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Press Releases from WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH (22 total)

The Downpipe Cleaning for Liquid Feeding Systems

WEDA-EUROTIER-NOVELTY No. 3 Feeding Technology: „WACS“ Isn’t almost every pig farmer familiar with the laborious and time-consuming cleaning of downpipes in liquid feeding systems, e.g, by means of a rinsing device? From now on, the new computer controlled WACS of WEDA makes dirty downpipes a thing of the past. WEDA’s new development, the WACS (Weda Active Cleaning System) ensures automatic cleaning of the downpipes in liquid feeding units by means of an air

Fermentation Almost by Itself

WEDA-EUROTIER NOVELTY No. 2 Feeding Technology: „WEDA Fermi 4PX“ Until now, liquid feeding units with fermentation have been able to control the fer- mentation process, however, not without additional manual adaptations on behalf of the unit operators. WEDA have developed a fermentation software, which takes off a large part of this work for the user and consequently saves a lot of time and effort. For an optimal fermentation, the

Instrument Panel in the Pig House

WEDA-EUROTIER NOVELTY No. 1 Management: „Dashboard for Excellent 4PX“ WEDA have developed a software solution, which offers all relevant data of the feeding computer at a glance. Thereby, the user is already at a very early stage in a position to detect if problems within his animal stock are beginning to emerge, and can intervene directly. Until now, within the frame of his daily, time-consuming routine procedure, the user of a

Liqui Comp Forever

35 Years of WEDA’s Liqui Comp Feeding Computer In 1979, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp put Liqui Comp on the market. The feeding computer has been successfully used by pig farmers to this day. These pig farmers are still extremely satisfied with the product, which allows them to manage their animals without restrictions with regard to operator convenience. One of the reasons for customer satisfaction to this day is the

Pigs‘ Toys Increase Animal Wellbeing

Less Injuries in Pig Houses In cooperation with Kassel University, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp, specialists for pig house equipment from Lutten, have developed a new kind of manipulable material for piglets and fattening pigs. By means of the rooting cones and pushing balls of bite-resistant and food-safe polyurethane, mounted to floor and brackets, the animals can act out their natural play instinct and can permanently busy themselves while standing up, sitting,

For the Benefit of Humans and Animals

SF3 – The Ergonomic Alternative to the Rocker-Type Pen The Lower Saxonian equippers of pig houses, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp, have developed the new self-catching pen SF3, which is available as of now. The pen does not require mechanical suspension and can be employed as a retrofit system for the predecessor, SF1. Based on a new lever technology, the ergonomic construction principle of this maintenance and wear-free opening and closing system

Easy, Mobile, Integral: New WEDA Software Improves Sow Management

WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH (Lutten) treat their feeding computer “4PX“ with new and useful program features. With this current version, WEDA provide new tools – especially for pig farmers – which increase the efficiency of the entire animal house management. The extensive software update enables a consistent exchange and comparison of data between the animal house segments of mating station, waiting section and farrowing section. This data transfer is carried

Feeding also has to be trained

Economically priced, easy, fast: WEDA’s new training station imparts handling of demand feeding station Sometimes, less is more: especially for sow managements, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp have now developed a cost-effective training station for demand feeding stations. The low-budget variation of the SowComp model dispenses with any kind of electronics, works with open doors and with a simple feeding system This way, the sows in WEDA’s training station learn to reach the

WEDA Innovation wins DLG Silver Medal

„Boar Stub” feed genders according to recipe The message about the award of a medal of the German Agricultural Association (DLG) was received with great pleasure by the Lutten constructors of animal houses, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp. „A small step for WEDA, – a great one for boar fattening”, is Andreas Hüttemeyer’s, – programmer at WEDA’s – reaction on this distinction. With this award-winning EuroTier novelty, the full-service


WEDA-EUROTIER NOVELTY No. 1 Feeding Technology „SowDryComp“ Dry Feeding, Dosificated like Liquid Feeding The new WEDA Feeding Unit, „SowDryComp“ combines the advantages of dry and liquid feeding. The result: greatest feed accuracy and maximal hygiene security, as manual feeding steps become no longer necessary. Which feeding system offers more – dry feeding or liquid feeding? In sow managements, this question is frequently discussed, however, without a clear result. It seems that in

Sow Managements: New WEDA Pen offers more freedom of movement

The legal amendments for sow managements have led to stormy discussions about the wellbeing of animals. Amongst others, one of the topics was concerned with more space to enable more freedom of movement for sows in farrowing pens. In some countries, like for example in Austria, farmers will in future even be obliged by law in this respect. In order to provide a solution to this, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp

New WEDA Container: small feed amounts – huge impact

WEDA – Dammann & Westerkamp from Lutten are introducing a new type of container for liquid feeding systems, which enables the dosification of smallest feed amounts for pigs. The special feature of the „QXS“ is the cuboid-shaped „sump“ of the container. Furthermore, the developers of the comprehensive suppliers for pig managements have adopted the modular construction manner of the proven QS container wall system. This standardization facilitates container sizes

DLG Ranking: WEDA rises to the Top Three

For 16 years now, the German Agricultural Society (DLG) has been investigating the image of agricultural enterprises. In November, the 2011 industry barometer was published. In the current ranking, the company of WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH who has been continuously improving is now sharing the third position of the category of “Technology in Animal Management” with the Swedish enterprise of de Laval. In the category “Pig Management“, WEDA even achieved

Animal House Management: The new WEDA demand feeding station for group managemen …

From 2013 onwards, the group management of gestating sows in pig houses will be legally regulated. For this reason, WEDA have developed Sow-Comp, the new demand feeding station with improved visualization to which up to 25 devices can be connected. With the new system, the entire agricultural animal management will be created in a more flexible and efficient way. In the future, these instruments will continuously gain importance as they

New WEDA 10 cubic metres CCM Dosificator

The round dosificator for dry and wet pigs‘ feed components of WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp is now additionally available in two spacious variations of six and ten cubic metres of intermediate storage capacity. Since the early eighties, WEDA of Lutten have been the only providers and producers for intermediate storage containers of glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFK) for CCM and wet grain. These properties make GFK an ideally suited material.

A Global First: WEDA Dry Feeding Mixer Feeds out Fourfold

The company of WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH at Lutten introduces the worldwide first dry feeding system onto the market by means of which pigs’ feed can be distributed into four feed circles from a compact mixer. The dry feed mixer (TM) is available in the versions of “TM 100” and “TM 40” and takes up 40 or 100 kg per mixing process. By means of this robust device, various

Simply good: Improved WEDA Farm Software - New user interface has a clear view o …

WEDA lends a new launch pad to its farm software and this way makes animal house management easier and more secure for the operator in future. By means of the surface concept the entire farm with all applications can be completely controlled from one PC, and this at one glance. The restyling of the established coupling software which WEDA have had as feature of their program for nine years now is

Pig Feeding – A Finger Exercise

Now, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH from Lutten makes your mobile access to pig production even easier. By means of their mobile phones or tablet computers pig producers worldwide are now able to log into their WEDA control systems. As of today it is possible to access WEDA’s “Excellent 4PX” computer worldwide via smartphones like iPhone or via tablet computer like iPAD. This way, pig producers can– independent of location

Russian WEDA Feeding Unit in Operation - Expansion investment already scheduled

The Russian pig meat branch is increasingly starting to build up their own production capacities. No surprise because the demand in the country can hardly be covered any more by the import of annually 1 Mio. t of import meat. After Russia’s then President, Vladimir Putin, had already visited a WEDA unit in 2007, more and more Russian investors have shown an interest in modern pig management unit technology from

New Software – Optimal Feeding, WEDA’s Update for Pig Managements

With their current software version “V025“ for the Excellent 4PX computer, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp introduce a completely revised feeding program to the market. The rapidly advancing structural changes in pig production on a national and international scale lead to permanently larger stocks in highly modern and animal- friendly house units and require efficient computer and software architecture. For decades now, WEDA have been synonymous with for user-friendly feeding software which is

One for 50: WEDA’s XtraFeeder

WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH, situated at Lutten, have enlarged their product portfolio in the domain of dry feeding and are from now on offering their XtraFeeder. The full-line providers for modern pig managements are setting the benchmark here with regard to efficiency and cost-benefit ratio. With the aid of this novelty, up to 50 animals can be simultaneously provided with high-energy nutrients at their feeding places. Development, production, assembly, and

„WEDA’s“ Easy Feeder“ for Mobile Piglet Feeding

In piglet raising, the fundament for an optimal fattening and slaughtering performance is laid. Already during the first days after birth, the energy and nutrient requirements of the suckling piglets – besides the milk of the sow – should be supplemented by the feeding out of small and frequent feed rations. In order to provide the piglets in the farrowing pen with optimal nutrients, WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH have developed

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