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17.04.18 - CAS DataLoggers

Visit CAS at CSIA 2018 in San Francisco!

Come Discuss and Network with over 500 Systems Integrators CAS DataLoggers is proud to announce we’re exhibiting at the Control System Integrators Association CSIA 2018 Executive Conference April 2... mehr

16.04.18 - CAS DataLoggers

Go Wireless with New Cost-Effective Thermocouple Data Logger

Portable Data Logger Records 8 Thermocouple Inputs If you need a wireless device to measure and monitor temperature from thermocouple sensors, CAS DataLoggers has the solution with the new WF-TC WiFi... mehr

13.04.18 - CAS DataLoggers

Guide to Successful Continuous Temperature Monitoring in Medical Refrigerators and Freezers.

Protecting High-Valued Material in Storage Devices Cold storage is a common application in medical facilities across the board: hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and doctor’s offices. Accsense system... mehr

12.04.18 - CAS DataLoggers

Production Monitoring of a Metal Stamping Press

Real-Time Data Acquisition A manufacturer of automotive torque converters needed to increase quality and reduce scrap from the metal stamping press operations. The parts were created on hydraulic sta... mehr

23.03.18 - CAS DataLoggers

New Delphin Loggito Series Simplifies Data Collection

Cloud Solution for Decentralized Data Acquisition German manufacturer Delphin Technology has partnered with American distributor CAS DataLoggers to announce flexible new solutions for data collection... mehr

08.03.18 - CAS DataLoggers

Guide to Choosing the Right Temperature Sensor

Temperature measurements are among the most common data logging applications found across a broad variety of industries including medical monitoring, cold chain integrity, machine monitoring, and many... mehr

07.02.18 - CAS DataLoggers

How Accurate Do Your Measurements Need to Be?

At CAS DataLoggers, our callers and customers often ask us for the specifications on our most accurate measurement instruments. The higher the accuracy, the better the system…right? But how accurate... mehr

30.01.18 - CAS DataLoggers

Wireless Cellular Solutions Send Data Remotely

Save Gas—Use a Modem Data Logger! CHESTERLAND, OH—January 29, 2018 Need to record and collect data from a remote location? At CAS DataLoggers we can supply your remote monitoring application wit... mehr

24.01.18 - CAS DataLoggers

Do You Need to Write a HACCP Plan?

WiFi Temperature Data Loggers Make HACCP Compliance Easy! CHESTERLAND, OH—January 23, 2018 Do you need to write a HACCP plan for: • A restaurant? • A food manufacturing plant or factory? ... mehr

19.01.18 - CAS DataLoggers

Sending Measurement Data Online Using WLAN

Wireless Measurement Systems Simplify Communication with PC At CAS DataLoggers, many of our callers need one or more wireless monitoring systems to transmit data over WLAN. This is an ideal setup for... mehr

17.01.18 - CAS DataLoggers

Meet CAS DataLoggers at Pittcon 2018!

T&D Automates Temperature Monitoring in the Lab CHESTERLAND, OH—January 16, 2018 Here at CAS DataLoggers we’re getting ready for the world’s largest Laboratory Science exposition—Pittcon 201... mehr

16.01.18 - CAS DataLoggers

How to Select the Right Water Level Data Logger

Choose the Ideal Device for Your Water Application How to Select the Right Water Level Data LoggerWater level measurements are quickly becoming one of the more common data logging applications. Drivi... mehr

13.12.17 - CAS DataLoggers

CAS DataLoggers Recognized as Market Leader

Temperature & Humidity Solutions Provider Cleveland, Ohio electronics distributor CAS DataLoggers has been named a major player in the Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers Market. A new Market 2017 Re... mehr

29.11.17 - CAS DataLoggers

Optimizing Commercial Dishwashers in a Catering Kitchen

Multi-Value Data Logger Helps Streamline the Business dataTaker A busy catering kitchen required an intelligent system to monitor the operation of their commercial dishwashers. Their goal was to dete... mehr

17.11.17 - CAS DataLoggers

Proving Quality of Beverage Shipments to Vendors

Low-Cost Regulatory Solutions for Beverage Suppliers Recently, CAS DataLoggers provided the cold chain validation solution for a large-scale beverage supplier. This producer sells drinks which contai... mehr

16.11.17 - CAS DataLoggers

How Expensive is Process Downtime?

Don’t Be At Risk of Delays and Shutdowns Is your plant or factory using legacy PLC systems, SCADA systems, I/O controllers, or other aging control equipment? While many businesses consider it too c... mehr

09.11.17 - CAS DataLoggers

Hospital Solutions Help Protect Vaccines & Drugs

Accsense Monitoring Systems Give Peace of Mind Accsense temperature monitoring systems provide hospitals and clinics with single and multi-point monitoring in both wired and wireless models. Accsense... mehr

07.11.17 - CAS DataLoggers

Portable Solutions Log Data Anywhere!

Grant Squirrel Data Loggers for In-Field Data Capture Ready to be deployed anywhere you need to collect data, Squirrel data loggers from Grant Instruments are rugged, reliable, and portable. Squirrel... mehr

02.11.17 - CAS DataLoggers

Bespoke Measurement Systems Customized to Your Needs

Complete Measurement & Test Systems for Any Application Do you need to record and monitor measurement data from machinery and systems, or to automate a test stand? Then allow Delphin Technology to pr... mehr

01.11.17 - CAS DataLoggers

Go Wireless with New Cost-Effective Current Data Logger

If you need a wireless device to measure and monitor current, CAS DataLoggers has the solution with the new WF-C WiFi Current Data Logger from Accsense VersaLog. The VersaLog WF-C is an 8-channel, bat... mehr

27.10.17 - CAS DataLoggers

Thermal Sterilization Verification Kit Gives Proof of Bedbug Elimination

Providing Exterminators with Thermal Sterilization Verification Bedbugs, fleas and other insects quickly thrive when left unchecked. For exterminators on the job, raising the temperature of the infes... mehr

26.10.17 - CAS DataLoggers

Process Monitoring for Explosives Manufacturing

Automated Solution Measures Multiple Parameters Recently dataTaker provided the remote monitoring solution for a mining company with a unique application. Explosives for the mining industry are manuf... mehr

23.10.17 - CAS DataLoggers

New Cold Chain Solutions Prove Your Best Practices

PDF Temperature Data Loggers Auto-Generate Validation Reports Perfect for recording temperature in trucks or warehouses, SwiTrace Cold Chain Solutions are easy to use and provide vendors and inspecto... mehr

20.10.17 - CAS DataLoggers

New Voltage Logger Offers Cost-Effective Wireless Solutions

8-Channel Voltage Recorder from Accsense VersaLog Need a wireless way to measure and monitor voltage? Now trusted distributor CAS DataLoggers has the solution with the new Accsense VersaLog WF-V WiFi... mehr

19.10.17 - CAS DataLoggers

What Do You Need to Know About FSMA?

FDA Enforcement Began Last Month—Is Your Business Ready? As of last month, FSMA (the Food Safety Modernization Act) is now being enforced by the FDA, and Food & Beverage companies are scrambling to... mehr

17.10.17 - CAS DataLoggers

New Kit Monitors Temperature for Fridges and Freezers

Cost-Effective Kit Protects Food and Medical Cold Chains 24/7 TR-71NW-KIT Economy Refrigerator Freezer Monitoring KitIf you store a perishable Food & Beverage or Life Science product, you probably re... mehr

12.10.17 - CAS DataLoggers

Need to Monitor Temperature? Go Wireless!

8-Channel WiFi Thermocouple Datalogger from Accsense VersaLog Do you need a multi-channel temperature recorder to monitor & measure a product or process? Now the new WF-TC WiFi Thermocouple Datalogge... mehr

10.10.17 - CAS DataLoggers

New Thermistor Data Logger Pushes Data Via WiFi

8-Channel Wireless Temperature Recorder For wireless temperature monitoring applications, Accsense VersaLog introduces the new WF-TH WiFi Thermistor Data Logger. This 8-channel, WiFi-enabled thermist... mehr

06.10.17 - CAS DataLoggers

New Wireless Temperature Monitoring Kit for Cryos

New Kit Monitors Cryo Temps in Real Time! Life science samples stored in cryo chambers and liquid nitrogen (LN2) tanks are invaluable to clinics and biorepositories. The new Accsense Wireless Cryo Mo... mehr

04.10.17 - CAS DataLoggers

Wireless Temperature Monitoring Kit for Ultra-Low Freezers

New Kit Enables Remote Monitoring of Ultra-Low Storage Units Do you need a wireless device to monitor low temperatures in Ultra-Low Freezers and Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) tanks? Now Accsense Monitoring o... mehr

27.09.17 - CAS DataLoggers

Synchronized Acquisition of Power Data

Product Testing Applications Made Simpler Product testing requires not only the conventional data acquisition of analog signals such as temperatures, pressures and flows, but also often the simultane... mehr

27.09.17 - CAS DataLoggers

New Kit Automatically Monitors Cryo Temperatures

LAN-Wired System Automates Temperature Monitoring Increasingly, hospitals and biorepositories are adopting automated technology to help protect their valuable specimens stored in liquid nitrogen tank... mehr

21.09.17 - CAS DataLoggers

How to Establish a Cleanroom Monitoring Plan

Identify and Help Prevent Risks in Hospital & Pharma Cleanrooms Many hospital and pharmaceutical technicians know that they need to establish an environmental monitoring plan/regime for their cleanro... mehr

14.09.17 - CAS DataLoggers

New Wired Temperature Monitoring Kit for Ultra-Low Freezers

Accsense Monitoring Helps Protect Your Products Do you need a reliable way to monitor low temperatures in Ultra-Low Freezers and Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) tanks? Now Accsense Monitoring offers an easy-to... mehr

13.09.17 - CAS DataLoggers

Wireless RTU Packages Control & Communications Capabilities

Innovative Full-Featured Monitoring Solution from Infinite Do you need a full-featured remote monitoring device for environmental or industrial measurement? CAS DataLoggers introduces the Infinite BS... mehr

11.09.17 - CAS DataLoggers

New WiFi Refrigerator Freezer Monitoring Kit from Accsense

Complete Kit for Monitoring Fridge and Freezer Temperatures Do you need a device to monitor the temperature of your perishable products stored in Refrigerators and Freezers? Now Accsense has a wirele... mehr

30.08.17 - CAS DataLoggers

Food Manufacturer Saves Time with Automatic Data Retrieval

Multi-Value Temperature Recorder Transmits Data via Modbus Earlier this year CAS DataLoggers provided the data capture solution for an industrial plant manufacturing frozen food products. Operators n... mehr

28.08.17 - CAS DataLoggers

Expert Logger Devices Simplify Vehicle Test Applications

Delphin Adds CANbus Interfaces and J1939 Protocol as Standard To ensure effective automotive testing, vehicle component connectivity needs to include CAN bus systems. Whether working on mobile measur... mehr

24.08.17 - CAS DataLoggers

Compact Devices Captures Vehicle Data in Real-Time

Rebel CT from Influx Logs Temperature, Speed and More Need to record vehicular data for an automotive application? Influx Technology offers a vehicle data collection solution to capture data from sev... mehr

22.08.17 - CAS DataLoggers

Why You Should Consider Using Isolated Measurement Systems

The Benefits of System Isolation By keeping data acquisition signals separate, electrical isolation adds a layer of protection to your measurement equipment, both for the system’s components and to... mehr

17.08.17 - CAS DataLoggers

Ceramics Manufacturer Uses Wireless Temperature Monitoring to Ensure PQ in Kiln Application

Flexible Solutions with Powerful Analysis Software Recently, we provided the temperature monitoring solution for Heath Ceramics, an innovative manufacturer headquartered in Sausalito, California. Hea... mehr

15.08.17 - CAS DataLoggers

CAS DataLoggers Website Features New Product Videos

Are you searching for a reliable device to record Temperature, Current/Voltage, or another type of data? At CAS DataLoggers, our custom solutions have the flexibility, communication options, and alarm... mehr

10.08.17 - CAS DataLoggers

Recent Report Forecasts Boom in Vibration Monitoring Market

Smart Factories Fueling Growth of Vibration Market A new report dated July of this year outlines new market opportunities for systems integrators and manufacturing plants. The new report, from Resear... mehr

08.08.17 - CAS DataLoggers

Connect Your Machines to the Cloud with Expert Devices

Flexible Solutions with Powerful Analysis Software The requirements placed on modern data acquisition systems are diverse. On the one hand, they must be reliable and flexible and provide high resolut... mehr

03.08.17 - CAS DataLoggers

Accsense Customers Awarded the Gold Seal of Approval

Temperature Monitoring by Joint Commission Standards CAS DataLoggers is proud to celebrate the achievements of our customers! Our world-class Accsense monitoring systems have been in use in America... mehr

02.08.17 - CAS DataLoggers

Delphin's WWAN Module Pushes Data Via FTP

New Module Available for Delphin Expert Devices Delphin’s new WWAN module (UMTS/LTE) gives Delphin Expert devices (excepting only Expert Key devices) new communications capabilities. Now you can pu... mehr

31.07.17 - CAS DataLoggers

TandD Adds Multi-Graphing Feature to its Cloud WebStorage Service

Cloud Storage Proves Your Best Practices to Regulators TandD has announced a new feature for the TandD Cloud WebStorage Service! Now it’s easy to view multiple data sets from different TandD data l... mehr

25.07.17 - CAS DataLoggers

Manage Your Hospital’s Data Digitally with Paperless Recorders

Brainchild Monitors Storage Unit Temperature and More! Increasingly the CDC, the Joint Commission, and other healthcare authorities are placing more stringent guidelines on vaccine storage and temper... mehr

10.07.17 - CAS DataLoggers

Cleanroom Monitoring & Validation in a Single System

Send Your Data to the Cloud for a Hassle-Free Audit Whether you’re a Quality Engineer, Pharmaceutical Microbiologist or hospital staffer, proving cleanroom sterilization and decontamination is crit... mehr

06.07.17 - CAS DataLoggers

Remote Monitoring in Plants via UMTS/LTE

Plants and Factories Can Benefit from Independent Data Collection Remote monitoring and data transmission has by now become a business-critical capability in many industries, especially in machine a... mehr

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