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Mobile Gaming Fun with the JOYity GPS Game

In time with the first Android smartphone G1, a new cell phone game hits the market, which unites both virtual gaming fun and physical reality to one gaming experience. Instead of merely participating in the adventures of an avatar from in front of the PC, in JOYity, the player takes up the challenge in person. As hunter or hunted, as a tourist or a detective, the player enters one of

Off to Sudoku trainings camp with the cell

The Sudoku Trainer is a great new puzzle game for beginners and advanced gamers. It’s a classic Sudoku download for free with three difficulty levels. Sudoku has become a classic in the puzzle corner. Various versions of the puzzle game are set with additional terms or symbols instead of numbers. So as not to feel like a fish out of water these variety makes it possible to choose the certain challenge. An

Location-Based platform JOYity soon on Apple iPhone

The Apple iPhone offers all the right technological features to be ideally suitable for JOYity's outdoor gaming adventures. As of 2009, this new location-based platform will allow to quickly and easily play GPS games in one's closer vicinity, providing a unique interactive game experience. Currently, the iPhone tallies close to 2,000 game offerings on the market, with an upward trend. And soon, JOYity will join. This location-based platform belongs to

Becoming a mobile game designer with JOYity

Today it is a popular activity to play games on the cell phone. But, designing games as a cell phone user, and to be the creator of an original storyboard of a mobile game is a novelty. The new location based platform JOYity offers both, mobile GPS games for playing and the opportunity to design games that can be used by other players. Mobile games become more important in the use

Mental Arithmetic + Cell Phone = NumberPyramid

To solve the numerical riddle of the NumberPyramid, there is no need to be an arithmetician. But the math tasks must be solved by mental arithmetic and that might be tricky. Fortunately, this ability can be trained with exercises – even on the go with NumberPyramid. Nowadays, arithmetic operations of small numbers by addition or subtraction with calculators can be solved. It is a wanton mistake if abilities are substituted by

Roads of San Francisco: Mobile Reality Game as Crime Thriller

In the Californian metropolis the player get involved in an unexpected chase to test serendipity and investigation abilities. Roads of San Francisco is a new exciting reality mobile game of JOYity, an interactive gaming platform for the use on Android smart phones. Equipped with an Android cell phone the player is set in gaming scenario that involve into bizarre incident immediately. Roads of San Francisco is happening in the same

Playing manhunt on mobile phone: YouCatch available for HTC G1

YouCatch is a new and exiting reality game available for the location based gaming software JOYity. It can be run on any HTC G1 phone. The game creates an extraordinary adrenalin boost with great speed and thrill according to the cops and robbers principle. YouCatch is a location based game for exciting hunting experiences. The player is not playing at home on the sofa, but he has to run through the

JOYity Reality Games on the G1 Cell Phone

The mobile marketing and mobile entertainment company Zelfi presents its new software development, JOYity. It will be available at the Android Market, the online market place of the new Linux-based mobile operating system. JOYity is an interactive gaming platform with a wide range of stunning reality games for playing on HTC G1 cell phones. JOYity, the new mobile gaming software platform, will revolutionize the oldest leisure activity of humans: gaming. The

Solving Crossword Puzzles on the Cell Phone

This modern version of a crossword puzzle gets on without paper and pencil. A development for cell phones that has long been overdue but now it is available at last. Particularly crossword puzzles are still a very popular method for entertaining short while with mental requirement on the go. Just as large as needed for a few minutes as a pastime, each crossword puzzle is suitable for a short wait. In

The Assessment Trainer Makes Fit for the Next Job Interview

Many job interviews include as well tests in an assessment center where applicants have to solve different tasks in little time. The mobile assessment trainer makes fit for these tests and offers even without job interview a good mental training. The mobile assessment trainer is a good preparation for the selection process of a new employee. Often the applicants have to complete different tasks in different fields in order to show

Crossing Rough Terrain With the Cellphone

In the new game of skill, you should not lose time. Quick reactions are necessary in order to guide a fugitive through rough terrain. Thanks to easy control, this intriguing action game is definitely an entertaining pastime. You can choose with which protagonist you want to flee. If you prefer a prisoner, a secret agent, or a ninja is just a matter of taste, since all of them are

Rescue Chickens Before They Catch the H5N1Virus in the Cell Phone Game ChickenLe …

The bird flu is still a current problem, even though there are no headlines in the press right now. In the new cell phone game ChickenLethal, you have to cope with the disease. You have little time to get the chaotic situation under control. In the game, the player is the owner of a chicken farm. Unfortunately, some of his chickens are suspected to have contracted the dangerous H5N1 virus. You

Mazeness II - A mobile game to freak out

There are only a few mobile games not loosing their attraction after a short time. Mazeness II doesn’t belong to these games but rather sends the players into rapture because this is an intelligent puzzle requiring a great dose of logic and patience. In Mazeness II it is the challenging task for the player to control two or more balls on two parallel sets. Highlight of the game is the structure

Mechanics – Coordination exercises in a cell phone game

The new mobile phone game „Mechanics“ demands a sound basis of organizing ability and players’ high concentration. Small subjects must be guided through a system of gadgets to reach the target place without harm. A fiddly job for the player but attended with high entertainment. The little creatures are located in an odd world and obviously normal means of transport do not exist. The player has to make sure that all

In time for the football happening: Get ready for the mobile game Footballz

The European Football Championship 2008 is just around the corner. That’s the right moment to get the equipment and to get in the mood for the great football happening. Footballz is exciting entertainment for the mobile phone, making the mobile gamer sweat the, too. Indeed, you don’t have to shoot balls into the goal, but Footballz will get your adrenalin flowing anyway. Ball-boy David has to catch all golden balls lying

Adventurous puzzle game on mobile phone: Edgar – Cave of Secrets

Coming with a mixture of adventure and puzzle, a new challenge is waiting for mobile phone gamers: Edgar – Cave Of Secrets is offering best entertainment by tricky combination tasks and fast excitement. In addition, the mobile game captivates by a first-class graphical composition and its lovable hero. In this game, everything revolves around Edgar who has got himself into a predicament because of his curiosity. As he explores a

Play an adventurer's part on the mobile

To struggle through life and take up a challenge to home on a target. That seems to be like real life in the new role playing game Nuclear Collapse on the mobile phone. The player feels like an element of an exciting adventure story that is steered by the player himself. In the dark future of Nuclear Collapse the humanity has shady prospects. Enslaved by alien overlords men carve out a

ExpenseTracker: saving money, working mobile

It is necessary to keep a track of spending to save money. The best solution is keeping a book of household accounts to create daily records of financial operations. It should be ready to hand and automatically add all amounts – the ExpenseTracker for the mobile phone. Cash is spent like water. People often have no idea where they spent all of it in seven days because there are so many

Classic esport game becomes mobile

A classic among tactical shooter games is entering mobile phone. It affords thrilling pleasure and requires a lot of practice in gaming and a quick eye. Mobile Strike is following computer games in first person perspective and is steadily gaining popularity as application for the mobile phone as well. In single player mode the player has to fulfil missions against a team of terrorists and move cautiously across one of six

Free GPS navigation for the cell phone

To follow the right direction most people have already used a route-finder in their car. So it comes in useful when the navigation system is integrated in the cell phone. And it is a great advantage when the software is offered for free, too. This mobile software is called amAze, a mobile mapping, local search and navigation solution. It contains a wide coverage of maps including aerial photo in Europe, North

Happy Halloween: Creepy games for mobile phones

Creepy weeks at Zelfi: Halloween is coming! On 31st October the witches and ghosts are all over again. It’s Halloween, a scary day! For this frightening happening there are a lot of things to get for decoration. Great chance to fit the mobile with suitable games. At a great selection of gruesome mobile games are offered for the following days. In Halloween Teeter Totter the player is trying to

Mini first-person shooter to go: Micro Counter Strike

One of the most popular PC games viewed from a first-person perspective is now entering into mobile phones. Micro Counter Strike demands tactics and offers action-packed units of entertainmant in a handy size for your pants pocket. The player is given 6 different scenarios to choose from and immediately takes over the role of a one-man-anti-terror-unit. Before his first deployment, the player can enhance his equpiment or buy additional weapons

PisQorky – Plans get systematically frustrated

PisQorky is the unpronouncable name of the new mobile game developed by Inlogic Software, also known as tick-tack-toe or noughts and crosses. The rules of the game are very simple but nevertheless it is everything but easy to beat the opponent. The aim is to set a row consisting of at least five of one\'s signs, which can run vertically or diagonally. In alternation you set your crosses while the

Ali The Penguin – on a mobile arctic mission

Walking, jumping, shooting: The new mobile game Ali The Penguin ensures racy entertainment and is absolutely able to replace previous portable paddles. Walking through the perpetual ice, the player has to lead penguin Ali to the solution of his missions. The main aim is to regain a precious holy relic, which was stolen from the penguin-nation. This target is leading the player, together with the little

Flammable rescue mission in Firescue

The new mobile phone game Firescue offered by Zelfi shows a dramatic scene of a fire. A house belching flames where people jumping out of the windows. The player has to manage the rescue of jumping people and pay attention for physical integrity of its own crew members. Also TV or stereo are falling objects the fire fighter pay attention for. Some of them are premium objects. When catches they

Being part of a submarine battle on a mobile

Yellow Submarine is a new mobile phone game developed by Inlogic Software and casts a spell over the player with missions and sea-adventures in an underwater operation. The player fills the role of the lieutenant commander of a submarine and must accomplish different missions with its crew. The sea is enclosed from risky straits and is abound with hostile ships, which must be destroyed mines, torpedoes or bombs. The advantage of

Roboros – Deep views of the interior life of a processor

Roboros is a classical Jump’n run mobile phone game, which wins over a beautiful graphic work, various control possibilities, and a varied game play. In this mobile game the player simulates the role of Roboros, a small robot, which is imprisoned into a processor and wants of the arithmetic and logic unit of a computer to step out. Before Roboros reaches the exit the player will have to cope with a

Hearts – a classic card game for mobile phones

Hearts is a well-Known card game since the game is often included in with Microsoft Windows. It’s a trick taking game in which the aim is to avoid winning tricks containing hearts. The queen of spades is even more to be avoided. In Hearts a standard deck of 52 cards is used and the game is played with four players. When one player exceeded 100 points, the game ends. This

Patience on the mobile: FreeCell for to go

FreeCell is one of the most well-known card games. The object of this mobile card game is to move all the cards to the home cells, using the free cells as placeholders. All cards must be sorted in a well-planned manner. Because all cards are visible from the initial deal, there is no luck involved. FreeCell is thought of as a game of skill and strategy, like all solitaire card

Try hard in the great jigsaw puzzle Killer Sudoku

The very popular game Sudoku is known as fiddly jigsaw puzzle. In the last two years the puzzle game became the favourite jigsaw puzzle of nearly every age group. Normally there is no maths in Sudoku, only logical conclusion is necessary. Killer Sudoku offers the standard version of the Puzzle game in three difficulties. But the player may also select the killer version of Sudoku. Maths tasks must be solved before

Mobile Game MCMartha – The meadow is not enough

MCMartha is a nice mobile game about a crazy cow bored of the daily routine in the green countryside. In a Crazy Cow Swinging Competition the player have to swing the cow to jump as far as possible. In a multi player competition mode the player may test its skills in cow pushing. The player may compete against three friends to show his incredible skills at the seesaw. The best

Contraflow - Against all odds

Contraflow is a new very exciting action shooter for mobile phones. As Pilot of a spacecraft the player is entering the colony of an enemy. Under fire the pilot have to eliminate the foe and have to struggle against a hail of bullets. Additional power ups like shields, extra life, 2 or 3 way shooter, points and energy are great supplying support for the pilot’s mission. Contraflow is an advertisement funded

Playing Chess as fitness coach for mental training

Chess is one of the world’s most popular games and now available to play on mobile phones. This is good entertainment on the way and ambitious amusement for chess players. Train your skills of strategy and tactic. Risk a game of chess against the computer. Chess is played on a square board of eight rows and eight columns of squares. Normally a board game and token is used to play. But

Hard to solve: BattleShip Puzzle for smart players

Battleship Puzzle is the new challenge for mobile phone game players. In this mobile game logical conclusion is required. Similar to the known paper pencil game the gamer have to position an armed fleet in BattleShip Puzzle. In different sections of ocean the hidden fleet ships may be oriented horizontally or vertically within the grid such that no ship touches another, not even diagonally. The numbers on the bottom and

Fantastic role game for mobile phones: The Chimaera Stones

A new exciting role playing adventure game developed by EvilDevelopers expects mobile phone players. \"The Chimaera Stones\" is the sequel of the story of Avael with exciting investigations and fights against infamous bandits and dark powers. In “The Chimaera Stones” the player selects the names and roles of his figures first: Whether knights, paladin, wizard, thief or shade - from each useful profession someone is represented. A group of three

MMD - mobile game with logic operations for hard challenges

MMD is brain training and skill testing in combinational logic. Only with good reasoning players will be successful. A combination of coloured balls must be figured out. But only strategic testing and logical conclusions solve the code of colour. Red and white dots symbolize true colour and correct position of the balls. But the player will never be shown which ball is correct. He has to decode this with keen

Great version of the famous falling block game for mobile phones

Zelfis new mobile game, named TTX, is the clone of a classic falling block puzzle but yield more entertaining fun by a lot of great features. In TTX coloured blocks of a different shape are falling down. The player has to complete lines with blocks and if one line is done the row will disappear. So the gaps in a line of blocks have to be closed. The blocks may be

No traffic chaos with RoundaboutX on the mobile phone

RoundaboutX is the new version of the known mobile game Roundabout developed by babysoft. Some bug-fixes and additional features carry the game up to the top five games of the Zelfi mobile games offer. In RoundaboutX the player has to regulate the traffic at a roundabout. Because of the high inbound traffic this task becomes not as easy as it seems. Coolness is necessary to avoid crashes. The new release support

Becoming a shooting star with bow and arrow

Archery is a vehement challenge for all mobile gamers: The task of the player is to hit the bull’s eye with a bow and several arrows. Naturally there are some characteristics that make it harder to succeed. It is important to consider that the target is moving and a wind is blowing too. So the player has to put his mind on the target to choose the right time to

Grisly and funny at the same time - mobile game Head on a Stick

Head on a Stick is a macabre game where the player of this mobile phone game has to balance bodiless heads on a stick with a good reaction. A series of heavier and smaller heads increase the difficulty on each level. Additional points are counted when the head is kept in a good balance. In an amusing competition mode this absurd game can be played with friends. But there must be

Beware of the cats on your mobile phone

With the mobile game Cats in a Flap players become hectic. As guard over nine cat flaps in a house the player must ensure that as few cats enter as possible the house. It is important to hurry and to press the number above their head as soon as they appear through the cat flaps! In a funny competition mode this incredible game can be played with friends. But there

Arcade classic for mobile phones

Ark-Annoyed is a great version of an arcade classic, also known as Arkanoid. Playing with a bat, a ball and a brick remain unchanged but nice features were added for more fun. The player can move the bat left and right and use 5 to fire the ball off at the start. Only one brick is visible on the screen at a time. At the top right of the screen

An easy way to start a mobile marketing campaign

Mobile marketing is one of the most increasing industries and it awaits a dreamlike future if there wouldn’t be some hurdles for enterprises to advertise on mobile phones, like high costs to set on. Now advertisers are able to edit their campaign themselves at MyZelfi ( The mobile marketing platform Zelfi AG offers a website interface where marketers are able to furnish and specify their campaign for low costs. They can

Rushhour in a traffic circle

In fact this game for mobile phones demands patience and good reactions from the player. Nevertheless the game is simple and it promises to be great fun. The target of the mobile games is to keep the traffic on going in a roundabout at 7 a.m. when everybody wants to come straight to office. Three levels of different difficulty complete the good entertainment for long time and the one-thumb-game is

Action-packed jigsaw puzzle on a mobile phone

The new mobile phone game ColorJumble developed by DarkCrystal is an amusing jigsaw puzzle version but bear more challenge than traditional games of this type. In this colourful mobile game balls of the same colour must be organized in a row or column of a matrix. Unlike other jigsaw puzzles the balls can not be displaced or interchanged. The player has to mix the colours by subtracting or adding another

That's cult - Sudoku for mobile phones

Sudoku is an addictive braintease and logic-based number placement puzzle. The objective is to fill a 9x9 grid so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3x3 boxes contains the digits from 1 to 9. The puzzle setter provides a partially completed grid. Two degrees of difficulty might be selected. It’s tricky – the ideal challenge for everyone who enjoys brainteasers. Anyone should have this brainteaser on

"Chronicles of Avael" - Orcs, Goblins and secrets for on the move

The new mobile phone game \"Chronicles of Avael\" is a role-playing game developed by EvilDevelopers in the tradition of AD&D and consists of short, exciting adventures tailor-made for a train journey or evening at home. In the first adventure “Prolog” the player takes the part of a young man named Lev whose family is attacked by a mysterious gang searching for a book which Lev has found. The boy is

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