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Stauff expands weld fittings range

New model series for demanding applications, e.g. in power plants With the series FI-SNR and FI-ASV, Stauff expands the product range of Stauff Connect weld fittings. This connection technology is being replaced increasingly by easy-to-install forming systems, e.g. Stauff Form, in various applications. But it will still retain its place in the market in the future, especially in the demanding heavy industry and in power plant engineering. As a full-range provider in

Stauff expands manufacturing capacities at Werdohl

Investment in high-capacity rotary transfer machines At its main base in Werdohl, Stauff has placed into service a rotary transfer machine for tube connectors with which some 1.5 million angle, T-connector and cross-pieces can be made from forging blanks. In this way, the all-in supplier of hydraulic lines has reacted to the considerable demand for its own “Stauff Connect” tube connector range which came onto the market in 2015. A second rotary

Customised service cases

Individually designed and equipped hydraulic test cases for maintenance and service The hydraulic test cases from Stauff have been a popular item with maintenance and service personnel for many years. In addition to analogue and digital pressure gauges, they can also be equipped with test couplings and hoses, connection adapters and other accessories. Numerous standard versions can be ordered directly from stock. Due to the growing demand of the market for customised

Stauff and Voswinkel combine logistics and sales

Substantial procurement benefits for customers of both companies Stauff Group and Voswinkel GmbH combine logistics and sales. As of 2 January 2018, Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG delivers the products from both companies without transition period. The acquisition of Voswinkel GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of quick release couplings, hose fittings and custom-designed tube assemblies, in April 2015 was a milestone for the Stauff Group on the way to

Time and cost savings in the assembly of tube, hose and cable clamps

Incredibly simple and quick: fastening Standard Series C-profile rails by stud welding In response to customer requirements from different sectors, the fluid specialists at the Werdohl-based Stauff Group have extended their stud welding system with a further application for the secure and permanent fixing of tube, hose and cable clamps to substructures: Standard C-profile rails from the company’s own TS range can now be fixed to systems using fibreglass-reinforced polyamide adapters

Particle monitors for explosive atmospheres

With the LPM-II-CX, Stauff presents the latest generation of particle counters for stationary use, which are ATEX2 compliant according to EU Equipment Directive 94/9/EC. Thanks to the special housing and the connectors, they are suitable for permanent installation in explosive atmospheres (zone 2/category 3G). The device meets all safety relevant requirements, for example for use in the oil and gas industry or in chemical and process engineering. The special feature: The

Safe guiding and fixing of corrugated conduit hoses

STAUFF expands its modular system for fastening all types of industrial lines STAUFF, the fluid technology specialist from Werdohl, is expanding its range of tube, hose and cable clamps for modular use in the standard series as per DIN 3015 (part 1) with a special clamp body version of type CHC for guiding and fixing corrugated conduit hoses which are commonly used on mobile machinery and in stationary hydraulics. These hoses

Indestructible: Stauff and Voswinkel components in agriculture

Superior resistance to aggressive substances The use of components in agricultural machinery places high demands on the corrosion resistance of hydraulic line components, such as tube and hose connections and fasteners. They are not just exposed to usual weather and climate-related hazards, but frequently come into contact with particularly aggressive substances: with fertilizers containing phosphate or nitrogen, pesticides, cleaning concentrates, oils and other media. Stauff, one of the leading manufacturers of

The new Stauff Catalogue App

Always at hand: Up-to-date and complete information on Stauff and Voswinkel products On more than 1,700 pages in total, the 10 individual Stauff product catalogues provide all information about the 40,000 standard articles of the company, that are considered to be relevant and of particular interest for design engineers as well technical purchasers of pipework components and hydraulic accessories when comparing and selecting products: Product characteristics and features, dimensions, material information,

Monitoring filter condition now even more convenient

Two-stage contamination indicator switches off systems at risk as well as roviding early warnings High-pressure and medium-pressure filters from Stauff are now optionally available with the two-stage, optical-electrical contamination indicator of type HI-D024 for continuous monitoring of the degree of contamination of filters in hydraulic and lubricating oil systems. The indicator in the form of a microprocessor-controlled pressure switch determines the pressure in front of the filter – resulting from increased contamination

New in the Stauff range: Male stud swivel elbows

Introducing freedom of movement into hydraulic line systems Stauff is adding male stud swivel elbows to extend its range of tube fittings. These connecting elements feature an additional axis of rotation in the connector and introduce continuous freedom of movement into the hydraulic line – for instance at the hydraulic attachments of construction machinery or the articulated joints of wheel loaders – further increasing the leak safety of the hydraulic system. The

Expanded online database

Additional CAD models for fastening components now available online Stauff successfully completed the expansion of its own CAD online database with additional industrial fastening components for pipes, tubes, hoses, cables and other flexible and rigid components. In addition to the data already provided for other product groups and types, users now have direct and unlimited access to 3D models and 2D drawings of hundreds of additional products and configurations made from plastic,

Convenient and durable

Stauff redesigns pressure test kits for maintenance and service of hydraulic systems Stauff, the fluid technology specialist from Werdohl in Germany, has redesigned its range of pressure test kits from the SMB and SMB-DIGI series and now supplies these in a visually more appealing and significantly more convenient design. This allows the company to meet the increasing requirements of the market. These plastic cases are very popular with maintenance and service professionals.

Alternative: Stud-Welding

Increased productivity and flexibility for the installation of pipe, tube, hose and cable clamps In many areas, stud welding is considered to be the most economic fastening method for components and is sometimes even the only technically feasible solution. Because the stud is joined with the substructure over the entire surface of the stud without any hollow areas, a high strength of the joint can be achieved. Stauff is now using this

Stauff showcases a machine for the pre- and final assembly of cutting rings

With combined pressure and position control Apart from a wide range of hydraulic tube connectors, Stauff will also be showcasing a machine for the pre- and final assembly of cutting rings at bauma. The machine designated the SPR-PRC-POC is ideal for the assembly of cutting rings for extra-light, light and heavy series 24° tube connectors in compliance with ISO 8434-1 / DIN 2353 onto tube ends with outer diameters between 4

Prompt reaction to temperature fluctuations in hydraulic reservoirs

Temperature sensors lower energy consumption and extend maintenance and replacement intervals The temperature sensors made of stainless steel 1.4305 of type TS-SNA/SNK-PT100 from Stauff are designed to determine and monitor the media temperature in hydraulic reservoirs. They cover a measuring range from -40 °C to +150 °C. They are installed either instead of the lower banjo bolt of level gauges from the SNA, SNK and SNKK series or integrated directly into

Multiple measurements with only one pressure gauge

Multi-station gauge isolator valves allow control of up to 6 measuring points in the hydraulic system Multi-station gauge isolator valves of type SWS-M from Stauff allow the measuring of the operating pressure in hydraulic systems on up to six different measuring points in the system with only one display device. This is generally an analogue or digital pressure gauge. The measuring point to be monitored is selected by turning the knob

Marine approvals for 24° tube connectors

Lloyds Register and Bureau Veritas certify Stauff connector systems Shipbuilding and offshore engineering are particularly demanding areas of application for hydraulic systems, and certification by the relevant societies is essential when it comes to using components such as tube connectors. For this reason, Stauff has had its range of 24° cutting ring, sealing cone and welding cone tube connectors from the Stauff Connect series tested by two more leading international classification

For flexible use at any location

Innovative RFID pressure measuring technology in a convenient service case for maintenance and servicing In addition to the individual components from the PT-RF series, Stauff now also offers convenient service cases for maintenance and servicing. These complete systems offer space for up to 10 RFID pressure transmitters including process connection adapters as well as the reading and display device and other accessories such as connecting and charging cable, power supply unit

Extensive range of saddle clamps

Direct fixing of tubes and hoses on hydraulic cylinders – also for retrofitting Type ZR saddle clamps from Stauff allow direct fixing and safe guiding of tubes and hoses on hydraulic cylinders and other round or oval structures, without damaging their strength, integrity and surface coating as with screw-fixing or welding and without preparation or reworking. The simple system also allows a tube or hose with a small outer diameter to

Fixing of block clamps on channel rails

Type CRA adapters from Stauff allow simple and safe adaptation of block clamps from the Standard, Heavy and Double series according to DIN 3015 (parts 1 to 3) on some of the most common channel rails, including selected types from renowned manufacturers such as Halfen, Hilti and Unistrut ®. For the use with deviating rail types and brands, the company supports users with advance compatibility checks if required. This allows tubes

Voswinkel becomes part of the Stauff Group

(Meinerzhagen / Werdohl, Germany) As mutually announced by both companies, the Stauff Group has successfully completed the acquisition of the Meinerzhagen, Germany based company Voswinkel from the Voswinkel shareholder family in April this year already. With corporate headquarters in Werdohl, Germany and two additional plants in Plettenberg-Ohle and Neuenrade-Küntrop, the Stauff Group develops, manufactures and distributes pipework equipment and hydraulic components for mechanical and plant construction as well as for

Dust-tight and water-tight RFID pressure transmitters for fluid engineering

An independent testing and certification body recently confirmed that the RFID pressure transmitters of the PT-RF series from Stauff comply with protection rating IP69 in line with EN 60529 (VDE 0470). The classification as protection rating IP69 confirms that the pressure transmitters are dust-proof (index number 6) and that no water can enter into the housing (index number 9). Testing equipment – particularly in mobile hydraulics – is regularly subjected

Suitable for most demanding requirements

With the highly flame resistant polyamide material PAV0, Stauff can produce plastic clamps for securing pipes, hoses, cables and other building components which meet the toughest relevant fire protection requirements in the European railway vehicle norm DIN EN 45545-2:2013. The material surpasses the stipulated limit values for seals, hoses, cable channels and other components in the R22 set of requirements for hazard level HL3 which apply to interior applications. The

Tested and approved

Germanischer Lloyd (GL) certifies Stauff screw-in and plug-in replacement filter elements In May 2014, a substantial part of the range of replacement filter elements in the Stauff SFK series (i.e. screw-in and plug-in filter elements in stainless steel or plastic design), which are used in single, double and automatic filters, was certified by Germanischer Lloyd (GL). These filter elements were engineered and produced in Germany. They are used, for example, for the

Real-time system monitoring

Oil condition sensors detect the condition of fluids in real time and allow oil changes when necessary The demand for effective solutions to monitor hydraulic and lubricant systems is constantly increasing. Oil condition – or the result of the natural aging of the substance, decomposition of additives and contamination by foreign particles – is therefore the significant factor in determining the optimal point in time for an oil change. Changing the

Lightweight and durable alternative

Stauff now offers aluminium mounting hardware for pipe clamps for the ship construction industry The benefits of using aluminium in machine and plant construction are abundant: although aluminium is considered to be a light metal with a density of 2.6 to 2.8 g per cm3, which offers a potential weight savings of up to 66% compared to steel and stainless steel, it still has exceptional strength considering these properties. However, the

Tested and approved

Germanischer Lloyd (GL) certifies Stauff screw-in and plug-in replacement filter elements In May 2014, a substantial part of the range of replacement filter elements in the Stauff SFK series (i.e. screw-in and plug-in filter elements in stainless steel or plastic design), which are used in single, double and automatic filters, was certified by Germanischer Lloyd (GL). These filter elements were engineered and produced in Germany. They are used, for example, for the

Collecting and recycling oil vapours

Demister protects humans, machines and the environment When hydraulic systems are subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations and expansion caused by heat, oil vapours form, which can escape from the tank or gear unit via tank filler breathers and desiccant breathers. It was never easier to collect and recycle these hazardous vapours: With the new oil demisters from the TBA-OD series by Stauff. These are installed between the top side of

Multi-Level Installation

Increased flexibility for installing Stauff ACT clamps thanks to the use of safety locking plates and stacking bolts Stauff ACT clamps are an innovatively designed solution for the installation of pipework in applications where efficient protection against corrosion is essential. The development of crevice corrosion on pipelines – a known and documented problem in the oil and gas industry – can be prevented long-term. This solution also generates enormous savings

Real-time system monitoring

Oil condition sensors detect the condition of fluids in real time and allow oil changes when necessary The demand for effective solutions to monitor hydraulic and lubricant systems is constantly increasing. Oil condition – or the result of the natural aging of the substance, decomposition of additives and contamination by foreign particles – is therefore the significant factor in determining the optimal point in time for an oil change. Changing

Updated Stauff One product catalogue available

Updated Stauff One product catalogue available Pipework components, test equipment and hydraulic accessories from a single source Beginning in February 2014, the new, revised and in some areas significantly expanded general product catalogue will be available from Stauff, the Werdohl, Germany based fluid technology specialist. On a total of 682 pages, the so-called Stauff One – initially released in spring 2011 – provides all relevant general, ordering and technical information about the company’s

Staying strong under pressure

Pipe clamps ensure secure fastening of high-pressure pipes with outside diameters larger than 1,000 mm The rising demands on all components and systems used within industrial water cycles are the result of the trend towards increasingly high operating pressure levels of up to 500 bar and reduced water quantities used during descaling processes of steel components, e.g. in continuous milling and casting procedures, oil removal from hot-rolled sheeting and removing pickling

Reduce maintenance costs

Werdohl-based fluid technology specialist participates in regional trade fair for industrial maintenance Under the motto “We reduce your maintenance cost”, the fluid technology specialist Stauff, headquartered in Werdohl, Germany will participate with its own stand at the Maintenance trade fair taking place on 26 and 27 February 2014 in Dortmund, Germany; Maintenance is the annual regional trade fair for industrial maintenance. Stauff specialists will provide advice on methods to optimise oil maintenance,

STAUFF trainee achieves best grade

Florian Kircher, previously trainee for the position of cutting mechanic with the subject area of automatic lathe systems at the Werdohl production plant of Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG, has been named one of the best graduates in his training class. At a celebratory ceremony on 16 October, Mr Kircher, who this year completed his vocational training before the testing committees of the South Westphalian Chamber of Industry and

Clamps that protect the material

Original Stauff clamps symbolize quick and easy pipe, tube, hose and cable installations as well as a clean distinct pipe layout for more than five decades. Stauff designs clamp bodies with profiled inside surfaces and tension clearance, originally intended for clamping rigid pipelines in the hydraulics, and with vibration/noise reducing and impact absorbing effect towards the direction of the line. However, Stauff also supplies H-type clamp bodies ex works, which

Especially developed for mobile hydraulics

In addition to conventional full-flow filters which usually remove only the particles larger than 3 micrometres, the strategy at Stauff is to rely on a slow but continuous, and therefore very effective filtration of the so-called bypass flow of the system using bypass filters of the BPS series. The fine, specially-developed cellulose filter medium removes even the tiniest impurities that are smaller than 1 micrometre. Bypass filter systems were originally developed

On site or in the workshop

The Stauff type SDMKR reversible flow device has been developed for rapid and accurate monitoring of hydraulic components and systems in mobile hydraulic systems. The design of the hydraulic tester allows combined measurement of flow, pressure, and temperature. The device makes it possible for maintenance professionals to determine the performance of pumps, motors, valves, cylinders, and complete systems, and to ensure that these are functioning properly – directly on site or

Withstanding Extreme Conditions - Stauff Clamps meet the requirements of Russian …

The Stauff Group have been suppliers to the rail industry for almost 35 years, the first project starting in the 1970s with Stauff UK supplying clamping components and systems to the Metropolitan Cammell Carriage and Wagon Company (MCCW), a former Birmingham, England based manufacturer of railway carriages and wagons. Original STAUFF clamps were used for trains on the Jubilee Line of London's underground railway system, which was officially opened on

Stauff clamps assure safe installation of hydraulic hoses

Stauff provides a range of products that assures your hydraulic system operates safely and in a secure environment for components. Stauff clamps are applied to many industrial hydraulic applications and although the standard ribbed option is prominent in fixed-pipe systems, the use of the PPH smooth bore range offers unique advantages to the safe clamping and supporting of hydraulic hose. Hose is an integral component in a hydraulic system

Sponsorship Agreement with Team WD-40 for the 2013 MCE British Superbike Champio …

STAUFF UK is delighted to announce a sponsorship agreement with Team WD-40 run by GR Motosport for the remainder of 2013 MCE British Superbike Championship Series with an eye to the future. The partnership will start with the heats at Knockhill Racing Circuit (Scotland) taking place from 14 to 16 June 2013.The MCE British Superbike Championship Series is known as the leading road racing superbike championship in the United Kingdom,

Contamination Control of Hydraulic and Lubricating Oils

The LasPaC II-I ("Inline") Laser Particle Counters from Stauff were developed for continuous monitoring of the contamination of mineral oils and petroleum based fluids. Units that are compatible with Phosphate Ester and Water Glycol are available on request. Permanent installation of the particle counter in the fluid system makes it possible for the user to respond immediately to increasing contamination in the fluid, to reduce downtime of the system, and to

Digital pressure measurement made easy

Digital pressure gauges of type SPG-DIGI from Stauff are an alternative to conventional Bourdon tube pressure gauges filled with glycerine, if pressure peaks and drops are not only to be recorded within the system, but also temporarily stored. Both the current measured values (between -1 and 600 bar) and MIN and MAX values – with a high precision of 0.5 per cent of the maximum scale value – can be

Enhanced corrosion resistance of stainless steel mounting hardware for pipe and …

During the production and industrial processing of stainless steel, it is almost inevitable that both metallic and non-metallic particles contaminate the surface of the stainless steel and negatively influence its material properties. The composition of the self-healing oxide protective layer is often so impaired that corrosion may occur under particularly unfavourable ambient conditions such as the rigors of an offshore environment, causing permanent and irreversible damage to the components. As a

Flame-retardant cable fastening clamps from the construction kit

Multi-layered Stauff wind energy clamps with triangle-shaped cable openings are used for the secure and orderly vertical installation of up to three power cables. By using additional inserts, they can also be used to fasten only two cables with smaller external diameters. Stauff wind energy clamps have been exclusively engineered according to the individual requirements in this particular market. They have already become known as a reliable solution which allows power

Hammerhead bolts attach pipe clamps in cable trays

HKS hammerhead bolts, which Stauff will be introducing for the first time at this year's Hanover trade fair, round out the company’s product range in the area of clamping equipment for pipes, tubes, hoses, cables and other components in accordance with DIN 3015. The new hammerhead bolts facilitate easy and safe installation of Standard series and Twin series Stauff clamps in usual cable trays with diagonal, lengthwise or crosswise slots and

Most economical pipe, tube and hose installation

Due to the special demands of the hydraulics industry with regards to preventing vibrations of pipelines, the first plastic-based block clamps were originally developed and initially manufactured in the 1960s by Stauff, today one of the leading international manufacturers of fluid power components with headquarters in Werdohl (Germany). Over the following years, Stauff’s range of clamping equipment was further expanded in order to fulfill additional requirements of the user’s and

High-performance filters for mobile and stationary machines

High-pressure, return-line or spin-on filters? The engineers at Stauff, one of the leading international manufacturers of fluid power components with headquarters in Germany, have extensive experience in all matters relating to the filtration of hydraulic media and lubricating oils. They can recommend the most suitable filter type and size as well as the right media and micron rating for the specific application. The filter setting is dependent on different criteria:

Bring on the water: Stauff industrial filters

For the first time, the German fluid power specialist Stauff will be presenting an independently developed solution for the filtration of industrial water at the Hanover trade fair in April 2013. The SRFL-SW single filter housings have been designed to be used in the steel industry for pre-filtering or coarse filtering in descaling plants. The SRFL-SW series was developed and designed for direct installation into the pipelines of industrial water

Pressure filters for sandwich plate mounting

Stauff is pursuing the market trends towards compact complete solutions with an additional practical installation variant of high-pressure filter housings in the SF series. Type SFZ filter housings have been designed for sandwich plate mounting on manifold blocks in hydraulic systems. They are equipped with four connection holes according to ISO 4401 NG6, DIN 24340-A6 and Cetop R 35 H, and are mounted as protective filters directly between the manifold

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