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20.03.19 - CAS DataLoggers

New TR-7wb Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers from T&D

The Next Generation of T&D Wireless Data Loggers The new TR-7wb Series Temperature/Humidity Data Loggers represent the next generation of full-featured, compact temperature and humidity data loggers.... mehr

19.03.19 - CAS DataLoggers

Pharmacy Inventory Management Using a Temperature Monitoring System

Grant Data Logger Helps Pharmacy Maintain Quality Control Pharmaceutical product manufacturing is synonymous with strict quality control and traceability. To ensure that these requirements are reliab... mehr

18.03.19 - CAS DataLoggers

Monitoring Temperature for Quality Control in the Pet Food Manufacturing Process

Accsense VersaLog Multi-Channel Temperature Recorders Ensuring the pet food manufacturing process meets FDA requirements, manufacturers must monitor the temperature of their extruding equipment to do... mehr

15.03.19 - CAS DataLoggers

Laboratory Temperature Monitoring & Alarming Using a Data Logger

Accsense VersaLog Multi-Channel Temperature Recorders CAS DataLoggers provided the laboratory temperature monitoring and alarming solution for a medical research laboratory who required monitoring of... mehr

14.03.19 - CAS DataLoggers

Endurance Test in Automobile: Monitoring of Flexible Joint Boots

Real-Time Data Acquisition Synchronized to Rotational Position CAS DataLoggers provided the data acquisition and control solution for an automotive supply company conducting an endurance test in auto... mehr

13.03.19 - CAS DataLoggers

Fully-Automated Luminaire Testing Procedures With Delphin Technology

Data Acquisition, Automation & Evaluation in a Single System Every day we depend on luminaire products for indoor lighting, whether at work or at home. As with all electro-technical devices, consumer... mehr

12.03.19 - CAS DataLoggers

Water Quality Monitoring & Testing For Many Different Sensor Types

Intelligent dataTaker System from CAS DataLoggers Water disruptions typically occur after a large amount of water has rapidly collected in a catchment area. As a result, this water is subject to cont... mehr

11.03.19 - CAS DataLoggers

Data Logger Provides Machine Monitoring Solutions For Crane Components

Delphin ProfiMessage Continuously Monitors for Faults Crane operators often only learn of machine damage when a motor or drive suddenly fails—a costly way to deal with a problem! To ensure early fa... mehr

08.03.19 - CAS DataLoggers

Wireless Monitoring of Ceramic Firing Temperatures To Ensure Product Quality

Grant Squirrel Portable Logger Reliable in Kiln Application CAS provided the temperature monitoring solution for Heath Ceramics, an innovative manufacturer headquartered in Sausalito, California. Hea... mehr

07.03.19 - CAS DataLoggers

Solder Pot Temperature Monitoring Helps Improve Product Quality

Using dataTaker Data Logger To Reduce Solder Waste and Costs CAS DataLoggers has provided the dataTaker Intelligent Universal Data Logger to monitor solder pot temperature and reduce defective compon... mehr

06.03.19 - CAS DataLoggers

Top 3 Reasons Why the Temperature Fluctuates in Your Fridge or Freezer

Guide to Implementing Automated Refrigerator Temperature Monitoring Personnel installing new refrigerator monitoring systems in their medical or storage refrigerators and freezers are often stumped a... mehr

05.03.19 - CAS DataLoggers

Using a dataTaker Data Logger with a Barcode Scanner

Simplified Barcode and product performance DAQ CAS DataLoggers receives requests from manufacturers who need a data logging system to collect data for final test and quality assurance purposes. In so... mehr

18.02.19 - CAS DataLoggers

Food Safety Monitoring Protects a Family Sausage Business

Cost Effective Wireless Temperature Monitoring System from TandD CAS DataLoggers provided the automated food safety monitoring solution for Longhini Sausage Co. Inc. in Connecticut, a family-owned bu... mehr

06.02.19 - CAS DataLoggers

Vaccine Temperature Monitoring Via WiFi at a Haitian Hospital

Lascar Data Loggers Monitor Storage of Vaccines in Refrigerator CAS DataLoggers provided the vaccine temperature monitoring solution for Hôpital Sacré-Coeur (HSC), a 122-bed tertiary hospital locat... mehr

05.02.19 - CAS DataLoggers

Monitoring The Salt Bath Nitriding Process Using a Data Logger

CAS DataLoggers Supplies a Surface Treatment Company with Runtime Data CAS DataLoggers supplied the industrial data logging solution to Northeast Coating Technologies (NCT) in Kennebunk, Maine. NCT i... mehr

04.02.19 - CAS DataLoggers

Collecting Meteorological Data Using a Weather Station Data Logger

Complete Weather Monitoring Using A dataTaker Data Logger A construction company needed to collect meteorological data to study the effects of building materials such as roofing tile for a meteorolog... mehr

01.02.19 - CAS DataLoggers

New Dual Channel Temp & Humidity Data Logger with Graphic Screen

Stores over 250,000 Temp readings CAS DataLoggers has partnered with Lascar to release a new dual-channel version of its GFX-2 standalone datalogger. The new EL-GFX-D2 Temperature /Humidity/Dewpoint ... mehr

31.01.19 - CAS DataLoggers

Real-Time Monitoring & Warning Systems For Cyclones

Comprehensive Weather Monitoring Using a dataTaker DT80 warning systems for cyclones application photoThe extensive mining and port facilities situated in remote tropical northwest Australia means th... mehr

31.01.19 - CAS DataLoggers

How To Save Money With Voltage Optimization

Accsense Electrocorder: Powerfully Measured The average voltage supply from many national grids around the world is often higher than the ideal operating voltage for most electrical equipment from li... mehr

29.01.19 - CAS DataLoggers

UHF RFID Temp Tags Provide Transparency In The Pharma Cold Chain

Medlog Tracks and Traces Medicines All The Way to the Customer Showcasing the use of UHF RFID technology in the pharma cold chain, CAEN RFID products have successfully provided the temperature monito... mehr

25.01.19 - CAS DataLoggers

Vibration Measurement System Essential For Many Industries

Delphin Technology Solution for Measurement and Analysis If you need to know how your products react to vibrations or operate a shaker test stand you’ll need a vibration measurement system to acqui... mehr

23.01.19 - CAS DataLoggers

Environmental Monitoring Equipment In Production Plant

Accsense VersaLog Records Both Temperature and Humidity CAS DataLoggers delivered the data logging solution for a production plant whose production machinery was mysteriously slowing down and causing... mehr

22.01.19 - CAS DataLoggers

Scanning Electron Microscope Loop Control Using ADwin

ADwin-Gold-II DAQ System Offers High-Speed Control scanning electron microscope application photoCAS DataLoggers supplied the control solution for a university physics department conducting research ... mehr

22.01.19 - CAS DataLoggers

Construction Environmental Monitoring Solution Documents Quality

TR-7wf Loggers Push Data to the Site’s WiFi Network CAS DataLoggers supplied the construction environmental monitoring solution for Power Construction, a general contractor working onsite at a larg... mehr

18.01.19 - CAS DataLoggers

Delphin DAQ System Performs Fault Diagnosis Test on a CT Scanner

CAS DataLoggers Engineer Terry Nagy Solves a Unique Problem CAS DataLoggers Engineer Terry Nagy worked on a uniquely challenging data acquisition application a few years ago which highlights the usef... mehr

17.01.19 - CAS DataLoggers

CAN Bus Logger Keeps Cambridge Racing Team Competitive

Influx Rebel CT Records Test Data Cambridge University Eco-Racing (CUER) is a student-run society of 60 undergraduates affiliated with the University of Cambridge’s Engineering Department who desig... mehr

16.01.19 - CAS DataLoggers

The Secret to Setting Up and Managing IoT SIM Cards

Have you started thinking about using the cellular network as a connection path for your IoT device or datalogger? If you are based in North America and you are not deploying hundreds of devices, you ... mehr

15.01.19 - CAS DataLoggers

Data Logging VS Monitoring

As one of the largest US distributors of data logging and monitoring equipment, we receive hundreds of calls every year from users looking to put new systems in place. One of the first questions we as... mehr

14.01.19 - CAS DataLoggers

How To Set Up an SDI-12 Weather Station with a Data Logger

Featuring the Vaisala WXT520 Weather Transmitter Collecting meteorological data from weather stations is one of the most popular applications of the dataTaker DT82E environmental data loggers. In our... mehr

11.01.19 - CAS DataLoggers

Food Storage Monitoring Protects Perishables For Small Business

T&D Temp & Humidity System Safeguards Specialty Cheese CAS DataLoggers provided the food storage monitoring solution for Tulip Tree Creamery, a small business located on the northwest side of Indiana... mehr

09.01.19 - CAS DataLoggers

High-Speed Recording of Waveform Frequency Trigger Points

ADwin Systems Log Data at Speeds of 25 Nanoseconds At CAS DataLoggers we occasionally have customers in the power generation industry whose application involves a rapidly-fluctuating waveform. These ... mehr

03.01.19 - CAS DataLoggers

Shaker Table Vibration Testing With a DAQ System

Delphin Provides All Test Stand Functions Within a Single System Vibration tests are often required during new product development. This involves securing the product to a shaker and then shaking acc... mehr

21.12.18 - CAS DataLoggers

CAS DataLoggers Helps a NY Race Track Cut Energy Costs

HVAC Consultant Uses Electrocorder To Report Usage CAS DataLoggers has provided the data logging solution for Anthony Flynn, Building Systems Engineer with Huston Engineering. Headquartered in Troy N... mehr

20.12.18 - CAS DataLoggers

Workplace Environmental Monitoring Methods

TandD 3-in-1 Data Logger Measures Temp, Humidity, and CO2 CAS DataLoggers supplied the workplace environmental monitoring solution for a factory with a small series of office rooms experiencing serio... mehr

19.12.18 - CAS DataLoggers

Temperature Verification in Wine Cellars Using a Data Logger

Cost-Effective Environmental Monitoring for Homeowner CAS DataLoggers provided the standalone monitoring solution for a homeowner who wanted to check the climate control system installed in his 2-roo... mehr

18.12.18 - CAS DataLoggers

Vibration Monitoring of a Gas Turbine in a Refinery

DAQ System Provides Effective Condition Monitoring CAS DataLoggers has provided the vibration monitoring solution for a refinery relying on a gas turbine-driven generator to provide power for the fac... mehr

17.12.18 - CAS DataLoggers

Measuring & Sending Sensor Data: Analog to CANbus

Introduction In automotive or other vehicle engineering and development projects it is sometimes useful to convert analog data and send it via CAN. For example, in automotive applications you may nee... mehr

14.12.18 - CAS DataLoggers

What is the Difference Between Data Logger vs DAQ?

Key Differences Between Data Logging and Data Acquisition What is the difference between a Data Logger and a Data Acquisition System (DAQ)? A data logger is a type of data acquisition system, but a d... mehr

13.12.18 - CAS DataLoggers

Verifying Temperatures on an Appliance Testing Wall

DataTaker Provides High Analog Input Count Appliance testing walls form a convenient way to perform product verification for testing appliances from ovens to dishwashers to stoves. A common example o... mehr

11.12.18 - CAS DataLoggers

Automated Monitoring of HVAC Testing Equipment with Data Loggers

Series 3 dataTaker Systems Enable Remote Monitoring and Data Transmission CAS DataLoggers supplied the dataTaker monitoring solution for use on HVAC testing equipment last year for a product developm... mehr

10.12.18 - CAS DataLoggers

CAS DataLoggers Provides the ISP with Server Room Monitoring System

Turnkey dataTaker System Handles a Large-Scale Temp/RH Application CAS DataLoggers provided the turnkey server room monitoring system for an ISP with a large server storage room requiring continual t... mehr

07.12.18 - CAS DataLoggers

Data Loggers For Structural Health Monitoring

Collecting Data To Improve & Maintain Designs One of the main challenges for structural engineers is to not only assure the safety of critical structures but also to maintain and improve them. Data l... mehr

06.12.18 - CAS DataLoggers

Controlled Atmosphere Storage Using a DataTaker

DT80 Provides Single Solution & Saves Money A company contacted CAS DataLoggers with a controlled atmosphere storage environment project as part of pilot testing for a new process. To reduce costs, e... mehr

05.12.18 - CAS DataLoggers

Auto Factory Ensures RICE NESHAP Compliance with Data Logger

dataTaker Measures Regulatory Standards To Meet Deadlines CAS DataLoggers provided the datalogging solution for an automotive manufacturer who needed to ensure RICE NESHAP compliance, the EPA emissio... mehr

04.12.18 - CAS DataLoggers

Incubator Monitoring System for In Vitro Fertilization Clinic

Accsense Covers All Monitoring Points and Values in Complex Setup CAS DataLoggers provided an automated monitoring and alarm system for an in vitro fertilization clinic which needed a wireless setup ... mehr

03.12.18 - CAS DataLoggers

Beer Fermentation Monitoring in a Macrobrewery

T&D Wireless Data Loggers Monitor Temperature in Real-Time CAS DataLoggers supplied an automated data logging system to a brewery mass-producing American lager. As its top priority, the brewery wante... mehr

28.11.18 - CAS DataLoggers

Performance Verification System Saves Nursing Home Considerable Energy Costs

dataTaker Intelligent Data Logger Provides Accurate Data Collection CAS DataLoggers provided a performance verification system for a solar water heating system installed in a nursing home. The solar ... mehr

27.11.18 - CAS DataLoggers

Materials Testing Applications: Temperature Monitoring

Automated Monitoring and Intelligent Alarming Systems At CAS DataLoggers we frequently supply data logging systems for customers who need a solution for product verification and safety/reliability te... mehr

22.11.18 - CAS DataLoggers

Remote Monitoring & Alarming For Chemical Storage Safety

Networked Data Logging System Works with Smartphones CAS DataLoggers supplied the remote monitoring and alarming solution for a processing plant storing various temperature-sensitive industrial mater... mehr

20.11.18 - CAS DataLoggers

Server Room Monitoring System Protects Server Electronics

System Monitors Temp & Humidity, Detects Early Leaks CAS DataLoggers provided the wireless server room monitoring and alarming system for a server storage provider whose customers relied 24/7 on the ... mehr

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