo

In the 110th year of its existence, Messer Group, the largest privately managed manufacturer of industrial gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, is the first company in this sector to introduce an audio logo to support its brand management. Based on various communication channels – such as employee mobile phones, image films, telecommunications and the company’s web presence – an audio logo has been developed to give the

New international standard for shielding gases

The standardisation of inert welding gases is uniform throughout the world under the international DIN EN ISO 14175 standard. Previously, inert welding gases were standardised under the European DIN EN 439 standard. Messer, the gases specialist, provides comparison tables on the Internet at showing at a glance the allocation of products from the Messer range of inert welding gases and providing comprehensive information about the new designations. The new

Disposing of old refrigerators correctly, but also recycling them

When refrigerators are recycled, the focus is still on recovering the environmentally-harmful chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). However, today high prices of raw materials – for example for iron, copper and aluminium – mean that recycling refrigerators is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective. When refrigerators are recycled, nitrogen fulfils two roles: thanks to it being extremely cold, liquid nitrogen enables the greenhouse gas CFC to be frozen out of the exhaust gas

Messer invests in Turkey

Messer, the industrial gas specialist, is investing over Euro 20 million in the development of the Turkish gas market Frankfurt-based Messer, the largest privately managed industrial gas specialist, is investing over Euro 20 million in a production facility for industrial gases in Turkey. Apart from an air separation plant for the production of nitrogen, oxygen and argon which will go into operation in mid 2009, a and a new administration

Material-based shielding gases: Messer creates brands

EuroBLECH 2008 in Hanover - industrial gases specialist Messer shows that standardised branding ensures clarity and therefore quality and safety. Messer will be showcasing its globally standardised material-based range of shielding and laser gases at the EuroBLECH trade fair in Hanover, Germany, from 21 to 25 October 2008. In Hall 13, Stand C 43, the largest privately managed industrial gases specialist will be providing information on its customer-friendly and safe range

Training offensive in Serbia: Messer is training new specialists

“Welding and welded structures” – this is the name of a new department that was set up at the Technical University in Belgrade two years ago in collaboration with Messer. Since 2007, Messer has been supporting the training of welding engineers with its know-how and with scholarships for students. Moreover, Messer and Castolin have built a joint laboratory for welding and metal coating, which is also used as a

Messer’s market launch an emphatic success

Some 100 days after its return to the German market, the record of industrial gas specialist Messer looks distinctly positive. With orders totalling € 650,000, July was the most successful month in the Messer Group’s one hundred days of doing business in the German market. In May the world’s biggest privately run industrial gas specialist returned to selling its products on the home market after an absence of several years,

Carbon dioxide preserves mushroom spores

The Lithuanian compost producer “Baltic Champignons” supplies Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Polish and Russian mushroom growers with special compost that is ideally suited to mushroom growing. During transportation, the temperature of the compost, which is permeated with mushroom spores, must not exceed a permitted maximum, as otherwise the spores would die. Messer’s coolant – carbon dioxide – helps to stop the natural fermentation in the compost and keep the compost temperature

Foundation work to be completed by end of August

On 28 July 2008, the industrial gases specialist Messer began construction of a new production facility for air gases on the site of Deutsche Edelstahlwerke in Siegen-Geisweid. The ongoing foundation work is currently causing some noise pollution for the neighbouring residents of the Geisweid and Kreuztal districts of Siegen on weekdays. Between the end of June and the end of August, almost 200 steel pipes, each 50 centimetres in diameter,

Messer supports local business in Siegen

Industrial gas specialists Messer award €3.4m building contracts in Siegen In June 2008, industrial gas specialists Messer awarded building contracts worth 3.4 million euros to companies in the Siegen area of North Rhine-Westphalia. This huge order volume is in connection with the construction of a new production facility for extracting gases from the atmosphere at the Deutsche Edelstahlwerke site in Siegen-Geisweid. Messer is investing 35 million euros in an air separation

Messer buys another part of Asco

The industrial gas producer Messer takes over majority share of CO2 specialist Asco in New Zealand On 4 July, the privately managed industrial gas specialist Messer signed a contract of purchase to take over the majority share of 51% of Asco Carbon Dioxide Ltd. in New Zealand, a constructor of production plants for carbon dioxide. Asco constructs CO2 production plants in New Zealand primarily for markets in which carbon dioxide cannot

Cleaning auto parts without water

Cleaning with dry ice snow saves resources Burkhardt GmbH in Vaihingen/Enz shows that industrial cleaning with water is increasingly giving way to resource-saving cleaning with dry ice snow. The manufacturer of high-quality auto parts for the interiors of prestigious German cars has added a unit with CO2 precleaning to its operation. The automotive supplier uses dry ice snow with so-called cold burners to clean parts for radio/AC surrounds as well as

Messer signs the European Road Safety Charter

Messer, the industrial gas specialist has undertaken to implement measures which are designed to reduce the number of deaths caused by accidents in Europe. Since June the Messer Group has been a member of the action group for the European Road Safety Charter. In signing this European Charter, the largest owner-managed industrial gas specialist has committed itself to supporting the European Union’s action programme which is aimed at halving the

Messer wins award for best scientific presentation

At the symposium of the AFI, the Italian Pharmaceutical Industry Association, held in Rimini in the middle of June, Messer received an award for the best scientific poster presentation. This presentation concerned the results regarding the production of pharmaceutical formulations containing metoclopramide with Variosol technology. In comparison with other processes in which low-melting, tough or pasty products are processed into powders right down to the size of nanoparticles, the Variosol

Messer invests at Salzgitter AG

Industrial gas specialist Messer is constructing a production plant at Salzgitter AG for approx. EUR 50 million, thereby exceeding the company’s own expectations for its return to the domestic German market. The Messer Group has signed a contract with Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH, a subsidiary of Salzgitter AG, to construct and operate an air separation plant. This contract has a validity period of 15 years. The industrial gas specialist will invest around

Messer steps on the gas again in Germany

After the contractual non-competition clause: Stefan Messer is now returning to the German industrial gas market. From now, the Messer Group will once more produce and market technical and medical gases in Germany through the company Messer Industriegase GmbH. Following the sale of Messer Griesheim in 2004, the largest owner-managed industrial gas specialist in the world, which is managed by Stefan Messer, was subject to a three-year contractual non-competition clause and

2007 was a year of investment for Messer

Industrial gas specialist Messer increased turnover by 12% In the financial year 2007 the Messer Group, operating in its core regions of Europe and Asia and through its subsidiary in Peru, achieved a turnover of 705 million euro and an EBITDA of 154 million euros. Turnover was up 12% on the previous year. The same period saw steep rises in energy, raw materials and product delivery costs. The group successfully maintained

More oxygen, more steel

Consuming vast quantities of the atmospheric gases nitrogen, oxygen and argon, the blast furnaces in the Chinese Xiangtan steel works in the province of Hunan are now to be served by a fifth air-separation unit. This latest addition will ensure sufficiently high availability of industrial gases to enable Xiangtan to boost its annual steel production from its current 6.5 million tonnes. Oxygen promotes combustion and is blasted into the furnaces

On a mission: producing safe food

In recent years Panvita MIR, Slovenia’s leading manufacturer of meat products, has undergone major strategic realignment. As a supplier of industrial gases, Messer has been aiding the company’s development. In an interview with on air, Plant Director Igor Kolar and Danilo Lukač , CEO of Messer Slovenia, describe their successful cooperation. on air: Mr Kolar, you set very high quality standards in the manufacture of meat products. How does the application

Nitrogen for the beverage industry: A matter of taste

By virtue of its oxygen-displacing properties, nitrogen is used in the bottling of still soft drinks to preserve flavour and prolong shelf-life. Over the past few years, Messer has put into operation over 20 liquid-nitrogen injectors to service the Serbian cooking oils and soft drinks industry. For these applications some 250 tonnes of liquid nitrogen – which incidentally is of food-grade quality – are used in Serbia annually. Messer Group GmbH Vice

Serbia fills up with renewable energy

Serbia: Motorists living near the Serbian city of Novi Sad now have the opportunity to fill up their cars with eco-friendly biodiesel. Storing this vegetableoil based fuel safely, however, requires the application of nitrogen. In the summer of last year, the first biodiesel production plant went on stream in Serbia. Biodiesel is a “renewable energy source” – a fuel extracted primarily from the oil of rape seeds, sunflower seeds or soya

Supplying equipment and speciality gases to pharmaceuticals lab

Currently building a new research laboratory in one of Budapest’s most modern industrial parks, the pharmaceuticals manufacturer Servier has contracted Messer to fully equip its laboratory. Scheduled for completion in 2008, the lab will also be supplied with ultrapure gases and gas mixtures by Messer’s Hungarian branch. Our partner, the second largest pharmaceuticals company worldwide, invests around 25 percent of its annual turnover in research and development. Messer Group GmbH Vice President Corporate

Cooking with nitrogen - hot and cold delicacies

Austria: Nitrogen-grilled blini with Beluga caviar, raspberry meringue à la nitrogen served with a Bloody Mary Nitro… What may read like a banquet menu for the astronauts manning the international space station ISS, is in fact the latest fad consuming aficionados of so-called molecular cuisine - or cooking with nitrogen. Pushing the boundaries of the traditional art of cooking, the new wizards of molecular gastronomy must also combine a knowledge

Using oxygen to melt stone

A global family enterprise operating in the construction sector, the German Knauf Group has become a byword in the field of dry construction and insulation. During the modernisation of the Serbian mineral wool production plants, a new cupola was constructed to serve as a melting furnace. Mineral wool is made from stone melted at a temperature of approximately 1500°C. To obtain these temperatures, the furnace is blasted with oxygen-enriched air.

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