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The Undeniable Impact of Technology in Hospitality Industry

“Transformation in Hospitality - Southeast Asia 2019” hosted by TRG International is a 2-day event that aimed at providing hoteliers with an in-depth understanding of the latest emerging technologies as well as the potential impact that these technologies can have on the entire hotel industry. The event marked the first time ever the participation of leading IT experts from TRG International, Infor, VinaData, HotTab and many more as well as prestigious

Hotel Technology 2020: Which Trends Will Drive the Changes?

More people travel now than ever. In a study conducted by Amadeus, 83 per cent of respondents strongly agreed or agreed that “People will view travel as a right rather than a luxury and consider it an increasingly important part of their lives.” This in conjunction with the fact that one-third of the world’s hotel guests today are tech-savvy Millennials who have strong desires for truly unique travel experiences. From now

The next generation of Hotel technology is not just for the guests

Over the last few years, there has been a significant focus on technologies that can enhance the guest experience. In-room Wi-Fi, mobile check-in, and guest interaction are all aimed at providing a smooth and stress-free experience throughout their stay. Much of the hotel technology investment has been focused in this area. But what about the hotel owners and operators themselves? What advances are available that they can benefit from? With a

What Does It Take to Transform the Booking Experience?

Modern travellers expect a seamless journey, from destination research to hotel booking, flight confirmation, and local hangout suggestions, up until when they reach their homes. However, the hospitality industry has been slow in adopting new technologies. Hotel solutions are neither intuitive nor capable of making full use of the abundant customer data. Will the hospitality industry continue relying on Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) to bring in more revenue? Or there will be service

New-hire Assessments Help Small Businesses, Too

Larger companies have the benefit of a larger workforce, usually with more roles per function to get the job done. (That's not to say that big companies are bloated with redundancies; plenty of big corporations are known for running lean and efficient operations.) But in contrast, small business managers likely feel more pressure to get the most out of every person they hire to fill voids faster.  When hiring, in addition

Will Smart Technologies Replace CFOs?

From cloud computing and robotic process automation to analytics, AI, and machine learning, a new class of digital disruptors is transforming the role of finance. Will all the automation and technology that CFOs have at their fingertips ultimately replace the need for a traditional finance chief, or will CFOs be able to harness that technology to improve their bottom lines?  Will smart machines replace smart CFOs? Probably not. Most analysts agree that technology will play a pivotal role in increasing

Want Highly Effective Managers? Spot Signs of Management Derailment

Times of change present many challenges throughout organisations — especially for front-line managers, who need to implement change through their people and do more with less. Ironically, when you need your highly effective managers to perform at their very best, that’s when they are the most vulnerable to buckling under the pressure. This article will provide you with early warning signs of management derailment. Poor management and lack of leadership can

Foreign Managers’ Underperformance: Reasons and Solutions

You hire a foreign manager, in your opinion, who has the right skills and experience. Your expectation is that the new manager will drive the company in the right track and double profit. However, for some reason, the manager doesn’t perform well or meet your expectations. The question here is do you attempt to work out the problem with the new manager or do you fire them?  The problem could be an

Most Singaporean CFOs Made Bad Hires and Here's Why

Robert Haft, an American HR consulting firm, has conducted a survey on 150 Singaporean CFOs to collect the results and the accuracy of their hiring decisions. Surprisingly, the majority of the surveyed CFOs (98%) admitted having made the wrong decision when hiring new employees. With 24% (one in four) of them took only two weeks to realise that they have hired the wrong person. What is the cost of a bad hire? The

Flow Centre vs. Distribution Centre: Less Inventory, Faster Fulfilment

Traditional retailing seems no longer relevant to the current overview of the industry. Customers nowadays either do their shopping entirely online or buy the items online and pick them up in store. This means it’s time for the sellers to reinvent their supply chain management as well as the inventory fulfilment process.  Target introduces their new concept – “flow centre” As the competition between retailers to provide top-notch service and shopping experience to customers is growing,

4 Steps to Unlock Your Managers' Hidden Talents

The inspiration for this blog post stems from a common situation of employers. They confided that their best managers were doing a lot of extra work (which was good), but their efforts didn’t align with the overall business goals. So, what could be the possible reasons for this? It became clear that they had a team of driven, ambitious managers, but there was something missing — a performance framework encouraging such

5 Digital Transformation Trends in the Hotel Industry

Digital transformation has huge and positive impacts on traditional businesses. The hotel industry is not an exception. In this article, we will look at 5 digital transformation trends in the hotel industry and how they benefit customers and business owners. 1. Mobile-first services More and more brands concentrate on mobile-first and mobile-only services which help users complete checking in, ordering room service and even unlocking the room door itself using only their

Why is Collaborative Leadership Important?

Organisations nowadays have to keep themselves afloat with the ever-changing pace of the business world. The shifting movement is going towards a more collaborating, innovating and team-based way of operating. As a result, top leaders need to take a more open approach in the workplace in which each and every member of the team engages and contributes to the overall success. Collaboration would be beneficial to not only the company but

SAP vs. Infor – Software Giants Face Off Over Cloud Strategy

Having a clearly defined cloud strategy is a “must-do” for enterprise software giants like Infor and SAP. Living in a customer-driven world, both organisations must change in order to retain their top positions. Their cloud strategies now are maturing and more refined with tonnes of added values that are greatly beneficial to businesses of every shape and size. Both Infor and SAP have very different approaches when it comes to innovation.

SunSystems Cloud – The future finance management solution

Infor SunSystems is a comprehensive financial management solution combining technological innovations and usability with a depth of functionality achieved through decades of practical application. Not only does it deliver real-time financial and operational reporting and analysis; but it also helps businesses make better decisions and react quickly to potential issues with proactive alerting capabilities. The rise of cloud computing However, technology continues to evolve at rapid speed. To be specific, cloud computing

Infor - the Enterprise Software Giant from New York City

Though lesser known among other software giants like SAP, Oracle and Microsoft, Infor has gained tremendous popularity by offering deep industry-specific applications and suites, cloud deployment and extremely user-friendly interfaces. What’s fascinating about Infor is that they were established less than 20 years ago, yet their revenue as of 2016 was more than US$2.5 billion with a pool of 16,000 employees. What makes them so successful in today’s world where competition

How financial data is protected on Sunsystems Cloud

Financial Data must be protected from unauthorised access to safeguard the privacy and cyber security of an individual or organisation. Therefore, this is one of the biggest concern of companies wanting to protect their financial information. For businesses who are using SunSystems Cloud, TRG has already provided the optimal solutions in order to keep financial data safe from theft or data leakage. So what are those solutions that TRG has

Overview of Infor CloudSuite Industrial - An End-to-End ERP System

Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) is an end-to-end ERP solution that provides comprehensive functionality suitable for any process mode, from make-to-stock (MTS), make-to-order (MTO) to engineer-to-order (ETO). Like any other ERP systems, the basic goal of Infor CloudSuite Industrial is providing one central repository for all information to improve the flow of data across the organisation. This business process management software enables an organisation to use a system of integrated applications to

A General Look at Infor d/EPM Hospitality

Infor is a leading provider of business application software with more than 73,000 customers, recognised for providing specific functionality to the hospitality industry, speeding up deployment through built-in reports, graphs and key performance indicators (KPIs). At HITEC 2015, this business application giant announced the great effort and plans for its hospitality division. In particular, Infor d/EPM for Hospitality is designed with the advanced functionality to help implement and facilitate analysis. Another

The Five Soft Skills Recruiters Look For in Candidates

Hard skills can be trained while soft skills are harder to teach and takes time to fully develop. Soft skills are the elements that build up and strengthen relationships in the workplace. It reflects how people conduct their tasks and behave in the workplace environment. Soft skills usually include personal qualities, attitude and behaviour of an employee when they are at work. In the recruiting process, modern employers tend to

TRG International’s Commitment To The EU's General Data Protection Regulation …

Have you ever wondered how internet giants such as Google and Facebook are able to access your personal data? There is no doubt that the breach in personal privacy in this digital age where marketers collect reams of personal information from Facebook, Twitter, e-commerce sites and even emails to target potential buyers, is a huge concern. However, the power will shift towards consumers, thanks to the European Union’s General Data

Why is Collaborative Leadership Important?

Organisations nowadays have to keep themselves afloat with the ever-changing pace of the business world. The shifting movement is going towards a more collaborating, innovating and team-based way of operating. As a result, top leaders need to take a more open approach in the workplace in which each and every member of the team engages and contributes to the overall success. Collaboration would be beneficial to not only the company but

Three reasons why people should attend seminar

No matter what industry your business is in, there will be a lot of weekly, monthly and annual seminars and events where like-minded people congregate to discuss various topics related to your business as well as your concern. Here are three main reasons why people should frequently attend seminars and how seminars can benefit attendees in the modern age we live in. 1. Networking: Networking is one of the most popular

Understanding Company Culture and Its Importance

Company culture, or organisational culture, is a set of values, beliefs, practices shared among all members of the organisation. It can be the company’s vision, norms, management style, or the environment, from the hiring process to the approach of decision making. Company culture is valuable and important to both the employees and the business. Understanding Company Culture and Its Importance Company culture, just like your fingerprints, is very unique. Your organisation’s strategies,

Creating a “Team Spirit” in Your Organisation

It is a generally accepted fact that projects, when done by a group of people, yield better results and require much lesser time to execute. While some types of work do not require you to interact with many people, possessing a team spirit nowadays is considered to be one of the essential skills that every candidate must have. Teamwork is essential to the success of your business Teamwork is essential to the success

Why Google says no to job interviews

Job interviews are arguably the most beloved employee selection tool. They are so widely used that interviews are synonymous with the hiring process. However, most job interviews are unstructured and prove to be unreliable and ineffective. That is, they fail to predict actual employee performance. Why Google says no to job interviews Google was well known for the trickiest questions you could ever imagine encountering in a job interview. Such questions aimed

Are you infected with “fear of being wrong” phobia?

Many of us do not like to admit that we are in the wrong. The power of being ‘right’ takes control of your judgement, turns into an obsession, an irrational fear which could put pressure on yourself or put a strain on many relationships. Fear of being wrong We all try to avoid making mistakes at all costs. But what if being wrong is actually the first step of being right? Kathryn

How to turn Data into Smart Data

Both enterprises and individuals have to process some kind of data every day, whether it is a short message, a notification, a piece of news, statistics, a video, etc. If we accumulate all the data acquired in a month, the amount guarantees to shock anyone. Turning data into smart data As we go through the daily pile of data generated, not only must we record it, we also need to make sense

The Challenges of Managing a Sales Team

We all know at least one or two enthusiastic salespeople. They are persistent, quite annoying at times, but their energy is contagious, and the majority of them are extremely good at what they are doing. Great salespeople are high-performers Great salespeople are high-performers, great thinkers, into problem solving and goals driven. But they can be demanding and difficult to handle from time to time. What could happen when you put all the high-performing,

Micromanagement: The Danger of Being a Micromanager

As a manager, once you have delegated a task to an employee with clear objectives and set deadlines, what is your next move? 1. Do you allow your staff to complete the task and only check on them during the designated period? 2. Or do you closely monitor and immerse yourself in overseeing others’ projects? If number 2 is your answer, then you possess one of the many characteristics of a micromanager. Breaking down

Five Resolutions for Aspiring Leaders

As the New Year approaches, people will be making resolutions to eat better, exercise more, get that promotion at work, or spend more time with their families. While these are worthwhile goals, we have a more important challenge for young people: Think seriously about your development as a leader. These are tough times. Many leaders of the baby boomer generation have failed in their responsibilities by placing their self-interest ahead of

Digital has made its way into the retail industry

Digital takes an important role today in every operation across industries; we can do almost everything using any digital devices. Emails, mobile apps, computers have made it easy for us to do almost everything we would like to. Since digital is now an unseperated part in people's life, consumers now expect that communication between them and brands would be personalised case by case and they don't want to be disturbed by

4 Elements to a Motivating Life

We all probably more than once felt like we are at the bottom of a pit, felt lost and had no willingness to get out of it. We all have experienced bad day, everything was just dull and grey. More often than not, this is the time we would feel the most negative about life, we would most likely to give up and call it quit at this point. When

How to measure EQ accurately?

Being born long after IQ but Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has become the current trend for self-development. One of many reasons that put EQ in the hearts of so many people is its accurate reflection of human’s social nature. High IQ can help a person think and reason quickly, but high EQ will support people connect and cooperate for sustainable development because a high EQ person is able to build effective

TRG Talk held the event about Technology & Project Management

Project Management always plays an essential role in the success of a project. To promote the project management community, TRG International held a TRG Talk - Project Management seminar with the topic "Technology and Project Management," which provided participants with a better knowledge about effectively utilising technology in project management and human resource management. The main speaker of the event is Rick Yvanovich - Founder and CEO of TRG International

How Grab Uses Data Analytics to Refine New Products

Grab, the leading car-sharing service in Southeast Asia, has adopted a Tableau BI solution to make more informed, data-driven decisions across their entire organisation. The ability to analyse millions of rows of data at lightning speed has allowed Grab product teams to track multiple metrics in real-time and better understand customer preferences in different regions. Turning everyone into a data analyst Grab is a data-driven organisation. Its business model requires Grab to

Digital Transformation: The Samsung Cloud Print Case Study

As Samsung is popular for their reputation of having quality and innovative products, this has put a great pressure on the company to continuously churn out impressive, “never before” products and services, and to continue remaining on top. And one of the most successful solutions is to leverage expertise and technologies from AWS (Amazon Web Services). Samsung Cloud Solutions Platform The Samsung Cloud Print platform provides mobile cloud printing capabilities to office

TRG Talk helps us to answer the question: “Do businesses and employees hold th …

In today’s modern society, the concept of “Professionalism” is definitely the norm, the “must-have” for every business practice and every professional. The question is “Do businesses and employees hold the same definition of professionalism”? Furthermore, what factors contribute to the professionalism of not just one individual, but the entire organisation made up of different personalities? To answer the above questions, TRG Talk - Talent seminar with the topic that most people

Blood donation: The most precious Lunar New Year gift

In 2012, the World Health Organisation (WHO) reported that over a period of 10 years, Vietnam’s total blood donation rose from 268,394 to 776,420 units of blood. Impressive as it seems, the amount collected annually only meets about 45% of national demand. In fact, there are only 62 countries in the world that are self-sufficient in blood supplies. With the Lunar New Year (Tet) coming, can Vietnam cope? This holiday period

Amazing Race Con Dao: We love To Reach Goals as we love TRG

Ho Chi Minh City – 12th November 2012 – TRG’s annual Team Building weekend took place on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th November at the remote Islands of Con Dao, Vietnam. Con Dao is a group of 16 islands and served as a prison for political prisoners during the French colonial era, when it was known as Poulo Condore, today it is an example of good conservation with 80% of

TRG International joined Saigon Times' 7th annual blood donation day

HCM City - 10 Oct 2012 - TRG International joined nearly 300 other donors in the 7th annual blood donation day organised by Saigon Times on 06 Oct 2012. Fourteen people from TRG International gave blood that day, contributing to the total amount of 337 units of blood collected. The company has also been a close partner of the event over the years. The Saigon Times blood donation day marked the 21st

Montgomerie Links Vietnam wins Best Golf Course in Vietnam Award, featured on iM …

Last December, after being awarded “Best New Course in Vietnam” by Vietnam Golf, Montgomerie Links continues to strengthen the image of a leading golf course in Vietnam and the region by achieving one more award by Asian Golf Monthly readers, making it the “Best Golf Course in Vietnam” this year. The awards that Montgomerie Links has achieved during the year are only the most tangible measures of the club’s achievement

Top 5 Vietnamese hotels and resorts are on iMemberList

After rigorous assessment based on certain standards including food/dining, location, overall design, rooms, services, facilities and activities, 5 hotels and resorts in Vietnam have successfully made the list of Best Resorts and Top 100 Hotels in Asia by Conde Nast Traveller magazine. Every year, Conde Nast Traveller, one of the most distinguished travel magazines, publishes the results of their Reader’s Choice Award for best hotels and resorts in Asia. This

One of the most beautiful bars in the world by CNN is on iMemberList

Following numerous previous achievements including the most beautiful bar in Asia by Newsweek in 1996 and one of 1,000 venues that diners should try before they die by Patricia Schultz - a renowned U.S travel journalist, the Rooftop Garden continues to strengthen the image of Vietnamese 5-star Rex Hotel among other international hotels. According to CNN, besides a warm and friendly 24/365 service, nice décor of neon lights, bird cages, bonsai

Top 5 restaurants in Viet Nam are on iMemberList

Ho Chi Minh City – October 26, 2010 – After months working on public polling followed by rigorous and transparent judging from the most respected restaurant critics and food writers in Asia, The Miele Guide has published the top 20 restaurants in Asia and top 5 restaurants in each participating country. This year, more than 900 restaurants from 18 countries across Asia have been voted by tens of thousands registered

Seminar Consolidation, Planning & Budgeting for Success

TRG International will hold the seminar Consolidation, Planning & Budgeting for Success on 9th November 2010. The seminar is expected to attract around 100 attendees from MNC’s, VNR-500 and larger organizations and is focused on C-level executives as well as finance professionals and auditors. The objective of the seminar is to help organizations monitor and improve operational and financial performance under the umbrella of best practices, transparency and corporate governance. Whether

BBGV Fun Run 2010 - TRG International

35 employees of TRG International company participated in the 11th annual BBGV Fun Run. The event was organized by British Business Group Vietnam to raise US $40,000 for local charities in Vietnam. Right at 6 am, all TRG employees gathered at the venue and excitedly prepared for the run. Though not professional runners, all of us were willing to beat the challenge of 4 km route. Ms. Tran

The 3rd Blood Donation Drive – Oct 2nd 2010

Ho Chi Minh City, 2nd October 2010, TRG International employees participated in the Blood Donation Day organised and held at the Saigon Times Group. The event attracted over 200 blood donors. “At TRG International, we encourage and support our employees to actively participate and contribute to the well-being of society. I’ve been donating blood in the UK and Vietnam for 30 years, as its simple, safe, painless and quick, yet

AmCharm Scholarship 2010 – Information session

In partnership with Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCM), Foreign Trade University in Ho Chi Minh City and Hoa Sen University, the session attracted around 400 students. The session provided students with: •Information about the scholarship, enrolment procedures and qualification process •Information about Internship and Management Trainee programs from leading companies who are members of AmCham HCMC chapter •Opportunity to interact directly with many experienced company leaders to know more

TRG International and Amcham Scholarship 2010

(Press Release) - 14 Sep 2010 – The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) will launch the Scholarship 2010 Information Session for those students who are interested in AmCham Scholarship Program. Time: 8:00 AM , 25th September 2010 Venue: White Palace Convention Center, 194 Hoang Van Thu, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City. The AmCham Scholarship is an annual program of the AmCham Vietnam awarded for top Vietnamese students

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