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Connect Amazon Seller Central and SAP ECC via InSync’s Integration Platform - …

Technological innovation is the key to success in today's day and age. Not only does it allow one to quickly adapt to changing trends and take advantage of new opportunities, but also to stay ahead of competitors. When it comes to such technologies, Enterprise Resource Planning software forms the core pillars of it, and SAP ECC is the most popular among them. SAP ECC is the cutting-edge technology in the

InSync Releases APPSeCONNECT's Latest Version 4.7.0 – 2020-21 Q2

InSync has always believed in doing better than before, and therefore, with constant efforts of developing the platform APPSeCONNECT and enhancing its existing integration architecture, InSync is proud to announce the release of APPSeCONNECT 4.7.0. One of the major goals of this release is to enhance the quality of customer experience and creating a solution that provides top-notch efficiency in business processes. Here’s what new about APPSeCONNECT: Design: For this purpose, the Process

APPSeCONNECT Product Release Version 4.6.0 Q1 (2020-21)

In a constant effort to enhance the existing integration architecture, APPSeCONNECT announces the release of a new version- APPSeCONNECT 4.6.0, the 2020-21 Q1 release. This product has been released as an endeavor towards providing competent customer service as well as delivering a solution that empowers the business processes. So, here are the new features of APPSeCONNECT 4.6.0: New Features and Enhancements: 1. Artificial Intelligence-based APPSeCONNECT Resolve:


Ever since the global pandemic of COVID-19 has struck the world, social distancing has become the new norm with next to no room for physical contact and communication. Businesses have been forced to shift towards a remote working pattern. As businesses have now shifted to a remote form, the challenge of keeping every member on the same page constantly may present itself as a problem. Here is a list of 26

10 Killer Tools To Boost Content Optimization

Content creation and optimization for business benefits require much more than only writing marketing, technical/non-technical articles. Digitally marketing a product and selling it to potential customers has more to do with how the marketing content is optimized, than what the content basically offers. Several parameters are considered while rightly optimizing your content, like – the designs, the logos, the tags, etc. Today we are gonna focus on how to better

Super 30 for 300 less-privileged children – Calcutta South Round Table 17 & Ko …

We at CSRT17 espouse the ethos of Round Table India – Freedom Through Education and it is our endeavor to create a spark, create an impact in the society and bring about a change in our future generations. The theme & goal of our table this year is Impact. Impact not only on the society but as individuals also and small things can help us do that, creating a ripple

The Best Optimization Tips for Your B2B eCommerce Store

With B2B e-commerce becoming a prime business platform today all over the world, business owners are putting in maximum efforts in making their online retail store an ideal place to visit, navigate and purchase from, for the potential customers. In all the preparations, what can not be neglected is the effective optimization of the e-commerce platform, the consequence of neglecting which can be the utter failure of the business, however

Why People Are Not Buying From Your Online e-Commerce Store?

Creating an online retail store and maintain seamless functionality of it are two completely different factors. It may often be noticed that despite creating an e-commerce platform that offers desired products at desired rates, the store is failing from making good business. Reasons for this loss can be many, like - 1. The Website should be Easy and Visible: How your e-commerce website looks

Top 7 B2B Content Marketing Strategies You Need To Know

Selling a product requires marketing. This stands true upon all platforms, even for your online B2B store. It is important to remember that how well you market your platform, hugely depends upon the content that you offer to your target audience. Content that is not strategized as per the requirement of the audience and is unable to answer their queries, will do no good in helping you leverage your business.

9 Essential Features of a Complete B2B Ecommerce Store

The world of online B2B stores has seen an exponential growth over the years because of higher buyer expectation and technological advances. This exponential growth of technology and cloud-based e-commerce platform has given online B2b stores an opportunity to speed up their order fulfillment processes. Keeping in mind the promising scope of success in B2B e-commerce stores, here are some of the highlights that are expected to create a successful

Top 7 B2B E-commerce Challenges for Wholesalers in 2019

While the B2B e-commerce business is coming around as a top business preference for people across the world, it is also important to remember that the B2B retail business imposes more complexity and greater challenges to the business-owner than B2C e-commerce would. Here is a list of some of the challenges that any B2B business-owner is most expected to face, so that one can plan and act upon their B2B

9 Mind-blowing Reasons to Upgrade From B2C to B2B Store

The world of business is witnessing an all new gush of energy and competition through a thriving development in B2B e-commerce. So far, we have been very well acquainted with the concept of B2C e-commerce but expanding to the B2B domain has proved to be wonderfully profitable. Forrester states that over 74% of B2B customers do online research while over 90% initiate their business purchases with an online search. The

How Shopify Manages Canceled Orders or Refunds

The first and foremost criterium that your e-commerce business should offer to its customers is useful, attractive products at appreciative prices. The next one, and the most important one, is to build a long-term relationship of trust and satisfaction with the ones visiting and purchasing items from your online retail store. Good products will drive the customers to your business, but trust and goodwill will retain them. This element of

Mobile Optimization of your B2B Store – All You Need To Know

The device you are using daily in your hand for texting and social media is not just for this purpose only. This is becoming the primary way to access the internet for almost everything and that makes the mobile a primary tool for eCommerce brands and businesses to reach their customers. The competition is becoming tougher for businesses to make their product and services available to their customers. That’s why a

Top 10 Shopify Wholesale Themes

The best part of Shopify is that it supports B2B or Wholesale ecommerce experience. Either you can go for Shopify Wholesale or use a few apps with your basic Shopify store to convert your store to a full-fledged wholesale ecommerce store. The following features are required for a complete Wholesale experience: Easy Account Management Advanced Catalogues & Pricing One-Click Purchasing Advanced Order Management with Quotations and Approvals Flexible Checkout Options Mobile Optimized B2B Store Automated Business Cycle

Top 9 reasons to Upgrade your B2C Store to B2B with WooCommerce

Most of the websites in the world are created using the most popular CMS WordPress and when it comes to ecommerce, WooCommerce works the same. A full-fledged, free, open source, plugins exhaustive ecommerce system that your Grandpa will also love. WooCommerce comes out of the box with B2C. To create a B2B Store with WooCommerce, you need to have some useful features. Why Should I upgrade? No one in this world

B2BMage - The Best Solution for your B2B Magento Store

Among many different solutions in the world, B2BMage caters to the complete B2B or Wholesale experience for your Magento store. Be in Magento 1.0 or Magento 2.0 or above, this listed marketplace extension will convert your B2B Magento store to a full fledged B2B Ecommerce Solution. Not only B2B features, you will also get an iPaaS platform to integrate your Magento store with ERP, CRM, POS etc. Here are the

Top 7 Ecommerce Hosting Services for your B2B Wholesale Store

For any business merchant working his way around the online eCommerce market, choosing a suitable eCommerce hosting website is an essentiality. The perfect hosting site provides to cater not only to what the merchant expects from it, but also offers certain special features and functionalities that add an edge into the website, inculcating b2b/eCommerce essence in it. Unlike the normal web hosting packages, eCommerce hosting solutions have better qualities and

5 Types of Users for your B2B Ecommerce Store

To make a B2B or Wholesale B2B Ecommerce store successful, User Management plays a very crucial part in defining different roles and capabilities of different users. The product catalogs and price-list are also defined based on these types of users. Though many subcategories of users exist, we can broadly classify the B2B Ecommerce users into 5 categories B2B Companies: These are company accounts which buy wholesale goods from a B2B Ecommerce store.

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