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Reporting Tool combit List & Label 23 Will be Released in Late October: Web-base …

Constance/Germany, 09/14/2017: Software manufacturer combit is expected to release version 23 of its List & Label reporting tool in late October. The new version offers important new features for users and software developers. The previously separately available combit Report Server is being merged into the Enterprise Edition. Without additional licensing costs, developers can now pass a browser-based reporting application out-of-the-box on to the customer with their application. Moreover, users

Version 22 of combit List & Label Reporting Tool Now Available

Constance/Germany, 11/23/2016 — With version 22 of the report generator for software developers, which has been undergoing constant development for the past 25 years, combit once again presents well-thought-out upgrades and useful features. The software manufacturer from Konstanz/Germany not only considered the needs of developers, but also of the users of the List & Label Report Designer. For example, when creating reports in the Designer, users will benefit from being

Report Generator combit List & Label Will Face its Competition at the EMEA PUG C …

Konstanz, Germany, 2016-09-30 – At this year's EMEA PUG Challenge in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, Head of Development Jochen Bartlau will present the List & Label reporting tool in a Vendor Battle. A number of international Progress user groups will participate in the conference Oct 05 – Oct 07, 2016. In the Reporting Vendor Battle several manufacturers will respond to critical questions from the community on available commercial and open source

combit Report Server 3 released

Rapid report creation with the new ad-hoc Designer, server-side printing, and conditional formatting – combit Report Server 3 has arrived! Constance, Germany, 04/12/2016 – Offering a wide range of features while simultaneously improving usability – these goals were achieved in the new version of combit Report Server. With more than 20 new features, users can now create reports more flexibly and easily than before, and also make them visually more appealing.

combit Report Server 3 coming soon

Even faster reports with ad-hoc design, server-side printing, and new data sources – combit Report Server 3 comes with over 20 new features Constance, Germany, 04/04/2016 – Version 3 of the combit Report Server is even more sophisticated, with more than 20 new features for a more flexible user experience. The manufacturer, combit, plans to release the latest version of its business intelligence reporting solution this April. The range of new features

combit List & Label and Xojo – teaming up for an even larger community

Constance/Austin, Texas, 02/23/2016 - With the Xojo developer platform as its synergy partner, Constance software manufacturer combit enters into its next high-quality alliance. Effective immediately, Xojo developers can integrate combit List & Label into their own apps and thus create highly expressive reports using the combit List & Label Report Designer. A specially developed sample application makes it easy to get started. Through synergetic partnerships such as this, combit is

combit receives Big Data Leader and Big Data Rising Star Germany awards

Constance, Germany, 2015-11-09 – combit received not just one but two awards as part of the independent Big Data Vendor Benchmark Study 2016 conducted by the Experton Group. The software vendor from Konstanz made waves in the field of data aggregation, earning the title of "Big Data Leader Germany". According to the study, leaders are companies that "have a highly attractive product and service offering and a very strong market

combit List & Label Reporting Tool Released in Version 21

Constance, Germany, 2015-10-29 – Version 21 of the award-winning List & Label reporting tool has been released by software manufacturer combit. The current version of the developer component can handle all types of analyses from all major data sources for printing and export. List & Label is compatible with a wide range of different programming languages. The designer is packed with numerous new functions for users and well thought-out improvements.

combit Software Donates 12,500 Euros for On-Location Aid to Refugees

Konstanz – The current refugee situation calls for rapid and unbureaucratic as-sistance. That is why the Konstanz-based software company combit has decided to support the work of the save-me group Konstanz. combit employees have donated their working hours as part of a spontaneous campaign. This was converted into a sum of money and doubled by management, so that a total of 12,500 euros has now been gathered. For over two

List & Label 21 Reporting Tool Out This Fall

Constance, Germany, 2015-08-26 – Version 21 of the List & Label reporting tool will soon be released. According to the manufacturer combit, it will be available by the end of October. In particular, the report designer, which software developers can distribute with their own application without additional licensing fees, has received a whole slew of new features and improvements. "Nested tables have been at the top of the list for

combit List & Label Supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

Konstanz – 07/22/2015 combit's award-winning List & Label reporting tool is moving forward: Right at its debut, combit List & Label will support the newly released Visual Studio 2015. As a member of the Visual Studio Industry Partner program, combit’s components, controls and plug-ins for Visual Studio 2015 are already compatible with the most recent version as soon as it launches. Consequently, these components enable developers and developer teams worldwide

combit Employees Support Ebola Victims and Syrian Refugees

Constance/Germany, 12/02/2014 – Among the numerous reports on crisis regions, those that remain particularly etched in our memory are the images of the critically ill people in West Africa who are infected with Ebola and of the suffering of the Syrian refugees. For that reason, the employees of the software company combit in Constance have decided to help. The fight against the Ebola virus is costly, and the Syrian health

New Enterprise Reporting Solution from combit Based on the Award-Winning Reporti …

Constance, Germany, 07/21/2014 – Software producer combit has released an enterprise reporting solution into the market. The combit Report Server is browser-based, ready to use out-of-the-box and intuitive to work with. With List & Label, combit’s report generator since 1992, Report Server users have a powerful report designer at their disposal, which millions of users worldwide are already using. According to the producer, the new software is supposed to provide

From an Ambitious Startup to a Succesful Software Brand combit Celebrates its 25 …

Constance / Germany, 06/25/2014 - 25 years of benchmark setting software development — that is combit's success story, and also a good reason to celebrate. In order to invite its customers to share in the joy of this momentous anniversary, combit will be giving a 25% discount on all software products from June 25th to July 4th, 2014. Furthermore, in line with combit's green efforts and in collaboration with the

combit and Taste IT Consulting Announce Partnership to improve working with Prog …

Constance and Bad Muender / Germany, 06/24/2014 - The combit reporting tool List & Label is now capable of even more. Thanks to a partnership with Taste IT Consulting, List & Label customers can now use an additional data provider for the Progress OpenEdge development environment. The data source is available to all List & Label customers free of charge. Thomas Wurl, CEO and Head of Development at

combit And RSSBus Announce Partnership

Constance, Germany and Chapel Hill, NC, USA – 23/01/2014 German software manufacturer combit and RSSBus today announced their partnership to provide software developers using combits award-winning List & Label reporting tool and RSSBus' ADO.NET drivers with access to all RSSBus drivers in one single new data source. RSSBus customers now have a powerful reporting solution at hand that fully supports accessing their data. For combit customers, the number of supported

List & Label First Report Generator Worldwide to Support the Output of Invoices …

Constance and Karlsruhe / Germany – 01/21/2014 In conjunction with intarsys consulting GmbH, the software manufacturer combit has developed an interface for the creation and processing of invoice data according to the ZUGFeRD standard. This makes combit List & Label the first reporting tool worldwide to allow for invoices to be output in this format. This new solution combines PDF files created by List & Label with XML data provided

List & Label 19 is Compatible With Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

Constance, Germany - 12/17/2013 combit Software today announced their award-winning List & Label reporting tool is compatible with the brand-new Visual Studio 2013. combit is one of a group of international Visual Studio Sim-Ship Launch Partners who develop components, controls and Visual Studio plug-ins that help developers and developer teams to be more productive. By integrating List & Label in Visual Studio, customers are able to enhance their application

List & Label Reporting Tool Wins Gold and Silver

Constance, Germany, 12/11/2013 – Software manufacturer combit receives for its List & Label reporting tool gold and silver awards in five categories. Thus, it is the most successful product in the 2013 Community Choice Awards at the prestigious developer magazines DevPro and SQL Server Pro. “Community Choice Awards represent the cream of the crop in the various markets the magazines cover“, said Jason Bovberg, senior editor at Penton. “The community

combit Employees Donate Leave Day for Typhoon Victims

Constance/Germany, 11/19/2013 – In 2010 the employees of the German software manufacturer combit from Lake Constance already donated very generously in aid of the earthquake victims in Haiti. For this reason, after hearing the current horror stories from the Philippines for many “combits” it was an easy decision: "We want to help and donate a leave day to the victims of the devastating typhoon Haiyan." The principle is simple: The

List & Label Reporting Tool Released In Version 19

Version 19 of the List & Label reporting tool has been released by software developer combit. The new version of the developer component offers even more interactive reports, new chart types and many innovations for .NET and web developers. combit is one of a select group of international launch partners for Visual Studio 2013, so List & Label 19 works perfectly with the new development environment. Windows 8.1 and Embarcadero

Version 19 of List & Label Reporting Tool Will Be Released This Fall

The List & Label reporting tool will soon be available in its 19th version. According to software vendor combit, the new version of the developer component will be released in early November. List & Label 19 offers even more interactive reports, new chart types and many innovations for .NET and web developers. "After we achieved substantial performance gains in List & Label 18, version 19 now brings great new features

Weather Determines Price of Reporting Tool List & Label

This August the weather determines the prices of German software producer combit at the Summer Special discount promotion. The higher the temperature rises in the companies’ hometown at the Lake of Constance, the more discount customers get off the regular list price of reporting tool List & Label. The promotion runs from Monday to Friday until August 30, 2013. "After the coldest spring since 1959, we enjoy a record-breaking summer, which

combit Joins Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) Program

Constance, Germany - 2012-09-25. combit Software today announced that they have joined the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) program, to closer align their report gen-erator List & Label with Microsoft Visual Studio. By integrating List & Label with Visual Studio, customers will more easily be able to use List & Label reporting capabilities in their applications. With almost 200 partners, the VSIP program provides technical and marketing support

The Software Manufacturers from Lake Constance Are About to Release combit List …

Nineteen years after the product debuted, version 17 of the reporting tool List & Label will appear this autumn. The software manufacturers from the south of Germany will thus maintain the rhythm of past years and continue to push the development of one of the most versatile development component coming from Germany. With the upcoming generation, the programmers at combit concentrated on the end user Designer and further expanded the

More Designer Language Kits for Reporting Tool List & Label 16 - 11 Language Kit …

German software manufacturer combit now presents new Designer language kits for international projects with development component List & Label 16. The entire user interface can be changed easily between 11 distinct foreign lingos. The Unicode support enables design and output including export, e.g. with Czech or Russian operating systems. "Reporting tool List & Label is the best gear for competitive success in business", describes List & Label project manager Jochen Bartlau.

Reporting in the Cloud - Development Component List & Label 16 Modified for Wind …

German software manufacturer combit announces, that report generator List & Label can now also be used for reporting functions in the cloud computing platform Windows Azure. Prerequisite for this is the Enterprise Edition or the Professional Edition with additional server/web server licenses. combit supplies a free white paper with a substantial  example. "Cloud computing is nowadays one of the most interesting trends in the IT world," states Jochen Bartlau, project manager

Software Manufacturer combit Presents List & Label 16

Software manufacturer combit will release a new version of its report generator List & Label at the end of October. The sixteenth generation contains numerous new features and according to the manufacturer it is far more intuitive and productive. “It is the best List & Label version we’ve ever had,” says List & Label project manager Jochen Bartlau of the coming version and adds with a smile. “I know that

Heat Discount at combit - Summer Weather Brings Low Prices

Constance / Germany, 06/29/2010 – Starting today the weather once more dictates the prices for German software house combit at the traditional Heat Discount sales promotion. The higher the temperature rises, the more discount customers get on reporting component List & Label and CRM solution combit Relationship Manager until July 9th 2010. Already for the fifth summer in succession every morning at 9:00 am (CET) the current temperature in degrees

New Designer Language Kits for Development Component List & Label 15

Software house combit now offers 13 Designer language kits for international projects with development component List & Label 15. Eight more languages have been added to the so far available five, among others Danish and simplified Chinese. For customers with the Subscription Edition Enterprise all language kits are inclusive. “Many of our customers develop applications for the international market”, explains List & Label project manager Jochen Bartlau, “with our language kits

combit Employees Donate Leave Day for Earthquake Victims

Constance/Germany, 01/22/2010 – To help the victims of Haiti's devastating earthquake combit employees have spontaneously donated a leave day. This was calculated into money and combit has doubled the so reached sum. The donation goes to the humanitarian aid organisation Doctors Without Borders. Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières is an international humanitarian aid organisation. It provides emergency medical assistance to people affected by armed conflict or natural disasters regardless of race,

Successful Sales Launch for List & Label 15

Constance, 11/16/2009 – With the release of version 15 German software house combit has introduced a new generation of the globally used software development component List & Label to the market. A look under the hood reveals that the new version

List & Label 15 is Compatible with Windows 7

Software manufacturer combit reports: Version 15 of reporting tool List & Label, set to be released at the beginning of November, has successfully concluded the certification process for Windows 7. Features specific to Windows 7 ensure that List & Label runs flawlessly under the new Microsoft operating system. "One of the most interesting new additions in Windows 7 is the taskbar with extended functions," explains List & Label project manager Jochen

List & Label 14 supports Delphi Prism

At this year’s PDC, Embarcadero Technologies presented their new .NET product Delphi Prism .NET, and without any delay the software house combit has been able to adapt their reporting tool to support it. Thanks to this List & Label now seamlessly integrates into projects of this new .NET-Windows-development platform. Delphi-Prism is based on the product Oxygene (previously known as Chrome) from RemObjects and can be used as a plug-in for Visual-Studio.

Report Generator List & Label 14 is available now

The software house combit, maker of the internationally renown component List & Label, has now released version 14. List & Label comes equipped with a host of new features and accord-ing to combit breaks existing boundaries to set new standards, offering developers new per-spectives for creating reports. A special feature that List & Label developers have implemented to ease the use of the Designer is the inclusion of a real-data-preview,

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