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New AERINOS ADS-300 from Infinite Informatics

New Wireless NB-IoT/LTE-M Data Collection End Node CAS DataLoggers is pleased to introduce the new AERINOS ADS-300 wireless sensor end node from Infinite Informatics. The ADS-300 is designed to transmit data via either NB-IoT/LTE-M cellular networks and is targeted at remote monitoring applications. NB-IoT is a wireless protocol designed for the Internet of Things that offers very low-power operation using either existing GSM or newer LTE cellular technology. NB-IoT is a

New TR32B Bluetooth Data Logger From TandD

CAS DataLoggers is pleased to announce the updated TR32B log-EZ as an effective low-cost solution for temperature and humidity measurement. The log-EZ is designed as a compact, user-friendly data logger to easily measure and record ambient temperature and humidity. It provides Bluetooth communication and a smartphone/tablet app that can display and upload data to the cloud. The TR32B provides a measurement range of 0° to 50° Celsius (32° to 122°

New A2-06 Temperature & Alarming Monitoring Pod by CAS

Medical storage applications depend heavily on monitoring the temperature of their goods in cold storage to protect items such as vaccines, blood, medicine, and tissue samples. CAS DataLoggers is pleased to introduce the A2-06 Ethernet Wired Temperature Measurement Pod designed for measuring temperatures in medical refrigerators, freezers, incubators, and in cryogenic storage. The pod is an Ethernet LAN-wired temperature monitor with connections for two external RTDs and a thermocouple sensor.

The Basics of Signal Attenuation

Maximize Signal Range and Wireless Monitoring Capability Signal attenuation is the reduction of energy or a radio frequency (RF) transmission, such as when sending data via WiFi, Zigbee, or some communication protocol for applications such as automated temperature monitoring. Attenuation is represented in decibels (dB), which is ten times the logarithm of the signal power at a particular input or source location in watts divided by the output or receiving end

Next Generation OdaLog G20 Hydrogen Sulfide Data Logger

CAS Dataloggers is pleased to announce the next generation OdaLog G20 Hydrogen Sulfide Data Logger from ThermoFisher Scientific. The G20 is the next generation of the industry-leading OdaLog family featuring a new state-of-the-art digital H2S smart sensor. The G20 is designed for use in harsh wastewater applications and ATEX IECEx certified for hazardous environments. OdaLog data loggers are widely used in the wastewater industry to monitor the H2S gas level

Visit CAS DataLoggers at WEFTEC 2022

Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, October 8 - 12, New Orleans, LA CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce that we will be exhibiting at the WEFTEC 2022 Conference! Hosted at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA on October 8-12, WEFTEC 2022 will bring together water professionals from around the world in person and virtually! This year, CAS DataLoggers President Peter Martin is attending along with CAS DataLoggers Engineering Manager

New TR75A Thermocouple Temperature Loggers from T&D

CAS Dataloggers is pleased to announce the new TR75A thermocouple data loggers from TandD. They represent the next generation of low-cost, full-featured, compact temperature data loggers and are especially useful for ultra-low temperature monitoring in freezers and cryostats. While keeping all of the features of the popular TR-75wb logger, the TR75A adds a number of enhancements to improve data storage, security, and usability. A key feature is the new “Vaccine Mode”

New Delphin LoggitoLab Compact Data Acquisition System

Delphin Extends Popular Loggito Family for Laboratory Applications CAS is pleased to announce that Delphin Technology has added a new version of the popular Loggito data logger/data acquisition systems targeted at laboratory and portable applications. The new LoggitoLab offers plug-and-play connectors for thermocouples and/or banana plugs to simplify the sensor connections. The LoggitoLab is ideal for research and development, educational, or industrial application where sensors must be repeatedly connected and disconnected.

New ProfiSignal 20 Software Package From Delphin

CAS is pleased to announce the new ProfiSignal 20 (PS20) software package from Delphin Technology. This software provides platform independence by allowing data collected with Delphin data acquisition systems to be visualized and analyzed on a PC, tablet, or smartphone. ProfiSignal 20 is available in several versions depending on the application requirements. The “Go” version can be used for quick visualization, monitoring, and archiving of measurement data. It includes configurable single

CAS Reaches Over 600 COVID-19 Vaccine Monitoring Kits Shipped!

Since the rollout of COVID-19 Pfizer and Moderna vaccines at the end of December 2020, CAS has been hard at work meeting the demand for vaccine temperature monitoring kits. This demand has only increased with the addition of the Janssen/Johnson & Johnson vaccine and the expansion of vaccines available to the general public in the United States. As of Monday, March 15th, 2021, CAS has now shipped over 600 COVID-19

New Wireless IoT ProfiSens Series from Infinite Informatics

New ProfiSens Wireless IoT Series from Infinite Informatics CAS DataLoggers is pleased to introduce the new AERINOS ProfiSens wireless IoT series from Infinite Informatics. The series includes a family of wireless sensor nodes and a cellular Data Gateway which forwards data and sends SMS alarm messages. Using ProfiSens, you can deploy anywhere using your own IoT network. The ProfiSens series includes the following components: ADU-700: Low power data concentrator with a cellular modem ADS-101:

New NXprog Programmable I/O Module from Novus

We are pleased to announce the new DigiRail NXprog from Novus Automation. The NXprog unites the best of both worlds: the reliability and robustness of an industrial device for automation applications with the ease of programming from the Arduino community. It provides a rich mix of integrated analog and digital I/O signals, allowing DigiRail NXprog to be used as an extension of standard data logging, data acquisition, and automation systems,

New Simple Logger Series of Data Loggers from AEMC

CAS Dataloggers is pleased to announce the new Simple Logger® series of data loggers from AEMC. The SL family includes ten different small, one channel recording devices powered by two AA alkaline batteries. Models are available for recording AC voltage, DC voltage, DC current, temperature, or digital pulses and events. The simple logger series are extremely easy to configure with just a few parameters to setup – scaling, measurement units,

New DT90 Series Data Loggers from dataTaker

CAS is pleased to announce the new dataTaker DT90 Series of compact, cost-effective, low power data loggers. The new DT90 Series is designed to provide an all-in-one data collection system with an integrated modem, specifically for remote applications. The rugged enclosure and wide operating temperature range provide reliable operation in virtually any environment. There are two models available – the DT90L and DT90N. The DT90N is perfect for

Introducing OdaLog Gas Data Loggers from ThermoFisher

CAS DataLoggers is introducing OdaLog Odor & Gas Data Loggers, a family of portable gas monitors from ThermoFisher Scientific. Effective immediately, CAS will be responsible for the sales and support of all OdaLog products within the United States. OdaLog, owned by ThermoFisher Scientific Australia Pty Ltd, are used extensively in the wastewater industry to record the level of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) and other gas emissions in pumping stations, manholes and sewer

Visit CAS DataLoggers at Pittcon 2020

The World's Largest Lab Expo, March 3rd-5th in Chicago CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce that we will be exhibiting along with TandD US, LLC at Pittcon 2020! Pittcon is the world's leading annual conference and exposition on laboratory science. Hosted in Chicago, IL at McCormick Place on March 3rd-5th, Pittcon 2020 will draw a large crowd of attendees from industry, academia, and government from over 90 countries! This year, CAS

Visit CAS DataLoggers at AHR 2020

The World’s Largest HVAC event is about to get underway—the annual AHR 2020 Expo is returning to Orlando, FL on Feb 3-5th. CAS DataLoggers Sales Mgr. Peter Martin is proud to attend along with Japan’s #1 datalogger manufacturer—T&D! Come visit us at Booth #7490 to see our cutting-edge HVAC solutions for performance validation, energy audits, and more! With prices starting at just $109, T&D products give businesses and organizations an affordable

New ADwin-X-A20 Compact Data Acquisition System

CAS is pleased to announce the new ADwin-X-A20 compact data acquisition and control system. It features a high performance, dual-core, 64-bit processor plus analog and digital inputs and outputs and a 1GB Ethernet communications interface to provide extremely precise, low latency real-time operation. Programs can be quickly created using either the user-friendly ADbasic development environment or through Simulink via the ADsim interface. Standard Features: -XILINK ZYNQ ARM Cortex-A9 666 MHz CPU, 64-Bit

New Novus DigiRail Connect Ethernet I/O Module

CAS Dataloggers is pleased to announce the new Novus DigiRail Connect, an intelligent, distributed I/O module that can be used to expand data logging and data acquisition systems. A built-in Ethernet port allows it to act as a Modbus TCP server to send data over the network. This versatile product features mixed analog and digital inputs and outputs, which accept a variety of standard sensor and signal types including thermocouples,

Identifying Water Meter Tampering Using a Data Logger

Advanced dataTaker Monitoring Solution Catches Utility Theft CAS DataLoggers supplied the industrial data logging solution for Pasco County Utilities, a provider of utility services to customers at a reasonable cost and in an environmentally responsible manner. The Utility Services Branch provides water and sewer services, reclaimed water, solid waste/resource recovery, recycling, hazardous waste, and street lighting service to most of the residents in Pasco County. The company maintains many remote water

Standalone Data Acquisition System Offers Secure Operation

Record Data Anywhere, Independent of a PC Do you need to record environmental data in the field, away from PC support? Are power outages a concern? At CAS DataLoggers, many of our customers call in requesting a standalone data acquisition system which can simultaneously collect data from two or more different kinds of input sensors. Whether your project involves environmental data collection, industrial process monitoring, or another application, Delphin Expert Series

Wireless Environmental Monitoring for a Tortoise Sanctuary

Temperature and Humidity Data Logger Monitors Habitat CAS DataLoggers is proud to have provided the wireless environmental monitoring solution to Dave Friend, owner of the Ojai Sulcata Project Inc (OSP) in Ojai, California, which rescues and researches the massive Sulcata tortoise. These tough turtles are native to the southern Sahara Desert and are one of the largest species of tortoise on Earth, but their conservation status is currently listed as Threatened:

Accurate Product Quality Testing for Fewer Failures

Delphin Expert Series Provides High-Speed Measurement No matter your manufacturing process, your business can greatly benefit from accurate product quality testing and verification. This way, any failures can be caught as quickly as they are formed. However, the high variability in part formation makes monitoring values such as force and displacement difficult—the difference between a quality and defective part is often measured in milliseconds. Therefore, these demanding applications require a high-speed

Plug-and-Play PC Data Acquisition

Delphin Expert Key Devices Offer Flexible Measurement Recording measurement data using a PC requires solutions that are quick and easy to use. This in turn requires a data acquisition device with extremely high resolution, channel to channel isolation and reliability. To meet users’ needs, Delphin Expert Key devices have all these features and are also equipped with USB and LAN interfaces. For flexible monitoring and PC data acquisition, users can connect

ADwin-Based Real-Time System Tests Six Switches in Parallel

ADwin Provides Extremely Fast Closed Loop Control Multi-axis motion control systems are used extensively in manufacturing and laboratory research for positioning purposes. These systems often rely on feedback from position sensors to maintain closed-loop control for improved accuracy. In test and measurement applications, it is often desirable to use additional inputs as part of the feedback loop. For example, in scanning tunneling microscopes, a sample is moved in the X- and

Bearing Vibration Analysis & Condition Monitoring to Improve Operation

Data Acquisition Systems Help Detect Impending Damage The diagnosis of bearing damage in roller bearings is an integral part of servicing and maintenance tasks. Increasingly, technicians rely on condition monitoring systems (CMS) for machine diagnosis in plants and factories to perform bearing vibration analysis. Many CMS systems use vibration measurements to determine operating conditions. Two contrasting approaches exist: the diagnostic, qualitative approach (producing an envelope spectrum); and the quantitative approach (measuring

Real-Time Production Monitoring to Solve Quality Control Problem

ADwin-Light-16 Records, Controls and Analyzes Critical Data CAS DataLoggers provided the data acquisition solution for a factory supervisory team who were looking to solve a serious quality control problem on their main manufacturing line. Their process was experiencing issues from a valve controlling an air jet used to blow faulty-looking components off the line after they failed an optical inspection. The latency of the valve’s opening wasn’t optimal, so these parts

Oil Refinery Uses Standalone Data Logger to Help Increase Efficiency

dataTaker Automates Data Collection and Transfer CAS DataLoggers provided the automated data collection and transfer solution for a crude oil refinery which wanted a standalone data logger to take thermocouple readings in several their observation wells. These shafts are connected to the refinery via extensive pipelines for subsequent processing. Management stressed that alarming features were important–sudden temperature spikes during crude extraction could cause a rupture, while sudden drops lowered pumping efficiency. Installation The

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Fridge Monitoring System's Readings Fluctuate

Guide to Implementing Automated Refrigerator Temperature Monitoring Personnel installing new temperature monitoring systems in their refrigerators and freezers are often stumped as to why the temperature appears to vary unexpectedly. Our temperature data loggers and fridge monitoring systems provide significantly faster response time and significantly more data than conventional thermometers which often leads to the observation of temperature behavior that was previously missed. We have put together this quick guide to

Monitoring Temperature for Industrial Heat Treating Ovens

Intelligent Data Loggers Provide High-Accuracy Data Collection CAS DataLoggers provided the temperature data logging solution for a factory with multiple lines of (fixed) heat treating ovens. The factory’s existing procedures required employees to periodically read temperatures from controller displays and record all these temperatures on a piece of paper. However, this manual method proved to be inaccurate and time-consuming, so the customer wanted to eliminate these recording/transposing errors and extra labor.

Pharmaceutical Clean Room Qualification Verifies Secure Operation

Delphin Systems Measure Every Environmental Parameter In the pharmaceutical industry, continuous and secure data acquisition and documentation is crucial for production and storage requirements, and also for research and development. Pharmaceutical clean room qualification verifies secure operation of environmental conditions in labs storing temperature-sensitive substances. According to FDA CFR21 Part 11, data acquisition and monitoring systems within cleanrooms must operate in compliance with GAMP/GMP guidelines. Additionally, measurement data and limit values for

Real-Time Machine Condition Monitoring of Rotating Parts

Data Acquisition Systems for Machine Test Stands Automotive test bench applications require real-time test and measurement for quality requirements and to lower recall rates. To achieve this, the use of data acquisition and control systems is especially common in test stand setups and machine condition monitoring. In particular, product quality technicians and test system integrators who need to view accurate data from rotating/spinning parts in motors, car engines, etc. are often

Improve Pet Food Safety with Temperature Monitoring

Prove Best Supply Chain Practices with T&D Data Loggers FSMA (the Food Safety Modernization Act)—has already begun to be enforced for large pet food manufacturers in an effort to improve pet food safety. As part of the FDA’s food safety mandate, FSMA requires that animal food processors produce electronic temperature documentation at every link of the cold chain. Businesses are turning to a cost-effective way to ensure supply chain traceability. T&D temperature

Agricultural Soil Testing to Increase Farmer Efficiency & Crop Yields

Leibniz Institute Goes High Tech for Testing Soil Conditions *Adapted from ‘Guaranteeing Yields’ from Delphin Technology. Delphin Technology provided The Leibniz Institute of Vegetable and Ornamental Crops (LIVO) with a custom data acquisition system for use in agricultural soil testing and mapping soil conditions in agricultural fields. The measurement system has been developed as part of the institute’s research aimed at establishing a scientific basis for efficient horticulture methods in sustainable

Fully-Automated Monitoring of Engine Test Equipment

Precision Electrical Measurement Using Delphin Motor Test stands are required during the automotive R&D phase for serial testing and endurance trials. Measurements taken of engine test equipment during the developmental phase such as Temperature and Voltage are fully automated whenever possible. Sensors check the electrical and mechanical properties of the test sample as well as temperature patterns and overload operation. Testing conditions can vary widely–from the tiniest of motors to large

Heat Soak Test Verifies Prototype Vehicles

Reliable Satellite Communication Enables Remote Access to Data A vehicle manufacturer used a unique data logging solution to help perform a series of rigorous tests on its prototype vehicles. The most punishing of these tests is called ‘Heat Soaking—here the vehicle is parked outside in a desert facility and left over an extended period. During this heat soak test, the vehicle’s internal temperature and other parameters need to be measured and

Event Triggered Control & Data Acquisition Using an ADwin

Real-Time DAQ Systems Enable High-Speed Process Monitoring *Adapted from 'Event Triggered Data Acquisition with ADwin’ by Doug Rathburn of Keithley Instruments, Inc. Introduction In today’s production environments, it is increasingly important to capture data coming from each process and exert some event triggered control over the process to maintain quality and efficiency. The data is often generated at asynchronous intervals making it difficult to capture the data and generate an appropriate feedback

VersaLog WiFi Loggers Now Offer Access Point Server Mode

Updated Software & Firmware Offers Flexible Communication Options We are pleased to announce that the new version of the SiteView software and Versalog firmware now provide AccessPoint Server Mode for the Versalog WiFi data loggers, allowing a direct connection between the logger and host PC. Previously, the Versalog loggers supported only standard server mode, whereby the logger and pc could only communicate through an existing network with a WiFi access point.

Multichannel Data Acquisition System Automates Calibration & Sensor Compensation

Delphin Technology Show Advantages of Automation Many of today’s measurement requirements involve large numbers of measurement channels and sensors. However, setup and preparation times for these large-scale measurement and testing procedures are often lengthy and can delay project deadlines. In many cases, engineers’ measurement results must be traceable, so the calibration of each sensor needs to be known and considered when analyzing data. To significantly reduce the effort required here, Delphin

Safeguarding Production with Industrial Process Monitoring

Powerful Measurement Technology from Delphin Delphin Technology and CAS Data Loggers present an industrial process monitoring application that provides substantial business benefit to your bottom line. Effective process monitoring is critical to avoiding downtime, ensuring product quality and alarm generation to avoid catastrophic loss. CAS DataLoggers will provide you with a Delphin data acquisition system to help protect your valuable business commodities by helping assess your requirements and finding the ideal

Smart Data Logger Monitors Mining Operations for ROI

dataTaker Gathers Data Needed to Make Faster & Smarter Decisions Data logger manufacturer dataTaker helps users gather the critical information needed to make faster and smarter decisions. These smart data logger systems are equally suited to customers in the industrial, manufacturing, scientific, geophysical, engineering, mining and defense industries. At CAS DataLoggers we distribute dataTaker systems and consult with our customers to find the best product for the application. Our solutions help lower

Vacation Home Remote Monitoring Through the Winter

Continuous Temperature Monitoring Protects Valuable Assets CAS DataLoggers supplied a low-cost recording and alarming device to a homeowner in the Northeast who needed continual vacation home remote monitoring of temperature and humidity. This way the caretaker (a relative) could be alerted whenever the temperature was cold enough to cause burst pipes and other damage. This system would also need to be able to send current data several times a day and

Intrusion Alarm System Uses SMS Notifications

Autonomous Alarming with an Infinite Data Logger An electrician had a client in France who owned a house in a remote location. His house had been broken into three times that year and so the electrician was asked to install a GSM alarm with no outside or internal sounder, due to the fact that the last alarm system had recently been taken off the wall during the night. Since the house

Structural Monitoring of the Copper Mining Process

dataTaker Helps Keep Copper Mine Operating Safely Heavy industries place workers and machinery in some of the toughest working conditions. For the safety of both miners and machinery, structural monitoring is essential for identifying any potentially dangerous situations early on by closely monitoring the mine’s structure to detect ground movement or subsidence around the mine which could make the structure become unstable. A versatile data logging solution was required to record

Adjustable High-Speed Acquisition for Test and Simulation

Pump Testing Application Benefits from Delphin Data Loggers Pumps are required in diverse applications ranging from micro-dosage pumps in chemistry labs, standard pumps for gardens, all the way through to large-scale industrial or vacuum pumps. Each application has different test requirements, so users working in the pump sector greatly benefit from the flexibility and universal inputs of the Delphin Message and Expert Key devices. Adjustable sampling rates of up to 100

Load Cell Monitoring System for Testing Anchor Bolts

Optimize Structural Bolt Tightening Procedure with dataTaker CAS DataLoggers supplied the data logging solution for a world-leading manufacturer of masonry fasteners. As part of their product development, company engineers needed to measure the peak installation load and to monitor how the load reduced as the newly- installed fastener “bedded in”. Designers needed to determine such factors as bolt tightness over given periods of time (months/years) when calculating the required capacity for

Industrial Data Loggers For Temperature Monitoring and Much More

Universal Data Loggers Monitor Equipment and Processes Have you been tasked with monitoring industrial equipment or an industrial process like oven profiling, PLC performance, paper press statistics or any piece of equipment? At CAS DataLoggers, we provide solutions for simple temperature monitoring to identifying faults for an entire assembly line. We’ve put together this application note to explore some of the capabilities of our industrial data loggers that will

How to Optimize Air Compressor Efficiency with a Data Logger

Compressor Measurement Systems Uses dataTaker DT80 Compressed air is a power source used by nearly all manufacturers worldwide. Energy use of compressed air systems is typically a significant part of the overall power consumption of a facility. From a business standpoint, it’s critically important to select a system with the correct capacity to optimize air compressor efficiency; if the selected compressor is too large then it will only operate occasionally and

Industrial Remote Monitoring Systems with LTE

Plants and Factories Can Benefit from Independent Data Collection Remote monitoring systems and data transmission have become a business-critical capability in many industries, especially in machine and plant engineering applications. To quickly implement these capabilities, Delphin Message or Expert Transient devices are commonly used for remote equipment monitoring due to their ability to perform: • Independent data acquisition • Data Recording • Remote Monitoring of data • Alarm notification via SMS text message • Mathematical and

Monitoring Temperature & Humidity in Operation Theatre

Accsense System Performs Automatic Environmental Monitoring CAS DataLoggers provided a hospital with a system to monitor humidity in operation theatre conditions using the Accsense wireless system. Prior to the installation of the system, surgical staff had complained on several occasions about it ‘raining’ in their OR, meaning that the humidity had become high enough that condensation formed and started falling. Not only is this a violation of operating room standards, it

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