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Analog Vierling GSM gateway now HiPath Ready

Vierling Ecotel GSM3-3x certified for Siemens HiPath systems Ebermannstadt, Germany. Siemens Enterprise Communications has now successfully completed testing of Vierling's analog GSM gateway Ecotel GSM3-3x and awarded HiPath Ready certification to the gateway. The Ecotel GSM3-3x is used as an accessory for Siemens HiPath communication systems in small- to medium-sized companies and especially in international markets where analog telephone lines are used predominantly. With the HiPath Ready certification of the Ecotel

Vierling and its partners at Cebit

Good prospects for Vierling Ecotel GSM gateways Ebermannstadt, Germany – March 2, 2009. This year Vierling is again represented through its partners at Cebit in Hanover, Germany (March 3-8, 2009). Vierling’s distribution partners are presenting the Ecotel GSM gateways and VIT DSL testers. The focus is on the digital Ecotel ISDN2-x and analog Ecotel GSM3-3x GSM gateways as well as solutions for connecting GSM gateways into E1 lines. Vierling products will

Connecting GSM gateways via E1 / T1

Vierling releases new Ecotel PRI connect packages consisting of GSM gateways and PRI-IP routers Ebermannstadt, Germany – February 2009. Vierling today presented the new Ecotel PRI connect packages, each of which consists of an Ecotel GSM gateway and a PRI-IP router. Medium and large companies can now connect cost-effective GSM gateway solutions with four or more GSM channels into their E1 / T1 lines with little expense. This significantly decreases the

Ecotel GSM3-3x analog GSM gateway now shipping

Vierling’s Ecotel GSM3-3x cuts connection costs with mobile radio networks or can be used to connect PBXs, fax machines and PCs via mobile radio. Ebermannstadt, Germany – December 11, 2008. The new Ecotel GSM3-3x analog GSM gateway is now available from specialized dealers. Companies can connect the gateway to an analog outside line or extension of their PBX to enjoy significantly lower charges when making calls with mobile radio networks. In

Vierling completes testing with Aastra DeTeWe

Roadshows and technical training for dealers to follow Ebermannstadt, Germany – March 13, 2008. Vierling and Aastra DeTeWe have successfully completed testing of the Ecotel ISDN GSM gateways in Vierling’s Ecotel ISDN series in conjunction with OpenCom PBXs from Aastra DeTeWe. This process allows the manufacturers to ensure compatibility between their systems so that mutual customers can easily deploy Vierling Ecotel ISDN GSM gateways and Aastra DeTeWe OpenCom PBXs together. A

New partnerships, GSM gateways and DSL testers

Ebermannstadt, Germany. February 21, 2008. Vierling’s Mobile Communication division will present its new, cost-effective Ecotel “lite” GSM gateways as well as its partnerships with PBX manufacturers at CeBIT this year. The Measurement Solutions division will focus on the VIT-A2 DSL tester for ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ as well as the VIT-V2 for VDSL2. Vierling’s research & development unit will present its portion of the Equikom research project which is working

Vierling invests in new soldering line

Installation completed in record time with a little ingenuity and some help from the neighbors Ebermannstadt, Germany – November 21, 2007. Vierling recently put a new soldering line into operation at its production facility. The company invested more than EUR 150,000 into the reflow oven at the heart of the system. Some smart thinking helped to complete the installation in record time, not to mention the assistance provided by neighboring company

Analog GSM gateway for the global market

Ecotel GSM3-3x cuts telephone expenses when calling GSM networks while allowing mobile usage of telephones, fax machines and PCs Ebermannstadt, Germany – September 17, 2007. Vierling will present its new Ecotel GSM3-3x analog GSM gateway for the first time ever during the Vierling Autumn Fair from September 19-20, 2007. Once the gateway is connected to an analog port of a PBX, the gateway can reduce the cost of making calls

New handheld tester for VDSL

Ebermannstadt, Germany – September 12, 2007. Vierling will present its new VIT-V2 VDSL2 tester for the first time ever during the Vierling Autumn Fair from September 19-20, 2007. This handheld tester is used by service technicians to detect errors and configuration problems on VDSL lines. A laptop can be connected to read out important connection parameters. Using spectrum analysis software that will be available starting in December 2007, the problems

New products and specialized presentations at Vierling

Vierling’s sixth Annual Autumn Fair from September 19-20, 2007 Ebermannstadt, Germany – August 27, 2007. GmbH develops and manufactures electronic equipment ranging from individual printed Vierling will hold its sixth annual Autumn Fair from September 19-20, 2007 at Schloss Atzelsberg near Erlangen, Germany. Vierling will welcome industry specialists representing carriers, service providers, distributors and retailers. In the area of test equipment, the focus of the two-day technical exhibition and the more

Test application for Internet access

TiQoS.InternetAccess ensures high quality of service for Internet service providers and carriers Ebermannstadt, Germany – August 16, 2007. Vierling introduces the test application TiQoS.InternetAccess as a new module for its proven TiQoS test platform. TiQoS stands for “Testing in Quality of Service”. TiQoS.InternetAccess allows Internet providers and carriers to objectively assess the quality of the Internet access and services they are providing based on defined measurement parameters. The application also

NEC Infrontia tests Vierling's GSM gateways

Successful tests will guarantee reliability and compatibility Kaarst / Ebermannstadt, Germany. NEC Infrontia Germany recently completed a successful test of Vierling’s Ecotel GSM gateways for use with NEC telecommunications systems including the Aspire and XN120 product lines. Users of NEC communications systems and Vierling Ecotel GSM gateways now have access to a reliable and compatible communications solution. Users will also have future access to product-specific technical documentation for the combination of

New GSM gateway Ecotel ISDN 2-120 lite

Ebermannstadt, Germany. Vierling, the international quality and innovation leader in GSM gateways, is now shipping its new digital GSM gateway Ecotel ISDN2-120 lite worldwide. This dual-channel gateway is intended primarily for small- and medium-sized companies that want to reduce the cost of making calls to GSM networks. Ecotel ISDN2 120 lite is based on the proven Ecotel ISDN2-1x series. With its streamlined hardware and software configuration, the GSM gateway pays

Independence from the fixed network

Vierling offers Ecotel GSM3-2 analog mobile radio adapter worldwide Ebermannstadt, Germany. Vierling is now offering its new Ecotel GSM3-2 analog mobile radio adapter worldwide. Ecotel GSM3-2 allows connection of conventional analog telephones that support DTMF dialing to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Ecotel GSM3-2 serves as a useful permanent fixed-network substitute. It is also ideal for connecting service vehicles, offices at construction sites and weekend homes. Vierling is delivering the

New sales partners - Vierling expands partner network for GSM gateways

Ebermannstadt, Germany. Vierling Mobile Communication is expanding its global network of sales and technological partners for GSM gateways. This is in reaction to the rising demand for GSM gateways, particularly in Western and Eastern Europe. Along with the normal deployment of GSM gateways for reducing the costs of mobile telephone connections, demand is on the rise for GSM gateways, especially concerning applications for the convergence of mobile telecommunications, landlines and

Vierling at CeBIT

Focus on next generation networks and convergence Ebermannstadt, Germany. Vierling Measurement Solutions will present new test equipment for DSL and broadband networks as well as IP-based services at CeBIT (Hanover, Germany, March 15 - 21, Hall 13, Booth B58). The company’s Mobile Communication division will present applications allowing integration of GSM mobile radio, the fixed network and Internet telephony (VoIP) along with some new analog GSM gateways. Vierling is focusing its

MR.NET uses TiQoS for dependable network quality

Transport carrier chooses quality test system from Vierling Ebermannstadt, Germany . MR.NET, a transport carrier based in Flensburg, Germany, is now using Vierling’s TiQoS platform (Testing in Quality of Service) to ensure that it delivers consistently high-quality services. TiQoS allows continuous end-to-end quality tests in IP-based networks and classic telecommunications and data networks (time division multiplexing, TDM). MR.NET has installed ten TiQoS remote test units (RTUs) throughout Germany, including five RTUs

5th Annual Vierling Autumn Fair

Vierling to present new products and celebrate its 65th anniversary Ebermannstadt, Germany. Vierling’s 5th annual Autumn Fair will take place from September 20-22, 2006 at Schloss Atzelsberg near Erlangen, Germany and at the company’s headquarters in Ebermannstadt, Germany. This will include a special celebration of Vierling’s 65th anniversary. On September 20-21 at Schloss Atzelsberg, Vierling’s Mobile Communication Division will be presenting new GSM gateways that companies can use to significantly reduce

Centracell helps Vierling Communications to enter South African LCR market

Entire GSM gateway portfolio available Ebermannstadt / Johannesburg, July 31, 2006. Centracell, one of South Africa’s leading service providers for least-cost routing (LCR) solutions and German-based Vierling Communications have established a distribution partnership in South Africa that will offer highly advanced digital gateway technology, based on the Vierling suite of products. Vierling will supply its entire portfolio of digital gateway technologies which include the VTM lite, VTM pro, VTM flex and

Compact GSM Gateway with up to eight channels

Vierling introduces the new digital GSM gateway Ecotel ISDN2-2x Ebermannstadt, July 5, 2006. With the new digital GSM gateway Ecotel ISDN2-2x, companies can significantly reduce their telephone costs. When connected to the private branch exchange (PBX), the gateway re-places expensive connections between the fixed network and mobile phones with economical mobile-to-mobile connections. At the same time, as an alternative to the DECT method (Digital Enhanced Cordless Tele-communications), the Ecotel ISDN2-2x makes

Precision flying over PCBs

Vierling Production makes major investment at Ebermannstadt site Ebermannstadt, Germany – May 17, 2006. Vierling Production is investing a six-digit sum into a new automated quality assurance system. The newly acquired flying probe system from Digitaltest will help the electronics manufacturer to quickly and reliably check the quality of printed circuit boards (PCBs) made in its plant in Ebermannstadt, Germany. This will benefit its affiliate Vierling Communications, a major purchaser of

Vierling at CeBIT

New gateways for GSM and 3G plus test equipment for broadband networks, DSL connections and triple play Ebermannstadt, Germany – February 9, 2006. At CeBIT 2006, Vierling’s Mobile Communication Division will be presenting new GSM and 3G gateways. The company’s Measurement Solutions Division will be showing new solutions for monitoring and troubleshooting broadband networks and DSL connections and for verifying quality of service with IP based services. Companies use gateways from

Vierling becomes an Advanced Partner of Siemens Communications

Technology partnership has benefits for everyone involved Ebermannstadt, Germany – January 17, 2006. Siemens Communications has accepted Vierling as an “Advanced Partner” in the Technology category of its Enterprise Partner Program. Both companies as well as their mutual customers can expect to benefit from this increased level of cooperation. Siemens will support Vierling in developing new products and applications that are optimized for Siemens HiPath systems and other Siemens solutions. For

A new generation of mobile radio gateways

ECOTEL VTM pro replaces VTM classic Ebermannstadt, Germany – January 12, 2006. Vierling’s new Ecotel VTM pro mobile radio gateway is taking the place of its predecessor: Ecotel VTM classic. Ecotel VTM pro enables cost-effective interconnectivity between fixed and mobile radio networks. Sophisticated least cost routing (LCR) helps to optimize savings when making calls. It is also possible to interconnect several Ecotel VTM pro devices and integrate them using a central

Boosting DSL availability

IFC technology reduces holes in DSL coverage Ebermannstadt, Germany – November 29, 2005. Vierling is working with the Institute for Information Transmission at Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg under Prof. Dr. Johannes Huber to develop a technology that reduces crosstalk interference on DSL lines. Interference cancellation (IFC) technology compensates for interference through controlled superimposition of signals. The primary objective is to improve the availability of DSL in rural regions. Vierling hopes to use

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