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Germany’s DVD market remains strong, Blu-ray shows a bright outlook

At a time when the home video market appears to be doomed in many countries, specially in those where piracy and / or digital usage are spreading at a rapid pace, Germany’s home video industry continues to hold steady, reaching record levels. This trend, along with the surge in Blu-ray sales and attractiveness of 3G among German consumers, portends a bright outlook for the market in the coming months. In 2009,

Morocco Advertising Expenditure to grow 15% in 2010

Morocco Advertising Expenditure increased by nearly 20% in the first half of 2010, reaching MAD 2.5 billion (US$ 295 million) in June. The telecommunication sector, which traditionally accounts for 30% of ad spending, was one of the heaviest investors in the period, as Morocco’s third telecom operator Wana launched a new GSM offer under the name of Inwi. Among all media, Television was the one that benefited most from the

Top five Cinema markets account for nearly 60% of global Box Office

With 1.3 billion movie admissions, the U.S. cinema market generated a record of US$ 10.6 bn in revenues in 2009, or 36% of the worldwide box office, far ahead of Japan, the second ranked country in terms of annual box office receipts. India, which records each year nearly three times as many movie goers as does the U.S, comes third in worldwide cinema revenues. This paradoxical situation can be explained

Spain: Mobile revenues down by 12% in a semester

Spanish mobile market like the country’s other economic sectors has been navigating in a storm during the last semester to March 2010 when some key performance indicators turned red. Thus, both subscriptions to mobile services and revenue generated by operators proved to be disappointing as featured it well the chart below based on Dataxis Intelligence recent updates. As a matter of fact, Spanish mobile market revenues tumbled at just over €3.9

What future for the Motorola conglomerate ?

With declining sales results, Motorola is still in a restructuring phase. Recently, Nokia Siemens Networks was reported to be in talks with Motorola to acquire its Networks business. What are the sizes of different entities? Motorola has currently four businesses: Mobile Devices, Home, Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Networks. The company is planning to separate in two independent companies, one dedicated to Mobile devices and Home businesses; the other to Enterprise Mobility and Networks

Chinese Cinema Market to grow 60% in 2010

In six years, China’s Cinema revenues increased sixfold as revenues surged from less than 1 billion Yuan (US$ 148 million) in 2003 to more than 6.2 billion Yuan (US$ 915 million) last year. Box office growth should continue in 2010, as revenues are expected to cross the 10 billion Yuan (US$ 1.47 billion) milestone in 2010. This surge in box office reciepts has partly been driven by a significant increase in

Vietnam hit 3 million broadband subscribers in Q1 2010

The Ministry of Information and Communications of Vietnam published figures for broadband. The market reached 3.195 million subscribers in March 2010, it gained 228.100 subscribers during this quarter which represents a 7.7% growth. Compared to the first quarter of 2009, the growth of broadband subscribers stands at 40.7%. According to a local research, 26% of the Vietnamese population, this figure covers 50% of urban areas. 97% of Internet users are using

European Pay TV Revenues to Surpass Advertising Sales ?

Despite the slowdown that hit the media market in 2008, Pay Television has maintained a positive growth in Europe over the past 2 years. According to Dataxis Intelligence’s market data, Europe’s six major pay TV markets recorded an annual growth of 1% in 2008 and 2% in 2009. The combined revenues of subscription-TV in the U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Netherlands reached €19 bn at the end of last

The virtuous Finnish mobile market

Finland, one of the most advanced mobile markets worldwide both in terms of penetration to the population as well as latest cutting edge technologies rollout, continues to impress more than one by its constant growth despite the current tough economic times. As a matter of fact, according to Dataxis Intelligence analyses, the Finnish mobile market has been growing steadily during the last two years with at least 200,000 new subscriptions registered

Average revenue per mobile user stood at $20 a month in Middle East last year

The Middle East region is one of the most dynamic mobile markets in the world with 23% increase in subscriber base and 12% uptake of revenues in 2009 according to Dataxis Intelligence latest market analysis. It also has one of the highest mobile revenue per user per month (Arpu) with an average of $20 during 2009 behind North America and Europe. With a closer look at a country as highlighted by

Solid Growth Trends of the European TV Market to Continue in 2010

After a long period of relative stability, Western European TV sales started to take off by the end of 2006, spurred by the mass transition to flat screen TVs. Although the growth did not follow the same pace across all Western Europe, most countries saw a huge uptake in their TV sales somewhere between 2006 and 2009, if not throughout all the period. In the U.K. for instance, after TV sales

European HD TV market: a two-speed transition

In the wake of the gradual transition to high definition transmission, HD TVs are now, obviously, one of the Consumer Electronics fads in Europe. However, figures show that the proportion of HD in TV sales, and hence the HDTV household penetration, varies greatly from a country to another. Of the 10.5 million TV sets that were sold in the U.K. in 2009, 98%, or 10.3 million, were HD. With 67%

Insight of the mobile market evolution in Africa

During the last three years, the mobile communications industry in Africa has experienced a sustainable growth in terms of both subscriber base and revenues generated in spite of the global economic downturn that also affected the continent. In fact, according to Dataxis Intelligence’s latest updates, total services revenues for the mobile industry stood at $49 billion at the end of 2009, up 2% from 2009 and 22% compared to 2007. Those

Germany’s home video sales grow 14%, reaching record highs

At a time when the home video market appears to be doomed in many countries, specially those where piracy and / or digital usage are spreading at a rapid pace, Germany’s home video industry continues to hold steady, and even reaches record levels, as it was the case in the first quarter of 2010. In 2009, DVD and Blu-ray unit sales increased 9% to 113 million, up from 104 million

The successful story of mobile broadband in Morocco

Morocco, one of key broadband national markets in Africa, has been experiencing a noticeable growth in high speed internet subscriptions mainly driven by new generation mobile broadband services based on both HSDPA and EV-DO technologies. In fact between 2007 and 2009 the total number of broadband subscriptions rose from 418 thousands to nearly 1.2 million at 2009-end, thus growing more than three folds in the referred period. This has been made

Development of Brasil’s Cable TV market set to accelerate in the coming years

The development of pay TV in Brasil has always fallen short of expectations. In 2000, forecasts from the National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) indicated that the country would have 16.5 million pay TV subscribers by 2005. Ten years later, the number of customers has barely reached 7.9 million, of which 55% were cable subscribers according to Dataxis Intelligence’s market data (figures as of March 2010). The discrepancy between the reality of the

Poland Free TV market sees a slight rebound in Q1 2010

Polish Free TV market is starting to rebound, with leading commercial broadcaster TVN reporting upward sales trends. The company said its advertising revenue for Q1 was in line with pre-crisis levels. TVN, which operates in digital satellite pay television and online as well, reported a net profit of 64 million zlotys ($20.5 million) in the first quarter of 2010, after it posted a net loss of 29 million zlotys in the

Polish Free TV market sees a slight rebound in Q1 2010

Polish Free TV market is starting to rebound, with leading commercial broadcaster TVN reporting upward sales trends. The company said its advertising revenue for Q1 was in line with pre-crisis levels. TVN, which operates in digital satellite pay television and online as well, reported a net profit of 64 million zlotys ($20.5 million) in the first quarter of 2010, after it posted a net loss of 29 million zlotys in the

North Africa: Advertising market grows 2.4% while reflecting heterogenous realit …

North African advertising markets tend to show very dissimilar patterns of progress, a heterogeneity that highlights different realities in terms of competition policies and media openness. Dataxis Intelligence analyzes the structure of the market, its evolution, as well as the impact of the crisis on advertising in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. . In 2009, advertising expenditure increased 4.3% and 7.6% in Morocco and Tunisia respectively. This growth was offset by a 6% decline

Spain’s entertainment market continues to reflect gloomy outlooks

Spain music market has suffered a severe decline over the past few years as revenues dropped 43% from 2006 to 2009 according to Dataxis Intelligence’s market data. Although digital sales have been increasing, they still account for only 15% of the market. In a country where illegal file-sharing was more than double the average European rate in 2009, the rise in digital sales did not prevent revenues to fall

Smartphones specialists gaining ground in the global mobile handsets market

According to Dataxis Intelligence latest updates, global mobile handsets shipments for the first quarter of 2010 have reached 320 million units signing up a nearly 26% yearly uptake while on a quarterly basis, it was 2% decrease. As usual, the top largest vendors maintained their strong positions in the market accounting for up to 70% of the overall shipped units in the referred period. As shows the figure below, Nokia the

Telkom Indonesia exceeds 1 million DSL subscribers in 2009

In 2009, Telkom Indonesia’s ADSL subcriber base exceeded 1 million subscribers for the first time. It reached 1.145 million subscribers exactly, which represents a significant growth of 78% YoY. Revenue grew by 81% in 2009 compared to 2008, despite a declining ARPU. Telkom Indonesia published results for the first quarter of 2010, which show that the operator continues to grow its ADSL subscriber base. The company had 1.281 million subscribers (+79%

Digital music: a sustainable cure for the recording industry?

In a sluggish music market, global digital sales rose 9.2% to US$4.3 bn, more than ten times the digital market value in 2004, according to the latest figures released by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). Hence, the question arises as to whether or not the strengthening digital music income will make up for the fall in physical format sales. Dataxis Intelligence breaks down the digital music numbers and

Ethiopia, the untapped mobile market

Ethiopia, one of the most populated countries in Africa with nearly 80 million inhabitants is one of the least penetrated mobile markets as less than one Ethiopian out of ten has access to mobile communications services according to Dataxis intelligence latest market analysis. The country which was home to an estimated 6.4 million mobile users at the end of 2009 is a monopoly market operated by state-run incumbent telco

Hungarian mobile broadband subscriptions grew ten folds in the last three years

Hungary, one of the key mobile markets in Central Europe, is experiencing a steady growth in the adoption of mobile broadband services offered by the three national operators Pannon, T-Mobile, and Vodafone. In fact, the number of subscribers to these services has reached 972,000 in March 2010 according to the National Telecommunications regulatory Agency latest report. As the figure below features it, the mobile broadband subscriptions that were just 85,000 in

Italian TV market slides in the face of an ailing advertising market

Italian TV market experienced a mitigated growth in 2009, as the collapse of free TV revenues was offset by a rise in the pay TV market. Total Pay and Free TV revenues fell slightly, reaching €7.7 bn at the end of the year, down from €7.8 bn in 2008, according to Dataxis Intelligence’s latest market data. . During 2009, advertising market continued to plague media companies’ top lines. The largest commercial broadcaster

State of mobile telephony adoption in North Africa

The North African region which consists of five countries (Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia) is the most advanced market in terms of mobile telephony adoption compared to the Western, Eastern and even Southern part of the continent. As a matter of fact, according to Dataxis Intelligence’s latest market review, while North Africa accounts for only 13% of the continent’s population in 2009, it proved to be home to just

Tunisian ADSL subscribers grew by 73% in 2009

In Tunisia, the broadband market is still growing. There were 367.000 ADSL connections, compared to 313.000in Q3 2009 and 212.000 in 2008. It represents a 73% growth YoY. With 3.5 million internet users in 2009, the potential of the market is significant. Tunisie Telecom is the incumbent operator that provides broadband services to Tunisian households. ISPs available in Tunisa are : Globalnet, Hexabyte, Planet, Topnet and Tunet. Monthly rates are

Mobile subscriptions to grow by more than 80% between 2009 and 2015 in Nigeria

Nigeria, Africa’s most populated country and second largest economy is a promising land for potential growth in mobile communications market, at least in the next five years. In fact, according to Dataxis Intelligence latest publications, the country’s mobile market is expected to grow by 82% between 2009 and 2010, thus adding up roughly 60 million new customers to the currently 73 million mobile subscribers as highlighted in the chart

Dataxis predicts Mobile penetration to reach over 75% of Africa’s population b …

Africa, one of the fastest growing markets in mobile communications in the recent years is on track to maintain this key position at least for the next coming five years. As a matter of fact, according to Dataxis Intelligence latest forecasts on the evolution of mobile telephony adoption worldwide, Africa emerges as a land of better future prospectives with its expected double digit growth rates for the forthcoming years. As shown on

Portuguese TV market stabilizes in 2009

Overall Portuguese TV market remained flat in 2009, as the decrease in free TV revenues was offset by a growth in the pay TV market. Portugal free TV market recorded a 4% year-over-year decrease in 2009, reaching €490 mln at the end of the year. However, Q4 results may indicate that the advertising market in Portugal is on its way to recovery, as free TV revenues increased 6% during the last

Mobile penetration to reach 130% of population in Middle East by 2015

Dataxis Intelligence, the leading market research company in communications industry has recently released data of its latest forecasts for regional mobile telecommunications markets. It comes out that Middle East, which is one of the most penetrated markets on a regional basis is still a land of great potential growth for the forthcoming five years. While the mobile penetration was at 53% of the population in 2005, it stood at 88% at

Polish TV market falls 22% in 2009

Overall Polish TV market saw a mitigated growth in 2009, as the collapse of free TV revenues was offset by a stabilization in the pay TV market. In 2009, Polish pay TV revenues remained steady, reaching €945 mln at the end of the year, down from €950 mln in 2008, according to Dataxis Intelligence’s latest market data. Pay TV revenues totaled 253 mln in Q4. Digital Satellite accounted for 70% of

Europe broke the 1 Billion mobile subscriptions milestone in 2009

Europe, one of the most advanced mobile communications markets in terms of technology deployment and services offered, has closed 2009 with more than a billion mobile telephony subscribers (SIM cards) according to Dataxis Intelligence last updates. In fact, as the chart below shows it, the old continent, despite being a mature market with currently a penetration rate of 123% of the population- meaning virtually that every European has access to mobile

Poland added 1 million DTH subscribers in 2009

DTH market in Poland reached 5.694 million subscribers according to Dataxis Intelligence. There are 4 satellite operators : Polsat, Cyfra+, TVN and Orange. Polsat is leading this market with 3.202 million subscribers, followed by Cyfra+ (1.54 million), TVN (692.000) and Orange (260.000). About 1 million subscribers were added in 2009, it represents a growth of 18.4% YoY. The last quarter of 2009 was a significant quarter in terms of subscriptions, satellite

Mobile broadband subscriptions experiencing an outstanding growth in Ireland

Since their launch in early 2007 by the country’s mobile network operators, Mobile broadband services have been experiencing an outstanding growth due to their increasing adoption by customers both businesses and residential. As a matter of fact, the number of customers using these services has more than quadrupled in the last two years according to Dataxis Intelligence last updates. Mobile broadband subscribers rose from 110 thousands in 2007-end to nearly 467

Portuguese Digital Pay TV market in 2009

Digital Pay TV market reached 1.823 million subscribers in 2009. The market is led by Zon Multimedia with 1.09 million subscribers split in Cable and DTH subscribers. It represents about 60% of the digital market. The total market’s quarterly growth of 7.6% is driven by IPTV that ontinues to increase and added 65.500 subscribers in the last quarter (+18.7% QoQ). IPTV subscriber base approaches that of DTH and will probably exceed

Argentina Music Sales reverse their trend of positive growth

Argentina music revenues have seen a slowing yet positive growth during the past few years. However, sales of CDs and Music DVDs reached a turning point in 2008 by recording a negative growth for the first time ever. Sales decreased to 363.872 million Argentina Pesos ( $US94,291 million) in 2008, down from 374.794 million Pesos in 2007 (i.e -3% yoy) and 350.823 million Pesos in 2006 (i.e +7% yoy). According to Dataxis

Mobile phone users almost doubled during the last two years in Senegal

According to Dataxis Intelligence last updates, Senegal one of west African most dynamic mobile communications market, has closed 2009 with more than 6.9 million SIM cards users, which represents an uptake of 28% compared to 2008 level (see chart below). More interesting to notice is the fact that the country’s mobile market has been experiencing a substantial growth since 2007 leading the number of subscribers to nearly double up from

Morocco faces a collapsing Cinema Market

Moroccan cinema market has been suffering a severe decline during the past years. Box office revenues were nearly reduced by half in less than 10 years. In 2009, cinema revenues reached barely 68mln DH ($US 8.32 million dollars), down from 117mln DH ($US 14.32 million) in 2001, according to Dataxis Intelligence’s market data. With movie admission reaching less than 2.6mln in 2009 (down 19% from a year earlier) and a population

Main contributors to India’s fast growing mobile market in 2009

India, one of the fastest growing communications markets in the world, has crossed the half a billion mobile subscribers in 2009 to close the year with nearly 522million SIM cards users according to Dataxis Intelligence latest updates. This represents an outstanding increase of 54% in just a year bringing the country’s penetration rate to about 45% of the population. The question here is who are the key drivers of this

Swiss Digital Pay TV market in 2009

Swiss Digital TV market represents almost 841 thousands subscribers. There are 3 platforms available in Switzerland: Cable, IPTV and Satellite. Cablecom is the leader of Digital Pay TV market with 379.200 subscribers, followed by the successful IPTV offer from Swisscom with 230.000 subscribers. Swisscom TV, formerly Bluewin TV, registered a 23.7% growth compared to Q3 2009 (186.000 subscribers), while Cablecom increased by 4.7%. Launched in October 2008, Canalsat Switzerland is

German mobile market almost stagnant in 2009

According to Dataxis Intelligence’s last updates, the German mobile market remained almost stagnant in the year to December 2009 registering a merely 1% growth in subscribers numbers to stand at just over108.2 million. This represents a net add of about 1 million compared to the 107.2 million subscribers at the end of December 2008. On a quarterly basis, the mobile subscriptions went down by 0.2% in the first quarter of 2009

European media companies return to profit as advertising revenues improve

After the advertising market was hit by economic recession and ad budget shifting, some major European media companies are finally starting to return to profit in Q4. Although the increase in ad revenue is inherent to this period of the year and to the seasonality of TV watching, revenues did increase on a year-over-year basis. This tendency, along with cost management policies that media companies have undertaken, was clearly reflected in

Online and On-demand video expand while traditional media raises concerns

While traditional media is clearly losing ground to digital services, new media is attracting huge audiences, but failing to capitalize and monetize its popularity. In the battle between these two medias, the comprise seems to lie in the adoption of digital media by its historic predecessor.. If we look at US cable industry, leading operator Comcast has enjoyed an increasing demand for its VoD content during the last years. In 2009, subscribers

Japan: video market falls 5%, while Cinema grows 4%

In this very turbulent market conditions, Japanese video market held up relatively well in 2009 as video sales fell 1% in volume and 5% in value according to Dataxis Intelligence’s Entertainment market research service. In 2009, video sales (incl. retail, rental and business use) totaled 88.270 million units, up from 87.346 million in 2008. It is interesting to note that the decrease in DVD sales (50.418 million units sold in 2009

Entertainment & Media: a mitigated year for the French market

For the French Entertainment & Media market, 2009 was a very mitigated year so far as some industries have benefited from the recessionnary economic environment while others have deeply suffered from it. What can account for these contradictory trends? Historically, there are some industries that seem to benefit disproportionately from the downturn. For instance, Cinema has reached in 2009 its highest record attendance since 1982, crossing the milestone of 200 million

Excellent year for European box office

In these recessionary times, European movie goers seem to be more and more attracted by theaters, as 2009 appeared to be a very good, if not exceptional, year for Cinema in many European countries. In Greece, movie admissions recorded a spectacular 30% rise, reaching 13.5 million at the end of 2009 according to Cineuropa. On the other hand, French movies admissions reached in 2009 their highest level since 3 decades. According to

French VoD market: up 175% in two years

While the French DVD market is declining or stabilizing at best, VoD continues its growth, mainly driven by leading TV operators’ offers. According to preliminary figures from GFK, VoD market grew to over €80 mln in 2009, up from €53mln in 2008. TV VoD represents from 80% to 90% of VoD revenues in France. In this market, Orange VoD holds the lion’s share in terms of enabled households, revenues and monthly

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