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07.02.19 - GALERIE Supper


GALERIE SUPPER ist pleased to announce its participation in art KARLSRUHE 2019, one of Germany's biggest art fairs. Within the context of international exhibitors with a focus on modern and contempora... mehr

11.01.19 - GALERIE Supper

Opening I Andreas Lau: S CH ICHT

GALERIE SUPPER is pleased to announce S CH ICHT, an extensive insight into the artistic development of Andreas Lau (b. 1964, Karlsruhe). The solo show presents selected works from different stages of ... mehr

19.11.18 - GALERIE Supper

Opening: Intakt im Takt

With "Intakt im Takt" ("Intact on Time") GALERIE SUPPER presents a diverse group show. Based on the programme of the gallery, it additionally presents internationally renown positions. The compositio... mehr

13.09.18 - GALERIE Supper

Monika Thiele: The Curtain

With "The Curtain", GALERIE SUPPER, Baden-Baden, proudly presents a comprehensive selection of recent paper works by Monika Thiele (b. 1966, Erfurt). The curtain is an omnipresent and popular motive ... mehr

17.05.18 - GALERIE Supper


GALERIE SUPPER is pleased to present new works by Mike MacKeldey (*1973, Frankfurt am Main) within the framework of the exhibition THE BREAD IS THE PLATE. The artist closes the doors and the dusty, ... mehr

27.11.17 - GALERIE Supper

Tino Geiss: SPUR

GALERIE SUPPER, Baden-Baden is pleased to announce its first solo presentation of works by Tino Geiss (*1978, Jena). An exhibition, set up like a tracking of traces. Two recent groups of works engage... mehr

21.09.17 - GALERIE Supper

Monika Thiele: Wind-Worte

GALERIE SUPPER, Baden-Baden, gladly announces the exhibition Wind-Worte with recent works of the artist Monika Thiele (b.1966, Erfurt). The evening also marks the beginning of the CAB-Event, which wil... mehr

08.06.17 - GALERIE Supper

Christian Awe: Jeux d'eau

With the solo exhibition JEUX D’EAU, GALERIE SUPPER, Baden-Baden, presents works by the artist Christian Awe (b.1978, Berlin) for the first time. Awe's work combines seemingly playful elements w... mehr

10.05.17 - GALERIE Supper

Monika Thiele at the German Textile Museum

GALERIE SUPPER is happy to announce that Monika Thiele, who is represented by us, will be participating in the group exhibition StickBILDER at the German Textile Museum in Krefeld. The exhibition pres... mehr

22.02.17 - GALERIE Supper


With OHO!, GALERIE SUPPER presents an extensive group show with selected works in small format. Apart from the gallery's program's positions, works of renowned artists such as Cornelia Schleime und Ka... mehr

13.01.17 - GALERIE Supper


Die GALERIE SUPPER freut sich sehr, auch in diesem Jahr wieder an der art KARLSRUHE, einer der größten Kunstmessen im deutschsprachigen Raum, teilzunehmen. Im Kontext internationaler Aussteller mit ... mehr

18.11.16 - GALERIE Supper

Andreas Wachter: Widerständige Harmonien

GALERIE SUPPER proudly presents Resistant Harmonies, a solo show with recent works of Andreas Wachter (*1951, Chemnitz). Wachter understands to unite the contradictory on various levels. Many of his ... mehr

19.10.16 - GALERIE Supper

GALERIE SUPPER at Art San Diego 2016

With great pleasure GALERIE SUPPER announces its first participation at Art San Diego from 3 to 6 November 2016. In Booth 624, works of Rayk Goetze (*1964, Stralsund), Andreas Wachter (*1951, Chemnitz... mehr

15.09.16 - GALERIE Supper

Exhibition Opening: CAB

GALERIE SUPPER is pleased to announce that we will be centrally involved in Contemporary Art Baden-Baden again this year. The exhibition CAB will accompany the event and is conceptually inspired by it... mehr

27.05.16 - GALERIE Supper

Rayk Goetze: VORHUT

GALERIE SUPPER, Baden-Baden, proudly presents "VANGUARD", the gallery's first solo show of the artist Rayk Goetze (*1964, Stralsund). The paintings of Rayk Goetze have a life of their own. Abstract ... mehr

07.03.16 - GALERIE Supper

"xxx" Andreas Lau at GALERIE Supper, Baden-Baden, Germany

GALERIE Supper, Baden-Baden, proudly presents recent works by the artist Andreas Lau (*1964, Karlsruhe) within the frame work of a solo exhibition. In his series “Situations“ and “Stills“, An... mehr

03.06.15 - GALERIE Supper

„Malreich Wandelbar“ Anton Henning, Rayk Goetze, Uta Schotten at Gallery Supper Baden-Baden Germany

In our new exhibition „Malreich Wandelbar“ GALERIE SUPPER, Baden-Baden, explores three different modes of contemporary painting. With Rayk Goetze (*1964), Anton Henning (*1964) and Uta Schotten (*... mehr

26.08.13 - GALERIE Supper

GALERIE Supper at “The solo project” 2013 Basel

In the time of June 12th until June 16th the GALERIE Supper is going to join the contemporary art fair “The solo project” in Basel. In the past years this art fair is grown to a very important pl... mehr

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