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Press Releases from GALERIE Supper (19 total)

Sebastian Wehrle and Friends

GALERIE SUPPER is pleased to announce our first presentation of selected works by Sebastian Wehrle alongside internationally renowned photographers such as Cindy Sherman, Peter Lindbergh or Hiroshi Sugimoto within the framework of the upcoming exhibition Sebastian Wehrle and Friends. The exhibition will focus on photographic strategies of staging. The portrayal of the self and others has gained relevance within the realm of social networks in the past years. However, the staged


GALERIE SUPPER ist pleased to announce its participation in art KARLSRUHE 2019, one of Germany's biggest art fairs. Within the context of international exhibitors with a focus on modern and contemporary art, we will present well known als well as new positions from the program of the gallery. Next to the impressive thread paintings by Monika Thiele (b. 1966, Erfurt), and Tino Geiss' (b. 1978, Jena) multilayered tape works, most different

Opening I Andreas Lau: S CH ICHT

GALERIE SUPPER is pleased to announce S CH ICHT, an extensive insight into the artistic development of Andreas Lau (b. 1964, Karlsruhe). The solo show presents selected works from different stages of Lau’s past work. “Vielschichtigkeit” is a German term which implies complexity as well as a multi-layered structure. Methodologically, is has been highly relevant for Lau’s artistic work for more than 25 years now. In the beginning, his paintings resembled

Opening: Intakt im Takt

With "Intakt im Takt" ("Intact on Time") GALERIE SUPPER presents a diverse group show. Based on the programme of the gallery, it additionally presents internationally renown positions. The composition of a painting, a drawing or a collage is - as the term already implies - never limited to its material dimension. Different temporal levels play a major role within the creation as well as within the reception of an art

Monika Thiele: The Curtain

With "The Curtain", GALERIE SUPPER, Baden-Baden, proudly presents a comprehensive selection of recent paper works by Monika Thiele (b. 1966, Erfurt). The curtain is an omnipresent and popular motive within art history. No wonder, since acts of conceiling and presenting, partial uncoverings and the directed gaze are at the roots of artistic practice per se. The curtain in its guise as theatrical element describes the edges of the visible and thereby


GALERIE SUPPER is pleased to present new works by Mike MacKeldey (*1973, Frankfurt am Main) within the framework of the exhibition THE BREAD IS THE PLATE. The artist closes the doors and the dusty, almost blind windows of his studio. What remains are the loopholes and the porous spots, which ancient walls as well as artistic processes involve. Carefully, almost cat-like, we approach these holes and look through them, catching

Tino Geiss: SPUR

GALERIE SUPPER, Baden-Baden is pleased to announce its first solo presentation of works by Tino Geiss (*1978, Jena). An exhibition, set up like a tracking of traces. Two recent groups of works engage in dialogue, completing and contradicting each other. Colorful interiors are reminiscent of painting's emancipation from the authority of illusionistic dipiction. Dynamic tension, abstracted perspektives, and overdrawn or inverted colors refer to multiple art historian ancestors like the Fauves,

Monika Thiele: Wind-Worte

GALERIE SUPPER, Baden-Baden, gladly announces the exhibition Wind-Worte with recent works of the artist Monika Thiele (b.1966, Erfurt). The evening also marks the beginning of the CAB-Event, which will transform the city center of Baden-Baden into a vibrant place for art the following Sunday afternoon. Thiele is known for her narrative portraits which are characterized by a dense net of interfering threads, producing a stunning depth. The complex layering of

Christian Awe: Jeux d'eau

With the solo exhibition JEUX D’EAU, GALERIE SUPPER, Baden-Baden, presents works by the artist Christian Awe (b.1978, Berlin) for the first time. Awe's work combines seemingly playful elements with powerful colors on the one hand and deceptively real looking illusions of water on the other, which leads to a tension the spectator cannot resist. Through its abstract forms - smears or splashes - the luminous acrylic paint implies a particular

Monika Thiele at the German Textile Museum

GALERIE SUPPER is happy to announce that Monika Thiele, who is represented by us, will be participating in the group exhibition StickBILDER at the German Textile Museum in Krefeld. The exhibition presents important positions of international contemporary textile art. In addition to ten selected works by Monika Thiele, art by Brunhild Mauss, Gisoo Kim, Katharina Wilke and Victoria Martini will be on view. The artist will be present at the


With OHO!, GALERIE SUPPER presents an extensive group show with selected works in small format. Apart from the gallery's program's positions, works of renowned artists such as Cornelia Schleime und Katharina Grosse will be on view. When Sonny & Cher took over the US Billboard Charts in 1967 with the line „It’s the little things that mean a lot“, identification was tremendous. It's the little things, people say, that make the


Die GALERIE SUPPER freut sich sehr, auch in diesem Jahr wieder an der art KARLSRUHE, einer der größten Kunstmessen im deutschsprachigen Raum, teilzunehmen. Im Kontext internationaler Aussteller mit einem Schwerpunkt auf moderner und zeitgenössischer Kunst präsentieren wir ausgewählte Positionen aus dem Programm der Galerie mit aktuellen Arbeiten. Die Werke von Katharina Meister (*1981, Karlsruhe, Installation) wirken durch ihre facettenreiche Materialität stark installativ. Fragile Scherenschnitte, die mehr auf Auflösung statt Anhäufung von

Andreas Wachter: Widerständige Harmonien

GALERIE SUPPER proudly presents Resistant Harmonies, a solo show with recent works of Andreas Wachter (*1951, Chemnitz). Wachter understands to unite the contradictory on various levels. Many of his motifs and painting techniques comply with the strategy of the Chiaroscuro. This technique, which has been mainly used within the era of baroque and mannerism, creates an almost haptic tension within the picture through extreme application of light. Wachter appropriates this technique

GALERIE SUPPER at Art San Diego 2016

With great pleasure GALERIE SUPPER announces its first participation at Art San Diego from 3 to 6 November 2016. In Booth 624, works of Rayk Goetze (*1964, Stralsund), Andreas Wachter (*1951, Chemnitz), Monika Thiele (*1966, Erfurt) and Andreas Lau (*1964, Karlsruhe) will be presented. The compiled positions oscillate between painting and drawing, between surface and line. What brings them together is their reflection on the human body and to the space

Exhibition Opening: CAB

GALERIE SUPPER is pleased to announce that we will be centrally involved in Contemporary Art Baden-Baden again this year. The exhibition CAB will accompany the event and is conceptually inspired by its motto Trading in Transition. Trade is based on the idea of exchange, which can happen on various levels. Therefore, GALERIE SUPPER will not only present a diligent selection of recent works of the gallery's program with artists like Rayk

Rayk Goetze: VORHUT

GALERIE SUPPER, Baden-Baden, proudly presents "VANGUARD", the gallery's first solo show of the artist Rayk Goetze (*1964, Stralsund). The paintings of Rayk Goetze have a life of their own. Abstract form elements break through the narration of the multi-facetted and complex depiction of seemingly surreal situations. They talk of parallel realities. In regard to the application of paint, these irritations play an important role: Temptingly haptic forms are surrounded by

"xxx" Andreas Lau at GALERIE Supper, Baden-Baden, Germany

GALERIE Supper, Baden-Baden, proudly presents recent works by the artist Andreas Lau (*1964, Karlsruhe) within the frame work of a solo exhibition. In his series “Situations“ and “Stills“, Andreas Lau critically questions habits of seeing. What is pictured and what remains concealed? How much information is necessary in order to understand an image? Lau disassemblies his motifs in dots or lines, dissects the depicted into various elements, and therefore encodes the

„Malreich Wandelbar“ Anton Henning, Rayk Goetze, Uta Schotten at Gallery Sup …

In our new exhibition „Malreich Wandelbar“ GALERIE SUPPER, Baden-Baden, explores three different modes of contemporary painting. With Rayk Goetze (*1964), Anton Henning (*1964) and Uta Schotten (*1972) we devote this exhibition entirely to painting. For quite a while painting in its more classical manner is viral in the art market. Painting received a new value and actuality, always in conjunction with prescribing the past, finding new modalities and reinventing itself

GALERIE Supper at “The solo project” 2013 Basel

In the time of June 12th until June 16th the GALERIE Supper is going to join the contemporary art fair “The solo project” in Basel. In the past years this art fair is grown to a very important place for contemporary art. By the side of many renowned international galleries, the GALERIE Supper is going to show a solo exhibition of the artist Monika Thiele, whose works are also exhibited at

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