News Organizations (© duncanandison /
News Organizations (© duncanandison /

A news organization or news agency is a company that collects and provides news for other media outlets to cover. This is a valuable commodity and can help those channels to increase their authority and trust with their audiences.

News Organizations

A news organization, also sometimes referred to as a news agency, is a company that collects news stories, research, data and more and then provides news outlets, publications and websites with this information, normally on a subscription service.

Whether you run a website, sell a magazine or just want to be up-to-date with the latest information and news, this can be very useful. News is a highly valuable form of content that enjoys low competition and that can help to inspire trust and authority for the brand. Finding breaking news however can be difficult and this is what makes a news organization a valuable asset to those kinds of businesses.

Other Sources of News

If you use a news agency, then this is what you consider to be your source. However, there are many other ways that a blog, website, magazine or other platform can get breaking news to cover. For example:

Press Releases: A press release is a piece of news released by a company in a bid to gain coverage. Here, the company will do something potentially noteworthy and then hope that industry media will cover that as a story, thereby providing them with more exposure and essentially free marketing.

OpenPR-Tip: You can find press releases by looking at press release sites, or you can network with the press office for different businesses in order to encourage them to contact you with their breaking news.

Interviews/Case Studies: Sometimes speaking to the right person is a great way to get a ‘scoop’ and to get news that no one else has yet. This is something that can often be even easier today thanks to the web – spending time on forums and Reddit pages is a good way to get an exclusive. Conferences and Prebriefs: Another reason to spend time networking with the PR team of companies is so that you will get invited to launches, prebriefs and other conferences.


Press releases
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