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22.10.18 - Quintex GmbH

Android App of Ex e box design

This is our Android app for designing an Ex e terminal box. If you want to design a terminal box based on the Quintex box sizes, just input your different types, sizes and quantities of needed termina... mehr

29.08.18 - Quintex GmbH

QX-TWIN temperature monitoring and control system with up to 200 sensors in one cable

TWIN stands for Two-Wire Integrated Network. At the base of the system are addressable nodes with microcomputers, integrated into a cable: TWIN nodes (TN).TN contains sensors (e.g. temperature) and sh... mehr

07.08.18 - Quintex GmbH

Quintex Ex WIFI Accesspoint for your facility

For the IoT you will need accesspoints within your facility. For hazardous areas you will find safe solutions by Quintex • For Gas- and Dust Ex, Zone 1/2/21/22 • Latest Technique • Assembl... mehr

17.07.18 - Quintex GmbH

Video how to use Quintex LBCON

Today we released our new video about our new member of the line bushing family: LBCON. With this product the handling of an Ex d (flameproof) enclosure is so much easier. The connecting of a flame... mehr

19.03.18 - Quintex GmbH

Design an Ex control box on the fly

With the redesigned designer for on-site control units for hazardous areas, it is now easy to create control stations tailored specifically to your requirements in glass-fiber-reinforced polyester enc... mehr

15.11.17 - Quintex GmbH

Andropid App for design of control boxes

With this Quintex App you can design your own specific control box or control station for hazardous areas within glasfibre reinforced polyester as well as in stainless steel enclosures. The use is ver... mehr

10.08.17 - Quintex GmbH

3D drawings for Ex d linebushings to download for freee

We know by a lot of requests that R&D department like to work with 3 D drawings during the development of new products. To accelerate your work at those departments we published our line bushings in ... mehr

05.07.17 - Quintex GmbH

Trace heating App for Android by Quintex

We published our trace heating app today. ( ). The App is bilingual (English,German) With this App... mehr

21.06.17 - Quintex GmbH

Example of standardized overpressure system

This is an example of our space saving and easy to handle overpressure system 2.0. We are working with release by gas detection, so that no volume calculation, flow calculation and programming must ... mehr

09.06.17 - Quintex GmbH

Special designed ex d line bushing for connecting ex enclosures

A special designed line bushing for connection of two enclosures. One side is threaded and one side is flat (pluggable). By this you can screw in the line bushing to one enclosure and then plug the se... mehr

01.06.17 - Quintex GmbH

LED emergency exit and escape route light fittings

The Ex approved emergency exit and emergency escape route luminaries are equipped with modern, light-weight and maintenance-free LED technology. They are supplied with a rechargeable battery which is ... mehr

20.01.17 - Quintex GmbH

Selflimiting/selfregulating heating tapes in a biogas plant

In Germany, in the Brandenburg region of Gröden, Schradenbiogas GmbH & Co. KG operates a biogas plant based on anaerobic wet fermentation. In this process, liquid organic waste is extracted from the ... mehr

07.10.16 - Quintex GmbH

Cold weather! Think ahead to stay trouble free

Now is the ideal time to think and prepare for the forthcoming colder season. Autumn is upon us once again and there is a lot to do. Plants, shrubs and trees planted at this time can be sensitive to f... mehr

02.09.16 - Quintex GmbH

All capillary thermostat and limiters in stainless steel enclosures available

The long in use proven capillary thermostat and limiters with a 16 A switching capacity are now not only available in glass fiber reinforced polyester enclosures but also in stainless steel enclosures... mehr

24.08.16 - Quintex GmbH

Hints for the use of Ex d flameproof cable glands

For all users of Ex d cable gland, especially in the field of instrumentation it is worth to have a look at EN 60079-14. Here you will find a whole chapter about cable glands, line bushing etc for the... mehr

11.08.16 - Quintex GmbH

Tank/vessel trace heating online calculation

For years it has been possible to carry out online calculations for trace heating of pipes on the homepage of Quintex GmbH / To compliment this we have now added a trace heating online calculation for... mehr

21.07.16 - Quintex GmbH

Line Bushing for Ex d and Ex e

QUINTEX can create a variety of line bushings for areas subject to explosion hazards (Ex d) as well as increased safety (Ex e) When working in and around explosive atmospheres it is important to have... mehr

18.07.16 - Quintex GmbH

App for reading, save and restore QR code data of terminal and control boxes by Quintex

Quintex had published a small and free App at Google playstore to ease you life in Ex documentation, maintenance and inspection of terminal, junction and control boxes. Since nearly a year all Quintex... mehr

10.06.16 - Quintex GmbH

Quintex 'Just-in-time Ex-Press Production' for GRP boxes for Ex areas

In order to facilitate on-site, we have set up the following service for you: Quintex 'Just-in-time Ex-Press Production' Quintex, a pioneer in the field of 'Just-in-time Ex-Press Production' of cust... mehr

24.05.16 - Quintex GmbH

Now stainless steel local control stations can be designed and calculate online

Choose you required scheme up to 15 modules and define the function you need for your customized local control box After Quintex has created the possibility to design and calculate quickly and easily... mehr

28.04.16 - Quintex GmbH

Online calculation and configuration for pressurised enclosures and cabinets

QUINTEX create the easiest low pressure system application online with innovative solution. • Are overpressure systems difficult? • To most people project work with overpressure systems take a l... mehr

26.02.16 - Quintex GmbH

Never wait for a quotation for local control panels

Are you still waiting for a quote for local control panels? And finally when you are in contact there was mutual agreement or coordination problem. You can avoid all these issues. With our online cal... mehr

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