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Excellent Electrical Insulation Performance for Windform Composites

3D printing service bureau CRP Technology's Glass fiber reinforced Windform thermoplastic composites were subjected to dielectric constant and dielectric strength tests, and the results were excellent, exhibiting a dielectric constant of approximately 4 and withstanding peak voltages of at least 2.5 kV/mm. 3D printing service bureau CRP Technology is pleased to inform that their Glass fiber reinforced Windform thermoplastic composites for Selective Laser Sintering, have demonstrated outstanding electrical insulation performance as

3D Printing Service Bureau CRP Technology Launches Windform SL, the Top-of-the-L …

CRP Technology, a pioneering company in the 3D printing industry and a leading 3D printing service bureau, introduces Windform SL, the twelfth material in the Windform TOP-LINE series, setting new standards in additive manufacturing. Windform SL, a polyamide-based composite reinforced with Carbon fibers, combines exceptional lightweight characteristics with a low density of 0.87 g/cc, making it an ultra-light and rigid material. In the rapidly evolving field of Additive Manufacturing, the globally

CRP Technology's Role in Industrial 3D Printing for Michael Mann's Film, "Ferrar …

Nestled in the soul of Modena, a city echoing with the thunderous symphony of engines and steeped in the storied tradition of automotive prowess, the eclectic and innovative filmmaker Michael Mann assumed the directorial helm to breathe life into the enthralling saga of Enzo Ferrari, the mastermind behind Ferrari cars. Drawing inspiration from Brock Yates' seminal 1991 biography, "Enzo Ferrari: The Man and the Machine", Mann's new cinematic masterpiece, "Ferrari"

CRP Technology launches on the Additive Manufacturing market Windform TPU, new r …

It's a versatile thermoplastic polyurethane, extremely elastic, flexible, soft thanks to its elongation at break value > 400%. It is suitable for many industrial sectors and applications. CRP Technology launches on the AM market a new material of the TOP-LINE range for industrial 3D printing service, the rubber-like Windform TPU. Windform TPU is a thermoplastic polyurethane, white coloured, extremely elastic, flexible, resistant to impact and soft thanks to its elongation at break

CRP Technology launches Windform XT 2.0 IMG, high performance material for injec …

A composite with thermoplastic matrix, PA12 based and Carbon fibers reinforced, Windform XT 2.0 IMG is the first CRP Technology's injection molding material. It is 100% recycled with no addition of virgin powder from exhausted Windform XT 2.0 for Laser Sintering CRP Technology launches the Windform XT 2.0 IMG material and initiates a new era in the world of industrial production and sustainability. Winform XT 2.0 IMG is a high-performance composite material

Windform RS and Windform LX 3.0 officially approved for space flight

Carbon fiber reinforced composite Windform RS and Glass fiber reinforced composite Windform LX 3.0 from CRP Technology's Windform TOP-LINE, passed ESA standard screening outgassing tests in accordance with ESA-TEC-PR-002015 (based on ECSS-Q-ST-70-02C): they are officially approved for the construction of applications to launch into Space. Franco Cevolini, CEO and Technical Director of CRP Technology, says: "Passing the outgassing tests is a crucial factor for those who supply materials to the

CRP Technology at Formnext 2022 to highlight successful use of Windform material …

CRP Technology will be attending Formnext 2022 in person as an exhibitor. The event, which is intended to be the international meeting point for the next generation of intelligent industrial production, is held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, from 15th to 18th November 2022. CRP Technology and their composite materials Windform will be at booth B31, hall 11.1. CRP's highly skilled staff will show and explain to attendees how the use

CRP Technology teamed with FLYING-CAM creating 3D printed, functional tail rotor …

FLYING-CAM, the world leader in design and manufacturing of unmanned helicopters and pioneer of professional drone filming services, celebrated its 30th anniversary with the World premiere of Discovery, its newest unmanned aircraft system. The Belgium-based company decided to turn to CRP Technology and its advanced solutions for Additive Manufacturing using Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) process with composite polymers fiber-reinforced, in order to complete the construction of Discovery. Discovery is a 75kg Maximum

High-tech jewelry made of composite material and Laser-Powder Bed Fusion technol …

Jewelry brand Eternha has chosen CRP Technology and Windform® GT, Glassfiber reinforced composite material used to manufacture harsh and advanced applications, to create some elements of their Men's collection bracelets. It is an absolute novelty in the jewelry sector Jewelry brand company Eternha was founded in 2020 by Stefano Massimiliano Marangoni and Chiara Cistriani. The store was opened on June 25, 2022. Their proposals combine the traditional materials of the jewelry industry

Finalized the ITT investment in CRP Technology and CRP USA

Modena, Italy, June 16th, 2022 - 3D printing leading companies CRP Technology and CRP USA have signed an investment agreement with ITT Inc., a diversified leading manufacturer of highly engineered critical components and customized technology solutions headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut (USA) and present in more than 35 countries. According to the operation, ITT Inc. becomes part of the shareholder structure of CRP Technology and CRP USA, in line with its business

3D-printed deploying system for ultimate nanosatellites achieved new goal

The second Alba Orbital's launch of 2022, 'Alba Cluster X', just occurred from Pad A at Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1 on New Zealand's Mahia Peninsula. As part of the Rocket Lab's "There And Back Again" mission that comprised 34 satellites to a sun synchronous orbit, the Alba Orbital launch consisted in the deployment of 4 PocketQube satellites out of the 34, using Alba's advanced 3D printed system "AlbaPod v2".

3D printed PocketQube deployers in Carbon fiber filled composite material succes …

Five AlbaPod v2, the PocketQube deployers by Alba Orbital manufactured by CRP Technology using professional 3D printing and Carbon fiber reinforced composite material Windform XT 2.0, were launched into orbit as part of SpaceX's Transporter-3 mission using Falcon 9 rocket, occurred on Thursday 13th January 2022. The deployers successfully completed their mission: once had separated from Falcon 9, the deployers started launching into the orbit the PocketQubes, that in turn

Advanced production process and composite materials meet sustainable mobility: s …

For Local Motors’ autonomous electric vehicle Olli 2.0, Italy-based CRP Technology manufactured two applications using Windform composite materials. As additions to the original Olli 2.0 model, the 3D printed parts have supported the individual approval for a project in Europe The ground mobility company Local Motors’ autonomous electric vehicle Olli 2.0 includes some 3D printed parts manufactured by CRP Technology in Windform composite materials. The Modena-based company, which has been involved in
10-29-2021 | Sports
CRP Technology

Pleko, the revolutionary spike shoes made in Carbon fiber filled composite and 3 …

CRP Technology has built as a single unit the structural part of Pleko spike shoes: outsole, midsole, pins and ribbing. The result is a functional prototype, flexible and resistant to deformation even in thin thicknesses, which is innovative for customization, technologies and material used: Carbon fiber reinforced Windform SP composite. Venetian middle-distance runner Miro Buroni has created and developed Pleko, customized and revolutionary athletics track shoes (in jargon, spike shoes) with

CRP Technology selected for the 3D Printing Industry Awards 2021

After the victory in 2019, CRP Technology is shortlisted again for the prestigious awards dedicated to 3D printing. Two the categories reached by the Italy-based company: "Material Company of the Year" and "Best aerospace application". The Awards will be broadcast live on the 3D Printing Industry YouTube channel on October 21st, 2021, at 1600 BST After winning the 2019 edition, CRP Technology is once again shortlisted upon the 3D Printing Industry

CRP Technology celebrates 25 years of professional use of Laser Sintering The plurality may have only discovered Additive Manufacturing in the last decade, but CRP Technology has been familiar with its inner connections since 1996. At that time Roberto Cevolini (owner of Roberto Cevolini & Co. high precision CNC machining avantgarde service with roots in the high end automotive/racing world) decided to analyse the 3D printing processes with a clear idea in mind: be able to resolve in advance customers’ issues

Windform® RS, the outstanding composite material with amazing mechanical proper …

CRP Technology launches a new polyamide-based Carbon fiber filled composite for production-grade PBF 3D printing: the top-of-the-range Windform® RS. Engineer Franco Cevolini, CEO and CTO, CRP Technology: "In the Additive Manufacturing world Windform® RS is unparalleled. We created a material that combines high tensile strength with high elongation at break and low density: Windform® RS is unique of its kind" CRP Technology, a leading 3D printing company, announces the

3D printed satellite deployer in Windform XT 2.0 acclaimed for its mechanical fe …

Recently Alba Orbital’s AlbaPod V2 hyped up for its unique design, lightweight, easily integration into space launch vehicles, maintenance of the demanding quality standards for space. These characteristics have also made possible thanks to the use of AM and Windform XT 2.0 Carbon composite material The European Space Agency (ESA) dedicated an article on Alba Orbital's cutting edge 3D printed satellite dispenser, AlbaPod V2, manufactured by CRP Technology using laser sintering

Successful integration of 9 PocketQube satellites in a 3D printed deployer manuf …

The core of the upcoming mission, named ‘That time of year’, is Alba Orbital’s AlbaPod v2, the world’s only space proven PocketQube deployer, entirely 3D printed by Italy-based CRP Technology using Windform XT 2.0 high-performance composite material Carbon-fiber reinforced. The deployer will take customer satellites to orbit on a SpaceX Falcon 9 launch vehicle in December 2020. It will be the largest PocketQube launch in history to date. Alba Orbital Ltd

3D printed visor frame for protective face shields

Through selective laser sintering process and Windform® FX BLACK polyamide-based material, CRP Technology has manufactured for Tecnoguarnizioni the visor frame of two PPE for medics and professionals. The speed of execution and the functionality of the parts in Windform allowed the devices to be certified in a short time Tecnoguarnizioni s.a.s (Soliera, Modena, Italy) for over 40 years has been producing industrial flat gaskets of all sizes based on the customer's

Not only Motorsports: how Windform® TOP-LINE composite materials, Additive and …

printing by CRP Technology and then CNC machined by CRP Meccanica combining additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques Since 1970 IMAL is word-wide leading company in machinery for the production of wood particle, plywood, MDF, OSB. For an important customer, IMAL has created a quality control system to be placed at the end of the production cycle, based on TeraHertz / millimeter wave (T-ray) technology. IMAL turned to CRP Technology for the manufacturing of

Successful use of professional 3D printing and high-performance composite materi …

As Joyson Safety Systems project and application, it is the first functional prototype to be produced with Laser Sintering process by using CRP Technology’s Carbon reinforced composite material Windform® SP Joyson Safety Systems’ Core innovations team started a project to explore and deep dive into the Additive Manufacturing field, also pointing out to its possibilities and potentials to discover new processes and materials to use for the manufacturing of airbag housing

Fruitful use of 3D printing and composite material in the creation of Space qual …

Recently high-tech SME based in Glasgow (Scotland) Alba Orbital needed to build an updated version of their Pocketqube satellite deployer, AlbaPod 2.0. The aims of the project were to improve on previous designs in terms of weight, manufacturability, access and incorporate a number of safety features. Alba Orbital turn to CRP Technology for the manufacturing of the deployer, as the Italian-based 3D printing company has built a considerable experience supplying cutting-edge solutions

Strategic use of Advanced Manufacturing in the development of EVs

Italy-based professional 3D Printing supplier CRP Technology has manufactured cell pouch frames for Energica Motor Company, to test on battery pack prototypes, both for the racing and the production sides. The cell pouch frames were created using laser sintering technology and composite flame-retardant material First Italian manufacturer of supersport electric motorcycles, Energica Motor Company Spa is a leading innovator in the EV market. Thanks to the close involvement in the MotoE(TM) racing series

CRP Technology manufactures emergency valves for assisted ventilation using Addi …

To help defeat the Covid-19, in less than 24 hours CRP Technology has manufactured in-house several functional prototypes of emergency valves for reanimation device and link-components for emergency respiratory mask for assisted ventilation. For the manufacture of both type of components, the CRP Technology's Rapid Prototyping Department has used the 3D printing technology called HSS (High Speed Sintering) and the Windform P1 isotropic material. "Following the intensification of the emergency due to

CRP Windform FR2, new cutting-edge composite material for Additive Manufacturing

CRP Technology, the long-standing leading company in the field of advanced technologies and professional 3D printing, launches on the market a flame-retardant glass fiber reinforced material for Selective Laser Sintering CRP Technology's hi-tech advancement is unstoppable. Less than six months after the launch on the market of Windform FR1, the first carbon fiber-reinforced flame-retardant material for professional 3D printing, CRP Technology is presenting a new composite material from the TOP-LINE family

CRP Technology launches Windform® P2, thermoplastic glass fiber filled material …

CRP Technology, a leading company in the creation of prototypes and final applications in professional 3D printing, launches Windform® P2 material. Windform® P2 is a glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic polyamide material with excellent mechanical properties for High Speed Sintering process. Engineer Franco Cevolini, CRP Technology CTO and VP, states: “Windform® P2 is the second polymer from P-LINE, the new Windform® range of materials for high speed production-grade 3D printing, introduced on the

CRP Technology speaker at Composites in Motorsport

CRP Technology will be attending Composites in Motorsport as speaker. The upcoming edition will be held 22nd - 23rd October, at the Williams F1 Conference Centre, Oxford. CRP Technology AM expert representative will be giving a presentation entitled: “How Additive Manufacturing composite materials drive EV Motorsports”. The speech is set at 13:30 on 23rd October 2019. “We have been invited to submit a presentation under their electric motorsport technology session”, Franco

Isotropic material for 3D printing Windform® P1 shortlisted for TCT Awards 2019

Italian-based CRP Technology, 3D printing leader for the most advanced industrial sectors, gained new international success. CRP Technology’s Windform® P1 has been shortlisted for the Materials Award – Polymers at the TCT Awards 2019, following some strong competition and an intensive review by TCT Expert Advisory board. Windform® P1 is the inaugural new-born isotropic PA (polyamide) from the P-LINE family of materials for High speed production-grade 3d printing. Franco Cevolini, VP and
08-01-2019 | Sports
CRP Technology

CRP Technology shines at Sachsenring racetrack

Positive debut for the Italian-based companies and Energica’s technological partners for MotoE CRP Technology and CRP Meccanica made their debut at Sachsenring racetrack during the inaugural weekend of MotoE (5 – 7 July 2019) as Energica technological partners. The series had been stopped due to the Jerez fire but thanks to the hard work of Energica team and the partners involved, all Ego Corsa motorcycles were rebuilt in less than three months. The

CRP Technology welcomes Windform® FR1 composite material for Additive Manufactu …

It is the first carbon-fiber-filled flame-retardant LS material to be rated V-0 Since mid-90’, CRP Technology has been changing the rules of additive manufacturing, smashing records and setting models nowadays that apply to the 3D printing technology with polyamide materials. A clear sign of this continued performance is Windform® FR1 (FR stands for Flame Retardant), the new-born material from the Windform® TOP-LINE family of composite materials for Additive Manufacturing. It is intended to

CRP Technology is part of ARTES 4.0

CRP's cutting-edge AM technologies at the service of the most innovative projects in the field of Advanced Robotics CRP Technology participates as an affiliated member to ARTES 4.0 association (Advanced Robotics and enabling digital TEchnologies & Systems 4.0). The new born association leads the homonymous Competence Center coordinated by the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, and it is characterized as a partnership that connect universities, research institutes and companies focused on innovation. ARTES 4.0 Competence

3D Printing and composite materials used for innovative aero-elastic wind tunnel …

CRP Technology collaborated with the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology of the Politecnico di Milano (PoliMi) on the construction of parts for the aeroelastic wind tunnel demonstrators for “Aeroelastic Flutter Suppression (AFS)” e “GLAMOUR” projects. The AFS project was launched by PoliMi and the University of Washington to test different active control system technologies aiming to attain Active Flutter Suppression. The GLAMOUR project was focused on technological optimization and experimental

CRP Technology won 3DPIAwards as “Material company of the year”

CRP Technology received the 2019 “Material company of the year” award established by 3D Printing Industry as developer of Windform TOP-LINE composite materials. “We are very honored for the award – commented Franco Cevolini, VP and CTO at CRP Technology – I want to thank all the people who voted us and the 3D Printing Industry staff for the support. And, of course, congrats to all the winners!” The award confirms CRP

MotoE™ ready to race thanks to CRP Meccanica and CRP Technology

Preparations are in progress for the resumption of the activities of the FIM Enel MotoE ™ World Cup after the setback last March, when a fire in Jerez destroyed much of the material for the MotoE™ , Ego Corsa machines included. CRP Technology and CRP Meccanica did not fail to give Energica (the FIM Enel MotoE ™ World Cup single manufacturer) their support on a par with the commitment made

CRP Technology shortlisted for 3D Printing Industry Awards 2019

CRP Technology is finalist for the 2019 edition at the 3D Printing Industry Awards: their readership have selected CRP as one of the leaders in the Additive Manufacturing sector. CRP Technology compete in two categories: “Aerospace or Automotive application”, with the 3D printed end use motor terminal cover that CRP Technology manufacture for Energica Motor Company electric motorcycles (cat. 5, KEY E); and “Material company of the year” with Windform composite

CRP Technology welcomes Windform® P1, isotropic material for 3D Printing

Italian-based CRP Technology, market leader in AM technology, launches a new range of materials for professional 3D printing: the Windform® P-LINE. “P stands for Production”, commented Franco Cevolini, VP and CTO at CRP Technology, “we created this new range of materials for High Speed Sintering, the new 3D printing process we integrated in-house: Windform® P-LINE materials combined with HSS technology, allows for the manufacturing of small 3D printed production components. “Our aim”

CRP Technology at IDTechEx Show ! 2019

CRP Technology will attend IDTechEx Show ! 2019 (10th-11th April, 2019, Estrel Convention Center, Berlin, Germany) as speaker within the session “3D Printing of Composites”. This is the first time that the IDTechEX Show in Europe will run this session. CRP Technology VP and CTO Engineer Franco Cevolini will present the paper: “How Windform® composite materials pioneered the AM revolution” on Thursday 11th , 11:20 (CEST) at the Paris Conference

CRP Technology at CNES 2019

For the first time the Italy-based company leader in 3D printing attends the international event (Bordeaux, France, 2-3 April 2019) with the speech "Racetrack to Orbit: an additive revolution with Windform" (2 April, 2.45 pm) and the display of the latest applications in 3D printing and Windform composite materials for avio, Defense and space CRP Technology will attend two days of meetings, exchanges and round tables organized by CNES (Center National

New commercial strategy for Windform® composite materials

The Windform® materials in the worldwide selection of powders for Additive Manufacturing are esteemed as top-level in outstanding performance and mechanical properties. The aim of CRP Technology is to ensure the highest quality in the manufacture of 3D printed components in Windform®. This has characterized the modus operandi of CRP Technology for over 20 years. For this reason, the company has revised its commercial policy: Windform® composite materials will no longer be

New 1:6 model for AMES Unitary Plant transonic high speed tests

As part of a thorough review of the aircraft AW 609 behaviour, Leonardo Helicopter Division has performed a high speed wind tunnel test campaign at NASA Ames Unitary Plan 11 by 11 foot transonic wind tunnel. After a thorough assessment, the NASA AMES Unitary Plant 11’ by 11’ Transonic Wind Tunnel has been selected to obtain an accurate characterization of the aircraft in full scale conditions up to the highest

Construction of wind tunnel model through 3D printing and Carbon-composite mater …

Among the most interesting and significant applications in the aerospace sector, developed thanks to the collaboration of our partners, is with no doubt the new wind tunnel model of the LEONARDO tiltrotor AW609 manufactures by CRP Technology for Leonardo Helicopter Division (Leonardo HD, formerly known as Agusta Westland). This project allowed CRP Technology, once again, to highlight the perfect union between advanced 3D printing technology (Selective Laser Sintering) and Windform®

Franco Cevolini panelist on the future of composites AM

Franco Cevolini, VP and CTO at CRP Technology, is panelist at “Composites AM – A segment Analysis and Market Forecast” free webinar. It will be held on Jan 15, 2019; 3-4pm UTC (10-11am EST) by 3DPBM. Composites AM industry leader and pioneer Franco Cevolini (he created Windform high-performance composite materials) will be join 3DPBM CEO and Editorial Director, Davide Sher, and global experts from Arevo Labs and 3DXTech to
11-12-2018 | Sports
CRP Technology

CRP Technology debuts at METSTRADE 2018

During the round table held on the 14th November, Windform® composite materials will be presented with regard on their use in the maritime industry. For the first time CRP Technology, the world-leading in Selective Laser Sintering technology (or SLS) with its patented high performance composite materials Windform®, will be attending MetsTrade 2018, the world’s largest trade exhibition of marine equipment, materials and systems. It will be held from the 13th to

CRP at Sampe Israel Conference & Exhibition 2018

CRP Meccanica and CRP Technology will be attending Sampe Israel Conference & Exhibition 2018. The event will be held on 29th of October at Herzliya, Israel. It is hosted by Myko Engineering. Cutting edge components manufactured by CRP Meccanica via high precision CNC machining will be displaying, along with functional applications created using state-of-the-art DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) technology. The latest solutions for the space industry realized in

CRP Technology at IN(3D)USTRY 2018 to show how Additive Manufacturing is driving …

For the first time CRP Technology staff will be attending IN(3D)USTRY Additive & Advanced Manufacturing Global Hub 2018 as speaker, with a focus on the use of Additive Manufacturing in the development of Energica motorcycles The speech will be held at Montjuïc Venue, Hall 8, Barcelona (Spain) on Tuesday, 16th October, at 12:00, in the Automotive Panel for IN(3D)USTRY Talks, where the leaders of each industry presenting their best cases of

CRP Technology strengthens its European presence by signing a partnership with G …

G.W.Consultancy is CRP Technology’s new representative for Additive Manufacturing and Windform composite materials in German territory CRP Technology is ready to strengthen its presence in Europe. The Italian-based company specialized in prototyping services with advanced 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing solutions, has established a partnership with G.W.Consultancy. Through the agreement, G.W.Consultancy will be CRP Technology’s Sales and Technical representative for German territory. “We are pleased to launch this new alliance – states
09-19-2018 | Sports
CRP Technology

CRP alongside Energica at the New Sport Production Dept. inauguration

A new 160mq area has been unveiled at Energica Headquarters for the development of the Ego Corsa and custom projects. CRP Meccanica and CRP Technology confirm their technological support and participation in both sides Energica Motor Company, the Italian manufacturer of high-performance electric motorcycles chosen by Dorna as the sole manufacturer for the upcoming FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup, unveiled the new Sport Production Dept. The Company created this new area for


CRP Technology is finalist for the second year in a row for the TCT Awards: following some strong competition and an intensive review by TCT Expert Advisory board, Windform® RL has been shortlisted for the Materials Award – Polymers at the TCT Awards 2018. Windform® RL is CRP Technology’s first thermoplastic elastomer material within the Windform® family of materials for professional 3D Printing . TCT Awards 2018 are to be held at
03-26-2018 | Sports
CRP Technology

CRP Technology reinvents the Energica dashboard through professional 3D printing …

In Modena, homeland of supercars and motor valley of Italy, the first high-performance full electric motorcycles ‘Ego’ was born in Energica Motor Company S.p.A. Ego was rigorously developed using F1 technologies and the Windform® family of high performance composite materials. Energica was created and engineered through the CRP Group, whose decades-long activity in the field of High Precision CNC machining and professional 3D printing, along with Windform® composite materials for

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