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11.08.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Real-Time Control System Automates Paleomagnetic Studies

ADwin DSP Enables Precise Switching of Magnetic Fields Paleomagnetic research studies the magnetic history of geology as embodied in rock samples. These samples of interest contain metallic traces st... mehr

10.08.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Accsense Electrocorder Offers Discount on Energy Data Loggers

Save 15% off Select Models! Starting today, CAS DataLoggers is offering a 15% discount on select models in its line of Accsense Electrocorder dataloggers! These electrical logging devices monitor po... mehr

10.08.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Accsense Versalog Releases New Software Version

Versatile 8-Channel Data Loggers for Many Applications CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce a new software upgrade for Accsense VersaLog dataloggers. Released in July, SiteView 3.1.1 extends functi... mehr

09.08.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Precision Electrical Measurement Using Delphin

Fully-Automated Engine Test Stands Motor Test stands are required during the automotive R&D phase for serial testing and also for endurance trials. Measurements taken during the developmental phase s... mehr

02.08.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Optimize Your Batch Oven Process with Temperature Profiling

Increase Profitability and Part Quality! Whether you’re preheating, drying or curing a part, oven temperature data is integral to operation audits for batch ovens and other types of process oven ap... mehr

29.07.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Securing the dataTaker DT80 Series Web Services

Series 3 dataTaker Universal DataLoggers Series 3 dataTaker dataloggers are popular for their communications functionality and for their ease of programming using the built-in dEX software. In our la... mehr

29.07.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Influx Rebel CT for CAN-Based Vehicle Recording

All-in-One Dataloggers Record Right out of the Box! CAS DataLoggers offers the Influx Rebel CT vehicle datalogger, a new all-in-one vehicle datalogger for CAN vehicular data collection applications. ... mehr

27.07.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Record Current and Voltage with Accsense Electrocorder

DC-3VA Two-Channel DC Voltage and Current Logger Do you need a device to record current and voltage data for machine monitoring, circuitry test, battery charging/discharging, or another application? ... mehr

21.07.16 - CAS DataLoggers

High-Speed Acquisition of Velocities

Delphin Data Loggers for Test and Simulation Applications Pumps are required in diverse applications ranging from micro-dosage pumps in chemistry labs, standard pumps for gardens, all the way throug... mehr

20.07.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Delphin Systems Provide SDI-12 Sensor Integration

Versatile Data Logger Connects to Enviro Smart Sensors The SDI-12 interface (Serial Data Interface at 1200 Baud) enables, via a digital signal, the establishment of a connection with multiple "low-po... mehr

18.07.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Flexible Measurement System for Test & Lab Applications

New Delphin Expert Logger 400 is Versatile, Reliable The new Expert Logger 400 from Delphin combines the latest communication capability with advanced measurement technology. Designed to fulfil many ... mehr

13.07.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Data Loggers for HVAC Performance Validation

Fully-Automated Recording of Temperature & Humidity Are you working in an HVAC application such as temperature monitoring in vents and ducts, humidity recording in greenhouses, or logging carbon diox... mehr

13.07.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Intelligent Data Logging Using an ADwin

Data Logging with Real-Time Pre-Processing of Data ADwin Real-Time systems are ideal for intelligent data acquisition and control applications. Utilizing the programmability of the local CPU in the A... mehr

13.07.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Measuring Depth Using a dataTaker data logger and a Druck Depth/Level Sensor

Using Druck PTX 1830 Series Sensors CHESTERLAND, OH—June 23, 2016 In this Tech Article from CAS DataLoggers and dataTaker, we describe the process of connecting the Druck PTX 1830 depth/level sens... mehr

21.06.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Jager-ADwin Releases New Software Update

Ver. Adds Support for MATLAB, LabVIEW CHESTERLAND, OH—June 20, 2016 Jager-ADwin has just released a new version of the ADwin CD-ROM. Version adds more support for MATLAB and ... mehr

07.06.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Vaccine Safety—What’s it Worth to You?

Accsense Medical Monitoring is the Gold Standard CHESTERLAND, OH—June 6, 2016 The federal Vaccines for Children (VFC) program requires that providers must follow CDC vaccine storage and handling ... mehr

31.05.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Wireless Dataloggers Ensure Accuracy in a Calibration House

Users Pull Environmental Data with a Button Press CHESTERLAND, OH—May 31, 2016 CAS DataLoggers recently provided the datalogging solution for Total Calibration Solutions Inc., an Ohio-based calibr... mehr

23.05.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Lascar Introduces EasyLog-21-CFR Software

21-CFR-Compliant Data Logging CHESTERLAND, OH—May 23, 2016 Do your temperature monitoring systems need to be 21-CFR Part 11-compliant? Lascar now offers all the software security demanded by th... mehr

10.05.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Wireless Dataloggers Manage Temp & Humidity in Greenhouses

Compact and Rugged Dataloggers from T&D CHESTERLAND, OH—May 9, 2016 Effective environmental monitoring in greenhouses requires devices with remote monitoring capability so users get immediate alar... mehr

09.05.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Go Wireless with Accsense Monitoring Systems!

Accsense A1-01a Wireless Environmental Monitor CHESTERLAND, OH—May 4, 2016 If you need a device to monitor your product or environment, a wireless system is usually the easiest way to go. Accse... mehr

03.05.16 - CAS DataLoggers

VersaLog Products Log Data on 8 Channels

Affordable Data Loggers with Alarm Capability CHESTERLAND, OH—May 3, 2016 If you need to record data on several channels but don’t want to pay extra for features you don’t need, CAS DataLogger... mehr

02.05.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Using a dataTaker DT80 with BrainChild IO-16DI Modules

Digital I/Os for Use with HMI, PLC or SCADA via Modbus RTU CHESTERLAND, OH—May 2, 2016 In our latest Technical Article adapted from dataTaker, CAS DataLoggers shows you how to use a dataTaker DT8... mehr

29.04.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Log HVAC and Environmental Data Using Bluetooth!

Record Temp and Humidity with One Compact Device CHESTERLAND, OH—April 28, 2016 Do you need a device for HVAC performance verification or to record environmental data? Now Lascar offers you a way ... mehr

28.04.16 - CAS DataLoggers

LogMessage Series for Stand-Alone Monitoring

Single System Measures Nearly Any Sensor Type! CHESTERLAND, OH—April 27, 2016 Delphin's LogMessage hardware series offers data loggers for virtually any area of application. These devices are capa... mehr

26.04.16 - CAS DataLoggers

T&D Discontinues TR-81 Units

CAS DataLoggers Offers Next-Gen T&D Wireless & Wired Loggers CHESTERLAND, OH—April 26, 2016 T&D Corporation has announced that they are discontinuing the TR-81 Wide-Range Temperature Datalogger. T... mehr

26.04.16 - CAS DataLoggers

How to Collect Energy Data Compliant to EN50001

Using a Data Logger to Collect and Analyze Current and Voltage Data CHESTERLAND, OH—April 25, 2016 The EN50001 standard requires high energy-consuming industries to implement energy-saving measure... mehr

22.04.16 - CAS DataLoggers

CAS DataLoggers Is in Puerto Rico for CSIA 2016!

Demonstrating the Latest Measurement & Control Technology CHESTERLAND, OH—April 21, 2016 Right now CAS DataLoggers Sales Manager Pete Martin is in Puerto Rico exhibiting at CSIA 2016, a gathering ... mehr

20.04.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Modbus Networking in a Hospital

Monitoring Freezers for Temperature of Vaccines CHESTERLAND, OH—April 20, 2016 Recently a hospital required an automated temperature monitoring solution in order to measure and record the temperat... mehr

19.04.16 - CAS DataLoggers

ADwin for CAN-FD Automotive Applications

CAN-FD Standard Enables Higher Data Throughput CHESTERLAND, OH—April 19, 2016 With a flexible data rate over previous CAN limits, the CAN-FD network protocol provides faster and more reliable data... mehr

18.04.16 - CAS DataLoggers

T&D A/C Adapters Comply with New EPA Regulations

Japan’s #1 Temperature Datalogger Manufacturer CHESTERLAND, OH—April 18, 2016 Effective last month, the EPA has enacted a new efficiency regulation concerning wall transformers. In order to comp... mehr

15.04.16 - CAS DataLoggers

How You Can Use BTU Measurements to Document Energy Efficiency

Performance Verification Proves Savings to Customers and Financiers CHESTERLAND, OH—April 14, 2016 BTUs (British thermal units) are a widely-used metric for energy production and in solar HVAC sys... mehr

13.04.16 - CAS DataLoggers

How to Calculate Covariance using a dataTaker

dataTaker Logger Performs Mathematical Calculations CHESTERLAND, OH—April 13, 2016 Covariance is a method of measuring how strongly variables are related to each other. Covariance is commonly used... mehr

13.04.16 - CAS DataLoggers

UHF RFID Temperature Tags for Cold Chain Traceability

Low-Cost Way to Monitor Temperature from ‘Farm to Fork’! CHESTERLAND, OH—April 12, 2016 For 24/7 temperature monitoring of perishable foods and medicines, CAS DataLoggers and CAEN RFID offer t... mehr

08.04.16 - CAS DataLoggers

ADwin for Control of Hydraulic Test Stands

ADwin Simulates the Real World for ECUs Under Test CHESTERLAND, OH—April 7, 2016 ADwin data acquisition and control systems are commonly used to provide control of hydraulic test stands, installed... mehr

06.04.16 - CAS DataLoggers

How to Set up a Grant SQ20xx Datalogger for Temp and RH Sensors

Monitor Multiple Values using a Universal Data Logger CHESTERLAND, OH—April 6, 2016 Do you need to monitor both temperature and humidity in an industrial or lab application? CAS DataLoggers pre... mehr

04.04.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Voltage Data Acquisition Systems Capture Transient Data

Log Signals from the kHz to MHz range CHESTERLAND, OH—April 4, 2016 Do you need to record voltage for your application? CAS DataLoggers offers versatile data acquisition systems from ADwin and Del... mehr

01.04.16 - CAS DataLoggers

How to Change Your License in ProfiSignal Software

Delphin ProfiSignal for Professional Data Analysis CHESTERLAND, OH—March 31, 2016 In the event of a software update or a follow-up software order for Delphin systems, you’ll need to perform a qu... mehr

31.03.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring System for Food & Bev PQ

T&D Monitors Environmental Conditions in Warehouses CHESTERLAND, OH—March 30, 2016 As you may have seen in October’s Apps Note, CAS DataLoggers recently provided the temperature monitoring solut... mehr

30.03.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Delphin Technology Exhibiting at Hannover Messe 2016!

The World’s Leading Trade Fair for Industrial Technology on April 25-29 CHESTERLAND, OH—March 29, 2016 It’s almost April and one of the biggest industrial tradeshows in the world is about to g... mehr

30.03.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Isodaq Frog RTU Designed for Borehole Monitoring

Frog RX GSM/GPRS Datalogger Transmits Real-Time Data via Modem CHESTERLAND, OH—March 28, 2016 Ideal for borehole monitoring and other water monitoring applications, the Frog RX GSM/GPRS Data Logge... mehr

23.03.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Universal Measurement Case Adds New Functions

Delphin Technology Offers Flexible Data Acquisition System CHESTERLAND, OH—March 23, 2016 Industrial or laboratory data acquisition often requires that measurement data be recorded at a minimum of... mehr

23.03.16 - CAS DataLoggers

How to Cut Energy Costs Using a Datalogger

Multi-Value Devices Record, Analyze and Graph Data for Energy Savings CHESTERLAND, OH—March 22, 2016 While it’s well-known that heavy industry stands the most to gain from energy audits and the ... mehr

21.03.16 - CAS DataLoggers

CAS DataLoggers is Attending CSIA 2016 in Puerto Rico!

Providing Solutions for System Integrators CHESTERLAND, OH—March 21, 2016 CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce its upcoming exhibition at the Control System Integrators Association CSIA 2016 Execu... mehr

17.03.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Series 3 DataTaker Loggers for Your Application!

Log Data from Many Sensor Types Using One Device! CHESTERLAND, OH—March 17, 2016 Do you need to monitor Temperature, Current/Voltage, Pulse, or another physical or electrical value? Now CAS DataLo... mehr

17.03.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Process Monitoring of Vibrations at Hydro Turbines

Delphin TopMessage System Diagnoses Faults CHESTERLAND, OH—March 16, 2016 Delphin Technology recently provided the vibration monitoring solution for Femaris, a Romanian company focusing mainly o... mehr

15.03.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Accsense Reintroduces A2-05 WiFi Datalogger to Distributors

World-Class Temperature Monitoring Solution CHESTERLAND, OH—March 15, 2016 CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce a newly-improved version of the popular Accsense A2-05 WiFi logger! This new ver... mehr

14.03.16 - CAS DataLoggers

ProfiSignal Software Overview: Process Monitoring and Automation

Delphin ProfiSignal Software Analyzes and Trends Data CHESTERLAND, OH—March 14, 2016 At CAS DataLoggers we occasionally receive calls from customers with questions about Delphin ProfiSignal's lic... mehr

14.03.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Video Shows Bakers How to Use a Datalogger for Food Safety

Free Downloadable Baking Process Kill Step Calculator from AIB CHESTERLAND, OH—March 11, 2016 A helpful tutorial from the American Institute of Bakers (AIB) website shows how bakers can use a data... mehr

10.03.16 - CAS DataLoggers

CAS DataLoggers Is Exhibiting at Pittcon 2016!

T&D Temp & RH Loggers Are Ideal for Lab Applications CHESTERLAND, OH—March 9, 2016 Right now CAS DataLoggers and T&D are exhibiting at Pittcon in Atlanta Georgia! CAS DataLoggers Sales Manager ... mehr

08.03.16 - CAS DataLoggers

Industrial Data Acquisition Systems for Process Overview

ADwin, Delphin and dataTaker for Process Data Acquisition! CHESTERLAND, OH—March 8, 2016 Delphin, ADwin and dataTaker data acquisition systems are ideal for all types of industrial applications su... mehr

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